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  1. http://officeservices.bg/images/feature_variant/1/faber-castell.jpg Faber-Castell is very common and very popular in the non-fountain-pen world. Their wooden pencils and general stationery are in almost every stationery store. Their fountain pens are not as popular, however. Although I prefer other brands of graphite pencils, I'm a bit of a fan of their fountain pens myself. They use a nib unit that fits all their pens, and it performs really well. Their lower-end pens use a nib that's suited for higher-end pens, whereas Lamy and Parker do the opposite! The Faber-Castell Ambition was the first fountain pen I bought with my own money and it's my favourite pen. It's certainly not perfect but I really like it. I also like Graf von Faber-Castell. Their use of exotic materials really appeals to me. I highly recommend Faber-Castell to anyone looking for a pen between $30-$80 Do you consider yourself to be a fan of Faber-Castell? How has your experience been with this company, and what do you think of it?
  2. Faber-Castell Ambition Review (Medium in Black Resin) I have owned this pen for a year now, and it has been used very heavily during that time. It was the first pen I bought and chose myself and it was a sort-of grail at the time. Th pen's design is very minimalistic. It's all straight and cylindrical. The cap is made of chrome with plastic internals, but it's very heavy. The barrel is made from brushed "precious" resin. After a year, the brushing has worn away, so it looks more polished. Still doesn't look smooth and glossy, though. The pen was breathtaking when it was new. The resin could be compared to the Lamy 2000's makrolon: Makrolon on top, resin below. Before buying the Ambition, my main concerns were the resin cracking and the comfort in the hand. There are no cracks in the pen to report, and the comfort isn't perfect, but it's fine. It's not for everyone, though. The step seen above is what concerns most. I hold the pen on the chrome section, but most hands would be too large to do so. I use the pen unposted, as posting throws the balance off a lot, due to the heavy cap. It does look very nice posted, though. The writing experience is far from perfect. The nib is very smooth, but it makes a lot of sound when writing, which makes you think it's scratchy. There is some feedback on left-to-right strokes, but it's only noticeable with pressure. Speaking of pressure, the nib is definitely a nail. Very hard with almost no line variation to be had. I would rate the flow 3/5 for wetness. The feed doesn't maintain the flow perfectly, but it's not horrible. Keep in mind the pen is only £40. Compared to other pens in this price, you get a great writer. The medium nib is quite fine, so it's suitable for everyday writing. All nib units within Faber-Castell's "Design" range are the same and compatible with other pens from the range. Overall, I enjoy the pen very much but it's not without its flaws. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a £40 pen that's both beautiful and a good writer. This was my first pen review. How did I do?
  3. Graf Von Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2017 (Vikings) PVD Edition The version with a tough anthracite-coloured PVD coating has a particularly masculine appeal. Matt-grey smoked oak – the preferred wood for building the Viking ships – stands in exciting contrast to the gleaming metal parts of fountain pen and roller-ball pen, which change their appearance with every movement. A grey shimmering smoky quartz adorns the cap of all writing implements of this edition. Each of these writing implements is presented in a brightly polished black wooden case. A certificate bearing the signature of Count Charles von Faber-Castell confirms that this is a limited edition The name Graf von Faber-Castell is engraved in the end piece in runes Individually numbered writing instruments Exclusive, brightly polished black wooden box with an attractive brochure and the certificate of authenticity An additional insert offers space for six more writing instruments Limited to 500 pieces (230 PVD) For inquiries email us at orders@airlineintl.com or call (915) 778-1234
  4. Graf Von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2017 Admired as daring masters of wind and wave, feared as ruthless invaders and valued as merchants, the Vikings set up a trading network that span across continents. The revolutionary construction of the Viking longboats, the mystic force of the runes and the curly birch as one of the characteristic trees of the Nordic world inspired us in designing the Pen of the Year 2017. Both editions come with an 18-carat gold nib that is run in by hand. An end-cap protects the rotary knob of the plunger mechanism of the plunger-type fountain pen. rchants, the Vikings set up a trading network that span across continents. The revolutionary construction of the Viking longboats, the mystic force of the runes and the curly birch as one of the characteristic trees of the Nordic world inspired us in designing the Pen of the Year 2017. Both editions come with an 18-carat gold nib that is run in by hand. An end-cap protects the rotary knob of the plunger mechanism of the plunger-type fountain pen. Platinum-plated barrel adorned by five slivers of ‘curly’ birch, inserted with great precisionThe name Graf von Faber-Castell is engraved in the end piece in runesIndividually numbered writing instruments18-carat bicolour gold nib, inscribed by handAvailable in the nib widths M, F, B, and BBThe carnelian let into the cap glows an intense redExclusive, brightly polished black wooden box with an attractive brochure and the certificate of authenticityAn additional insert offers space for six more writing instrumentsLimited to 500 pieces We currently have two available ready for immediate shipment. Both with Medium nib. Retail price does not include shipping cost, please message orders@airlineintl.com for shipping calculation. Retail: $3,600 Platinum-Plated Fountain Pen
  5. Quick Review: I've had two of these, and they've both fallen apart. In multiples ways. The plastic bodies have snapped in two, one clip broken off, etc. And these have only been used as desk pens… I am extremely disappointed. That is all.
  6. Hi guys, I have a Faber-Castell Ambition but its wooden body broke after a stupid decision of lenting it to my clumsy brother, in hope I would convert him to our side. The whole section with the nib and feed in it are still ok, so I am trying now to turn it into a fountain pen once again. I contacted the company and they said they are willing to replace it free of carge if I send it to them, but I don't have it anymore and they don't sell only the bodies of their products . My brother threw it away cause he didn't want me to find out that he broke it. He wanted me to think he lost it cause he always breaks my things and somehow in his head losing it was a better explanation . So I need your help! Do you know of any other Faber-Castell product that the section would screw on? Or any other company. Even if it is a pencil or a rollerball (but cheaper than the Ambition line) I could buy it, remove the insides and screw the front section on it. Or maybe if I could use the nib on some Jinhaos I ordered? I was wondering if I could use some pottery clay or wood to make the pen body myself, even if it comes out ugly. This was my first pen and ohhh that wooden body was so nice to hold and write with. And this nib has my personality now after all these years and still write with it everyday and want to continue to. I want to hear your ideas or your instructions! That's what I am left with:
  7. PenBoutique

    Faber-Castell New Ink!

    Faber is coming out with 2 new colors!!! FC_ 141007 Midnight Blue Ink bottle SRP$30.00 FC_141008 Deep Sea Green SRP$30.00 FC_141107 Midnight Blue Cartridges $3.50 FC_141108 Deep Sea Green Cartridges $3.50 We should have stock around the end of this month. To place an order or if you have any questions contact us below. 1800-263-2736 or 410-992-3272 Suport@penboutique.com Faber ink.bmp Faber ink G.bmp
  8. Anyone have some experience with this ink? I can get it relatively cheap but cannot find any info on it. I would really like to know how it performs, mostly regarding bleedtrough and feathering on copy paper. Thank you for any help in advance. http://fpgeeks.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.png The ink in question is this http://www.lacouronneducomte.nl/webstore/main/images/graf_inkbottle_all.jpg
  9. Hi all. I was wondering where could one get Faber Castell pens in Pune? I was looking at buying the Loom but I'd rather buy it in person as the online sellers dont have nib sizes listed plus they take a lot of time to deliver. Anyone has any idea where I could get one in Pune in a real store? Does William Penn stock FCs? Because their site doesnt show them. Thanks!
  10. Join Dromgoole's for a pen event with Faber-Castell this Saturday! Saturday, June 20th 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 2515 Rice Blvd. Houston, Texas 77005 Contact Larry for more details: 713.526.4651 or dromgooles@sbcglobal.net
  11. I spent many hours on this video, mostly because the program I use to edit is garbage. There's a typo or two in the video that I don't want to fix, as that would risk losing every subtitle and transition. That's how bad the program is.The pen's alright, though. I'm trying to improve, so feel free to leave criticisms.
  12. Faber Castell Basic Carbon - Fine Nib Diamine Jet Black - Cartridge After a new start to to Fountain Pens with the Parker Vector, I decided that after finding it constantly leaking, I should purchase a new pen. I purchased the pen from Cult Pens (UK), and received my order 2 days after purchase, along with some other stationary goods. Anyway, moving onto the pen. The pen appears to be very well built, and I believe that the Carbon finish along the barrel is real. The pen is slightly top heavy, but that is unnoticeable when writing, even for extended periods of time. Cult Pens said that there isn't a converter that will fit this pen (2013 onwards I think), not even Faber-Castell's own one. This is due to a design change in the barrel diameter. However, I found a cheap no name converter in my house, and it seems to fit fine, although I haven't tried it with ink yet. N.B. Faber-Castell supply a blue cartridge, and a bottomless cartridge(can some expert explain it's purpose) with the pen. The Fine nib writes a reasonably wet line, and Diamine Jet Black is a good combination with this pen. It always starts writing instantly, and if I write quickly, it doesn't skip at all ! The nib design is very simple, bearing "F" and FC's logo. It lacks a breather hole, which,(in my opinion)aesthetically improves the design. Gripes - The material of the cap attracts lots of dirt, which can be hard to clean off ! - The ribbing where you grip the pen. If you dip the pen into an ink bottle and manage to get ink on the grip, it just doesn't come out of those gaps. Overall, a fantastic pen for sub £30, which has a brilliant nib that you'd be pushed to find anywhere else for the money ! (Sorry for the rubbish photos, it was quite late when I took them, and I've included an example of the pen on Rhodia paper, as this was written on Staples cheapo stuff, and I don't own any A4 Rhodia, yet).

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