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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all, I mostly use western 'F' nibs, but have recently bought two LAMY Z50 nibs in EF, and I want to find a 'permanent' black ink that will work well with them. For the last several years I have used Noodler's Black as my 'permanent' black ink - it is very black, and very permanent, and I have always found it to be very good. Its only 'flaw' was its penchant for nib-creep. In the last few months though, I suspect that the ink in my bottle (which has been open since 2014) may have 'denatured' or 'gone off'. I found that the aerometric Parker "51" in which I have always used my N
  2. The following is a review of Platinum's Pigment Blue Ink (INKG-1500 #60). The ink comes in a nice squat glass bottle that is easy to dip a pen or syringe into. Through the bottle, the ink appears to have a deep purple hue. In my demonstrator, the slight purple hue is also evident. I purchased this ink because I needed a suspension of colored microparticles for a completely unrelated purpose. Having the remainder of this ink for fountain pen use was simply an added bonus! On to the ink... I have made comparisons using two pens that, in my hands, reflect a wet writer (Pelikan M200, fine n
  3. Hi, I am a fan of Camlin inks and have been using it since childhood. Recently I started using Noodler's Heart of darkness and have been loving its permanence. I would like to gift a similar ink to my mom for recording her journals. I am looking for a Permanent ink for that reason. Based on Youtube reviews it looks like Noodlers inks are too expensive on amazon.in and Pilot Black, Camlin "Permanent" Black and Parker Quink are all not permanent or even water proof at all. Are there any ink recommendations that 0. are waterproof? 1. are not too expensive 2. are available in India (preferably
  4. I am very happy with the qualities of my De Atramentis Document Black, which I keep loaded for writing checks and addressing envelopes and the like. It only has one flaw, which is that it is black, the world's most boring color of ink (medium blue being right behind it). What are some permanent inks which are well-behaved, safe to keep in a pen for a month, and are interesting colors?
  5. Nearly 3 years ago I wrote a review for the newly-produced Blackstone Barrister Blue Ink - part of a new line of permanent inks made in Australia (you can find that review at https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/311074-blackstone-barrister-blue-permanent-ink/). It was (and remains) a favourite of mine: a dark, strong blue that wrote well and stayed written no matter how much water you threw at the page! My recollection is that Kevin (the proprietor of Blackstone Inks and Just Write Pens) was not entirely happy with the ink, though - because whereas his black ink relied on a nano-p
  6. There is a passion in my DNA for ‘permanent’ fountain pen ink! Having used every product available, I have found all to be very good with ONE EXCEPTION. After 5 years of stubbornly refusing to admit that there is a problem, I have now concluded that Diamine Archival Registrar's Ink is not safe to use on a long-term basis. First a little background. I have 35 pens in my collection, so I have decided to associate specific inks with specific pens. This facilitates regular use and helps keep all my pens in ‘writing’ shape’. I routinely clean with tap water flushes with each fill up. This is f
  7. A bit over a month ago now (I think) I placed an order with Kevin from Just Write Pens (www.justwrite.com.au), and with my order received a sample vial of his latest 'Blackstone' branded ink. I've held off on publishing a review until now, because it didn't appear to be have been released yet - but I understand it's now available through Anderson Pens (and others?) in the US. Due to supply issues (of nalgene bottles) the ink is not yet available in Australia, but I'm hoping that will be rectified soon - I'm keen to order a bottle! Like Barrister Black, Barrister Blue is a 'permanent' ink -
  8. Morbus Curiositas

    De Atramentis Document Ink

    De Atramentis Dokument Tinte Blau / Document Ink Blue Dear FPN friends, This time an ink review of a very special ink. De Atramentis Document Blue. This ink is mentioned for doctors, lawyers etc. and for all who need a permanent ink for official Documents To be qualified as a document ink the ink has to meet certain standards. The standard in Europe is ISO 12757-2. This means that the ink has to be lightfast and may not be influenced by any outer influences. To show you the resilience of the inks I have poured several aggressive Fluids over it and… Nothing happened. It is like if
  9. And now for something completely different - De Atramentis Document ink Cartridges De Atramentis Document ink Black De Atramentis Document Ink in…. Cartridges Well I guess like most Fountain Pen fans I love bottled ink. Bottled inks are available in a vast array of colours As an extra bonus the bottle is a private joy for the Fountain Pen writer and is a beautiful reminiscence to the golden age of Fountain Pen writing. And maybe not un important the price per ml. is usually lower But what if you own a smaller Fountain Pen like these down here https://www.lacouronneduc
  10. PatientType

    Chinese Inks

    One thing I noticed having used a wide variety of inks is that the Peacock, DUX, and Hero inks can be very inexpensive but quite usable. Buying them in China, I was paying $1.50 to $2.00 USD per bottle. Shopping for fountain pen ink in China the color choices I saw were limited to black, blue, blue-black, and red. I've never seen green, purple, or pink other colors on sale there that wouldn't be usable for school and business purposes. The Chinese inks I've used tend to be dry-writing and permanent. What struck me about that was that when I purchased a bottle of made in the USA permanent Nood
  11. Hello! I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this. If it's not, I apologise. I'm very new to FPN. Still figuring things out I suppose! Anyways, I want to get myself a Pilot CH91 or 92 for my birthday this month. I'm not actually looking to buy a 74, but I thought I'd put it in the title as well since it's a more popular pen than the 91 and 92, and it uses the same nib section. Like the title says: I'm looking for a permanent ink that flows well in any of the aforementioned pens. I currently don't have any inks that are even remotely waterproof (mostly Waterman and Pelikan 4001s).
  12. Simulacrum

    The Blue Blues! Help Please :)

    Hi everyone, so I've read a bunch and researched and have narrowed things down but I'm still having difficulty so I'm hoping for some help. I've narrowed it down to (I think) Sailor Sei Boku, and Noodlers 54th Mass., Bad Blue Heron, Bad Belted Kingfisher. I've a few questions I can't seem to resolve after checking out as much as I can find about these inks. I'm looking for a waterproof, archival ink that is a blue black colour. These all seem to fit the bill, but there seems to be some differences of opinion and differences in test results on the waterproofness of the Noodlers Inks.
  13. Morbus Curiositas

    De Atramentis Document Ink Dark Blue

    Lovely Liquids De Atramentis Dokumenttine Dark Blue /DA Document ink Dark Blue Dear FPN friends, Here is another review of a De Atramentis Document Ink. The Document Inks are available in the following colours. · Blue · Dark Blue · Black · Magenta · Turquoise · Green is being developed now. This time it is the De Atramentis Dark Blue, which is a Blue Black ink. I have already reviewed the Blue document ink the link can be found here. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/263866-de-atramentis-document-ink/ The De A
  14. Members: Product Reviewed: Mont Blanc Permanent Blue – safety This is the second post detailing my experiences with the 8 types of permanent inkI have used with my pen collection over 2 years.The inkreviewed in this piece will be Mont Blanc Permanent Blue and the focus will be on fountain pen safety. The performance of this ink has been extensively reviewed since its introduction in 2013. Briefly, I have found that it conforms to ISO 12757-2 superbly. It IS waterproof, light fast and outer chemical resistant (have tried to erase lines of text with both alcohol and bleach to no a
  15. Subject: Results of Waterproof Test with 8 permanent inks This is the second submission in a series documenting the use of permanent inks with my fountain pen collection. In the first submission I indicated that pictures of a recently conducted waterproof test would be submitted. Please see files attached to this submission. The first image is a before and the second an after test. The images document how well the 8 inks I will be reviewing did, when submerged in cold tap water for 45 minutes. The inks tested were: - deAtramentis Document Ink Blue - deAtramentis Document Ink Bl
  16. miguelpitti

    Iron Gall Doubts

    Hi everyone: I've just registered into this forum as I have a doubt about iron-gall inks: I currently own a waterman carène, which is the best pen I have and has a great sentimental value, as it was given to me as a special gift. I'm trying to find a permanent ink for taking some notes i'd like to review on the future, and, from what I've read, iron-gall inks are permanent ones. I like the R&K Salix one, as I've seen it on this website reviews along with other inks. My doubt is: will my carène be harmed, or corroded if I end up using this ink? It has some kind of a gold cover on the
  17. Members: I have followed the Fountain Pen Network for years but have never posted till now. I thought it might be of interest to relay the experiences I have had over the last 2 years trying to control my obsession with "permanent ink". This will take more than one post but I will begin by providing a background to my ink usage. I started collecting permanent ink at the end of 2014 and since then have extensively tested the following brands: Mont Blanc Permanent Blue, Black and Grey, Platinum Carbon Ink, Private Reserve Invincible Black, Diamine Registrar's Ink and deAtamentis Document Ink
  18. I've seen inks listed as permanent, bulletproof, registrar's, and so on, but am unsure what exactly occurs over time with inks that are not so labelled. Do they just fade away? Do they eat at the pages if a lower pH? Over what time period should I expect such deterioration? I am handwriting notes for a research degree involving a large project, and just wondering if I should make special effort to ensure I do so using a 'permanent' ink? I currently use Lamy and Kaweco inks, but have three beautiful bottles of Iroshizuku on the way that I intend to use for this purpose. I am writing in a Leu
  19. Dear FPN friends. As some of you might have seen I published an announcement of 6 colours of De Atramentis Document inks. The latest news is it will be 7! Already available: Blue Dark Blue (Blue Black) Black Magenta Turqouise The new colour wil be Green and Reda... I guess these colours are very ueful for professional purposes. I have already tested the Blue and the Dark Blue... I will receive the other colours in the coming weeks. Of course I will review them in my usual extensive way. At the end of the series I will publish a comparison in the Ink Comparison forum.. A
  20. Morbus Curiositas

    De Atramentis Document Inks 6 Colours!

    Dear FPN Friends, Good news for all of you who are looking for a bulletproof document ink. I already did a very popular (HOT) review on De Atramentis document ink Blue. Down here is the Link to the review https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/263866-de-atramentis-document-ink/ I can now tell you that the following colours will be available (again) soon De Atramentis Document ink Blue Dark Blue (Blue Black) Black Turquoise Magenta All the inks comply with to the ISO 12757-2 standard which makes the ink suitable for official purposes (Doctors, Lawyers,
  21. I have noticed that pretty much all the montblanc instructions recommend special care for the permanent ink but it refers to a previous version/formula. Can you please explain if the new permanent ink from montblanc requires a similar maintenance e.g. daily use of the fountain pen ? Is the new permanent ink also pigment based ? I am using the permanent black in my MB heritage 1912. Thanks for your help. Christian
  22. I couldn’t see this one on the list, but looking again I found Bill’s review at https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=80596 so apologies for the duplicate. This is an archival (“document”) ink to ISO 12757-2 standards. It is resistant to water and should have good light resistance. I did not expect to like this ink, but I find myself warming to it. Noodler’s ink is almost impossible to get here in the UK and casual import can easily double the price when getting reasonable quantities, so this is a nice alternative. Hope this is useful to someone.

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