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Found 15 results

  1. This is the third part of a series of reviews I’m doing on Chinese Boss inks. So far I’ve found this brand of ink to be the most prevalent in China, but totally unknown in the West. They are great cheap inks and all are scented as well. Boss Enterprise “Laoban” ink (not to be confused with the Boss line of inks made by Ostrich in Tianjin) is produced in Guiyang by Guizhou Boss Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. More information about the company can be found here [http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/gzboss/companyinfo/Guizhou-Boss-Enterprise-Guiyang-Boss-Chemical-Industry-Co-Ltd-.html] and their descriptions of their inks here [http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/gzboss/product-detailsxmJCnEToQlW/China-Handwriting-Ink.html]. Boss inks are available in the following standard colors: 1. Black 2. Carbon Black 3. Blue-Black 4. Blue 5. Red Close up of ink comparisons taken in natural light: Close up comparing Boss Carbon Black and Noodler’s Black (B = Boss, N = Noodler’s): As you can see, it's completely waterproof: Boss Carbon Black is deep, dark and permanent. It also flows well and lays an excellent line. The only drawback to this ink what's typical for carbon pigmented inks: its ability to stain refilled cartridges or converters and potential clogging if left to dry in the pen. This ink requires regular use and cleaning of whatever pen it is in. If you need a decent permanent black and can find this ink for sale, it’s worth your consideration. Boss inks are only 4 RMB (US$0.62) per 52ml bottle in China. Thanks for reading!
  2. It writes but it is not a fountain pen......... It is our all new ball point pen, the Speed-ball........ The pen is all made in linear carbon fiber with a screw in body, details in bronze and stainless steel components; It utilizes Schmidt refills (the ones that are a clone to the Parker system), and well, if you are looking for something completely different, maybe you can check it out. https://www.venvstas.com/speedball
  3. From the album: European pens

    Out of the three models shown, I only have the Essentio Aluminium, so I can't comment on the accuracy of the descriptions for the other two; but the gripping section on the Essentio Aluminium is just bare, striated metal with no ‘softtouch’ or rubberised coating. For more details, see: Faber-Castell Loom Gunmetal fountain pen Faber-Castell Essentio Carbon fountain pen Faber-Castell Essentio Aluminium fountain pen

    © Faber-Castell

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  4. dcwaites

    Blackstone Barrister Black

    Blackstone Barrister Black is a new ink from Australian Vendor Justwrite It is a nano-carbon pigmented black that, like others of its class, is permanent, solvent-resistant/proof, and very well behaved. When I first got the ink for testing, it was labelled under it's pre-release name of Black 11.40, but having been released it is now called Barrister Black. On even poorer quality paper (old stock Reflex) there was no bleeding or feathering, so this is a very well behaved ink. As you can see, it is a deep, solid black, less matt and more glossy than the normal nano-carbon ink like Sailor Kiwaguro. On paper it looks more like Noodler's Heart of Darkness. I was able to test it by soaking samples in various household solvents, as below. So, for those of us in Australia who find that Sailor Kiwaguro or Noodler's Black/HOD are too expensive, or for those who want a carbon black ink that has an almost glossy look, this is a good alternative.
  5. Hi all, So I recently got myself a 2 oz bottle of Speedball Super Black India ink, and when I started using it in my Rhodia Webbie with a dip pen, I noticed that the ink bled quite a lot, which I was not expecting at all. I had thought that Carbon based ink would be some of the most well behaved ink, and that the Rhodia, Clairfontaine-made paper would easily stand up to it, being able to handle other, less-well behaved inks. When I turned the page, I noticed how the ink had bled through it quite visibly. Is this a normal thing that happens with India inks, or am I just just unfortunate enough to have received a faulty batch? If so, what can I do to resolve it?
  6. So, I just saw a newspaper article about a startup in India that has invented a device to make ink from vehicle smog The inventer noticed that the soot from diesel cars was turning his clothes black, and thought that he could clean the city's air by making that smog in to ink. He and his team at Graviky Labs then went about building a device that will capture particulates from vehicle exhaust. These are then processed to remove toxins such as heavy metals, and the recovered-and-cleaned carbon soot then turned in to ink for use by artists. They have partnered with Tiger Beer to market the invention & raise investment to get the inks to market - and smog removed from our cities' air. So far, they are showing spray cans and marker pens, and refill bottles for them. I hope that they will start making carbon-black ink for fountain pens. http://www.graviky.com/air-ink1.html http://www.air-ink.com The second website is hosted by Tiger Beer, so requires you to enter your country of residence & date of birth to prove that you are of legal drinking age.
  7. Grayson Tighe Blue Line Stainless Fiber Handmade Blue Metallic Glass Fiber and Stainless Steel infused Carbon Fiber composite over 2-toned Titanium, blued Titanium nib, there is no color or dyes added, the color is created by applying intense heat to the Titanium to create this color effect. This is also available in a rollerball for inquiries email us at orders@airlineintl.com.
  8. By "accident" I found few bottles of Colour of the Earth serie, Storm, Sunset, Amazon and Carbon. I am pretty sure I'll keep Amazon and Storm, still hesitating about Sunset. But what to do with the blacky-black Carbon ... Is this colour still worth to operate with (read "sell", because I don't like black ink, maximum is Sailor Doyou or GvFC Stony Grey ... or to trade for plain true flexible pen) ?
  9. Federalist Pens

    Venvstas Paris At Federalist Pens!

    http://www.federalis...Case_p_191.html http://fountainpenclassifieds.com/uploads/monthly_10_2016/post-52-0-52617000-1476237796_thumb.jpghttp://fountainpenclassifieds.com/uploads/monthly_10_2016/post-52-0-95375400-1476237804.jpg Carbon Fiber FP from Venvstas Paris! Carbon T FP with Jowo Nibs! Pen comes with matching Carbon Fiber Case! Jowo Nibs- XF/Fine or Med Points. Free shipping in US! US Dealer for Venvstas.
  10. I am considering Platinum Carbon Black for use in illustrations. I have Motblanc Permanent Black, but the pigment smears very easily. Does Carbon Black also exhibit this behavior? Would you be more hesitant to use Carbon Black in a 149 than you would Permanent Black?
  11. Decided to step up from my flaking Jinhao x750. Decided on a Monteverde invincia deluxe chrome. I had read here about finish issues on the all black models so decided on chrome. All of the pics I have seen online had an all chrome grip and step down. What I received from a retailer with a black plastic step down. It is a sharp edge screw in type that has a larger diameter than the grip. Quite annoying on such a beautiful pen. Is this something new?
  12. Tiagosaraiva

    Montblanc Starwalker Fake Or Real One?

    Hi I'me new at this forum and I just bought a new MB Starwalker Carbon on eBay for about 300. Could you please help me and tell me if it's a real one or not? Thanks
  13. Faber Castell Basic Carbon - Fine Nib Diamine Jet Black - Cartridge After a new start to to Fountain Pens with the Parker Vector, I decided that after finding it constantly leaking, I should purchase a new pen. I purchased the pen from Cult Pens (UK), and received my order 2 days after purchase, along with some other stationary goods. Anyway, moving onto the pen. The pen appears to be very well built, and I believe that the Carbon finish along the barrel is real. The pen is slightly top heavy, but that is unnoticeable when writing, even for extended periods of time. Cult Pens said that there isn't a converter that will fit this pen (2013 onwards I think), not even Faber-Castell's own one. This is due to a design change in the barrel diameter. However, I found a cheap no name converter in my house, and it seems to fit fine, although I haven't tried it with ink yet. N.B. Faber-Castell supply a blue cartridge, and a bottomless cartridge(can some expert explain it's purpose) with the pen. The Fine nib writes a reasonably wet line, and Diamine Jet Black is a good combination with this pen. It always starts writing instantly, and if I write quickly, it doesn't skip at all ! The nib design is very simple, bearing "F" and FC's logo. It lacks a breather hole, which,(in my opinion)aesthetically improves the design. Gripes - The material of the cap attracts lots of dirt, which can be hard to clean off ! - The ribbing where you grip the pen. If you dip the pen into an ink bottle and manage to get ink on the grip, it just doesn't come out of those gaps. Overall, a fantastic pen for sub £30, which has a brilliant nib that you'd be pushed to find anywhere else for the money ! (Sorry for the rubbish photos, it was quite late when I took them, and I've included an example of the pen on Rhodia paper, as this was written on Staples cheapo stuff, and I don't own any A4 Rhodia, yet).
  14. Hello, I just discovered that the Hero 9296 pen often comes bundled with the Hero 234 Carbon ink. Does anyone know if this pen is especially designed for carbon inks? I cannot confirm because all the information I have found so far is in chinese. I ask because I would rather not take any especial precautions when dealing with carbon ink, I would use a pen designed to deal with it. Other pens I have seen bundled with the Hero carbon ink include the DUKE Drawing Fountain Pen, Hero 68, and Hero 6062, all pens I had not seen before till recently.
  15. Hi all, This past weekend I had my first real use of Platinum Carbon Ink. Initially I ordered the desk pen with a few cartridges just to try it out, however I fell in love with the ink and am looking to find a way to make this ink suitable for use on the move by putting it into a different pen. The huge disclaimers on the websites that sell this ink suggest that the Platinum Carbon Desk pen is the only pen this ink should be used with and it's physically different somehow to accommodate this ink but I have the impression that others use the ink without issue in other pens albeit no specific pen recommendations I can find. I tend to be a bit messy working with bottled ink and frequently end up with my hands/fingers covered in ink when filling converters. Don't get me wrong, bottled ink is my preference but for now I'm just using Carbon in cartridges. I've ordered a Platinum Cool to try exclusively with Platinum Carbon Black, it seems to have quite an open feed (for scrubbing) that runs along the top of the fins all of which you can see as the pen is a clear demonstrator. It seems to be possible from the videos I've seen to disassemble this pen completely for cleaning (remove the feed and nib) so with the compatibility with cartridges added this seems like a good pen to test the ink's compatibility with other pens. I'm just wondering though, has anyone else tried this ink/pen combination and have any feedback on how it went? Or are there any other pen recommendations that have been tried and worked successfully long term with the ink? Any advice or comments much apprecaited AJ

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