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Found 17 results

  1. Looking for some recommendations for an A5 Daily Planner. I like the layout of the Luddite daily planner, but I would like to find something with fewer pages (to fit in my traveler-type notebook) and not TR paper (if possible). Any recommendations would be appreciated!
  2. Hey all, I'm hoping the more computer-oriented here can help me with a computer-assisted DIY need: I want to figure out how I can design my own planner layouts and arrange them in the right order (pagination?) so that when I print them out, I can assemble them into a single-signature booklet with the pages in the right order. Basically, I want to make my own Midori TN-style planner insert, from scratch. I've got the booklet-making part down. I'm already making most of my inserts myself, the ones that have just lines or dots or sketching paper. I can make one in like 15', so I've kinda become spoiled by the convenience of not having to anticipate when I'm going to be running out of space on my current one to go out and buy a refill (or worse, re-order online & hope it arrives in time). The only insert I can't make yet but also can't replace with something I can is the planner, unless I draw it all out bullet-journaling style, and for a variety of reasons that's just not practical. So I need some sort of an application that would let me 1) design the layout (quickly draw straight lines, boxes, etc and repeat them as needed, input things like dates and days of the weeks, that kind of thing) and 2) arrange them in the right order so that when I print, it's not all out of order with eg march following September or whatever. Ideally, it would also have a built-in allowance for cutting - there's actually a technical term for this, I just can't find it right now, but basically it's a little extra space at the edges of some of the pages that are going to get bound into a booklet that accounts for the way that, to make a signatures edges all equal, you trim them after binding - the allowance is there to ensure you don't wind up cutting off content on any of the pages that come out shorter (seems really nit-picky described like this, I know, and this doesn't matter when you're just printing off dots or a grid for writing paper, but for a planner layout it could matter). I'm definitely not opposed to paying for software, but I would rather not spend more than $100, absolute maximum (staying under $50 suits my budget better, but I can stretch it up to 100ish if you really think it's perfect for my needs). I'd also rather stay away from any software/application that's a little too indie/artisanal because it'd be a bummer to go through the hassle of learning the ins and outs of it only to find it's no longer available or not being updated in some critical way because it was just a side project for some programmer to stay busy during the lockdowns or something lol. I appreciate all ideas though. I often find in these situations that the best solution ends up coming out of some more lateral sorts of paths 🙂
  3. Hello again to all my FPN friends, I just purchased a leather A6 6-ring planner (same size as Filofax Personal or Daytimer #3) that I'm going to use for a project that needs to have somewhat archival paper (basically, the pages and what's on them need to do their job for at least the next 50 years amidst daily use). The paper that the planner came with feels like writing on sandpaper, so I desperately need something else. So far the best paper I've come across seems to be Life Noble and DaVinci (which uses 52gms Tomoe River paper). For my project, the planner refill paper needs these three qualities, in order of importance: 1. Fountain pen friendly - Minimal-to-no bleed through or feathering with a fine or medium nib and waterproof inks like Sailor Sei-boku, Platinum Carbon Black, and De Atramentis Document inks. 2. Durability - Pages need to be able to withstand regular thumbing through over decades without curling up (discoloration is to be expected) 3. Opacity - As much as is possible, I would like to be able to read both sides of the paper in various lighting without the text on the other side of the page getting in the way. Given those considerations, can anyone who has used the aforementioned filler papers let me know how they fare? Here are the two options I'm looking at: Additionally, I'm totally open to any other suggestions for fountain pen friendly planner refills. I'd rather not make my own. Many thanks for any assistance!
  4. I think I found the planner I will be using for 2017, maybe even the last half of 2016. The Hobonichi A5 Techo Cousin. Been using a combination of a Rhodia Meeting Book in Bullet Journal style for daily planning and At-A-Glance weekly planner for long term planning. While I like the versatility of the Bullet Journal, it gets tedious to always have to reinvent the wheel re-writing in the monthly and daily setups. The At-A-Glance is nice, but I would like my daily and long term planning in one place. The Hobonichi A5 Techo Cousin has it all, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planning sections in one planner. Perfect. The daily section is a page per day, so there's lots of room for scheduling, writing notes and to-do lists. Plus it made with Tomeo River paper. Been watching several excellent YouTube videos on the Hobonichi planners and I'm impressed by the careful thought that went into all their planners. Hobonichi's website: https://www.1101.com/store/techo/2016/planner/all_about/cousin/
  5. I use a 2-page per day planner from Daytimer. I have a number of pens that I like to carry with it since I use different color inks for various activities/topics. The pens are stored in a built-in zippered pocket but it is cumbersome to remove, use and then replace the pens. I am looking for a stiff divider page that has pen loops to store my color selection so I have easier access. I am looking for one in the "desk" format (5 inch by 8 inch, approximate page size). I looked on the Daytimer site and I did some Google searches but I am not finding anything that matches what I have in mind. Does anyone know if such an item is made? Evan Maui, Hawaii
  6. I am assuming this should go in this section rather than inky thoughts. That said, being new, I encourage and will not be offended at all if this gets moved to inky thoughts. Okay, I just ordered my 2015 Hobonichi Planner and was wondering what ink and/or nib combos you find work best in any kind of accessory that uses TR paper? Is there an ink that you think works best? Is it wrong to assume F and/or EF nibs are the way to go given the size of the planner? By all means, this is not meant ONLY for ppl using Hobonichi products. I am as interested in any combo that works well with any other A6-sized product. Thanks! Cheers ~ Jack
  7. Can anyone recommend a leather cover that would work for the A6 Hobonichi Techno Planner, other than the ones available directly from Hobonichi? The planner's measurements are listed as 4.1" x 5.8" (http://www.1101.com/store/techo/2015/planner/). I like the Gfeller covers but the measurements for an A6 cover for a Rhodia "webbie" are 3.5" x 5.5". (http://www.gfeller.us/noncart.html)
  8. FPNers, I have a situation. While browsing the site, I came across the topic on what planners people were using for 2016. There were many interesting planners out there but there was one that particularly piqued my interest. The Hobonichi Planner. Having received some Tomoe River samples from other FPNers when I was sending out HP Premium Choice 32Lb samples, I was completely in love with the feel and performance of the paper. What could be better than a planner made entirely from it? I immediately went to their website and ordered it, receiving it only four days later (amazing shipping time from Japan!). Considering I work in manufacturing and need to plan very far ahead on huge projects, the planner is very handy and compact to boot. I'd like to see if I can get my hands on a 2015 version so I can document some of the events from last year on a small, compact book and this fits the bill in a great way. How/Where can I find one of these? Thanks! -AG
  9. I'm using a 'Berry' Leuchtturm Large Weekly Planner as my planner / diary, and a no-name A4 notebook (cream paper!) that I was given for Christmas as my journal. I plan to get a Raydori soon though, and will probably journal in that. You?
  10. Hi, fans of Hobonichi Techo planners and Tomoe River paper! The 2015 planner and new covers will be released soon and available on their webstore on September 1st. This is the present English webstore page. http://www.1101.com/store/techo/2014/planner/index.html Dunno if it'll change for the 2015 version. ------------ This was on their Facebook page. Hobonichi Planner22 hours ago · EditedIMPORTANT: 2014 Hobonichi Planner store closing August 19th! We're getting closer to the grand opening of our 2015 online store! In order to prepare for the release of our 2015 edition Hobonichi Planner and the full lineup of all-new covers, the current Hobonichi Store will be CLOSING on August 19th, 11 AM Japan time (2 AM GMT, August 18 at 7 PM PDT). If you would like a 2014-edition planner or cover, please make your purchases soon! Once the store is closed, these products will no longer be available. But soon enough we'll have a big lineup of gorgeous new covers to make it hard for you to decide again! Our big announcement to reveal all the new designs and planners will take place at the end of the month, about a week or so before the new store opens. The 2015 edition Hobonichi Store will go online on September 1st, 11 AM Japan time (2 AM GMT, August 31 at 7 PM PDT). *NOTE: If you would like to order a 2014-edition product and potentially ship it with a 2015-edition product to save on shipping, you can complete your order now, go back to your account and view current orders, and there will be a button to "Hold Shipping" for up to 60 days. This will give you time to combine orders later and ship together. If you don't end up ordering anything, you can just release the shipping hold when the time comes. (Walkthrough coming soon!)
  11. I'm not sure if you gentle-people in paper land knew this, but there is a version available with an April start and either Monday or Sunday as start of the week, too. Yes, they're expensive, but the TR paper and design is wonderful. Here's my sample order and links: 00020515 Rivet Bookmark Connesso - B (Black x Brown x Aqua) (for A6 Hobo x 1 / 756 yen / 756 yen 00021958 Original Hobonichi Techo Book (April start w/Mon) Japanese x 1 / 2160 yen / 2160 yen http://www.1101.com/store/techo/2015/planner/ Definitely check out Lindsay's great site: http://lindsaynelson.com/techo/ http://lindsaynelson.com/techo/text.png http://40.media.tumblr.com/9ed9cf83ca1e1f7f2f54254fd7afc1d5/tumblr_nkfghcBfiN1r526owo2_1280.jpg http://41.media.tumblr.com/332c455ca30ee3680425a90756c74ac7/tumblr_nkfghcBfiN1r526owo1_1280.jpg
  12. Can anyone help me to ID this planner? The image is originally from this blog post on Design Sponge. It has everything I'm looking for: spiral-bound, weekly notebook format, dated but no hours, perforated corners, refillable... I've spent a few weeks so far googling my fingers off to no avail. Thought I'd try here to see if anyone has any idea what it is. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
  13. I ordered a custom Renaissance Art cover for my Hobonichi Techno planner. It's the small custom cover in wintergreen. The measurements I gave them were 5 7/8" high by 4 1/8" wide by 5/8" deep. It arrived safely in only about a week. I really like the leather and the simplicity: this is a book cover, period. No extra pockets, no closures, no bookmarks, no pen loops. It has a comfortable, rustic feel to it.The leather is beautiful and I'm sure will get better with age. Sorry about the lighting. The leather is a deep forest green that leans slightly toward yellow. It's dark but still obviously green. Source: http://www.renaissance-art.com/catg96/category.aspx Pics:
  14. I just got into a kickstarter for a product called the Passion Planner. No affiliation on my end. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/angeliatrinidad/passion-planner-the-one-place-for-all-your-thought I'm wondering if anybody here has used one of these (they've been around since 2012) and can tell me if the paper is really fountain pen friendly. They say FP can be used on the kickstarter site, but I rarely believe what I read on the interwebs. Anybody have some experience with this planner?
  15. distancerunner

    Journal/planner Cover

    After searching FPN and the web in general, there does not appear to be a product that meets the criteria I seek. What I am looking for are covers for A4 and A5 sized notebooks with plenty of pockets for storing business cards, pens, and other items usually carried daily. This cover would ideally be constructed of nylon, canvas, or something similar rather than leather. It should have a zipper to close and protect the contents..The covers that exist in this configuration all contain loose leaf rings. These will only get in the way of a ring bound notebook, unless of course, the notebook is perforated to accept the rings. That limits the choices of notebook and thus is not desirable. Does anyone know of a product that meets these needs?
  16. My pen and paper website, PenPaperInkLetter.com, is turning 1! I wanted to give away something special so the first giveaway is for one of these coveted Hobonichi planners! Enter To Win Here http://penpaperinkletter.com/wp-content/uploads/slide_3-500x281.jpg
  17. I have an older leather DayTimer planner that is about 5x7 inches. The refills are now absolutely outrageously priced. I would love to find some good quality paper, book style, refills, blank as well as planner style, to use with this. It needs to be able to slip into the right side using the back cover. Any suggestions?

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