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Found 20 results

  1. Here's one of the lesser-known Baystate inks, Baystate Cranberry. It was a really big disappointment, considering how much I like Baystate Blue. If you need a similar color that's actually brighter (punchier?), I definitely recommend Diamine Cerise. It's an all-around better ink. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/537/H1E0Jp.jpg
  2. I have decided to review some of my inks. These aren't necessarily in any particular order. This one is Diamine Carnation from the Flowers Gift Set. I think it's well named as the ink is certainly a close copy of what I would call carnation pink. Some might call this baby pink. It's an unusual pale pink colour, and I found I didn't have anything similar to compare it with which was a shame. J Herbin Rouge Bourgogne was much too dark. Despite the fact that I had this ink in these 2 pens for several days before doing this review, some users might think it looks like a watered down red ink. In
  3. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Hope Pink

    I have heard many good comments about Diamine Hope Pink so I thought it was time I tried a sample. I like quite a few pink inks, although many of those I write with are darker than Hope Pink. So I was interested to see what it was like. It's what I would call a bright pink. Maybe a bit brighter than I thought it would be. I like it very much. I also have Cerise to review, and that's another pink. It performed really well in both of my Lamy's, neither too wet nor too dry. It flowed well, and I experienced no problems with it at all. Quite surprisingly it dried very quickly even on my smooth
  4. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Scarlet

    Today I'm reviewing Diamine Scarlet A bright pink ink from the standard range. ‘Scarlet’ might make you think of bright red berries, but this Scarlet ink is definitely pink. The colour band on the bottle label is pink. Imagine this Scarlet as a raspberry colour. Pink inks are notoriously difficult to reproduce online, and I’ve seen some online swabs and writing with Scarlet that look quite different to my sample. So, as usual, I have colour corrected my writing to resemble as closely as possible the shade that I can see on the paper. This messed up all of the comparison inks, so I correcte
  5. mehandiratta

    Ink Review - Bril Laurel Rose

    As mentioned in my previous reviews for the inks, Bril inks are one of the most used and admired inks in India. Bril has been in existence since 1964 and are based out of Bangalore in India.The review is about the BRIL LAUREL ROSE which is my second ink review from Bril. This review is simultaneously posted on my blog which is more detailed. Link to blog is here : INK REVIEW Bril Inks can be purchased from their Webpage as they have launched the webshop recently with nationwide shipping. Bril inks come in following colors: Royal Blue Green Red Laurel Rose Turquoise Blue Violet
  6. Here's my first review of the Diamine Music Collection inks, all of which are awesome in my book. Diamine Handel is a soft, red-leaning purple ink with an attractive green sheen on heavier deposits. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/912/5lYrjg.jpg
  7. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Claret

    My latest ink sample from Diamine is Diamine Claret Diamine Claret is an ancient ink from Diamine. It's been around for a long time. Bearing in mind Diamine celebrated their 150th anniversary last year, when they first manufactured this ink, real claret was used to make it. However, there are now many rules about what inks can be made from, so Diamine have had to recreate it from available dyes, to try to get as close as they could to the original colour. So if any of you used it many years ago, you may have noticed a change. The colour really surprised me, as I expected Claret to be a darke
  8. My latest ink sample sent to me from Diamine is Diamine Flamingo Pink I received a PM from 'Thelonelyinkwell' asking me if I had a sample of Sailor Renoir pink ink that I could send him. Sadly, I don't have that ink. However, it started me wondering if Flamingo Pink might be a similar type of colour. This ink is a bright salmon pink shade that leans slightly towards the blue side of the spectrum. It's reasonably saturated, and exhibited plenty of shading in my tests. It wrote straight away without any hard starts or skipping with both of my pens on several different papers. The flow is very g
  9. chromantic

    Montblanc Pink (Cartridge)

    Review of Montblanc Pink cartridge. MB Pink is a pretty bright pink that has good flow and offers nice shading - some on copy, more on good - along with oodles of gold sheen. The ink starts right up in both tested pens even after many days of just sitting. The color is darker and redder in the wetter, thicker line of the Pelikano due to more sheen being deposited; it was darker initially in the VFM, too, but once the ink that had sat in the feed gave way to fresh ink from the cart, the color brightened considerably. There were the merest hints of the sheen on the copy paper but the BnR sho
  10. Here's a quick written mini review of Sailor Clear Candy Pink ink cartridge. This is a bright, cheerful pink and, while the color in the scan is fairly close, it's a little too heavy - the actual color is more delicate. The line, also, is too heavy in the scan; even with such a fine line there's some really nice shading, much of which is lost in the scan. Flow is good, and on the cheap copy at work there was no feathering or show-through to speak of. What really surprised me, though, is that there is gold sheen, too, apparent even with this very fine nib. I was even more exci
  11. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Cerise

    In my latest set of samples I deliberately chose two pinks, so that I could compare them. I was confident that when I reviewed Hope Pink, I really liked it. I'm now reviewing Diamine Cerise and I'm not sure which one I like more. Todays review of Cerise shows that it isn't a purply pink with lots of shading like Hope Pink. Cerise is a lovely 'pure' pink, more saturated than Hope Pink, and it also behaved extremely well in both of my Lamy pens. Interestingly, it took longer to dry than Hope Pink, and it showed through on my 100gsm paper. It's still a bright pink, in no way subtle or boring. It
  12. My latest ink is Diamine Flowers Gift Set: Bougainvillea I decided to review a brightly coloured ink today. It's Bougainvillea, one of the Flowers Gift Set inks. All of the Flowers Gift Set inks are bright colours, and this one is no exception. It's a bright carmine pink. Great fun for Spring. I'm looking ahead hopefully. Bougainvillea has very good flow and lubrication. I had no problems with it while I was writing. It felt quite wet and I could see it glistening all along the lines as I wrote. It really suited my Lamy Nexx well.​Although this isn't a waterproof ink, it shows quite good wate
  13. Pelikan Edelstein "Ink of the Year 2012" Turmaline. From the GIA: "Tourmaline’s colors have many different causes. It’s generally agreed that traces of iron, and possibly titanium, induce green and blue colors. Manganese produces reds and pinks, and possibly yellows." According to Pelikan, their Edelstein Turmaline is a plum coloured ink. I would call it pink. Some might call it dark pink, and some might call it bright pink. It is a lovely shade of pink for writers who like to use pink ink. It's very well behaved, very smooth to write with, flows well and lubricates the nib well. It's a high
  14. Here's a BRIGHT pink ink from Diamine. It's very similar to Noodler's Baystate Cranberry, but much better behaved and even brighter. It's definitely an interesting ink, though I personally prefer the color and look of Diamine Coral. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/913/JBu0r0.jpg
  15. I have decided to review some of my inks. These aren't necessarily in any particular order. This one is Diamine Deep Magenta. I would call this a bright Fuschia pink ink. My idea of deep magenta would be a darker shade than this. It looks much better in writing than in the cotton bud swabs I took. I've always quite liked J Herbin Rose Cyclamen, and this is a similar colour. If the swabs are anything to go by Rose Cyclamen may be slightly more saturated. I remember De Atramentis Dianthus being very similar to this because I once had a sample, but sadly I don't have any left. As usual for a D
  16. Chrissy

    Ink Review: Diamine Amaranth

    I have decided to review some of my inks. These aren't necessarily in any particular order. This one is Diamine Amaranth. I would call it a bright, slightly purplish, pink. It's a very good colour match to the Amaranth flower. Sorry about my poor drawing representation, but the flower is that sort of shape. If you compare this ink with Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline, you could almost call this a slightly muted or toned-down version. I plan to review Turmaline very soon. Water test on the review form shows this isn't a waterproof ink.Bearing in mind the paper I use is very smooth, and the nib u
  17. Here's a very unique ink from Noodler's named after the first emperor of China. It's slightly on the acidic side (while most every other Noodler's ink has a neutral pH), and meant to look like terra-cotta (I suppose; it seems too bright for that to me). It also glows under UV, but isn't terribly dramatic. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/910/QoGL6d.jpg
  18. Rosie_Rabbit

    In The Pink

    Still loving my pink ink. This is my writing kit ready for the start of National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo for short. Rose Tendresse ink, pink Lamy Safari pen and a pink and silver notebook. I plan to write longhand during the day and type and upload in the evening, at least that's the plan that's in my head http://i866.photobucket.com/albums/ab228/Mariella_Moon/PinkforNaNoWriMo_zps35231023.jpg
  19. Here's an attractive pink(ish) ink from Diamine Akkerman, courtesy amberleadavis! http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/163/6k6v.jpg
  20. Jamerelbe

    Toucan Magenta

    Review of a sixth ink in the Toucan ink range from Tintex (Dye Manufacturers of Australia) - Toucan Magenta. A bright-ish pink - comparisons to Pilot vpens and Platinum Preppy hopefully will give a point of reference! I don't mind this ink - but don't tend to use pink very often in my line of work... http://i.imgur.com/SQUMYgA.jpg

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