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  1. freaca menta

    RVA Fountain Pen Meetup

    Going to be in Richmond, Virginia on April 12? Live not far from Regency? The RVA Pen Crew is having a meetup at the Starbucks in the Regency Mall parking lot. Bring a pen, bring some paper and maybe some ink and join you fellow enthusiasts for a chat.
  2. Hi, I usually like to always have a pen on my person when I go out, run errands, or whatever and I usually keep a pen or two or on occasion even three clipped to my shirt neckline. I was just wondering what the most amount that y'all do.
  3. Hello my name is Ashley. I just became a member today so I’m new to this. A friend of mine gifted me these 2 Cross pens. I love how they write! I have always wanted a calligraphy pen because my writing looks so pretty when using one. I just don’t know anything about them. So one of the pens has cross 10kt On the top part of the lid and it’s a little lighter in color than the other one that just says cross with Ireland right underneath. I can’t find anything else it’s just a little bit darker in color. Also wondering if they are both 10kt. If you guys can please help me. I may sale one or both and I don’t want to short myself. I appreciate any help in advance! https://photos.app.goo.gl/pgBYZZBSSkCN9N5M7
  4. Hello there! This is a rather in-depth review of the Leonardo Magico DNA! I got this a month ago but I just had no time to do reviews and stuff due to the finals season. Anyways, here we are with this review! - Price 7/10 This pen is worth 200 USD. For a pen with a rather generic steel nib (more on that later), I find this to be quite pricey. But I do understand that this is an Italian pen, from a solid bar of resin. And with a piston filler. So it's not that bad I guess. - Packaging 9/10 The box doesn't necessarily affects the overall well-being of the pen. But I must say, I like the box quite a bit! Tho my paranoid self is telling me that the metal clamps (there must be a better term) is rather tight. - Build Quality 10/10 I have no flaws to say about the build quality of this pen! I could definitely feel the fantastic craftsmanship that went with this writing instrument! Nothing about this pen feels cheap. And the fact that it's not injection molded (the lovely orange barrel that is, not sure with the black resin parts) but from a solid bar of acrylic, is just wonderful! It is very different from Japanese pens in this price range. - Design 10/10 Absolutely wonderful! The orange and black design pops outs very easily! If you want an understated pen, this one's not for you haha. As the name suggest, the color scheme was based on the Delta Dolcevita pens. Gotta love their bold and pretentious designs! The Magico also has the pointy ends which looks very nice! - Cap 10/10 The cap has a minimalist look and I like it a lot! On the back there's the Leonardo name, and the number of the pen which is 626. The wheeled clip is very good! The cap band is rather simplistic and I would prefer a much bolder design. It also says Italy on the band. It takes exactly one whole turn to uncap which is excellent! - Piston Mechanism 9/10 One of the Magico's unique features! The piston is smooth! And it feels quality! I could feel that the piston mechanism can go on very well with very little maintenance. Though I only rated it a 9 as it takes quite a bit (8 twists approximately) to fully turn the piston all the way to the end. This makes cleaning a bit more challenging haha. It can take up to 1.5 ml of ink which is A LOT. One of the pros of this pen indeed, compared to let's say, a Sailor, haha. - Ink Window 10/10 A wonderful design! I like this better compared to the original/first release. It is very functional. - The Writing/Nib 6/10 The moment of truth. The pen has a laser engraved (by Leonardo) Jowo #6 steel broad nib. Out of the box, the pen has a bit of tooth on a specific cross stroke and baby's bottom. And the wetness can still be improved. I had the pen tuned twice, and tho it now writes decent, it still feels rather plain for my own personal preferences. Maybe because it's my first time to try a Jowo nib? Or that I was in awe of Naginata Togi nibs? Not sure. The steel nib is also hard, like a nail. I would say that for the price, I would prefer an in-house nib, with more personality. I believe Leonardo is working on it so I'm excited! I might have this nib ground to a stub in the future, as to make it more of a unique writer. - Comfort 10/10 The Magico has more of a traditional section compared to most Leonardo Pens. It is very comfortable! The threads are not sharp so I can grip it there, no problem. Posted, the balance seems a tiny bit back-heavy, but nothing too serious. It also posts super well btw - Weight and Measurements The pen is similar in size with the Pelikan M800. The Leonardo is bit longer due to the pointy ends buy is noticeably lighter than the M800. - Others One minor thing I observed is that the pen would stop writing even tho there's still a few drops of ink left inside. I find it rather strange as my other piston filler pens would only stop writing once the barrel is fully empty. I found that the nipple of the nib unit, has a certain level needed in order for it to accept ink. Once the ink level can't reach that, the nib and feed would run dry, even tho there's still a few drops of ink still left, below the nipple. This is not necessarily a problem, but I'm personally quite OCD about that haha. I felt I needed to mention this as this is a long review haha. - Overall Rating 7/10 The pen is wonderful! I love the build quality and the design! I like the piston mechanism too! There's not much cons about this pen but that, the steel nibs (the one on my Magico at least) could have more personality. I'm sure Leonardo will also make their steel nibs in-house in the near future. That makes me excited and afraid at the same time as it would drag me deeper into the Leonardo craze hahahaha I hope you enjoyed this in-depth review of the Leonardo Magico DNA! Please follow me on Instagram @jv.espino for more pen related content! Till the next one!
  5. Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place - new to this forum. I have inherited 5 pens (see photo attached). I can identify all except the small Montblanc cartridge pen at the bottom. It has all the right markings (ag925, Pix, France Metal) and an EP identification number. Can anyone help me identify the model. Many thanks.
  6. I have a waterman carene rollerball pen. I wonder if I can convert the Rollerball pen into a fountain pen. Think about how I was the messages before the search and modification. Are you sure that the Carene fountain pen cap fits the Carene roller ballpen cap? Wouldn't it be compatible if I put the carne fountain pen cap in the rollerball pen barrel and put a very small cartridge about 3.7cm sold by Waterman into the rollerball barrel?
  7. Ink stained fingers

    Antique Store Suprise!

    So today I was out with the family and ended up at a local antique store that we often go to, mostly to kill time, and as I made my rounds (checking all the cases for pens or accessories as I always do) I came across an old case that I originally wrote off as a vintage eyeglass case. I bent down to check a shelf below and caught a glimpse of the tag that was mostly covered. I could just make out “old fount…” Well that peaked my curiosity, so I go to the counter and find the lady with the keys to come open the case so I could investigate. Jackpot. It was an old sheaffer case with a dirty pen and a matching pencil. I checked it out and it turned out to be a Sheaffer Imperial mark viii touchdown. I figured it would go one of two ways, either they would be very proud of their grandads pen, or it would be in terrible shape. I made sure the owners were ok with it and then did a little disassembly. The nib had some old ink crusted on it and the feed looked a little crooked, but the inlaid nib was straight and didn’t appear to be splayed. The sticker says it’s a medium and it’s stamped with 14kt and it looks great! Next came what I knew would be a make or break moment. I unscrewed the barrel to check the filler. To my surprise, everything was clean and complete. The bladder felt supple and SEEMED to be intact but I didn’t have a real way to test it. I reassembled the pen and unscrewed the end to activate the vacuum and it slid out like butter with a heart warming puff as it hit the full extension. The vacuum was intact! I had not come in prepared to spend anywhere near what my gut was telling me this pen was going for, but I was just having a good time enjoying it. Eventually I could stall no longer and ran out of things to check, double check, and compare, so I had to bite the bullet and grab the tag that was still laying face down on the shelf. To my utter amazement, the tag looked to say $20. I showed the extremely patient old woman who had opened the case for me and she agreed that it said they wanted a mere twenty dollars for such a remarkably well aged pen, not to mention the matching pencil. I immediately had her take me to the register and take my money, just so I could spend more time admiring the pen while my wife and mother-in-law browsed. I discovered that it did have a pretty decent scuff on the underside of the barrel and the dried ink looked pretty old, but otherwise I was well pleased with my find. Fast forward one painfully long hour and I’m back home and I start to get to work soaking and cleaning up the pen. It cleaned up incredibly easily for the condition it seemed to be in and it was time to flush. I took a deep breath and pulled back the vacuum rod, dunked it and gave it a go. It drew the water effortlessly and after about 10-15 flushes it was starting to look pretty clear. I flushed a couple more time for good measure and the got it set up to dry out. After some award worthy patience, it was time to face my final test. I had proven it would fill, but would it write??? I grabbed a bottle of noodler’s zhivago and gave it a shot. It bubbled and I could see the ink moving to indicate it should be ready to go, cleaned off the excess and grabbed some paper from my desk. Immediately the pen laid down a thick wet line and kept up no matter how fast or at what angle I wrote with. This is when my wife lost her patience as my whooping like a full startled her and our daughter who were relaxing in the other room. I didn’t care though because I had just found out that the 60 year old, $20 pen that I found at the hot old antique store wrote better that I could have even hoped. I know my story was a bit long winded, and thanks to anyone still reading this mess, but I had to share my win with a community who might just appreciate how good it felt p.s. not a huge pencil fan, but I got a nice chuckle out of the fact that the matching pencil still had lead in it and worked like a charm. Can’t beat it
  8. MontblancGeek

    Books that deal with MB.

    Hi, Guys! I need your all knowing help. I have a friend who is studying Art and he wants to base his thesis on Montblanc Pens as a form of Art. He needs quite a few book references on which they talk about the subject of Montblanc Pens to support this. The books don’t have to be solely dedicated to MB though! The only ones I have (I know, shame on me!) are these 7. Could you please give me any more titles? Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  9. Hello Everybody, Just wanted to make a quick announcement for a show coming up. The official Dallas Pen Show 2020 was cancelled, but we have decided the show must go on! The show will not be quite like the normal show due to Covid. We are taking many precautions in relation to this. The show will be in the same location as normal at the Doubletree by Hilton near the galleria in Dallas. It is in the same two ballrooms. Due to Covid the number of tables are greatly reduced, and meet all CDC guidelines and social distancing procedures. Hand sanitizer will be placed all around the show in addition to face coverings being required. We will have face shields available at no charge at the door. There will also be restrictions in place as far as number of people allowed in the show, so a line could form. We want to make this show as fun as possible, but we are doing everything we can to make it a safe show for all vendors and attendees. I hope everybody is as excited for the show as we are, and we hope to see you there! The event is Friday September 25th from 12pm-7pm, and Saturday September 26th from 10am-5pm! Flyer attached with all of our exciting vendors that will be in attendance! Hotel Address 4099 Valley View Ln, Dallas, TX 75244
  10. Dear fellow members I was using matrix spiral notebook earlier and currently iam using soft bound classmate notebooks... I was certainly liked classmate notebooks better than the matrix spiral notebooks... However i would like to know from all 1. What notepad you are using? 2. How much it costs? 3. Purchased from? 4. Will you recommend it?
  11. Hi All, Sharing some group pictures from the recent Maya Group Buy, specially for Members Fountain Pen Lovers Group, India. I request all those who participated to also share their pictures here.
  12. What is the name/model of this Parker fountain pen and ballpen? ...
  13. https://www.gouletpens.com/collections/all-fountain-pens/products/pineider-arco-fountain-pen-limited-edition?variant=14118827622443 https://www.gouletpens.com/collections/all-fountain-pens/products/visconti-medici-fountain-pen-rose-gold?variant=11884900188203 https://www.gouletpens.com/collections/all-fountain-pens/products/nettuno-god-of-the-sea-fountain-pen-limited-edition?variant=14200752242731 https://www.gouletpens.com/collections/all-fountain-pens/products/visconti-homo-sapiens-fountain-pen-bronze-age?variant=11884899106859 https://nibsmith.com/product/aurora-optima-nebulosa-le-fountain-pen-rose-gold-trim-us-exclusive/ https://www.nibs.com/pens/montegrappa/montegrappa-butterfly-limited-edition#product-add-to-cart https://www.nibs.com/pens/pilot/pilot-sterling-collection-jaguar-le 3 votes for no.3 so far
  14. Syahiindia

    Syahi Pens-India

    Hello FPN! This is only me second FPN post, so I am going to reintroduce myself- My name is Sanay Shah, and I am a 21 year old mechanical engineer and the co founder of a brand called Syahi, that handcrafts wooden fountain pens(from scratch-these are NOT kit pens. The brass parts, section, rings etc are all made in house). We are only a year old, and have released a few models in this year, taking feedback from customers each time and implementing the same. We have now arrived at a few models that we are very excited about.. there are no pictures anywhere though-they will be shown at the DC and SF pen shows this year! You can have a look at our website (www.syahiindia.com) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/syahiindia/?hl=en ) to look at some of our older models and get a basic idea of our pens. This is my first time to a pen show, and I am slightly disappointed about the fact that a lot of you are not too keen on the DC Supershow.. Anyhow, I will be at both DC and SF, with a full range of pens. Do keep an eye out for me and pay a visit
  15. Here is the next volume of the Dromgoole's podcast. We have an interview with Mark Cole from Coles of London who distributes Visconti. Also we show some cool used pens we got here at the store, and conclude a giveaway.
  16. Syahiindia

    A New Pen From India-Syahi

    Hello! My name is Sanay Shah, and I am the co founder of a brand called Syahi(urdu for 'ink') based out of Bombay, India. We handcraft pens using exotic hardwoods that have been seasoned for years at end. We haven't really launched yet-the past year, we made a bunch of pens, got feedback from our customers, and are trying to incorporate it in our new models. We will (hopefully) be launching at the DC Pen Supershow this year! We have been asked to make pens in acrylic etc but in the near future, we only see ourselves making wooden pens. Being a natural material, there are so many nuances to the wood- which part of the tree the wood comes from(we only use heartwood!), how it's cut(that affects the grain), how long it has been aged for, whether it is kiln/air dried.. The pens come with German nibs(available in F/M/B) and a Schmidt K5 converter. Along with each pen, you get a genuine leather case embossed with the Syahi logo, so you can safely keep the pen. All nibs are checked, and pens tuned before being sent out. A lot of people are worried about wood staining-we coat our pens with a proprietary blend of natural oils that makes it water resistant, and small ink stains can be wiped off! No lacquer has been used; all our pens have a matte finish. We believe this best brings out the grain of the wood. I have attached a few pictures of our pens.. let me know what you think! Please note, none of our pens are kit pens. All parts, including the brass threads we use(since wood cannot be threaded directly) are made in house.
  17. Hello Community, My wife is going to be traveling to Shanghai in the 3rd week of May. I'm putting together a wish list of fountain pens for her to pick up. These include the Hero H718, Penbbs Pens, and Lecai pens. Are there any specific shops she can get these from? Super if you can share their names / locations and also add some fountain pen recommendations to this list - I have a fondness for pens made of acrylic resin and celluloid. Thanks, Tarun
  18. Hi to all, I'm an artisan specialised in hand-crafted watches and leather accessories from Barcelona and I'l like to introduce my new series of Traveler Fountain Pen Pouches. As a keen traveller I've always carried in my bag the travel journal along a bottle of Iroshizuku ink and a Lamy. For a while I just had both the pen and the ink inside a plastic, zip bag but started to wonder how could I keep my pen in a more stylish way, specially if I took with me not the Safari but the M1000 or the Falcon... So after few iterations and thousands of km travelled I'm really happy with the result: The outer layer is made out from genuine Horween Chromexcel horse hide leather, incredibly durable and with a beautiful pull-up effect and patina. Available in Black, dark Brown and Burgundy (No 8) they are to my opinion one of the best leathers to work with, really supple, silky and durable. Regarding the lining I use only the best Spanish goat leather which is incredibly smooth, available in a wide range of beautiful colors and will prevent the pens's plating or lacquer from rubbing/wearing. Then when it comes to stitching, I only do saddle stitching by hand using the highest quality waxed thread again in any colour (although I recommend to match the stitching with the lining for that "extra quality"). The picture attached features a Chromexcel Dark-Brown pouch with violet lining and fucsia stitching tailored to fit the M1000 but you can order yours in a generic size or request the case to be tailored to fit an specific pen at no extra cost (since all the unique pieces are crafted as ordered, there is no difference for us between tailored or generic size other than versatility to hold a range of pens). You can purchase them directly through my Etsy store or just contact me at info@monotimepieces.com for any combination that doesn't appear on the page https://www.etsy.com/es/listing/602887591 Kind regards, B
  19. Anyone have any suggestions about getting an old plunger filled desk pen repaired. I inherited it and want to see if I can get it working again. I'm in Charlotte, NC and don't know of any good pen repair shops here.
  20. The Lamy 2000 is probably my favourite pen of all time. I know, it is a big statement but my admiration for this pen is well founded. I first purchased this pen back in 2014 when I began my first year studying law at university. I can honestly say that since then it has been almost everyday on me, taking notes and writing exams. Note that this review was originally posted at my blog at www.stationeryblogger.com. http://stationeryblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/DSC_7839-300x200.jpg DESIGN The pen looks and feels phenomenal. Its bauhaus inspired design makes it easy to look at with no extra bling. This makes it the perfect everyday pen when you do not want the entire room thinking you are trying to make a statement with your choice of writing instrument. In addition, the texture of the fibreglass-infused plastic gives a textured feel. Perfect for those with sleek hands constantly suffering from sticky-pen syndrome. The attention to detail and excellence of craftsmanship is evident from the fact that the brushed microscopic lines transition perfectly between the piston-knob and hand-section seams. http://stationeryblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/DSC_7992-300x200.jpg SIZE Another great win for the pen is its size, measuring at 140mm caped. What is particularly outstanding however, is its centre of balance when posted. You can literally find the middle of the pen by simply balancing it on the tip of your finger. This is because the cap fits really deeply into the back of the barrel. That means that it will not only post securely but it will not stick out too much when writing. Moreover, the hand-section extends to cover a fair amount of the nib meaning that there are literally unlimited ways to hold the pen ensuring a comfortable grip. NIB The nib is fantastic to write with. I currently have the medium size but I have tried both the extra-fine and fine. They are all smooth, wet and always perform upon demand. I have had some issues in the past which I will go into more detail in the section below but I am more than happy overall. http://stationeryblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/DSC_7994-300x200.jpg CUSTOMER SERVICE One of the biggest selling points however is the customer service of Lamy. A few years ago, after owning the pen for a few years, for some reason the extra-fine nib that I had started writing very dry. I had no idea why but I contacted Lamy with my problem and they immediately requested that I send the pen back for repair free of charge. A few weeks later, they had fixed the problem and also replaced my cap as the clip had become a bit wobbly. Moreover, a year ago, after owning the pen for three years, I emailed them asking whether they sold replacement nibs as I had outgrown my extra-fine size and wanted to change to a medium. They offered to replace it for free. I believe that this is how customer service should be and more companies should be striving towards such a high standard. OVERALL I believe that the Lamy 2000 is one of the best choices for a fountain pen out there. Whether you are a student or a seasoned professional the iconic look of the pen and quality are bound to make you smile every time you pick it up. As for negatives, I am struggling to think of any. Maybe if you like your fountain pens to be glossy and blingy you would not like this pen but it would be hard to argue it does not deserve a spot in everyone’s collection. http://stationeryblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/DSC_7988-300x200.jpg You can read my other reviews, modifications and hacks at www.stationeryblogger.com
  21. After days of tweaking, heat setting, carving and sweating i have finally obtained an almosdt perfect jinhao x750 flex pen. How i did it: At first i flushed the pen, got the friction fitted feed out, and replaced the nib with the flex one i had, aligning the first slots on the feed with the ones on the nib. Then i heat setted the feed on the nib, by clamping the tip of the feed with the nib and putting it in boiling water until it set. Then i took everything out, and eith a razor and a lot of patience made the ink flow slots larger and deeper, so that it would improve ink flow, i put everything together, rinsed it thoroughly and then proceeded to add ink. I added Montblank Mystery black, and when it was in the converter, i took it out, dipped the tip of a needle in dish hoap and added an extremely small amount by dipping the needle in the converter. I proceeded by priming the nib, letting two drops fall and then started writing. IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!! 53428489514__FFB3714A-5666-4AAB-90B4-780D628C3F6A.MOV
  22. mehandiratta

    Back From Hiatus

    Hellooooow And I am Back….. from a much-needed break or you can say Hiatus from this fountain pen hobby. I have been in this hobby for more than 5 yrs now. There has been a lot of love and appreciation given to me and it really has aspired me to become better and more responsible person. Thank you to all of the followers and supporters and especially the admin members of Fountain Pen Network. Now, I have been away from this hobby for almost good 5 months and part of that is due to some personal reasons. First, I have joined a new organization which apart from just Architectural Designing and Coordination takes up more of my time in imparting training and developing new courseware and doing a lot of research work. With the new job, I have climbed up a career ladder and thus more responsibilities (thanks to Almighty God). Secondly, my new job involves a lot of traveling to a different Country where I can’t carry most of my pens and inks and also that Country has a restricted internet policy. I couldn’t access Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram….. the apps or websites I use most often. And lastly, there was a demise of someone close to us in the Family. It was tough. Believe me... But now I am back with more determination and vigor and will take this moment to apologize to all of you who have been following my blog and who have asked me something and I have not been able to answer them in time. Also, I would like to apologize to pen fraternity in India who have sent me some ink samples and pen for review which I have not been able to do so. Thank you for showing your trust in me and my target is to catalog those pens and inks in forthcoming months. So, yeah I have a lot of news for you. I have recently purchased a lot of stuff from my travels abroad and will share those here also. There will be few upcoming Giveaways that I will organize on my Blog and also on FPN. Do follow my Instagram page small updates are also available there. Thank you again for all of the love and appreciation. I can’t wait myself for the upcoming posts. Do let me know if you have certain suggestions and recommendations that you have for me and my blog and my upcoming reviews. Again I would really like to thank all the Admins and Seniors of the FPN. Thank you all.
  23. New Release! Grayson Tighe's Rainbow Fire! The Rainbow Fire is a Limited Editions with only 18 being created. Handcrafted from a solid rod of Titanium; Titanium can take on a wide spectrum of colors by applying extreme heat or electricity. This action produces a thin and transparent oxide layer that filters out light waves producing bright colors, even though there are no pigment or dyes involved. It is available as a Fountain pen, Rollerball or Ballpoint, you have the option of choosing a Parker® style refill or a Schmidt® Ceramic refill system. They are also customizable, you can get a short name or a date engraved on the cap ring. Solid Titanium Natural Coloring Customizable For inquiries email us at orders@airlineintl.com or call us at (915) 778-1234
  24. Dromgoole's is having a pen event featuring Mark Cole, the U.S. distributor for Visconti, this Thursday June 22nd and Saturday June 24th. Please come on in and enjoy food and drinks, while seeing Visconti's newest and most beautiful pieces. The Thursday event will run from 5PM-7PM, and the Saturday event will be from 10AM-4PM. We will have a limited supply of the new pieces including the Medici and the Chiantishire, so do not miss out on this great opportunity! We will also be running specials on many of Visconti's other pieces, so now is the time to bite. Please feel free to call us with any questions at 713-526-4651, and if not we hope to see you at the event!
  25. This weekend, June 18, 2017 Dromgoole's is hosting a pen event with David Oscarson! He will be showcasing his newest pen the Koi. We expect him to have a few colors and this is a beautiful pen! On top of this, we are also having a vintage pen event with Dr. Bob Nisbet. He has a large collection of vintage pens, and we also got in a large allotment of others in recently! Please come on buy to see these beautiful pieces and enjoy food and drinks. The event will run from 10 A.M. and will end at 4 P.M. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 713-526-4651.

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