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  1. After seeing some posts about KWZ killing some of their iron gall inks, I emailed them for clarification. This was Agnieszka's response: So, if you are a fan of Blue #3, as I am, time to stock up.
  2. Platinum Citrus Black Review Note: Due to file size constraints, I was unable to add high resolution photos of the inks. For the high resolution images, please click here to be redirected to my blog. Platinum Citrus black is an extremely unique, fascinating ink. A brand new offering from Platinum as part of their Classic Ink series, Citrus black is an iron gall ink with fantastic color and some fascinating features. The ink comes in the standard cardboard Platinum box—which is actually rather ornate as far as ink boxes go. The paper itself is textured and the box is coated in an i
  3. Platinum Classic Ink — Cassis Black #15 Review (Note: Due to FPN's compression standards, I've had to compress the images to less-than-favorable quality. To view them in full, high resolution, please click here to be redirected to my blog.) Platinum announced a new series of Iron Gall Inks—the Classic Inks—in January with six colors: Cassis black, Forest black, Citrus black, Khaki black, Sepia black, and Lavender black. And ever since they came out earlier this month, I’ve wanted to give them a try, and I could not have been more happy with them. The first ink of the bunch is Cassis b
  4. Disclaimer first: This test does not focus on fading under direct sun or UV exposure, it focuses on normal change in color that will be observed on these inks in what I assume is how most keep their work. Also I will try to keep things as consistent as I can but some variations may occur during the span of testing. I will try to update on any key variations other then weather outside. Storing and approach taken (inputs appreciated) The way the pages will be kept will be as follows : the pages will be kept in closed notebooks and will be used from time to time to see or check f
  5. silverlifter

    KWZ Iron Gall Blue #3

    I'm surprised this has not been reviewed yet. This is my favourite of KWZ's iron gall inks. Still close enough to a more traditional iron gall in terms of water fastness, colour change, dry time and performance, but with enough blue remaining to make it not just another blue-black. Dry time for normal handwriting is closer to 5 seconds, but a broader, wetter pen will be longer, hence the heavy swatch test. Dry swab was after 20 minutes, wet after 2-3. Paper is Rhodia dot.
  6. silverlifter

    An Index Of Iron Gall Reviews

    Akkerman IJzer-Galnoten #10 lapis https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/220349-akkerman-ijzer-galnoten-blzw/ Chesterfield [no longer available] Archival Vault fibredrunk https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/178914-chesterfield-archival-vault-ink-review/ Diamine Registrars politovski 2 https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/260738-diamine-registrars-ink/DanielCoffey 2 https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/250802-diamine-registrars-ink-high-flow/politovski https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/241410-diamine-registrars-blue-black
  7. I was introduced to this ink, by the mighty Swan It is an iron gall ink sold by the Museum of Guttenberg in Mainz, Germany. They also have a line of Aniline inks, dip pen inks (including a dip pen (quill) iron gall ink), handmade paper, papyri, notebooks etc. Enough that will make stationary junkies salivating. However, this all comes with a hitch: the shipping. They use Fedex, so it’s very expensive. Through happenstance and a mysterious internet glitch, I got hold of this ink, my third iron gall ink after Scabiosa and Salix. Photo of bottle - The Herbin bottle
  8. Introduction and Elephant in the Room KWZ inks at this point don’t really need an introduction of themselves so all I can say is about page on KWZ website is the best friend here. Bottle is dark glass bottle, good for inks. Now to elephant and well there are 2 different things that I noticed here, First the ink comes in a plastic wrap around the bottle, nice touch really as this prevent many issues that can arise. Second, is entire ink smells like vanilla and that was nice (typical of KWZ)....it made me want to eat ice-cream though so that’s bad. Jokes aside I can
  9. yazeh

    Origin of blue black ink

    Since several intriguing and passionate posts about blue black inks were posted, I thought I'll add some historical context. When steel nibs were created and soon replaced goose quills (in early XIX century), in order to deal with the corrosive nature of iron gall inks, ink makers added dyes to the iron gall ink, which apparently tempered its corrosiveness. This made the written word legible in blue before the ink oxidized and turned black. Often iron gall ink writes in a pale, pasty grey colour until the oxidization process happenes and turns into the black colour. and overtime to
  10. As far as I can tell Hero 232 Blue-Black seems to be getting scarce from my online sources. (I recently ordered a bottle Hero 232 & 233 and was sent 2 bottles of 233 instead. Then the seller promptly raised the price to over 3x what I had paid ...) Hero 202 is still readily available. I did a search here: the evidence - while there's not a lot of it - seems to suggest that Hero 202 is likely iron gall. Has any more evidence turned up recently? I'll probably take a chance on it since it is so inexpensive but I need more ink that I won't use like I need a hole in my head.
  11. RayCornett

    Fountain Pen Friendly Iron Gall

    Is there such a thing as a fountain pen friendly iron gall *recipe*? Not a mass marketed commercial ink. I assume it would have to be without gum arabic at least.
  12. Hello Today I come to ask you how an iron gall ink should be stored correctly since I have had inks of this type that when they come to me they look good but then they are precipitated in a short time. For example, I had bought a large bottle of diamine registrars ink and emptied it into a 30 ml empty lamy ink bottle that had been washed very well and I refilled with a pen and it worked excellent without flow problems, I checked the bottle the following days and everything looked all right. But on the fifth day the bottle looked ugly with things stuck on the walls and sludge on the bottom o
  13. These are the Iron Gall inks that I curently use. I thought people new to IG inks might find it helpful to see how they look, especially compared to each other. I haven't included Scabiosa or any of Konrad's colours because I tend not to use them, and also because the colours themselves distinguish them adequately, in my view. I am still waiting on a couple of bottles of Hero 232 to arrive, and will update the image when I have had a chance to try it. All lines have thoroughly dried/cured. Paper is Rhodia Dot Pad 80 gsm. The image is a pretty good reproduction of the colours, wi
  14. I'm curious to know if anyone has had experience with using an iron gall ink such as R&K Scabiosa/Salix, KWZ, or Hero 232 in a vintage Parker Vacumatic with the transparent rings in the barrel. Does an iron gall ink stain or will the standard vinegar solution remove any residue that might accumulate in the barrel? Thanks, Cliff
  15. Hello fellow FPNers, I'm a longtime lurker around here, but I've only recently became a member. I'd like to make a contribution to the FP community, and I need your help. Last year I began compiling a comprehensive list of Iron-Gall-based fountain pen inks, simply because there was none. I want this list to be constantly updated so as to be as exhaustive as possible. Please contribute updates, corrections and suggestions! The list is available here: https://gdoc.pub/doc/1po8jfMHv-Uz_ioZ9-2DQzASb1FNs-RSfmkkR4GaZ23g#heading=h.vydniszftb1n Since English is not my native languag
  16. Hi Folks, I have a number of Platinum short pens with both 18K and 14K gold nibs. Do you think these pens would be safe with Diamine Registrar's ink? Wondering about the ink attacking something inside the pen. These pens work with a cartridge. Cheers, GreenMountain.
  17. Lavender Black is one of the six colors in Platinum's new Classic Line of iron gall inks. The press release for the Classic Line says that they placed emphasis on shading and the color change "with the aim to enhance the joy of using fountain pens." Each color is meant to start bright and then fade/darken to black over time.I didn't see a significant color change with Lavender; it does change, but it is slight and happens fairly quickly. I didn't realize it was happening at first because my hand was casting a fairly dark shadow over my writing & by the time the shadow was off, most of t
  18. https://youtu.be/P582srfq_14 Fantastic fun chemistry! I enjoyed that Brian uses red wine as an anti-microbial putting a different spin to the term vintage ink I want what he's drinking, err.. writing
  19. Lunoxmos

    Mabie Todd & Co 'swan' Ink

    I recently went down to an antique shop and I happened to find some 'Swan' Ink bottles, made by Mabie Todd & Co in Sydney Australia. One bottle was labeled "PERMANENT BLUE BLACK" while the other was "VIVID RED". They appear to have what is most likely dried ink in them, though there is a chance that the permanent blue-black one contains iron oxide sediment at the bottom considering it is most likely an iron gall ink. Is it possible that I could receive some information on them (there doesn't appear to be much about it online), as well as whether it is safe to reconstitute the ink inside of
  20. Lunoxmos

    Conway Stewart No.489

    The pen that I'll be reviewing (or discussing) today is: "The Universal Pen Conway Stewart London No.489" I have had this pen for a bit over a month now, have used it everyday, and have found it to be a reliable writer. I managed to pick this pen up after doing some antique shop hunting, and managed to get it for only $23AUD. On that note, I think it is actually much better to go vintage pen hunting in person rather than online. It's more fun that way, not knowing what you'll find, and you probably end up with a nicer price, provided you're willing to do some relatively easy restoration work.
  21. Hello, I'm looking for a little help with an iron gall ink (KWZ IG Orange). It's my first IG ink, and I don't know if I am just unlucky, the ink isn't for me, or if I am doing something wrong! I've tried it in two pens now, ones I'd consider pretty wet writers. However, I'm finding that they run dry after a day or so. It's very difficult to get them going again. (TWSBI Vac 700 M and TWSBI 580 w/ Jowo ground M stub FWIW). I think there is a drying out problem in the feed channel or at the feed / nib interface. I think this because the feed is pretty primed when I look closely, it's just no
  22. I just finished a fill of KWZ IG Mandarin ink in a TWSBI Eco piston filler, and when I went to flush it the piston was extremely sticky moving forward in the barrel... and then when I tried to draw water up, the piston rod popped out of the piston head. I finally somehow managed to get it reattached and had to use a needlenose pliers to pull the piston out with great difficulty. I've read the usual threads on iron gall maintenance precautions like this, and I've always been careful to not mix them with other inks and flush carefully, with a cycle of dilute vinegar between distilled water flus
  23. Hi, some of my favorite inks are iron gall. So I took some of these to see what happens when I mix them. :-) The inks: ESSRI, blue-black IG Gutenberg G10 Urkundentinte "Schwarz" black IG Platinum Classic Forest Black, green IG Platinum Classic Sepia Black, brown IG 1. I wanted to make Forest Black darker and less yellowish: My favorite: 75% Forest / 25% ESSRI (darker but not a cold green) 2.: Forest Black mixed with G10: Favorite: 67% Forest / 33% G10 (a "Moddergrün" = murky green, like Diamine Safari but darker) 3.: Forest Black with G10 and ESSRI: Favorite: 40% Forest / 40% G10 / 20%
  24. I have been told that Hero's blue-black ink is an iron-gall ink. Now I read somewhere on this site that Pelikan's blue-black is also an iron-gall. I have three questions please; 1) Are the above inks iron-gall? 2) Are most (all?) blue-blacks made this way? 3) Any problem using iron-gall in a nice German pen? Thanks for your help. Inquiring minds want to know.
  25. Hello, I recently got a Parker 45 Flighter with a 14K gold nib. I really love it, it has been a great writer so far. I'm really interested in trying some iron gall inks, because I like the permanence aspect to them, as well as the fact that they darken the longer they are on the page. I just really like the idea of them and would like to try some out. I was thinking of trying KWZ Turquoise and Mandarin in particular, because I love the colours and they're supposedly really wet inks, which I think would go well with the pretty dry, fine nib I have on the 45. I want to use them in the 45 becau

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