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  1. Hello everybody, first things first... this is NOT a typo, I didn't mix up numbers such as 355 to 535, as a matter of fact you have read correctly. Penbbs has issued a new pen the 535 as a Limited Edition with only 999 pieces built. Second, please be kind this is my first review and my very first posting. I have decided to make this review because for the life of me I couldn't find any information on this pen on any aficionado forums, not even on the original Penbbs forum. Last I would like to extend a big thank you to everybody who made the effort to post reviews, recommendations
  2. I found this image on the PenBBS Etsy site and it totally confuses me. Can someone explain how the nibs line up with the line sizes?
  3. Hello again to all my FPN friends, Today the long awaited Penbbs 456 vac-filler arrived in the mail, so I thought I'd give everyone still waiting for theirs on the slow boat from China to see what they have to look forward to. Below are just a few impressions after filling it up and taking it for a test drive. - The pen just exudes quality! The translucent blue material looks thick and sturdy. The pen just feels very solid and sturdily constructed. - The 456 is just a tad longer than the 309, but notably heavier due to the additional metal parts (see comparison photos below). - It p
  4. A Smug Dill

    Comparing multiple PenBBS nibs

    From the album: Nib comparisons

    I'd forgotten that I'd posted this here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/355075-penbbs-extra-fine-nibs/

    © A Smug Dill

  5. I realized this morning that i've never done a PIF on this forum. Well, it's time to fix that and start sharing the love over here also. Up for grabs is one full bottle of Penbbs#502 (The Rains). First post claiming it will receive it. I tried to like this ink, but it's just too dark for my use, I only use flex pens and the color doesn't show for me. Perhaps, it will work better for you.
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • Used

    Hello All, I'm one of the earliest Penbbs fan boys and have sung their praises for years, but I also don't like keeping pens around that don't get used. Thus I need to part with these perfectly good pens that are just too large or heavy for my little hands. For individual sale are 3 2 Penbbs pens in near mint condition. I only used each once or twice to try them out. All of these have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected and will come in original black padded Penbbs boxes. USPS Priority Shipping is included in the price. Payment by Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal only. SALES TO CON-US ONLY. (Please do not ask me to ship outside of the Continental United States.) 1. 456-72SF Emerald – This vacuum-filler has gorgeous, partially transparent Emerald green acrylic and hasn't been produced for years. The nib is a standard two-tone Penbbs upturned fine nib. A must for any Penbbs collector who missed out on this limited run! Price: $70 $60 shipped 2. 456-56SM Infinite – This vacuum-filler has transparent deep blue acrylic that makes it easy to see the ink level, and these pens hold a ton of ink. The nib is what Penbbs calls a “Rounded Medium (RM),” which means it has a very smooth and forgiving nib like a western medium in width. Price: $32 $27 shipped SOLD 3. 323-108SF Mocha – The shape of this cartridge/converter filling model is one of the most comfortable to use and these metal versions are currently hard to come by. The textured metal feels good in the hand and the pen weighs a hefty 30g. It comes with the original converter and a standard Penbbs upturned fine nib. Price: $40 $32 shipped Thanks for reading!


    , California

  7. Penbbs is a Chinese online fountain pen community similar to FPN. They not only talk about inks but also produce their own inks every year. Each series consists of ten to fifteen inks and 2017 marks the release of Penbbs’ fifteenth ink series. Due to Chinese postal restrictions, these inks are virtually impossible to obtain outside of China. However, within China they are extremely affordable (21 RMB or about US$3 per 60ml bottle) and can easily be purchased through the Chinese online shopping giant Taobao. This ink up for review is from Penbbs’ twelfth series. It is named after the city of
  8. Hi guys, I am looking at this pen with a lot of of interest. But I don’t want to pay over £30 for a pen that will break on me. Has anyone been using this for a while? Can you attest to their reliability? I want to try a vacuum filling system and these have the nicest body by far. I am particularly fond of the Sherry Acrylic. I know the nibs aren’t the best on this brand, but I would be willing to change it if it’s possible. I am getting more interested in custom grinds... Any advice/experiences? thanks 😊
  9. Pilot Parallel italic nibs perform wonderfully in italic calligraphy applications, and they can be successfully ground, hacked, and shaped for a variety of effects. With simple shrink-wrap tubing usually used for electronic connections, the diameter of the nib unit can be expanded to fit snugly into the section of a Penbbs 456 fountain pen. This enables calligraphers to place the high-performing Pilot Parallel nib in a more elegant pen, and to add wide italic functionality — from 1.5 mm to 6 mm — to the Penbbs 456. Use scissors to create a 5-mm-long “collar” from 7-mm heat-shrink t
  10. Here's a weird ink, probably closely comparable to Jacques Herbin Nude By Marc-Antoine Coulon (which I don't have), that I expected and really wanted to like, but in which I'm sadly disappointed by its performance characteristics that make it nigh unusable and useless. Colour: It really does look like rose quartz, at least the globes and other-shaped pieces that I recently saw in an antiques and secondhand knick-knacks store. The colour on the page defies proper capture with my Canon LiDE 300 scanner, in any mode and with a colour calibration reference card by the side
  11. From the album: Ink review

    The colour of this ink simply defies capture with my Canon scanner, even with a colour reference card next to it; and no amount of colour correction post-processing in GIMP can make it look anything close to what I see. The photo here presents the ink colour relatively more accurately: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/gallery/image/1941-penbbs-no178-rose-quartz-ink-review-sheet-—-photo/

    © A Smug Dill

  12. From the album: Ink review

    The photo has been scaled down to approximately 114dpi, so that it is rendered true to size on the screen of my 13-inch MacBook Pro. The colour shown in the image, when displayed on my screen, is fairly close to what I see on the page — when the incident light makes the colour of the paper a cool, slightly bluish white. Right now, in the indirect evening sunlight, the colour of the paper looks much warmer, and that significantly changes how I perceive the ink colour.

    © A Smug Dill

  13. A Smug Dill

    PenBBS ink No.406 (image replacement test)

    From the album: Odds and ends

    Trying to get the hang of what I can (and what I cannot) with the features of the FPN Image Gallery on the upgraded forum platform. Colour: blue-black Flow: not dry, but apt to be cloggy Feathering: Not observed on Rhodia Dotpad 80g/m² paper, looking closely at the thinnest hatching lines, and words/glyphs ‘reverse-written’ with the nib upside-down (i.e. the bottom of the feed facing up) Show-through: Low to nil Bleed-through: Not observed Drying time: 25 seconds Smudging after fully dry: Quite susceptible, when the thick sheen can easily be re-w

    © A Smug Dill

  14. Source: AliExpress PenBBS is mostly known for its pen models on English-language fountain pen hobbyist forums, but it also makes a heck of lot of different inks — including some pigment inks and shimmer inks besides dye inks — and releases sometimes ten, sometimes a dozen, or even two dozen new ink colours at a time in batches it refers to as ‘seasons’. Their relative obscurity in the Western world is understandable, though. Each ink is both numbered and named, but from what I've seen, the name of a particular ink is usually given either only in Chinese or only in English,
  15. A Smug Dill

    Comparing multiple PenBBS nibs' output

    From the album: Nib comparisons

    © A Smug Dill

  16. From the album: Chinese pens

    The PenBBS 308(-20SF light blue ‘Glaze’ demonstrator shown here) and Lingmo Lorelei 019 (with two of the green acrylic variants shown here) are more or less the same pen, and the parts are interchangeable. However, even though both models are fitted with nibs that are slightly upturned at the tip, they seem to write quite differently; and I like the Lorelei's nibs better for the line widths it puts down, even though the PenBBS nib itself seem to be of slightly better quality in terms of material and manufacture.

    © A Smug Dill

  17. noddle

    Where To Buy Penbbs Inks

    I have become quite enamoured with Penbbs inks lately, especially some in the older series, two in particular: 270 Strawberry Milkshake 272 Haworthia Vanness only has samples of 270, but I'd prefer to buy a full bottle as prices are reasonable. So my questions are: 1. Can anyone recommend a reliable retailer of Penbbs inks (inc. older stock) that will ship to UK? 2. If anyone has had dealings with YOYCART.com or GlobalMall.com, were they reliable? 3. What shipping restrictions and import issues there may be. Apologies if this topic has been covered before. Much appreciated.
  18. Straight outta Shanghai, crossing vast oceans and lands, comes the latest from PENBBS, the model 487 magnetic filler eyedropper. By now, you've all read about the revival in magnetism in fountain pen filling with the likes of Piedmonte Pen Design and the PENBBS Year of the Rat 492 Well this here's the one for the masses. Same set up as the 492 but a bit more accessible to purchase and just as competent on the magnetic cap pulls magnetic piston. Goodies My first fill brings out the delightful novelty, look ma, no rods! Neato, speedo! The mechanism is very easy with the clear instruction ca
  19. As the title says, I am wondering if the sections of the two pens can be inter-changed. I otherwise quite like my 480 , but I don't like the sharp ridge at the (nib)end of the section, since I hold my pen quite low. I find the 308 design quite meh, and hence haven't bought one, but I am liking the shape of the section from online pictures. I don't mind paying the full price (currently about $15 odd at Beini's page for the suitable colorway) just for the section (and can harvest the nib also if better than my currently least liked penBBS nib). Can anyone who has both pens please try and let
  20. The no. 6 flex nib from Fountain Pen Revolution fits in a Penbbs 456, this one in the absinthe material. The ebonite feed was shaved slightly to fit the plastic section housing. I modified this nib with wing scallops along the lines of the flex nib experiments in the thread below. FPR now sells these ultra flex nibs with wing scallops included. The ink is Diamine umber, and the paper is from MUJI. https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/324910-experiments-with-flex/
  21. Hi, I just noticed on Beini's etsy site that there is a 'new and improved; version of the 355 bulk-filler in some colorways. Anybody have an idea about what is different and what issue it addresses? I held back from the original bulkfiller due to mixed reviews on ease of use and opted instead for several of 456s and 500s and now a 492 as well (all brilliant). Might pick up one this time. https://www.etsy.com/shop/PENBBSOfficialStore?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=802394863&section_id=25398175 Also to those who have a 355 - is it very difficult ascertain whether one got a g
  22. Penbbs #286 幽山向晩 (Remote Mountain By Nightfall -- not an official translation) comes in a "60±5ml" bottle with a octagonal horizontal cross-section. It's damn difficult to come by a bottle. It's isn't so easy just to come by an image of a bottle of it! Source: eBay (I'm trying to rediscover my enthusiasm for reviewing inks by doing one, and move to an easier procedure by using just one or two pens instead of five or more. Alas, no joy, but what's done is done, so here it is.) Drying time: Astoundingly fast. I don't think I've tested any other ink that almost completely dried on
  23. I think my next purchase may be a PenBBS, and these two pens are the ones that call to me the most. Does anyone have both and could comment on how they compare? I know the big difference is the filling system, but I'm curious if they're substantially different writers. Do the weights or sections make much of a difference? Is the 355's filling system really that persnickety? I know the 456 can take other #6 nibs, but can the 355 as well? Thanks in advance for any help.
  24. No particular reason why these inks are grouped together this way, other than the fact that I've received retail bottles of all of these recently, and I'm curious about their respective level of water resistance. To make this thread 'findable' by keyword searching, the list of inks are: Kobe INK Story #38 Kitanozaka Night BlueKobe INK Story #44 Sumaura Seaside BlueKobe INK Story #46 Nagisa Museum GrayPenBBS ink #234 GarnetPenBBS ink #257 Black Tea Latte 紅茶拿鐡PenBBS ink #274 ObsidianPenBBS ink #283 PetraPenBBS ink #286 (Quiet) Mountain at Nightfall 幽山向晚 PenBBS ink #257 has an astoun
  25. boulderchips

    Mystery Hard Starts?

    I recently got my hands on a PenBBS 355 (shoutout to everyone who helped me decide over here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/347558-penbbs-355-vs-456/) The pen came with a medium nib, and for the most part I really enjoy it. But I'm getting a persistent hard starting issue, irrespective of stroke direction, which is resisting all my best attempts to fix it. Under its own weight, the pen writes only sporadically. If it doesn't start right away, I can drag it all over the place with no ink getting down. Hard starts happen while writing as well. First I checked nib alignment,

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