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Found 11 results

  1. croccanova

    Waterman Torsade

    So I found this pen amongst a few others in a bin in my garage. It belonged to a late family friend who used it. In fact, it had an old cartridge in it and upon further inspection, it still wrote. How that ink didn't dry out is beyond me. But I cleaned it out and and tried it with a little converter. It looks like a medium nib with some line variation but nothing like the 52 1/2 V I just picked up. Is it worth me holding on to this or should I look for something better? Also am I correct? This is the Chrome Torsade? Right? Thanks!
  2. Hello FPN, I'm working on restoring this 1949 Parker 51 Aerometric as a send-off gift for my sister's first year of law school. This one has some chipping on the Aerometric sac protector. Is there any way to stop it from chipping? I don't expect to restore the original chrome finish, but I was hoping to just stop any further chipping while making it look like a professional job. Can I use clear nail polish? Resoline? Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. 5umedh

    Parker Frontier

    Parker Frontier Intro Now this is one of the oldest pens I have in my fountain pen collection. When you are at a initial stage of your fountain pen obsession, Parker is the brand you end up having 90% of times. The Packaging This pen comes in a regular cardboard box provided with most of the Parker pens. Nothing fancy here. But I have also seen a same product in a different tin box packaging. The Body The variant I happened to choose was the chrome one. I like the body of this pen. There is noothing going much with it. Simple yet works best. Clip & Pocket Looks When you carry a Parker in your pocket, everyone around knows what brand you are carrying (if they are into FP world). That’s because of the clip of the pen. Parker’s trademark arrow clip. Works great. Spring loaded. Looks awesome. The Cap Cap is friction fit. Not anything more with that. Filling Mechanism This is a cartridge converter pen with standard international cartridges. The box comes with a cartridge and Parker converter. Writing Experience I don’t know about the current league of Parker Frontiers, but this particular pen I have is too scratchy. I had to work a lot on this pen over last 6 years. Had to tune the nib to suit my writing style. Overall, not a very good experience. Posting Posting makes this pen too long (15.2 CM) but not top heavy indeed. I don’t find any difference in writing experience whether you post it or not. Cost This pen costs you around ₹600 in India and I saw it on Amazon US for $9. General Info Locking Mechanism: Friction fit Filling Mechanism: Cartridge Converter Posted: 15.2 cm Capped: 13.2 cm Uncapped: 12.3 cm My Ratings Nib: 4/10 Looks: 6/10 Pocket Looks: 7/10 Writing Experience: 4/10 Wetness: 3/10 Scratchiness: 1/10 Cost: 9/10 Overall Rating: 4/10 Do let me know how you like the review. Follow my blog: https://pen5um.wordpress.com Thanks, 5umedh
  4. Decided to step up from my flaking Jinhao x750. Decided on a Monteverde invincia deluxe chrome. I had read here about finish issues on the all black models so decided on chrome. All of the pics I have seen online had an all chrome grip and step down. What I received from a retailer with a black plastic step down. It is a sharp edge screw in type that has a larger diameter than the grip. Quite annoying on such a beautiful pen. Is this something new?
  5. Hey I was just wonder whether fellow pen peple had any advice for taking care of chrome components on writing instruments? I have a Mitsubishi Uni Pure Malt Mechanical Pencil, pictured below, which has some tarnishing I would like to remove and prevent from happenning again.
  6. Hey all, So I've always been partial to all chrome/"white metal" pens since buying my first "real" pen -- a Sheaffer Javelin. I'm thinking of introducing a new branch to my collection of these pens and I'm asking for assistance in gathering alternatives. There are four limiting parameters: 1) the pen cannot have gold furniture (i.e., it must have chrome/rhodium trim), 2) the pen must have a gold nib/gold nib option available (rhodium plated), and 3) the pen needs to be relatively affordable (i.e., no limited editions, YoLs are probably out, too). Here are those that I've found so far: - Lamy 2000M - Lamy Studio Stainless Steel - Lamy Studio Palladium (I own this pen) - Lamy Studio Platinum - Lamy CP1 Stainless Steel - Lamy Logo Stainless Steel - Lamy Dialog 3 Palladium - Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Deep Cut Palladium (I own this pen) - Waterman Carene Essential Silver - Parker Premier Titanium - Cross Townsend Platinum Plated - Pilot Silverns Any others to add to the list would be greatly appreciated as well as thoughts on the above list and/or suggested pens that you own or have had experience with. Thanks! Paul
  7. Hi all, I have one little Esterbrook pen and to me it looks like multiple pens. Can someone kindly tell me what I have purchased? It was purchased from a dealer, not on ebay. What is it? How old is it? Best nib? My concern is that the jewel caps seem wrong for the pen and match the grip. I knew the grip didn't match the barrel when i purchased, but thought it was okay because the jewels matched. Did someone just cobble this together? Also... I recently purchased an unopened box of Esterbrook dip nibs, Assortment #11. I cannot find anywhere what the contents are. Is it worth more to leave intact or should I open the box and use some and sell/trade the others?? Seems to be the latest version of box. Thanks all for ANY help!!
  8. shrey

    Waterman Graduate

    Hi all! Appearance + Design 4/ 5 Shiny. Enough said! The section is black plastic, with a slight texture to aid grip. I have only seen this shiny version of pen. It may come in other finishes. Quality 5 / 5 It’s well made. All metal body, except the section. I paid €10 in France. Pretty much available everywhere in France, including supermarkets - where I got this one. I liked it so much, I bought 3 of them! It does not look like or feel like a €10 pen, it feels a lot more expensive and classy. Nib 5 / 5 It has a fine, stiff nib. You get some line variation, but you do have press nib quite a bit. I think it is also available as a medium, although I haven't seen one. It’s smooth and moderately wet. Value 5/ 5 It’s a well made, attractive shiny pen. It's €10 and did I mention it's shiny?
  9. Hello there people! First of all, this is not a formal review, but i try and provide the needed information with suitable pictures! Its a light read sprinkled with just the right amount of information! So, I bring to you the review of my Parker Frontier fountain pen! I know that it's too old a model to interest many of you but hey! Old is gold right?? Every pen becomes one with its user! So I've heard...well, that's too much intimacy now! But, i decided to write a review of mine for two reasons: 1) I like this pen so much that while i was writing with it, i thought i should give it the testimony it deserves on my part! and 2) It has got a damaged nib and still it writes perfectly without a scratch! I know its not a very special pen. It is available readily and easily, and is quite inexpensive too, but, beauty (and performance!) in simplicity is THE thing about this pen! Many of you who own this pen and like it, must know what i am talking about! As mentioned in the title, my pen has a gold plated fine-turned-medium nib with other features, also mentioned. But of course the pen comes in a variety of nib sizes and body finishes such as Matt-black, brushed chrome with silver accents e.t.c. LOOKS AND FEEL: This baby is a solid metal pen! With the sleek brushed chrome design and the golden colored arrow-head metal clip and other golden accents..it has got pretty much everything going on for it in the matters of looks and feel! The chrome body has a nice rounded-off feel with just the right amount of texture of brushed chrome that feels silky but not slippery! Its juicy! The Head to toe view! http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2874/9340080017_7593947d90_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-15-31-690 by deathadder_44, on Flickr The toe to head view! http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7444/9340085169_d78952d395_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-15-20-124 by deathadder_44, on Flickr UPON REMOVING THE CAP, a friendly looking gold-plated nib smiles at you! It lies along with the feed in a plastic grip section. The feed is a screw-fitted one, so be careful not to pull it out just like that! You might break it and thus, ending your beautiful relationship with the pen! You can unscrew it like a normal screw and it will come out easily. The nib is sort of "attached" to the feed by two "hooks" on each side into which the nib clicks in place, which also makes aligning the nib and feed very easy because once you properly "hook" the nib in the feed, it will stay there in a way it is meant to stay! Now, is it sweet or is it sweet?! The pen; Uncapped! http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5449/9342869402_1e819eab0d_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-10-08-955 by deathadder_44, on Flickr The nib and feed! Sorry i did not separate the nib and the feed as the pen was already inked up and i did not want things to get messy by separating the nib and letting the ink flow around the cloth rag! http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5349/9340127445_ef359bcca6_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-13-53-301 by deathadder_44, on Flickr THE NIB that i had in this pen was a "fine" one, but now it writes medium. Here's how it happened. One fine day while writing with it, i kept it aside for a moment to get to a book, but, the luck had its way and the pen rolled off my desk hitting the edge of the drawer on its way down. Praise be to the heavens that the pen did not hit the ground with the nib facing down! (it hit sideways). But, when i picked it up, i saw that the damage had been done by the drawer. Which pinched my heart. The writing end of the nib had bent a little with the tines being displaced away from each other. I applied some pressure and carefully straightened the bent part and pushed the tines toward each other to be aligned and fortunately they snapped in place with a satisfying click! But, when i wrote with it..the nib had changed! It was more wetter and drew a broader line than earlier by which i was actually happy! However, it did loose a bit of its smoothness but it does not bother at all because the difference is very minute. THE NIB THAT WAS ONCE A "F" http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3712/9340125361_10047ee0c1_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-11-22-764 by deathadder_44, on Flickr As you can see, the tines are not "normal" but it still writes perfectly! THE INK FILLING MECHANISM is a standard Parker converter which is included with the pen and holds about 0.5 to 1ml of ink. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2878/9342916954_330f0e333c_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-14-25-416 by deathadder_44, on Flickr The pen without the body barrel http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7426/9342920606_df4a586b32_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-14-52-020 by deathadder_44, on Flickr THE WRITING SAMPLE (Warning! The handwriting and the pen are not a good couple! But, i am working toward betterment of our relationship! ) I am posting this picture under natural window-light conditions to give a natural view. The paper is 70 GSM off-white. http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7299/9342864414_295fe48eff_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-03-44-182 by deathadder_44, on Flickr This one is just for fun and a close-up view! In Hindi http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2860/9342931792_8be304ae03_z.jpg C360_2013-07-22-15-34-20-280 by deathadder_44, on Flickr So, this marks the end of my review, please do share any comments, suggestions or your experiences or ask questions! Thanks for reading! Have a good day with your beloved pens! Enjoy!
  10. I heard the country of manufacture for these pens is on the box.packaging, but because I bought it from a second hand store, I did not get any of the original packaging. I've been trying to research the net where my Cross ATX Matte Chrome Fountain Pen is made in, but I cannot find anything conclusive. Would anyone have any ideas as to how I can find this out?
  11. Parker Urban Fountain Pen – Metallic Chrome review The Parker Urban comes in both rollerball and fountain pens. I received my Urban fountain pen in December 2011. It was my first fountain pen, and I still love it. Appearance (10/10): A Work of Art Of course this is subjective, but I think the pen looks fantastic. I love the thinner-in-the-middle, thicker-at-the-cap design, and the stainless steel body looks like that of a pen five times the price. It does scream “steal me”, but it's very impressive. Design/Size/Weight (8/10): Functional and Forgiving My immediate thought when I picked up the pen was “Whoa, this is lighter than I expected”. It's evenly weighted, but for a full-metal pen, it's almost as light as a cheap metal ballpoint. I like this because it means I can write for longer without tiring out my hand. Unposted, the length is perfect for my medium-sized hands, if a little small, and the thinning-out around the middle makes this a very comfortable pen to use indeed. I only have two complaints about the design: Firstly, the cap is too large to post without making the pen feel top-heavy. So if you like easy posting, maybe steer away from the Parker Urban. My second complaint is that the grip is smooth plastic and tapered towards the nib, so my fingers frequently slide down and touch the nib itself, resulting an inked-up thumb and index finger. If you're used to gripping your pens like disposable ballpoints, as I am, this may be an issue for you. The cap sits nicely and firmly on the pen when capped or posted. It's not a screw-type. The clip is quite stiff but is usable. The metallic chrome body is fingerprint-resistant, but there is the potential for scratching. I've had mine for over a year now, and it's pretty scratched up if you look at it closely. I don't take very good care of my pens, throwing them in my bag with my keys and such, so this won't be a problem if you're a keep-them-at-home kind of person. Nib (7/10): Good, but Not Perfect Firstly, it's so small! I have the medium nib, which is quite smooth and worked out-of-the-box. The smoothness of the nib should not be overstated, though. It's certainly not scratchy, but it's nothing to write home about (no pun intended). Fortunately it has seldom skipped, and ink flow is consistent. It is quite a “dry” writer, using Parker cartridges. I have yet to try a converter with this pen. It's very rigid, even for a steel nib – a little too rigid for my tastes. I assume this is because it's so small. The biggest problem is, though, that you can't remove the nib. Not easily, anyway. I've tried, and failed. I've also heard that it can damage the feed if you try to remove the nib. This shouldn't be too much of a problem, but you may want to take it into consideration. Filling system and maintenance (9/10): Easy, easy, easy Filling with cartridges is fine, though perhaps it's a little difficult to unscrew the pen. The standard Parker cartridges hold plenty of ink, and while I haven't used a converter yet (it didn't come with one), I assume it would hold a similar amount. Maintenance is virtually non-existent. I've only cleaned it once or twice and it still works as well as it did when I got it. Cost and Value (10/10): Bargain It's a steal. I got mine for AU$75 plus shipping, which is a great deal for this high-quality pen. I've seen it for higher prices than that, but in my opinion, it's still worth it. Overall (9/10) I love this pen. It's almost infallible for the price. The biggest thing stopping the Parker Urban Metallic Chrome from receiving a perfect score is the nib: It's not bad, but it's not perfect. Nonetheless it's well worth the price, and I would recommend it to anyone provided they don't like flex or changing nibs.

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