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  1. thesmellofdustafterrain

    Ferris Wheel Press, Tanzanite Sky

    I love reading everyone's ink reviews, so I thought I would try making one too. The pens used are the Noodler's Ahab and a Muji Fine nib pen.The paper is Hilroy recycled lined - aka, cheapest stuff at Amazon.The spelling is terrible, but until they invent a pen with a spellchecker that can read dyslexic, we are just going to have to make the best of it. I'm heavily dependent on electronic aid to communicate well in writing, but I'm improving. General thoughts about this ink: The colour is lovely and dark. A rich purple-black-blue to it. It's a soothing colour for long writing sessions.
  2. oldfashioned-aj

    Kyoto TAG - Kyo No Oto No.12 Ryukuyuiro

    Hello Folks, First time posting here and it might not be a review as per the review standards over here (eg. all the tests and examples etc) but I promise I will make it up with great pictures to showcase the ink. I am mostly active over at reddit and some of the people here might have probably noticed my posts there. Call it a showcase instead of a review if you may. We are talking about one of TAG Stationery's two new inks for 2021 (no.11 & no.12) and I was early enough on the order to get the NO.12 Ryukuyuiro ink. Fresh arrival from Japan just a couple of days b
  3. Here's one of the lesser-known Baystate inks, Baystate Cranberry. It was a really big disappointment, considering how much I like Baystate Blue. If you need a similar color that's actually brighter (punchier?), I definitely recommend Diamine Cerise. It's an all-around better ink. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/537/H1E0Jp.jpg
  4. Introduction and Elephant in the room First paragraph same as Taccia cha so ignore if aware (info on bottle if interested). First let me take a moment to address the elephant in the room, box and bottle. Bottle has big mouth for any pens is no issues with filling, but then when ink is low might not be easy to get last drops of ink...I can’t be sure cos I cannot see any mechanism to help here..still a nice bottle overall. Box is not paper like most inks (not 100% at least) it sure does not feel like one, more durable and stronger with inside fins designed to keep ink from movin
  5. BadsCase

    Lightest Gray/Grey Ink ?

    May I know the lightest gray/grey ink you have tried? My current is J. Herbin in the shade Gris Nuage. I'm in search of the lightest gray/grey ink.
  6. Introduction and Elephant in the room Lets take elephants out of picture. First is controversy that surrounded the bottle design which actually is a patent design of Gecko design and this was cause of issue which has been addressed since then. What happened behind the scene is of no concern to me as end result seems to be good for all. Basically ink is available to buy. Now bottle is well already quite nice looking and half of the folks (including me) would probably jump the gun for bottle over other blue ink, so before diving in ink lets clear this guy out. There are s
  7. This is the fourth and final review of four I'm posting, to showcase the new line of inks from Fountain Pen Revolution - I trust you'll forgive a little repetition! A few months ago Fountain Pen Revolution released a new line of inks under their brand - starting with three colours, though it's now expanded to six. These inks, according to their webpage, are made in the US, in partnership with "another small family business". Technically, Blue Black doesn't belong to the new range - and I'm not sure whether it's made by the same "small family business" as the others. It's a more
  8. A few months ago Fountain Pen Revolution released a new line of inks under their brand - starting with three colours, though it's now expanded to six. These inks, according to their webpage, are made in the US, in partnership with "another small family business". I ordered all three (plus their existing Blue-Black) in late May - then began the lengthy process of waiting for the ink to arrive (via Qatar and Greece!). There was a small amount of leakage along the way (hardly surprising given their circuitous, COVID-affected route) - but apart from a slight discolouration of the labels and pac
  9. This is the second of four reviews I'm posting, to showcase the new line of inks from Fountain Pen Revolution - I trust you'll forgive a little repetition! A few months ago Fountain Pen Revolution released a new line of inks under their brand - starting with three colours, though it's now expanded to six. These inks, according to their webpage, are made in the US, in partnership with "another small family business". I ordered all three (plus their existing Blue-Black) in late May - then began the lengthy process of waiting for the ink to arrive (via Qatar and Greece!). There was a small a
  10. julia239

    Robert Oster Astorquiza Rot

    For my first Robert Oster ink, I chose Astorquiza Rot - I picked it based entirely on the name (who could resist an ink with "rot" in the name?). I quite like this ink; the color is a dark red with a lot of brown. It is a little dry but still performed well. The dry time is somewhat long, and the water resistance is low. The shading is reasonably nice for a deep red & there is a halo that would probably be more evident with a flex pen. All in all, a very nice red with an interesting name. The review is on Rhodia dotpad.
  11. ErrantSmudge

    Ink Review: Monteverde Horizon Blue

    Monteverde's revamped line of inks recently got my attention for their comprehensive lineup of clear, distinct hues, as well as good value. A 90ml bottle can be had for about $13-$15 USD from the better known online retailers in the United States, making it a very good deal. Monteverde touts their "ITF Technology". From Monteverde's promotional material, here's how it claims to benefit us writers: At my recent visit to the 2017 LA Pen Show, Monteverde gave a free bottle of Malibu Blue ink to all show attendees. A company representative had all their inks available for sampling with swabs, a
  12. visvamitra

    Frosting Of Arashiyama - Kyo-Iro

    To be honest I don't know much about the company. Some time ago Algester posted topic about Tag Kyoto branch inks. The bottles and colors presented on their site looked nice so I've decided to try some of these inks. I've managed to buy two on Rakuten and I'll review them. The inks are made by or for Takeda Jimuki company and are available in two lines: Kyo No Oto and Kyo-Iro. Kyo no Oto inks are said to be traditional japanese colors that has been used since heian era (roughly 1000 years ago),and expressing a tinges that have been nurtured in long history and profound culture for long time.
  13. fountainpagan

    Who's Afraid Of Vittar?

    Do you know this person? She has reviewed and tested more than 300 inks inks, for now. Her reviews are very detailed, and complete. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/user/VixR/playlists Edit - I Wonder if she is a member of the FPN...
  14. gsgill112

    Monteverde California Teal

    Hi Everyone, DISCLAIMER : This is my Second Ink Review on this forum so please comment and any Suggestions are Most Welcomed. First of all, A Big Thanks to LIVTEK INDIA for providing me the sample of this lovely Teal Ink, Do check them out at the link given above , That being said This is an Honest Review and I DO NOT REPRESENT LIVTEK OR MONTEVERDE IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER. 1. Sample So, I received this sample in a Monteverde 30ml Ink Bottle and was immediately impressed with the lovely Teal Colour with some awesome Red Sheen. Shaking the bottle and seeing the beautiful
  15. Intensity

    Gamma "raduga-2" Red Ink Review

    Recently an interesting ink landed on my desk, courtesy of an exciting PIF by Amberleadavis. This Russian ink is by Gamma from a "Raduga-2" (Rainbow-2) product series in red color. I did not know what to expect, so I opened the bottle and gave it a sniff, out of curiosity. There's a bit of a chemical smell to the ink that brought on a wave of nostalgia: it reminded me of old pigment inks I used to use as a child; when they were mixed with water, I could smell something similar. Of course it's been some long time since, so I could be wrong, but I definitely had a strong association with
  16. Red Fox is a Montblanc Limited Edition, based on their Le Petit Prince series. The ink is a dark brown orange, not unlike the fur of a fox. I wasn't sure what to expect of this ink to be honest, reviews are mixed, but in the past week I have been writing a lot with it. It's great for personal use and at the same time, despite being a dark orange, it's a color that you can easily use in an office environment to take down notes. For longer reads the color remains pleasant. The ink and its color surprised me and I must say, I really like this ink. At 35 euro for 50 ml the ink is expensive, but w
  17. Since I do not own too many green inks, I cannot show very similar inks to compare. Instead I thought it would be useful to show where it lies in the spectrum between yellow/brown leaning greens like Krishna Ghat-green/ Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu and a teal leaning green like Diamine Aurora Borealis... Overall, I'd say its a pleasant color though not a very uncommon one - nothing screams out as unique or special about the colour or the ink's abilities but it is a nice pleasant green if you want only one green ink, and being Noodler's it is pretty inexpensive. Shame about the feathering though, t
  18. AgentVenom

    Noodler's Ink - Bad Blue Heron

    Ink Review: Noodler's Ink, Bad Blue Heron. Grade: 70.00%. Paper: Norcom Composition. Bad Blue Heron (BBH) has been an ink that I've wanted to review for a long time because of its unique properties. BBH is one of Noodler's "Warden" series of inks. It's water resistant, pH neutral, bulletproof/eternal, and UV resistant. At its core, it was designed to be an anti-forgery ink. If you are into fountain pens then you know that the ink is water based, and therefore can be more susceptible to forgery because some inks will wash away without much effort. A lot of Noodler's inks are eternal, but s
  19. Lavender Black is one of the six colors in Platinum's new Classic Line of iron gall inks. The press release for the Classic Line says that they placed emphasis on shading and the color change "with the aim to enhance the joy of using fountain pens." Each color is meant to start bright and then fade/darken to black over time.I didn't see a significant color change with Lavender; it does change, but it is slight and happens fairly quickly. I didn't realize it was happening at first because my hand was casting a fairly dark shadow over my writing & by the time the shadow was off, most of t
  20. GutSchrift

    Review: Montblanc Oyster Grey

    Please see the attached photo. Just a quick little review of an ink new to me -- which I love! Really enjoy this color. It's a very true grey color, but just dark enough to be more legible than other grey's I've used previously. Thank you! Edited: Forgot to mention the paper -- Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton, A5
  21. I think I got this ink sample a looooonnnggg time ago, back when I was still enrolled in Ink Drop. That was before I formed my huge fondness for blue-black inks, so it sat and waited for the right time. And now, I hardcore need a bottle of this ink my life. This is a dark ink. At first you might mistake it for black, but it’s not. It’s also unlike most other blue-black inks I’ve tried in that it does not dry to some grey-blue color. It stays vibrant and crisp and dark, which I like. As you can see, this ink almost looks like a teal-black, and I have heard that this is what can h
  22. jhylkema

    Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Kai

    This is my first go at an ink review, and my first entry in my ink journal, so please be gentle. Also, sorry for iPhone photo.
  23. taranthatsme

    Camlin Royal Blue Ink

    This is my first ink review, and it's going to be CAMLIN ROYAL BLUE! I saw this as one of the requested inks, so I gave it a shot! Constructive critics, are always welcome! Here you go![ attachment=466681:camlin royal blue .pdf] Right. It comes in a 60 mL bottle, and is dye based, costs around 20 INR or .30 Dollars. I have covered the rest in the attachment. SCORES: 1. Saturation: 4 / 5. It isn't the same throughout, as the colour varies over a few days. 2. Drying: 3 / 5. As you can see from the drying test, it isn't very great. 3. Smoothness: 4.5 / 5. It feels brillian
  24. mehandiratta

    Daytone Olive Brown

    Daytone Olive Brown I received few Ink bottles from one of my friend in Indore which are Daytone Inks, manufactured by Daylight industries. They are into ink manufacturing since 1956. More information can be found about the company here: Daytone Webpage Apart from Inks, they manufacture a lot of other stationary items. But this review is about one of the fountain pens inks that they manufacture. The inks that they manufacture ( 15 Nos. – increased from 8 Nos.) are as follows: Blue-Black Emerald Green Brilliant Red Crimson Turquoise Blue Deep Black Royal Blue Bright Violet Hava
  25. Concise, minimalistic presentation, useful for comparison. Text is laconic somehow poetic never ever negative. Tactful. I've been following his ink presentations for a year. One ink every day. 654 inks till now. Many Sailor LEs. Does have a search engine. You can use google translation. http://happyinkdays.hatenablog.com This one from Taiwan. On tweeter. Totally mute. https://twitter.com/yveslee_TW Thanks to both of them, if they read me. I really enjoy their work. David.

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