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  1. Ink_Chick

    Delta Out Of Business?

    Greetings ~ Was reading November posts in the Fountain & Dip Pens - First Stop forum about Delta and questions about whether they went out of business. Since they are an Italian company, I thought perhaps someone here might know. Thank you in advance!
  2. FPscribe

    Delta Magnifica Amalfi

    This is my first review, so if you can think of any part of the pen I did not cover then please ask questions below. This is the beautiful Magnifica Amalfi from Delta. The pen has a 14k extra-fine nib and comes with a gorgeous olive wood barrel with prominent grain. The rest of the pen is constructed from a variety of resins: two shades of blue, white, and red. 18k plating trims the pen. The filling mechanism is a captured converter - one which is highly efficient and takes ink all the way up to the seal. Fond, as Delta are, of basing their pens on locations and features of landscape
  3. Normally I’m a fan of italian fountain pens. I started off with a Pelikan M800 though – the benchmark of a good, full-size piston filler. I was very satisfied with the Pelikan, it seemed to be everything I ever wanted from a fountain pen, I would never need another one. But later, after falling in love with the looks of it, I ordered a Delta Dolcevita and completely changed my point of view for what fountain pens are about. Handling the Dolcevita was like holding a Faberge egg in my hand, the Pelikan reminded of a free merchandise pen in comparison. The Italian culture has a profound feel for
  4. Hi everyone! I recently got my first Delta Pen … I got lucky, and had the chance to get a Delta Unica pen in a very good condition, but … After I tried to draw out the nib, the grip section got loose and now I have a resin tube (formerly grip sectin) and the nibhousing with nib and feed. I do not see any rests of glue or something else, so I am thinking about, how to fix the grip to the nibhousing again, because, if I do not fix it, the grip section constantly turns around … Should I use a strong adhesive, to glue the resin tube to the nibhousing or should I just use kind of a schellack?
  5. It looks a little funny to me.
  6. ArchiMark

    Archimark's Great Pens For Sale

    Greetings, FPNr's, Recently listed on FPN a dozen handsome, gorgeous pens. *** There is still one great pen available at special Sale price until midnight, PST, Monday, April 20, 2020. To further 'sweeten the deal', I will include one new, unused bottle of Birmingham ink. Your choice of one of 2 colors I have available. *** Delta Federico Fellini LE Masuyama CI F 18K gold nib Very unique limited edition pen in a handsome marbled brown-black celluloid and black cap with sterling silver trim including 3 images from some of Fellini's great films. Nibwork and new sac by the world reno
  7. Hey folks, got a conundrum here. I got this older Delta fountain pen in today and I haven't been able to find any information online. The only thing I know is that it uses the older Delta handscript logo, meaning it's likely pre-2000, but that's all I've got. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  8. In the past I I read with interest write-ups about one's collection. I thought to share mine as I am reflecting on the hobby. I have been heavily invested into fountain pens since 2005. Do not ask me why. I just got the bug. Initially focused on collecting, then in more recent years trying to find the perfect writers. I think I can now narrow down my inseparable fountain pens into the following 15. Let me share with you what makes them special to me. I will start from the left: 1. Visconti Ripple in Blue Silver (BB Palladium nib): this is a classic early model from Visconti (not t
  9. Fatestorm

    Delta Musei Vaticani Edizioni

    Hello there. I wanted to share a new pen I've just acquired: My friend recently traveled to Rome for the occasion of John Henry Newman's canonization two Sundays ago. I sent him along with some money, figuring I could get an Italian pen to mark the occasion and his trip, and it be a little more meaningful to me than just buying it outright. The pen he ended up selecting was one he found at a gift shop in the Vatican Museums, a new Delta Musei Vaticani Edizioni. Pen: Delta Musei Vaticani Edizioni Ink: Graf von Faber-Castell India Red Paper: Hobonichi Cousin / Tomoe River We all kno
  10. I have owned a Delta Dolce Vita for several years, orange, not exactly sure if there's a model, but it is piston/bottle fill only, i.e., no cartridge or converter. Ever since I purchased it, the threads on the cap have stuck. Sadly, I recently was trying to open the stuck pen, and it broke in half below the threads at the natural juncture - the "break" is actually inside, per the attached picture. It was actually a fairly clean break and the pieces go back together fairly well - see second pic. Questions: 1. Has anyone ever tried to super-glue this type of break? Seems unlikely it woul
  11. sonnychild

    Delta Pen Cap - Clip Broken

    Hi all, I have a very sentimental Delta pen that was gifted to me. Recently the clip broke off of the cap. Delta has gone out of business so I can't replace the cap or get Delta to fix it. Does anyone have ideas of where/how I can get this fixed in Canada or the USA? See photos. Thank you!!
  12. This is my own pen. I did not receive any compensation for this review. This pen is available to hire through pensharing.com. Looks, description, build quality, dimensions This is my limited edition (number 14 of 25) Delta Fantasia Vintage. It's made completely from turquoise blue celluloid, has a fine number 6 rhodium plated steel nib (there is an option to have a gold nib, at additional cost), and rhodium plated clip and cap band. The cap band is fairly slim and carries a "Greek key" pattern. The clip has a little scroll work and a rollerball and is firm but not overly stiff. T
  13. I recently bought a Delta Colosseum with lever filling system. I had to return the pen because the pen wouldn't write. I cleaned the pen with water. I submerged the pen in ink and pulled out the lever. Kept the pen submerged to allow the pen to fill up. I cleaned the nib and started to write with it. I was able to write for maybe 1 minute. After 1 minute of writing, ink wouldn't come out of the nib. I tested the filling system by emptying the pen using the lever. I used a paper towel to catch all the ink. I filled, wrote, and emptied the pen five times. Each time the pen would fill up and wr
  14. Hello everyone, I have recently acquired this interesting Delta Dolcevita, but I cant find the exact model anywhere, and I really searched online a lot. It is a piston filler, and is 143mm long. It is very similar to the Soiree, but all of those I saw had orange accents. Here are some pictures that I hope will help. I am very thankful for any input!
  15. I am not sure it this is right place to post this question. So, Moderator, if you wish to move, please do. I have a lovely Delta Horsepower given to me for Christmas by my daughter. But it has an EF steel nib. While it is a nice, wet nib, I really prefer stub/italic nibs. So I would like to see if it can be swapped out. I have a few questions that I would appreciate input on: 1). Has anyone else had success in swapping out a Delta nib? 2). Can the nib/feed section be removed? Or are they glued in place? If removable, is there another brand of nib/feed section that would f
  16. DrDebG

    Levenger Forest Green

    Ink Review of Levenger Forest Green. Levenger markets a variety of high end items including leather briefcases, purses, etc., desk accessories, stationery items, pens and ink for the discerning affluent. While I am certainly not affluent, I do like several of their products. Levenger makes a number of different color inks, most of which have been reviewed by others. I purchased a box of standard international cartridges in Forest Green prior to Christmas and wanted to try the ink. Levenger Forest Green is a very dark green, tending towards black. It does have cyan undertones (see Wa
  17. OneRiotOneRanger

    Why Buy Italian At All?

    Like others, I have had difficult experiences with Martmeodena, which I have previously chronicled. When they were just selling Delta pens, I found them to be as attractive as ever, but of less than perfect quality. I am not aware of any involvement by Aurora, and, as to Visconti, their customer issues stand on their own. If Martmodena has compounded their problems, yet another reason to avoid these people. I have long admired the beauty of many Italian pen makers and am certain that most manufacturers and dealers are completely reputable. There are, it seems, some who are not. My reaction
  20. theitalianguy

    Ink Leak On A Delta Alfa Romeo

    Hello everybody! After few years of great performance of my Delta Alfa Romeo, it has now started leaking from the barrel. I'm attaching pictures to better show the issue. What's going on? Would I be able to repair it? If not, who could? Thank you! V
  21. So, I bought a Delta Y2K Carbon Fibre special edition off of the 'Bay with an 18k broad nib. Pen came in today, I busted out the loupe to take a look at the nib, and... Seemingly an attempt to grind an oblique italic and it looks more like the nib was dragged down the road behind a car for a couple of kilometres. This is why you practice on cheap pens, kiddies.
  22. violetpeanut

    Delta Idendification

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone more experienced than me can help me out here. I recently picked up what I believe to be a Delta pen in a local thrift store. It's in fantastic condition but I cannot find any information about the model or year it might have been from. Can anyone help me identify it? Pics are below but here's a litte more info: It's an extremely slim pen and has a Waterman Mini Lady ink cartridge inside. There is a "D" logo on the top of the cap and the bottom of the cap says "Delta." There are no markings at all on the nib. Any ideas? I've tried posting in various Fa
  23. stylomaniac

    Delta Vintage - Caveats

    Tempted by its style and design - after all, it's Made in Italy - I bought a Delta Vintage pen on eBay. Amber resin is very beautiful, and the two tone "fusion nib" (a steel nib with a partial gold-plated overlay) looked very smart. However: a) the space in the barrel is very short - so it won't take any converter the diameter of the section is just small enough that the standard short international cartridges slide right out. Looking very closely at the cross section of the cartridge, you will see that most of them taper to the nipple at the end, similar to a tapering candle. And so
  24. Hi Fellow Pen lovers, I am new here and need some advice. I bought myself a Delta Passion during a visit to Florence a few years ago. I have always been satisfied with the cartridge until I was introduced to the beauty of bottled inks. Now I want to use my Passion with some of my beautiful special inks but I don't have a cartridge/converter for it. Can someone advise me which converter I should be looking for to put into my pen, please? In anticipation - Robyn
  25. Since I'm converting to Judaism (and like Judaism-inspired designs), I was looking into Judaism-related fountain pens, and I was struck by a curious trend: almost all the pens I could find related to Judaism or Israel are made by Italian companies. And it's not just one company or anything...a lot of major Italian brands seem to have made one at some point. For example: Delta Israel 60th anniversaryMontegrappa Fortuna ShemaOmas Israel 50th JubileeStipula Israel 65th anniversaryUrso MezuzahVisconti Twelve Tribes of IsraelVisconti Jewish BibleBy contrast, the only non-Italian Judaica pens I've f

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