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  1. thebluedentist

    Need Lamy AlStar help

    Hey guys! I bought a Lamy Al-Star from the official Lamy India site in April along with a Z50 black nib The pen writes really inconsistently, lots of hard starts, suddenly the ink stops flowing through the pen and it is generally very much annoying. The nib is the z50 Lamy black nib, which the pen came with. I had an extra nib(same one) which I have tried with this pen, but the same issue persists. I had washed it with water and a teeny tiny bit of dishwashing soap before inking it up(with Waterman Serenity Blue), considering that Lamy tests the product before
  2. caleb

    Fake Lamy Al-Star Concerns

    Hello all, I purchased a Lamy Al-Star ocean blue earlier this week, and received it today. A number of things about the pen and it's box were quite concerning. The photos are available here:http://imgur.com/fpngallery/8MQqM/ Anyway, my major concerns are The pen came with blue ink residue in the feed and under the nibThe nib appeared to be slightly scratchedThe box it came in was a small, silver box unlike the normal black with holesThe pen came with zero documentation It came with five black cartridges and one blue cartridge — all without the silver Lamy stamp—only an imprintI was wonderi
  3. acsc100

    Is This Lamy Al-Star A Counterfeit?

    I bought a black Lamy Al-Star from amazon earlier this week. It was only $16, so I have been concerned that it might be fake. It looks good to me. What do others think? Thanks, Alister
  4. uceroy

    Lamy Al-Star Le 2019 Bronze

    This one just popped up in my mailbox from La Couronne du Comte: Available from February. Definitely more tempting to me than the pastel safaris 🙂 What do you think?
  5. Lamy Al-Star Graphite I have been using this pen almost everyday for the last 6 months. This is an impartial review aiming at determining this pen's strenghts and weaknesses within its price range [sub €50 (euros)]. Packaging was a standard blister pack including a Lamy blue ink cartridge. Certainly not one of the strong points of this product, especially when compared to the Pilot Metropolitan metal casing. If this was an evaluation attribute, I would have rated it 5/10. 1) Appearance & Design – Graphite finish suits this model quite well by complementing the original ‘industrial’
  6. I recently posted two topics requesting suggestion for a new pen and I finally decided to get a Pilot Justus 95, with a F nib. I promised to do a comparative review after I get my hands on the Justus, and here it is. Here are the links to those two reviews just incase if you want to see all the great suggestions I received: 1. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/345205-seeking-suggestions-for-my-next-pen/?do=findComment&comment=4189695 2. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/345550-which-pen-should-i-get-justus-95-or-custom-743/?do=findComment&comment=41952
  7. I recently posted two topics requesting suggestion for a new pen and I finally decided to get a Pilot Justus 95, with a F nib. I promised to do a comparative review after I get my hands on the Justus, and here it is. Here are the links to those two reviews just incase if you want to see all the great suggestions I received: 1. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/345205-seeking-suggestions-for-my-next-pen/?do=findComment&comment=4189695 2. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/345550-which-pen-should-i-get-justus-95-or-custom-743/?do=findComment&comment=41952
  8. Astronymus

    Lamy Forecast 2019

    Some forecast for 2019 emerged on the net. New Joy, Aion, Safari, Studio, and the very confusing AL-Star and Lx. See here: https://frankunderwater.com/2018/12/30/a-peak-into-lamys-2019-special-editions/
  9. I have a beautiful -at least to me- Lamy Vista with an awful EF nib. Having experienced more than one mediocre Lamy nibs (lucky me! ) I loose faith in Lamy and refuse to buy yet another scratchy nib. So the pen sits unused in my drawer. And here comes that topic and that post of mine (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/249626-if-your-friends-all-jumped-off-a-cliff/?p=2746375) to remind me my beautiful Vista and what a pity it is to see it laying unused and how much I would love to just replace it's nib with a smooth Pilot M nib. And then it hits me. Ok, Pilot nibs ca
  10. I want a waterproof ink in my Lamy Safari and AL-Star. I've been using a Noodler's Bulletproof ink. What other waterproof inks would be good in these pens?
  11. Hello All, I just received my Lamy Al-Star Graphite today with medium nib. I like the look, feel, weight, etc... but the nib is quite scratchy when writing. I also have a Safari which was also scratchy "out of the box." I tried the Safari again today after using the Al-Star and it definitely wasn't as scratchy as the new pen. I only have about a half dozen pens, but none have been scratchy except the Lamys. Is this a "trait" of the pen? Does it get better over time, and that's why my slightly older Safari is less noticeably scratchy than my brand new Al-Star? Thanks! edit: the scr
  12. DrDebG

    Review - Lamy Aion

    A couple of days ago I traveled through the Frankfurt, Germany airport and noticed a store selling Lamy pens. Naturally, I had to go in and see what they had. I immediately noticed the new Lamy Aion in black satin finish and knew I had to have one. This is Lamy's new everyday carry pen. And I must say, after using it constantly since I bought it, I really like the pen. It is clear that Lamy really thought this one through. There are very few things I can say that need improvement. APPEARANCE: 10/10 Minimalist look, but very professional lookingSleek, but not too slenderSat
  13. The Lamy Safari is 17 grams and 37 years of design excellence that’s been the beginner’s fountain pen of choice for almost all those years. Its design is one of the most strikingly simple yet modern in the pen world, yet it has proven to be as timeless as any of the classics. The Al-Star is its big brother. Made from aluminum instead of ABS plastic, the Al-Star weighs more and feels more solid in the hand, but is nearly identical to the Safari in every other way. They share the same nib, design, and internal functions. The Al-Star is a way to own the classic yet modern design in a sturdie
  14. Finally Getting around to reviewing my Al-Star. I got after Brian Goulet announced on his weekly Q&A that he got a few in from Lamy, and was selling them at a deep discount. Got mine for $28.20, less than a Safari. As of this writing, he still has a few in F and EF available here along with the "colors" gift set that includes a bunch of ink cartridges and a converter, for less than the cost of a normal Al-Star. I don't like the 1-10 rating system, since what I like about a pen you may hate, so read the entire review if you are legitimately interested in buying the Al-Star. My first La
  15. Hello everyone, So I have tried inking my Lamy Al-Star (EF) with Noodler's Bad Blue Heron ink, and I have been running into what I can only describe as some flow problems. What I am experiencing is ink drying or perhaps congealing at the tip of the nib, and it makes it so that the pen needs to be stroked a few times before the ink starts to flow again. And even after I start writing the ink seems hard to get out and flowing easily. I am new to fountain pens and I would like some advice on whether or not I need to get a larger nib or do something about the ink to remedy this issue. Tha
  16. The 2017 Colors have just been leaked on Amazon.co.jp and fontoplumo. The Safari is a dark teal with black accents (name translates to petrol), and the Al-Star is a light blue named "Pacifica". (images below) (links here: https://fontoplumo.nl/2016/12/12/lam-al-star-pacific-is-the-2017-special-color/, https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B01N1GQOFW)
  17. Hi folks, Lamy Al-Star Pacific has arrived! Oh and do they look stunning! It is gorgeous bright and vibrant turquoise. Fountain pens come with Fine or Medium nib (feel free to swap any Z50 of course). There are Roller-balls and Ball-point pens too. Ink comes in T10 cartridges and T52 bottles. It is the very first special edition available in bottles for us. Pacific ink is available in special edition packaging, but the ink itself is exactly the same as regular Lamy Turquouise. https://www.bureaudirect.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=pacific Enjoy! Mishka
  18. Lamy Al-Star – the well dressed up version of the Lamy Safari The Lamy Al-Star is my first pen in my pen collection. I have had other fountain pens before but not something so good to start a collection with. I saw it at WHSmith in a mall here in Abu Dhabi and my dad bought it as a birthday gift for me (I am now fourteen. It was my thirteenth birthday gift). Now enough talk, on to the review……… Design, build and quality- 9/10 The design is modern which is super classy according to me. Mine is the Ocean Blue color. I also so the Lamy Safari and wasn’t quite interested in the plastic finish (
  19. gammada

    Decided To Call It Quit On Lamy

    Ever since I came back to the fountain pen world, I've been attached to the Lamy brand to the point of collecting more than 22 examples of Safaris and Al-Stars. Unfortunately, my experience with the Al-Stars has been very disappointing recently and so has been the poor quality of their customer service. The first issue I had was with a Bluegreen Al-star that had been inked for the first time with Emeraud de Chivor. While trying to swap the nib, the entire feeder came out causing a big mess over my work, a jammed feeder (while trying to push it back in a hurry, remember the pen was leaking) a
  20. For some odd reason whenever I load the new version of J. Herbin's Blue Ocean ink (the one with gold flakes), on my Al-Star pen, it starts bleeding the ink by the nib like crazy! I've already changed the nib from a medium to a fine to limit flow, but it just doesn't seem to work. Every time I open the cap, the feed has small drops of ink on the feed opening and also on the tip of the feed. The nib meantime, almost always registers nib creep. This is truly odd since this ink is supposed to clog pens, not to incur overflow! As fas as I recall, this behaviour was not present on the previous i
  21. The 2014 BlueGreen Al-Star is now a full time color! (At least from Goulet Pens: http://www.gouletpens.com/lamy-al-star/c/154?sortBy=productName+asc&facetValueFilter=Tenant~Body_Color%3Ablue)
  22. LAMY Safari Dark Lilac When LAMY fans come into Pen Boutique it's not uncommon for them to ask, "Where's the purple at?" Now LAMY Safari collectors can rejoice-- THE DARK LILAC IS HERE! Well, it'll be here at the start of April and then into your mailbox shortly thereafter. This is the most anticipated color for the Safari line and we're expecting them to fly off our shelves. We are taking per-orders starting today! The LAMY Safari in Dark Lilac fountain pen will be offered in the standard LAMY nib options (XF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5, 1.9 and Lefty). We will also have the Dark Lilac rollerb
  23. While reviewing eBay and other classified sites looking for specific limited editions of Safari/ Al-Star pens, I've found that the 2004 Safari Orange Flame is well past the $200 mark as a NOS condition pen. What other Safari/ Al-star pens have reached such highs -aside from the Savanah and Terracota? Which do you think will follow suit?
  24. Next year's Lamy product line-up sees the re-introduction of a couple of new-old favourites: Apple Green Safari (model 13) http://www.thewritingdesk.co.uk/lamy/safari_13_green.jpg Blue/Green Al-Star (model 32) http://www.thewritingdesk.co.uk/lamy/alstar_32_fp.jpg Both these pens were previously issued as annual colours: the Apple Green Safari in 2012 and the Al-Star Blue/Green in 2014. However, Lamy does sometimes re-issue annual colours as regular edition pens, most recently with the 2009 Pink Safari that came back in 2014 (with a revised cap). Happy writing, Martin
  25. We now have the new 2016 color Charged Green Fountain pens as well as the cartridge ink in stock: Lamy Charged Green AL-Star - https://www.penchalet.com/fine_pens/fountain_pens/lamy_al-star_fountain_pen.html Lamy Charged Green Cartridge Ink - https://www.penchalet.com/ink_refills/fountain_pen_ink/lamy_fountain_pen_ink_cartridge.html

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