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  1. It writes but it is not a fountain pen......... It is our all new ball point pen, the Speed-ball........ The pen is all made in linear carbon fiber with a screw in body, details in bronze and stainless steel components; It utilizes Schmidt refills (the ones that are a clone to the Parker system), and well, if you are looking for something completely different, maybe you can check it out. https://www.venvstas.com/speedball
  2. Dear All, Happy new year! We really expect this one to be a good one after such a difficult 2020. In despite of the complicated situation, we went ahead with the releases of what was planned, and today we present you the new Magna CC, cartridge converter, a new pen with new engendering, and new features as the double barrel locking system, monoblock design, and all the features of the piston model. Check it out! https://www.venvstas.com/magna
  3. https://www.scritturabolognese.com/negozio/inchiostri/grigio-scribo/ Initially jam and marmelade pots https://www.morenocedroni.it/categoria-prodotto/confetture-extra-e-marmellate/ And about the bottle maunfacturer https://www.bruniglass.com/en_GB/prodotti/vasi/showproduct/ond2/vaso-onda-106-t-43-impilabile I must and will soon order a few oF Mr Cedroni's jams for sure.
  4. Yesterday, I received from Grifos, the Italian pen maker based near Turin, Italy, the Grifos Masonic Square & Compasses (the “Masonic”) fountain pen with a medium gold-plated nib. I inked it up with Waterman Purple ink, began writing with it the same day, and have written with it today. First, here are photos I’ve taken, and then I’ll provide my early first impressions of the pen. This Grifos pen appears to be unique among the many Grifos offerings on its website; those other models normally contain heavier components, including more metal. Th
  5. FILCAO Atlantica, a Chilton-type pneumatic filler I'll save you some time. The FILCAO Atlantica writes smoothly, feels balanced in the hand, and is carefully constructed from an elegant material. These are fine qualities, but they aren't the reason you should write with one, if you get the opportunity, because they aren't made any more. You should write with one because it's interesting, and it's interesting for three reasons. First, this particular Atlantica uses a filling system you've probably never heard of, and it's slick, quirky, and makes a lot of sense. It's called a Chilton pneu
  6. Hello ! We would like to share a review by David Parker on our Venvstas Italy 2020 Magna, the pen in the review is the version with the Titanium nib, which is the standard version, there's also a 14k version available. Everything you need to know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNoYZFxueWM&t=17s For any questions, just reply. I'm here to answer! V
  7. Dear members, I inherited a pen from my grandparents and I would like to know if it is valuable or not. However, I didn't find this type on the internet so I don't have any information abouit it. Could someone please provide me an evaluation about it's value? I attached some pictures about the pen. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.
  8. The Good Captain

    M251 - An Overview

    Not long before Christmas I noticed the following item on The Pelikan's Perch, and decided to invest. I'm glad I did - the M251 is a smaching little pen and as the excellent TPP post describes it in far greater detail than my propose humble efforts could produce, I'll leave it to him! However, I thought FPN might be interested in some pictures of the bestie, along with a couple of comparison pens. Firstly a couple of the box, inside & out. Note that unlike some SE or LE pens, notably the M101Ns, the $001 Royal Blue supplied is in the current 'normal' retail packaging, not the 'old' versi
  9. Hey folks, got a conundrum here. I got this older Delta fountain pen in today and I haven't been able to find any information online. The only thing I know is that it uses the older Delta handscript logo, meaning it's likely pre-2000, but that's all I've got. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  10. captain1796

    Omas 360 Proto

    So Id like some input. I found and ordered an Omas 360 piston fill. This is the large size. I bought this pen to use and not abuse, but. not worry about scratching either. So Im looking at it, and its marked 000/360 PROTO. So now based on how expensive these pens are, Im wondering if I should just stash it away. The pen was probably unused before I inked it. Looking forward to your opinions.
  11. I recently acquired a beautiful little safety filler with 18 k gold overlay made by "The King" in Turino. The nib's imprint reads "RADIUS / SUPERIOR / 585". I did some research and found indications that they had ties with OMAS in Bologna but there are contradicting statements about what these relations were. I'm sure there are some experts on board here to enlighten me what these relations really were. And most curiously, I've seen a 1930s OMAS pen with a RADIUS nib recently, which puzzled me even more. Any ideas or info?
  12. captain1796

    Omas 360 Proto

    So Id like some input. I found and ordered an Omas 360, piston fill. This is the large one and a piston filler. I bought this pen to use and not abuse, but. not worry about scratching either. So Im looking at it, and its marked 000/360 PROTO. So now based on how expensive these pens are, Im wondering if I should just stash it away. The pen was probably unused before I inked it. Looking forward to your opinions.
  13. abstract49

    Nib And Feed For Ancora Perla

    I tried to post an ad in the classifieds the other day, but it kept insisting I needed to attach a photo, which I did, several times. Very frustrating. So, I have tried the more appropriate forum without success, and now I am going to try this. I have an Ancora Perla (red) with silver colored [not certain what actual metal - palladium?] nib and bands. The nib is too badly damaged to repair, and the feed is bent as well. I am looking for a replacement. Bryant at Chatterly has tried to find one for me through Ancora, with no luck, Does anyone here have one, or know of a source I might
  14. Hello All, We're absolutely thrilled to announce that izods are now the exclusive UK retailer (don't worry you can still order if you're further afield!) for the amazing Leonardo Officina Italiana! We've admired their pens for a long time and in agreement with Salvatore and the team we're delighted to be offering both the Momentum Zero Resin and Celluloid offerings. The detailing and quality of these pens has to be seen to be appreciated and they're incredibly keenly priced. For full details please visit http://www.izods.ink/leonardo We're going to have physical stock around the middle o
  15. So everyone knows about the changes with Visconti this year, but do you feel like they are on the right track with some of the actual pen changes too? The new Il Magnifico is super weighty and just seems to be a much more solid/sturdy pen all around (solid sterling silver cap, Italian red marble body), etc. This is one new piece that makes me think they are heading in a positive direction. Your thoughts?
  16. A while ago, I picked up an Aurora button filler on Ebay for a good price (it came from Romania if that's relevant), which was listed as a Selene, though it quickly became clear it wasn't. It is a huge button filler -almost 17cm from top of jewel to tip of nib, very thick, and with a good heft to it, easily the biggest vintage pen I've seen in person. It is entirely without any markings or imprints I can find, apart from the marking for a #5 Platiridio nib. I don't know anything much about Auroras, anybody know much about it? FWIW, the nib is very flexible, the body is celluloid while the bl
  17. Hello, Can anyone please advise from experience if the Montegrappa Exta 1930 Broad nib is stubbish? I am aware that their medium nib runs slightly narrow, but I don't want a greater line width if it is devoid of character. Any advice or writing samples would be much appreciated
  18. TassoBarbasso

    WTH? Is This A Joke?

    Just stumbled across this. I'm speechless.
  19. OMASsimo

    Vintage Omas Extra 556/s

    I have a lovely OMAS Extra 556/S with a (presumably) rolled gold cap and black barrel with striped ink window. It has a wonderful fairly flexible fine nib with a heart shaped breather hole which is embossed such that it could be from the 1940s according to this link https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/277324-clarifying-vintage-omas-extra-nibs-as-much-as-possible However, I could not find trustworthy information about when this pen really was made. I hope that some of the experts here will know and would like to share their knowledge. Thanks in advance. Edit: The original sales p
  20. visvamitra

    Aurora Blue

    Aurora inks come in three basic colors: blue, blue black and black. The bottle holds 45 ml of ink. Inks can be also bought in cartridges. Aurora Blue is one of most recommended blue inks. I can see why as it's a problem free, low-maintenance ink. The thing is I find it mind-numbingly boring. So, even though it's a good ink, I don't use it. On the other hand if you enjoy such colors, Aurora Blue won't disappoint. It behaves well on most papers and offers excellent flow and wetness. It's slightly better than Pelikan 4001 Blue but also 4 times more expensive (in Poland) - forced to use Royal
  21. caldopollo

    Name That Nib!

    I recently purchased this pen from a person in Italy; she said it was a custom made celluloid pen (no brand) from the 2000's, but I was wondering if someone can recognize the nib manufacturer. The pen was made in Turin (Settimo Torinese, to be precise). Thanks for your help.
  22. I posted a request in the "Italy - Europe" forum, where it lies untouched. I know many people have vintage Aurora 88s so I am posting here in this higher-trafficked forum to see whether I can prompt some responses to my request. Here is a link to the thread in question. I would appreciate greatly any information people can provide. Thanks P
  23. A video has been posted on the Aurora Pens channel that makes for interesting viewing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKsuKi8Z1KY I was surprised to hear that Europe comprises just 20% of Aurora's market, with the rest of their output going to the East and to America. Posting the link here as well, in case of gremlins. www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKsuKi8Z1KY
  24. EGiorg

    Hello From Germany

    Hi! I'm Erik. I'm a high school student from Italy who's doing an exchange year in Hannover, Germany. (yeah, Pelikan was here ) I've followed FPN and the fountain pen world for about a year and finally I've decided to join this amazing forum. I just started using dip pens, and I love sending letters to friends. I hope to learn a lot and have a great time here!
  25. ProfessorB

    Seeking Visconti Advice

    Background: Thinking about adding my first Visconti to a small (medium?) sized collection of five or six dozen higher-end Parkers, Pilots, Montblancs, Lamys, and Pelikans. Mostly post-WWII, but a few older classics. I write with virtually all of my pens. Imagine that! WRITING with good fountain pens. I'm just odd that way. I also make telephone calls with my iPhone. This isn't a good time for me to purchase an Opera, or any gold nabbed Visconti, unless I run into a "can't walk away" bargain, so I'm thinking about beginning with a van Gough. I like the looks of the red and blue resins in the

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