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  1. Disclaimer: Not my question personally. I have eleven Plaisir and six Preppy pens – with interchangeable sections and nibs, so for the purposes of how ink flows from the cartridge or converter onto the page to form shaped marks by way of the nib, they are identical (to the DPQ-700A desk pen as well) – inked right now, and due to the distinct design of the nib-feed-collector-section, I wouldn't say they are typical or representative of writing with a Japanese fountain pen, manufactured by either Platinum itself or any of the Big Three (Platinum, Pilot and Sailor). The Pilot MR is probably
  2. oldfashioned-aj

    Kyoto TAG - Kyo No Oto No.12 Ryukuyuiro

    Hello Folks, First time posting here and it might not be a review as per the review standards over here (eg. all the tests and examples etc) but I promise I will make it up with great pictures to showcase the ink. I am mostly active over at reddit and some of the people here might have probably noticed my posts there. Call it a showcase instead of a review if you may. We are talking about one of TAG Stationery's two new inks for 2021 (no.11 & no.12) and I was early enough on the order to get the NO.12 Ryukuyuiro ink. Fresh arrival from Japan just a couple of days b
  3. The original Platinum Higo Zogan was an impulse buy on Ebay. There isn't much information on this pen, but I do know that one blogger (Phthalo) said she enjoyed how this pen writes. I also know that Platinum currently makes a 3776 with a similar higo zogan ring around the cap. Appearance and Design At first glance, this pen is reminiscent of the Lamy 2000 in both shape and feel, but with a Japanese flair. The matte black resin body reminds me of Makrolon but with slightly less of a brushed texture. Its 18K gold nib that looks very similar to that of the Platinum Pocket Pen and ot
  4. Dear FPN'ers, Greetings !!! This is Kandan.M.P from Ranga Pen Company, India. Hope and wish you are staying safe . Thanks for your support so far This group buy is for RANGA Handmade Pens Model 4C in beautiful Premium Acrylic resins. The pens are completely handcrafted from high quality blanks made in Taiwan. Acrylics are glossy, attractive and Visually stunning This is beautiful Cigar Shaped Pen in seamless finish. It is one of the Popular Ranga Model Pen. It caps in less than 1 turn. Capped Length - Approximately 5.75 Inches Cap Dia - 16mm, Barrel Dia - 16mm,
  5. Hey guys! During my recent travels to Japan, i found a unique wooden fountain pen case from Storio. I'd never heard of the brand before but the moment i saw the case i fell in love with the way it looked and felt, so I just had to get one! I thought I'd just shed some light on this relatively unknown brand, as i think this case is beautiful and worth every penny. It looks professional and sleek/ stealthy, yet is interesting enough to get anyone who lays eyes on it to start a conversation about it! If you guys are interested, i made a video review about it! Theres also a link to where to get
  6. Caeruleum

    Platinum Procyon Review

    First of all I want to mention this review by FPN user sova featuring stunning photos of the Turquoise blue Platinum Procyon. In my opinion the Platinum Procyon receives less attention than it deserves, thus I decided to write a review. I want to provide some information, share my experience using it daily and also take a look at why it might be not hugely popular. Introduction This review is meant to depict my personal opinion and valuation, thus I don't want to use points to rate aspects. Surely comparability is an advantage which makes using points worth considering, but neither am
  7. The-Thinker

    Pelikan Vs Sailor In Terms Of Wetness

    To all those who own (tried) both pens, i would like to ask why are western nibs (pelikans specifically) are know to be wetter than the Japanese nibs (considering same nib width on paper and not marking) . Is it because of the feed/nib material or the engineering of the feed/nib ?
  8. Wancher has launched a kickstarter for a series of fountain pens with the name Seven Treasures. They are made from Bakelite and feature Shippoyaki; Japanese Cloisonne artwork. Current super early bird reward is at $240 for the basic version with steel nib and plastic feed. Black ebonite feed is an aditional $30 Red ebonite feed is +$50 Gold nib is +$130 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wancher/seven-treasures
  9. During this post I'll be referring to the pictures in this dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/11qy002u9zm30q1/AAD85vSlKVXkNeYE37ZG_GyRa?dl=0 While browsing some antique shops I stumbled across this interesting set. After a bit of googling, the jumbo pen matches what many threads are calling a 1950's jumbo tourist / souvenir pen from Japan. The big guy is in pretty good shape and functions fine. The clip says "New Clip" and the nib says "Special Ideal Pen". The body feels almost like it's made of wood. The painted details have major cities in Japan labeled in English. What really
  10. I bought a naginata togi back in september of 2014, after 6 months of trying, I'm still not comfortable or finding a nice surprise with the nib. I tried to practice chinese penmanship with it, which is what the nib was designed for, but I find it much harder to use than a regular or soft nib, even a Noodler flex was easier to do asian calligraphy with. Or the stroke just looks odd. Am I using it wrong? Anyone have any advice on how to properly use the naginata togi? Or tricks to control the nib more easily? Giving this another 6 months and if nothing works, I'm probably going to sell it
  11. Hi folks I am super new to this hobby. Since I recently completed my first project I would like to post it here and get your eyes on it. Like many of you, I too found the Japanese maki-e fountain pens amazingly beautiful yet very out of my reach price-wise. I had some experience assembling car model kits, so I thought since I already have the spray paint and sandpaper and all that stuff, why not treat a fountain pen just another car model and do some experiments on it? And here's the outcome! Quite honestly, I am pretty happy with the result, although the wood finish I was using doesn't see
  12. Hello again to all my FPN friends, I just purchased a leather A6 6-ring planner (same size as Filofax Personal or Daytimer #3) that I'm going to use for a project that needs to have somewhat archival paper (basically, the pages and what's on them need to do their job for at least the next 50 years amidst daily use). The paper that the planner came with feels like writing on sandpaper, so I desperately need something else. So far the best paper I've come across seems to be Life Noble and DaVinci (which uses 52gms Tomoe River paper). For my project, the planner refill paper needs these thr
  13. Hi FPN, I am trying to learn the history and information on this pen stamped Hosei. It is a Japanese eyedropper with sealing rod. The barrel is stamped: Hosei / Sanshin & Co.,PT / Tokyo. The nib is stamped: Special / Hosei / Ideal / JIS / 4366. The cap band is stamped: R14K. I did not see Hosei under the topic: Pen Manufacturers - Current and Past, so does anyone know anything about this pen? Thanks in advance everyone.
  14. Greetings, from Minnesota! My name is Matthew, and yesterday i picked up a box of artifacts belonging to a U.S. Army Engineer who served in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Inside the box were many captured Japanese items with one of those items being a pen! The pen was wrapped up in cardboard with a label "Japanese Pen' written on the outside. Attached below are some pictures showing what i found. I'm looking for any information on this pen such as era, construction and if it's anything special. Thank you, -Matthew 2 B2E88A7-B556-4946-BD72-48F5D816C84B by Matthew Ston
  15. I am going through my (too many) pens before deciding which pens I will give away or sell or simply store in the attics. Part 1: Ohto Tasche - a pocket pen from Japan. https://mkepens.blogspot.com/2018/07/not-expensive-pen-1-ohto-tasche-ff-10t.html Conclusion: it is a not expensive pen which I can theoretically* recommend. * Personally, however, I prefer the MB149-sized pens, even for pockets. (No advertisement, I own the pen.)
  16. mikhasan

    Nikko Ebonite

    Does anyone know if Nikko (=Eboya) sells their marble (?) ebonite rods to other makers? I'm wondering if there are any makers -- other than Eboya -- either in Japan or overseas, which have access to this style of pen blank: https://www.nibs.com/pens/eboya/eboya-natsume-small-kumpuu-green-cc I've never seen any non-Eboya pens made of this stuff or its color variants. As nice as the Eboya pens are, it would be cool to see some designs by other makers in this material too, which is why I'm asking. Thanks!
  17. What are the differences between ebonite made in Japan and elsewhere? I learned that a pen using Indian ebonite I was planning to purchase will soon be available in Japanese ebonite for about $10 extra. I'm guessing the Japanese ebonite has less imperfections/impurities in the ebonite -- correct me if I'm wrong -- but I'm wondering if it's merely aesthetic or if the Japanese ebonite is otherwise superior; for example, less likely to discolor, more durable, less prone to cracking over time, etc. I read on the Eboya (=Nikko Ebonite) site that they are the only ones in Japan still producing ebo
  18. Hey fellow FPNers, I recently got into 3D printing and have started designing my own things to be printed and one of them has been a pen holder. I thought I would share it with you guys as you would appreciate this. Notice I've populated the holder with a pen each of the "big 3" of Japanese fountain pen companies, can you name all the pens? (bonus points if you can name the 4th fountain pen in the picture, though it is hard to tell because of the photo quality) It's not exactly a traditional katana holder design, as they usually don't have as many bridging ribs or an ornamental top bu
  19. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know anything about this pen, it does not show up on the Japanese pens list. It's a Japanese eyedropper with Bunshodo Pen stamped on the barrel. The nib says Stenographer, in the world, pointed hardest, Platinum <15>. Interestingly the nib says Platinum, is this an old Platinum pen? Or just the nib? The clip looks like an old Pilot clip but is not stamped Pilot. This is a good size pen as compared to my Sailor Pro-Gear. Any information would be appreciated. Pen_Padawan
  20. Hi Everyone, I have a vintage japanese eyedropper with no name but trying to learn more about it. There is no company markings but the nib says, Special, hardest point, 3 A. The clip is rather unique and so is the cap band. This pen is on the small size as compared to my Sailor Pro-Gear. Any information or similar pens in your collection would be appreciated. Pen_Padawan
  21. Vintagepens

    "carving" Brand Fountain Pens

    Over the years I've run across a handful of vintage Japanese pens bearing the Carving name. I can find no reference to it in any of the books I have consulted, nor does there seem to be any relevant mentions in this forum. Does anyone out there know more about the Carving company?
  22. Dear FPN, I am trying to learn more about this pen stamped Koshin. It is a Japanese eyedropper with sealing rod. The barrel is marked: Koshin / Made in Japan. The nib is marked: Warranted / Hardest / Iridium / <1> / Special / Pen. Interestlingly the section on this pen is in two pieces. Any information on this mystery pen would be appreciated. Pen_Padawan
  23. Hi FPN, I am trying to find some history on this pen stamped Bunmeisha. It is a Japanese eyedropper with sealing rod. The barrel is marked Bunmeisha / Tokyo. The barrel is black lacquer. The nib is stamped: Special's / Zion Yiu / Hardest / Iridiumpen / -3-. I did not see Bunmeisha under the topic: Pen Manufacturers Current and Past, so does anyone know anything about this pen? Thanks in advance for the education. Pen_Padawan

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