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Found 25 results

  1. kramacam

    Starwalker Extreme

    I know the topic of fake vs. real Starwalkers is well documented in the forums, but I couldn't find anything specific to the Starwalker Extreme felt tip/rollerball. What has my concerned raised is the placement of my serial number on the side of the clip. It sounds like this is the tell tell sign of the base Starwalkers, but wasn't sure if the same held true for Starwalker Extremes. Shamefully, I did buy this one off Ebay, but from one of the largest Ebay sellers on the site, and felt it was comparable from buying off Amazon (not fullproof, but safer than Joe Shmo). Anyways, all else looks

    • For Sale
    • Used

    Thinning out my collection. Montblanc StarWalker Doué, 14k Gold Medium Rhodium coated nib, Platinum coated cap, clip and finial, discontinued pre 2018 model. C/C, good used condition: tiny chippings at the section close to the nib, hard to see with the naked eye!, MB box included — 350 US$ REDUCED TO 300 USD Shipping from Belgium to Europe and USA: $ 35


    - BE

  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • Used

    For sale : a barely used Montblanc Starwalker Cool Blue fountain pen. Fine 14k 585 tip. I bought it at a Montblanc store in Barcelona and only used it a couple of times. The pen was an anniversary present from my ex. So, I don't really like using it.... It is in beautiful shape but unfortunately I lost the box in a move. Also include are (20) ink cartridges (6 royal blue, 7 irish green, and 7 midnight blue) Please message me if you have any questions. Shipping extra Thanks! Kevin


    Tulsa, Oklahoma - US

  4. Hi everyone - I've got a Montblanc Starwalker that's had the threads on the cap strip completely twice, with very little use. I sent it back for repair once, and am looking for a more reliable solution. The second time it happened, the person at the Montblanc store very smugly recommended that I don't pull the cap off and don't tighten it too much. Believe me, as much as this pen cost, I've been as careful as I can with it and the cheap plastic threads in the cap fail after a couple of months of normal daily use. Can anyone recommend what I should do?
  5. namrehsnoom

    Mont Blanc StarWalker Blue Planet

    Mont Blanc – StarWalker Blue Planet The 2020 Mont Blanc StarWalker Blue Planet fountain pen pays homage to our home in the universe, and calls attention to the dark blue water in earth’s oceans. Not surprisingly, Mont Blanc also released an accompanying dark blue ink, that is the subject of this review. The ink’s packaging looks lovely, with a design that provides an inspiring view of Earth as seen from space, with swirling clouds over blue oceans. In the box you’ll find a very nice 50ml bottle of StarWalker Blue Planet. StarWalker Blue Pl
  6. AppleheadMay

    Starwalker Line-Up, Old Design.

    Good evening folks! It has been quite a while since I posted here. My interest in the pen hobby watered a bit but lately it got renewed, in some form at least. I sold my pens, inks and some accessories and took a fresh interest in the Montblanc Starwalker series ballpoints of which I already had one for ages (Rubber & Platinum) and recently acquired four more (Red Gold Metal, Midnight Black Metal, Mystery Black and Doué). I'm planning to add two more for now. I am posting here for two reasons: - I have a few small questions. These will apply mostly to the ballpoints. - I want to make a
  7. https://youtu.be/IP-TdORaibs Hey Folks. J. from Carpe Pluma with another review video. This time we look at the Montblanc Starwalker. Time stamps included if you want to jump around. Check it out if you get the chance. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I'm looking for some advice about a Montblanc I've had since 2007. I received a StarWalker ballpoint as a company gift and exchanged it (plus some amount more) for the fountain pen version at the shop where the pen was purchased. I've recently decided to sell it and in looking at to list I noticed that the white paper box it came in has the manufacturer's bar codes obscured on it, and the service guide has no information about the purchase or serial number in it. Speaking on a serial number, I've looked for one, but can't find it. There are the "Germany" and Pix marks inside the
  9. At my 50th birthday, my lovely Wife gifted me a Montblanc Starwalker Rubber Ballpoint similar to this: Now I've been looking for a mechanical pencil in the same design (I like the girth and the heavy weight), but without luck, so therefore these questions: Did Montblanc ever produce this model as a Mechanical Pencil?If so: Is the design similar to the ballpoint (no cap) or similar to the fineliner (removable cap)?Thank you.
  10. Greetings, Long story short. My wife gave me at Med. Nib Platinum StarWalker as a morning present at our wedding about 2 and a half years ago. And... I never use it. The Med. Nib is faaar to wide for me - which is a shame. Only finding out about the 6 weeks nib exchange recently - i got quite upset - and asked my wife, who knows I don't like nor use the pen because of the nib size, if the Sales assistent informed her about the Nib enchange. She said no. I emailed Customer service explaining the situation and aksing if I could exchange it. I got a flat out "We are very sorry you are unhappy w
  11. Hello everyone. I am new to the form, but a long time pen lover. Recently I was at Costco and saw a MB Starwalker RB for $180!! I decided to give it a shot, and hold onto it while I investigate further. So here is what I have. 1) Serial number is on ring, and begins with MBF 2) Under the clip is says "Made in Germany 3) No PIX to be found on the clip 4) The metal ring towards the bottom (where your finger rests) is slightly loose and wiggles. This is what got me thinking about possible fake Please let me know any input you have, as I would like to confirm it's authenticity or if it
  12. I have come across a Mont Blanc Fountain Pen which I think goes by the name Starwalker, but it came in a black hinged case with latch and a bottle of ink. The inside of the box is imprinted "MEISTERSTUCK". Can anyone tell me if this pen belongs in this box or is it a mix-up? And am I correct in calling the pen a "STARWALKER FOUNTAIN PEN" ? Thank you.
  13. fcl

    Mont Blanc Starwalker?

    Hi. I wanted to know if this is a regular Starwalker model since i couldn't find any exact model picture. First off, a little about the origin of this pen, they belonged to my father, he had this MB and other three Stuckmeister (1 fountain pen (14K 585, 1 ballpoint and a mechanical pencil). All of these are at least 18 years old, the ballpoint pen has W-Germany on the top gold part, so probably they all are pre 1991. I'll probably start a thread on these. Anyone know anything about this pen?? Is it worth it? Thanks a lot.
  14. I have owned this pen for a few months now, and noticed that it’s a little under-represented in terms of reviews – so thought I would do something to help rectify that situation. This is a pretty classy looking pen – deliberately styled to resemble the Montblanc Starwalker range, but at a significantly lower price point! Please be aware that the ranking I give the pen is relative. This is an inexpensive pen, made in China – I doubt it would stack up this well if it was sitting next to the German-made pen that ‘inspired’ its design and manufacture! _______________________________________
  15. bshakin

    Authentic Starwalker?

    Hi, I recently posted a Starwalker pen on eBay. This was a gift, and I'm no expert, so I can't confirm its authenticity. When the buyer asked for a photo of the serial number I began to have suspicions. The rollerball ink cartridge is Montblanc branded, but here are the issues causing me to doubt its authenticity: * Star logo on inside of box is printed black on white. There is no service guide and warranty. http://bit.ly/1NlvXey * "Serial number" looks more like a model number. http://bit.ly/1IQyT3R * Clip does not appear to have Germany printed underneath it, and uses a prong along the t
  16. The more I read this forum the more I see lots of fakes that are sold by sneaky people passing them as real. Now I got my two Starwalkers from a shop in HK. Wedding gift but I was there to choose them and both them :-) The shop looked and said they were an authorised dealer and they stamped by MB booklet. Highly doubt I was ripped off back in 2007, but heck, I might as well ask here as no harm done. I guess I'm asking because I think I didn't pay much, $514USD back then for the pair. Seems a little cheap don't it? Here are pictures of the pens, the boxes and booklets they came with new
  17. brunotx

    Starwalker Extreme Cap Scratch

    Hi, Today, I had a little accident with my Starwalker Extreme Rollerball. With no reason, I rubbed the cap on a sheet of paper: clonclusion: the cap have now a scratch that incomodate me. I'd like to know if there is a way to remove the scratch. http://puu.sh/hwmk2/2b5ccd7e6d.png Regards, Bruno.
  18. Tiagosaraiva

    Montblanc Starwalker Fake Or Real One?

    Hi I'me new at this forum and I just bought a new MB Starwalker Carbon on eBay for about 300. Could you please help me and tell me if it's a real one or not? Thanks
  19. My boyfriend received this Montblanc pen as a graduation gift a few years back. He hasn't used it so we are thinking about selling it. Can anyone assist in identifying the model? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hirogen

    Which Starwalker Is This Please?

    Hi, I write a tremendous amount most days between 3 Lamy's Safaris (a B, a 1.1Caligraphy, and a 1.5 calligraphy and often would get through 2 refills or even 3 in a day). I mix my own ink: 20% MB Irish Green and 80% Cross Black and refill cartridges with a syringe and needle. Today having been reasonably good at not loosing the Lamy's for over a year, I decided I deserved an MB. For some time i've thought about a Starwalker. I looked at 5 today and then I bought this one, which is what I liked the best. But I don't know what model this is? It's not on the website - I presume its
  21. west

    Ruthenium Plated Starwalker

    Regarding the "Montblanc, StarWalker Midnight Black" precious resin with ruthenium-plated details. It is reported that ruthenium is highly toxic and carcinogenic . Ruthenium compounds are encountered relatively rarely by most people. An article stated that: ( and please google this for yourselves ) That all ruthenium compounds should be regarded as highly toxic and as carcinogenic. Compounds of ruthenium stain the skin very strongly. It seems that ingested ruthenium is retained strongly in bones. Ruthenium oxide, RuO4, is highly toxic and volatile, and to be avoided. Rhuthenium 106 is o
  22. okay I came across this pen at a good price . the seller seemed nice and had a few good pictures. so I bought it. the seller even included an extra rollerball refill in the price. when I received and checked the pen, I noticed that there was no serial no. on the pen cap. that made me paranoid....because of the no of starwalker fakes out there. so here are the images...please let me know what you think.I know it is a rollerball/fineliner... but I assumed I can still use the knowledge pool here at fpn. thank you for any help in advance. and excuse me for the pics...I used ipad mini for these. I
  23. bnavas6

    Montblanc Starwalker Maki-E

    Despite I know is not a fountain pen (technically, is a rollerball pen) I wanted to share my last piece of maki-e over a pen. The design is inspired on my trips to Asia.Starting by clouds with rain-drops falling under a dark night sky, the pen is dominated by a Pagoda-like decoration inspired in the Ayutthaya and Angkor Period.The rest of the pen is also decorated with rice fields and pine-trees.Finally, the end of barrel and the metallic rollerball cap are lightly sprinkled with golden powder to resemble both the stars and the reflection of them over water.I hope you like it.
  24. Hi guys! So I've been looking at this on my mums behalf, and contacted the dealer and can get it for a right steal! I'm just questioning it's authenticity, as for the price he's going to let me pay, it does make me wonder. So if anyone could help spot any signs of this being a fake then please, let me know. I do appreciate it a lot. http://cgi.ebay.ie/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=231167023957&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:IE:1123 Thanks
  25. I have had a Mont Blanc Starwalker now for about 4 years and hardly used as fineliner. I am really like my fountain pens and is it possible to just get the required parts to convert my exisitng Starwalker to become a fountain pen? Who will sell the fineliner nib, holder so that it still fits my existing pen? Please help! Thanks.

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