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Found 23 results

  1. https://www.sintons.co.uk/sintons_commercial/the-pen-shop-bought-from-administration/ It is now down to 5 stores from 10. IIRC, they had 20 stores 3/4 years ago. OTOH, their shop in Trafford Centre (one of the largest malls in the UK) had only one MB LE ink in stock and 3/4 from the standard range. The website has had a revamp.
  2. I have just been given a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Rollerball and it writes pretty poorly. I have purchased new ink in hopes it would solve the problem but no. Am i missing something or...? Would like to use my pen not just look at it. Any tips on maybe what i am doing or what the pen needs of me to write like i see them write in videos are appreciated.
  3. ShakenNotStirred

    Identifying A Vintage Mb149 Nib

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying this pen, but the seller doesn't know what nib he has. It looks like an older 14c MB149 nib, but its a bit slanted it seems. Is this an oblique nib? If so, can you speculate which size it could be? Thanks!
  4. Hi, Wanted to share info I received Today from Monblanc Boutique in Mexico City. Launching of MB Marco Polo fountain pen, Only 69 pieces! http://i1151.photobucket.com/albums/o625/IncurableCollectors/Screen%20Shot%202017-02-09%20at%204.38.03%20PM.png http://i1151.photobucket.com/albums/o625/IncurableCollectors/Screen%20Shot%202017-02-09%20at%204.38.19%20PM.png
  5. sidthecat

    Over A Barrel

    So I've been helping my boss get his vintage 149 restored: it's got a beautifully flexy 18K nib and we thought it was a 70s pen. Trouble is, the barrel is cracked and can't be repaired; only replaced. We sent it to Mr. Minuskin, who said he had a replacement barrel, but when he actually had a look at the pen, he said, No, it's a 60s pen that uses a different barrel, and that he's not got. He suggested we have a look-round for one, and meanwhile, he'll keep an eye out. So, I'm not terribly familiar with the in's and outs of the precious-resin baseball bat that is this pen, but are they even r
  6. Fantasy pens, sometimes known as homage pens, can represent an opportunity to fill in a gap in a pen maker’s catalog. Or it can be a pen that is inspired by the design aesthetic of a brand, but one the company never would have made for various reasons. The pen I want to focus on in this review is a Brad Torelli creation that pays homage to various vintage elements from MB. I am a big fan of Brad’s work because his pens are well made using quality materials and they incorporate vintage hardware like nibs, clips and even filling systems. The pen I am reviewing today is inspired by MB pens
  7. chromantic

    Montblanc Pink (Cartridge)

    Review of Montblanc Pink cartridge. MB Pink is a pretty bright pink that has good flow and offers nice shading - some on copy, more on good - along with oodles of gold sheen. The ink starts right up in both tested pens even after many days of just sitting. The color is darker and redder in the wetter, thicker line of the Pelikano due to more sheen being deposited; it was darker initially in the VFM, too, but once the ink that had sat in the feed gave way to fresh ink from the cart, the color brightened considerably. There were the merest hints of the sheen on the copy paper but the BnR sho
  8. ProfessorB

    Real Or Fake?

    Hello MB collectors, I am not very well versed in Monblanc pens. I own a 146 and two 144's, but I have a question about another pen I was about to buy...but it smells funny (not literally. I mean I have an uneducated hunch.) For starters, I have never seen a Starwalker in red, but as I said, I know little about MB's. Is this a real Montblanc? Is it so obviously Fraudulent that you can tell from these pictures? Would love to hear anything anyone can tell me. Many Thanks,Professor B
  9. Anthony95

    In Search Of A Purple

    I have a large collection of ink, but only one purple must be remedied! . The purple I have is waterman, can anyone recommend something with a touch more red? Has anyone used diamine imperial or MB violet? If so do you think these might fit the bill. Any suggestions welcome I'm in the UK so noodlers and PR are harder to procure. Thank ye all
  10. walter_lam

    Montblanc M Refill

    Hello all, I am new to this group and I have a question that need some help. I brought the Montblanc M rollerball pen for my wife but she said the line is too bold for this pen, Then I go to the store and brought the only compatible refill - Art fineliner and this time she said it is not smooth . After I took her to MB store and try out the pens, she said she like the ballpoint. My local store do not accept return or exchange and therefore I am hoping anyone could advise me which MB ballpoint refill that I could buy to fit it this Montblanc M rollerball, I know the rollerball refill is
  11. This review includes a short history / timeline of the 34x series and the review itself. 1. The Montblanc humble 34x The Montblanc 34x series was introduced on the market at the beginning of the fifties; the starting year being 1951 or 1952, even if some pre-series are presumably from 1950. The first type was produced until 1953; the second, after some restyling, from 1954 up to 1960. The 34x series was intended as a third thier following the flag models 14x and the middle priced 24x / 25x / 26x. 344 / 342 stand for: 3 (third thier); 4 (piston filling system); and 4 or 2 (the nib size)
  12. Hello My Dear Fellows, Im going to get my first Montblanc Meisterstück coming friday, I've been safing my money for about 3 months now, and now finally the time has come. I heard many people saying "oh no you have to get it pre-owned" I don't think so. I want to be the first owner of the pen, even if this means I have to pay a lot more. Doing the first stroke, the first filling, that's what it is all about to me, when Im getting a new pen. Also I got an old pre-owned Montblanc 121, which is an big dissapointment, because its just damaged. So yeah, I will test out the two pens 149 and 146 a
  13. Forgive me if this has been covered before and steer me to the threads if so. I now have a few vintage Parker 51s, both Aerometrics and Vac Fillers ... Are there any modern inks that can be recommended as favorable to use in these vintage stars? Are there any that should be avoided? I like to err on the side of caution for instance, and use only MB inks (which I find superior to a great many for lots of reasons) in my Meisterstuck for instance. I would not expect to have problems using most Noodler's inks in my Ahabs and Konrads, for instance. But what about vintage Parkers? I have r
  14. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/2014-Ink_2192.jpg
  15. http://sheismylawyer.com/She_Thinks_In_Ink/2014-Inklings/slides/2014-Ink_1639.jpg
  16. perth

    Mb 149

    The origin of this pen is still a mystery to me. My mum found a MB box amongst her old clothes, and gave it to me. She doesn’t recall exactly where she got it, but assumed that it was some of the things left behind by my grandmother after she passed away. Nobody’s sure where it came from, but regardless it performs very well and I’m glad my mum decided to throw out some old clothes! Note: When there are 2 rating, the top is for my satisfaction, while the lower is for how much it could do, for that particular category. For example, I might be extremely satisfied with a stiff nib (5/5) but t
  17. Tasmith

    Montblanc 146

    My MB 146:
  18. I recently bought a vintage MB pen online but am slightly confused as to which model it is. I'm told it's from the 50s and made in Germany and the nib says monte rosa on it but the rest of the pen doesn't seem to match the monte rosa descriptions I've seen online. It doesn't have the scalloped band on the cap, which is also engraved with Montblanc, not monterosa and has the white star (not an engraving). There's no model number on it, but it has STB on the piston pump knob. Is the pen a real montblanc? If so, what model is ist, a monte rosa or another model with another nib? Thanks for any he
  19. stephanos

    Mb Noblesse Oblige: Cap Not Closing

    Hello. We have recently inherited a couple of Mont Blanc pens, one of which is a Nobless Oblige. It was in a filthy state, but I've cleaned it up and it now writes beautifully. But... The cap does not close. I've looked down the inside of the cap, and there doesn't seem to be anything out of place or jammed in there. I suppose it's possible that the Nobless Oblige cap is not original to the pen and that the barrel and nib are another model. In fact, if I were seeing this 'in the wild' that would be my assumption, as the gold rim at the back of the section seems to be slightly too wide. But
  20. Hi, I am looking got get a big FP with a very big springy nib for every day use from general writing to signature use. I prefer brand new, even though there are great deals to be had in the used pen market because I feel the used market is risky. Also, I like the idea I was the only person who used the pen. I've reconciled with the idea of carrying a $1000 pen outside of my house. Thus, I am considering getting either a regular 149 or the 90th anniversary 149. I know most of the positive reasons to get a 149. What are reasons NOT to get the MB 149? I'll start the list: * The 149 resin is
  21. Could you convert a MB Meistertuck 166 highlighter to a rollerball, ballpoint, or even a fountain pen? I've had my MB highlighter sitting in its harness for nearly two years and I've only used it a hand full of times since. But I use my RB every day.... Is it possible to convert?
  22. penswordnoassemblyrequired

    Mb Slimline

    Some years back, I treated myself to a MB Slimline to cheer myself up after losing a job. Now I would like to get a different fountain pen to use as a rembrance for this current, better time. What's the best way to sell the Mont Blanc so I can afford a Newton pen? Check ebay and see what others are going for? Any suggestions will be appreciated. I'm new to all this so bear with me while I get up to some speed.
  23. Hi all, I was wondering if there was any difference in charicteristics provided by the modern production plastic feeds and the previous ebonite feeds fitted to the MB 146 and 149 range? Is the difference in flow etc. noticeable? Many thanks, Badger

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