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  1. I was surprised to not find a samples topic for my favorite in color - Blue/Black. So here it is, post your Blue/Black swatches & thoughts here!
  2. Calling all L’Artisan Pastellier fans, please! I am preparing an order from L'Artisan Pastellier and having trouble picking a blue-black/blue-grey. Online samples of their Callifolio blue-blacks/blue-greys can look very similar. I already have Baikal, Gris de Payne from the Classique inks (which leans a little bit green), and I plan to order Callifolio Gris de Payne & Equinoxe (5), so I am interested in Bosphore, Botany Bay, Byzance, and Bonne Esperance. For those of you who have used these inks: which would best complement (i.e. be most different from) Classique Gris de
  3. Introduction and Elephant in the Room KWZ inks at this point don’t really need an introduction of themselves so all I can say is about page on KWZ website is the best friend here. Bottle is dark glass bottle, good for inks. Now to elephant and well there are 2 different things that I noticed here, First the ink comes in a plastic wrap around the bottle, nice touch really as this prevent many issues that can arise. Second, is entire ink smells like vanilla and that was nice (typical of KWZ)....it made me want to eat ice-cream though so that’s bad. Jokes aside I can
  4. yazeh

    Origin of blue black ink

    Since several intriguing and passionate posts about blue black inks were posted, I thought I'll add some historical context. When steel nibs were created and soon replaced goose quills (in early XIX century), in order to deal with the corrosive nature of iron gall inks, ink makers added dyes to the iron gall ink, which apparently tempered its corrosiveness. This made the written word legible in blue before the ink oxidized and turned black. Often iron gall ink writes in a pale, pasty grey colour until the oxidization process happenes and turns into the black colour. and overtime to
  5. As far as I can tell Hero 232 Blue-Black seems to be getting scarce from my online sources. (I recently ordered a bottle Hero 232 & 233 and was sent 2 bottles of 233 instead. Then the seller promptly raised the price to over 3x what I had paid ...) Hero 202 is still readily available. I did a search here: the evidence - while there's not a lot of it - seems to suggest that Hero 202 is likely iron gall. Has any more evidence turned up recently? I'll probably take a chance on it since it is so inexpensive but I need more ink that I won't use like I need a hole in my head.
  6. namrehsnoom

    Waterman Blue Black

    Waterman – Blue Black I bought my very first fountain pen (a Kaweco Sport in black plastic) somewhere in 2012. Initially I just used standard royal blue ink cartridges because I didn't know any better. Sometime after that I learned on YouTube that you could syringe-fill a cartridge. That's when I made a visit to my local stationery shop and bought my very first bottle of ink - this Waterman Blue Black. And that's also the moment I got hooked! This Waterman ink was much more interesting than the standard royal blue cartridges I used until then - had that not been the case, I might have lost
  7. Reportedly, Private Reserve is one of the companies that paved the way to the overabundance of ink colors we have now, as early on there were mostly the basic inks available, such as basic blue-black, red, green, turquoise, brown, black, and blue. PR inks come in a multitude of different hues. The original creator and owner of the ink company passed away, and the company is now under new ownership and management. Ebony Blue has been on my radar for a while. I love dark teal inks, but I'm usually pretty picky about them in person. Ebony Blue is a kind of turquoise mixed with black, and
  8. white_lotus

    Diamine 1864 Blue Black

    Well, at long last, a review by me of an ink readily available! thanks to a sample provided by a kindly FPN member. Unfortunately, I didn't like the ink too much, perhaps I used too wet a pen. Which is surprising for me as I usually like wet inks. But I didn't find any character in the ink. As a blue-black I expected something blue, dark blue, but it was none of these things, it was black, nearly Sharpie black. When emptying the pen used in the review, there was quite a bit of blue appearing in the water in the sink, and the ink droplet revealed a good amount of blue dye. The waterfastness
  9. I found that pilot sells a "basic" blue black ink in massive 350ml bottles for $20 shipped on amazon with prime shipping. I couldn't find many comprehensive reviews. This might be one of the absolute best inks for professionals and students who go through ink like crazy, but want something that is still seriously waterproof and has some presence on the page without being ostentatious. Also, to my surprise, this ink has a LOT of sheen! even with a fine 3776, the wetter strokes show a whole lot of tasty red sheen. It's a very permeating sheen, too, not just at the edges. Col
  10. http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Parker-Quink-Permanent-Blue-Black-old-nazwa.png Producent: Parker Series, colour: Quink Permanent Blue Black (old) Pen: Waterman Hemisphere "F" Paper: Image Volume 80 g / cm2 http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/buteleczki_atrament_parker_duza_old.jpg Specifications: Flow rate: very good Lubrication: good Bleed through: unnoticeable Shading: noticeable Feathering: unnoticeable Saturation: very good Ink drying time: ~ 5-10 sec. A drop of ink smeared with a nib http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Parker-Quink-Perman
  11. I think I got this ink sample a looooonnnggg time ago, back when I was still enrolled in Ink Drop. That was before I formed my huge fondness for blue-black inks, so it sat and waited for the right time. And now, I hardcore need a bottle of this ink my life. This is a dark ink. At first you might mistake it for black, but it’s not. It’s also unlike most other blue-black inks I’ve tried in that it does not dry to some grey-blue color. It stays vibrant and crisp and dark, which I like. As you can see, this ink almost looks like a teal-black, and I have heard that this is what can h
  12. I happened upon some new-old-stock bottles of "Waterman's Permanent Blue Black" ink. They were in pristine condition, and the cap sealing was good such that no ink appears to have evaporated. I see no precipitate or any other issues. The ink has a chemical scent I can't quite identify accurately, but it makes me think of paint and art supplies, for the lack of better description. I don't know if this ink has any amount of iron gall or not, but I suspect it has a small amount. If anyone wishes to contribute to this ink's description and dating, it would be great. The bottle has th
  13. MissCellany

    Pilot Blue Black Demonstration

    This is my first real contribution to the site- please forgive any unintentional faux-pas! A friend of mine wanted to see what Pilot Blue-Black (one of my favorite inks ever!) looks like on Tomoe River paper, so I write a thing up for her to check out in person using lyrics to one of her favorite songs. Since I can't really figure out how to make file uploads here work just yet, I've linked to an imgur album of the pictures I took here: https://imgur.com/a/q4HSckJ The pics were taken with my phone camera, with no editing done on them at all. The only light used was the evening sunlight
  14. Lunoxmos

    Mabie Todd & Co 'swan' Ink

    I recently went down to an antique shop and I happened to find some 'Swan' Ink bottles, made by Mabie Todd & Co in Sydney Australia. One bottle was labeled "PERMANENT BLUE BLACK" while the other was "VIVID RED". They appear to have what is most likely dried ink in them, though there is a chance that the permanent blue-black one contains iron oxide sediment at the bottom considering it is most likely an iron gall ink. Is it possible that I could receive some information on them (there doesn't appear to be much about it online), as well as whether it is safe to reconstitute the ink inside of
  15. jasondmillar

    Ink Degrading Over Time?

    I have an old, pre-reformulation glass bottle of Diamine Blue-Black, and a pre-reformulation glass bottle of Diamine Onyx Black. Both of these inks were purchased around 2010 and have been used periodically since then, but not very often as I don't particularly like the purple undertone of the black, and the teal undertone of the blue-black. Recently, I have noticed that both inks are drying out in multiple different pens' feeds after they have been unused for a day or so. If the pen is shaken then some ink enters the feed and a dozen or so words can be squeezed out before the pen runs tot
  16. Hi, I would like to buy a bottle of Pilot Blue/Black ink, because I have read many complimentary things about it on here, but... ...I live in the UK, and it seems that Pilot won’t let us British types buy it in bottles The only bottled inks that Pilot will let us buy are the 60ml bottles of Namiki Blue or Namiki Black.(Well ok, they do also sell the Iroshizuku ‘luxury’ inks here too. At much higher prices.) AFAIK, there’s only one UK retailer that even sells Pilot Blue/Black in the IC100 pack of Pilot’s proprietary cartridges.But proprietary cartridges aren’t much use to anyone who uses a pi
  17. I know that this topic is already kind-of discussed in various places on FPN but I can't seem to find a straight answer. My question: I would like to find a nice water resistant or proof, good performance on cheaper paper blue, black or blue-black ink safe for my vintage Sheaffers (Touchdown and Snorkel). I've been using some vintage Watermans B/B that I picked up a while ago, but it's too pale and doesn't perform very well on cheap paper. I wanted to try Namiki Blue, but I read some other reviews that people don't recommend it in vintage pens-- It's a shame. It's one of my favorite blu
  18. As I said in my previous Ferro dell'Elba / Grigio Fumo / Fading Gray ink review, Stipula Inks really impressed me. I never expected to like so much a grey and a blue-black ink. Notturno Giannutri is a greysh blue-black, with really nice shading qualities that makes it stand out among most of the comparable inks that I've tried. The name "Notturno Giannutri" makes me feel about a "dark cloudy night by the sea", and that's what you get in terms of colour and feeling, really a well suited name just as "Ferro dell'Elba" was. (EDIT : the name for the US market should be Dark Blue) Good workhor
  19. visvamitra

    Aurora Blue Black

    Aurora inks come in three basic colors: blue, blue black and black. The bottle holds 45 ml of ink. Inks can be also bought in cartridges. For many years Aurora wasn't interested in expanding their color range. They seemed to think that Blue and Black are able to fully satisfy fountain pen afficionados needs. The market changed, hundreds of new colors were created, new ink makers appeared and Aurora teem decided to make a bold move and offer new exciting color, unlike any other on the market * - blue black. It's a breakthrough moment in Aurora history. Who knows, maybe they'll dare to offer g
  20. http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-150th-Anniversary-Blue-Black-nazwa.png I present to test the ink Diamine 150th Anniversary Blue Black with a wonderful, very saturated blue-black. Perfectly given the nature of blue-black. Good performance, quite fast drying. I think that the ink is worth buying. Manufacturer: Diamine Series, colour: 150th Anniversary Blue Black Pen: Waterman Hemisphere, nib "F" Paper: Image Volume (80 g / m2) Specifications: Flow rate: good Lubrication: good Bleed through: possible point (copy paper, paper Oxford) Shading:
  21. akszugor

    Diamine: Blue Black

    http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-Blue-Black-nazwa.png Manufacturer: Diamine Series, colour: Blue Black Pen: Waterman Hemisphere "F" Paper: Image Volume 80 g / cm2 Specifications: Flow rate: good Lubrication: good Bleed through: unnoticeable Shading: noticeable Feathering: unnoticeable Saturation: very good A drop of ink smeared with a nib http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-Blue-Black-kleks.jpg The ink smudged with a cotton pad http://inks.pencyklopedia.pl/wp-content/uploads/Diamine-Blue-Black-
  22. I have been told that Hero's blue-black ink is an iron-gall ink. Now I read somewhere on this site that Pelikan's blue-black is also an iron-gall. I have three questions please; 1) Are the above inks iron-gall? 2) Are most (all?) blue-blacks made this way? 3) Any problem using iron-gall in a nice German pen? Thanks for your help. Inquiring minds want to know.
  23. This is a review of Birmingham Pen Co.'s "Pennsylvania Railorad Boiler Steam Blue/Black" ink. Another, earlier review of this ink: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/329493-birmingham-pennsylvania-railroad-boiler-steam-blue-black/ Birmingham Pen Company is a store in Pennsylvania with its own line of budget-friendly, mysteriously complex dark shades of inks: https://www.birminghampens.com/pages/about-us This particular ink is a classic "Blue-Black" that's more on the dirty grayed-navy side than teal--sure to please those who don't like their blue-blacks too green. The
  24. martinbir

    Montblanc Perm Blue + 5% Black

    As requested, a scan of my Montblanc Permanent "Blue Black" I find my idea of waterproof differs from those frequently expressed. Many are happy if the page can be read after an encounter with water. I set the bar much higher, looking for something which is completely unchanged by its watery encounter. I don't like black. Blue could be acceptable, but blue black is the ideal. Full strength IG ink seemed promising, but a bad experience with Diamine Registrars put me off (varnish-like coating inside the ink window of an M200 after 4 days - took ages to clean). January '16 I tried Montblanc
  25. Given that Bung box ink is rather dear here...I would like some advise on which blue black to indulge in...deciding between 4B and Silent Night has me in a quandary. Any sage advise? BTW this would be my first purchase of a true blue black ink. I'm extraordinarily picky about ink.

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