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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 15 hours

    • For Sale
    • Used

    Thinning out my collection. - Parker Duofold Centennial Mk III, 2013 Q1 (date code “France IIIL”), 18k gold medium nib, C/C, Parker box incl., excellent used condition — 300 US$ –– SOLD - Parker 51 Vacumatic (restored), 1940s, Dove Grey, Fine nib, no box and papers — 125 US$ - Parker Sonnet Vison Foncé Chinese Laque, 1995 Q2 (“France IIT”), 18k Fine nib, 23k gold-plated trim, C/C (Parker converter incl.), box and papers incl. (light blue ink staining inside of the box), Near mint never inked (ink in box must be from another pen) –– 250 US$ REDUCED TO 225 USD –– SOLD - Sheaffer 46 Special Service Pen, ca. 1922, Fine nib, Black celluloid, Lever Filler fountain pen (restored), Barrel engraved: "Service Pen Loaned by Turtle Lake Drug Company" This pen was provided by Sheaffer as a replacement pen while customer's pen was serviced, Clip ball brassing and small imperfections commensurate with age and use. Otherwise excellent –– 250 US$ REDUCED TO 225 USD - Bexley Submariner Grande, Butterscotch color, Gold-plated two-tone stainless steel F nib, C/C (converter included), Excellent used condition, No box and papers –– 175 US$ — SOLD - Cross Metropolis set (1995), Made in US, Fountain Pen, Ball point pen (optional soft tip included), Mechanical pencil (all working perfectly); chrome, black lacquer cap, Gold-plated steel Broad nib, C/C (converter included), box and papers incl., very good used condition, minor traces of use –– 150 US$ - Cross Century (1st generation 1982 model), Made in Ireland, Gold-plated steel Fine nib, C/C, Excellent used condition, no box and papers –– 85 US$ - Cross Century II Lustrous Chrome (model from 1996, later model with no "made in" indication), Stainless steel Medium nib, C/C, Excellent used condition, no box and papers –– 55 US$ - Cross Townsend Medalist (model from 1993, this example from 1996), Made in US, Stainless steel Fine nib, 23k gold-plated trim, C/C (converter incl.), Excellent used condition, no box and papers –– 65 US$ REDUCED TO 55 USD –– SOLD Shipping from Belgium to Europe and USA: $ 35


    - BE


    Please identify Sheaffer Pen... Pictures attached

    Got gifted this wonderful Sheaffer pen last week, yet I am left scratching my head what model is this ... The Nib seems to be a Prelude M (Medium) yet the Barrel and Cap do not seems to be a Prelude or Legacy series model. Look forward to solving the puzzle together. Thank You
  3. Susanna

    Sheaffer close-out

    I'm selling out some old colors of Sheaffer Taranis, Sagaris and Series 100. First come first served, very few pieces each.
  4. KiltedKrafts

    Another ID required

    Hi all, sorry for this post but i need to pick some brains that are bigger than mine (not too difficult 🤪) i think this one is a Craftsman going by the barrel and cap profile, but its a lever filler and the cap band is quite narrow. Online searches have turned up very little. nib is marked: Sheaffers 33 Made in USA 14K Barrel marked: W. A. Sheaffer, Fort Madison etc, Made in USA. Then crudely stamped “350” any and all help will be gratefully received 👍🏻
  5. I dislike modern Sheaffer fountain pens. They perform well but I find most of them them boring. It's strange as Sheaffer has a rich history of innovative pen, nib, filling-system designs. What went wrong? Some designs look interesting though - Sheaffer Crest for example. I've received this pen from a fellow fountain pen user to play with it. And so I played. Modern Crest line was offered between 1989 and 1998. Soon it'll become vintage, I guess. Anyway the line was inspired by Snorkel pens, the name Crest comes from a Snorkel model with gold filled cap and plastic
  6. Time Left: 13 days and 4 hours

    • Wanted - WTB
    • Used

    Hey FPN! I am looking to purchase a Sheaffer PFM - preferably a II or IV model, but I won't turn down a decent deal, with a F or EF nib. I would prefer something in a user or average grade - I'd like something to use regularly. Would prefer restored, but won't turn down an unrestored example. I have excellent eBay buyer feedback, and have purchased pens on r/pen_swap, FPN, FPGeeks forum, and elsewhere. Would prefer to deal in PayPal, and I am located in the United States.


  7. KiltedKrafts

    What Sheaffer is this?

    Hi guys n gals, i picked up a couple of Sheaffers but I’m having trouble identifying which model they are. This one has the fingernail nib of a Lady Sheaffer but is gold plated steel(?), engraved simply ‘Sheaffer’, and the barrel is way too plain, simple black plastic. Also, is the clip too long for a Lady? The cap fits beautifully to the barrel, very smooth transition. The pen is also a cartridge filler, i added the converter as it came with a nice crusty cartridge 😆 I don’t normally venture to Sheaffer, but as this one is such a nice writer i might have to dip in a bit more 🤭
  8. Hello After I got a couple of Sheaffer Balance a few days ago I had a hot conversation with a friend talking about - when can we name a pen as (vintage)!? and which aspect is more important!? time (how long), availability, quality ......etc Thank you for sharing us your opinions H1N
  9. I recently acquired two Sheaffer Sagaris fountain pens, one with a fine nib, the other with a medium. I decided that I preferred the fine nib so I went looking for a fine nib unit to purchase to replace the medium. Since it's the entire unit, it should just screw into the barrel, right? I found a replacement fine nib unit from a seller in England, purchased it, and it has arrived. It won't screw all the way into the barrel that came with the medium nib unit. Hmm... So let's try the fine nib unit from the other pen from the original purchase. It won't screw all the way in either! Oh, futz..
  10. vandersluys

    Help Identify Sheaffer (Flighter)

    I found this Sheaffer fountain pen in an antique shop this summer, but I'm not sure what model it is. I've looked on all the recommended identification websites and couldn't find one that looks like it. Can anyone identify it for me? I'm mostly wondering if the 96700 or 86700 converter would work to replace the old button filler (which I might get repaired eventually, but I wouldn't mind trying the pen first). Picture links: Full picture Nib and section Cap (it says "SHEAFFER - Made in Australia" on the cap) Button filler
  11. rarehoneysuckle

    Strange duo, any idea?

    Hi there everybody! For those of you who know your Sheaffer pens I could really use some knowledge here. My mother has had these 2 mechanical pencils forever now & has been asking me to get information on them & to possibly sell them for years. I finally attempted to do just that for her but it turns out that I had underestimated the Sheaffer company completely. I've found myself certain on a specific model just to find myself back to confusion after descriptions/other models. The 2 pencils to begin with are not of the same set- they both most likely belong to different fount
  12. Hi, I found a Sheaffer fountain pen in an op shop, can anyone please help to identify what model it is? The only markings I can see is gold electroplated USA. Thank you. Thank You.
  13. I have this Sheaffer Flat Top Lady with features that are difficult to explain. The pen is 4.5" long and marked "Lady" on the nib. The single tone nib and pinned lever are early 1930s Flat Top features while the humped flat ball clip suggest 1934 or later. The third line of the barrel imprint has the common "DEC 10.12-JAN. 27-OCT. 20 - NOV. 24" patent dates. The feed is flat serrated, with broad and widely spaced notches. There is no white dot on this pen. Is this a correct cap and barrel combination? The absence of the white dot seems odd.
  14. Just gifted myself this beautiful set of Imperial VIII fountain pen and pencil, complete with original box. Found them for sale in an old Mom & Pop stationary store that also happens to sell old ballpoints, pencils and fountain pens in varying states of conservation. Both are in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition, but the pen needs a new sac. Not sure about the nib width, but looks like a Medium. The best, I got them for just $35! I always thought these Imperials were a bit thicker than all the other Sheaffer pens I own, but this pen seems to be the exact same width and length
  15. So I was searching over the classifieds on an online site looking for vintage Sheaffer pens, when up pops a listing for a Sheaffer Imperial II TD that was on sale for less than $10 USD. According to the publication the pen was functional, so I decided to meet the vendor and check over the pen. The vendor arrived with a bunch of pen stuff for sale, including a Sheaffer Targa, a Sheaffer pen box, some Parker ballpoints, and pencils. So after looking over the Imperial and deciding on its purchase, I went over the Targa. A Matte Black early edition pen that had been on my wish list for quite som
  16. My first vintage Sheaffer pen was a Triumph 550GT pen, that needless to say, wasn't equipped with a Triumph nib. But it was thanks to this pen that I found out about Sheaffer's legendary conical nibs. It's been a while since I've been under the impression that all Sheaffer conical nibs were denominated Triumph but just yesterday I got a Sheaffer Stylist MkII pen that sports a nib that is a conical one but seems to be referenced as "Skripsert". Can anyone clarify what defines one or the other nib? Thanks in advance!
  17. I had just started using fountain pens around 1999/2000, right around the time Sheaffer came out with the Whale Shark Intrigue. I really wanted one but the price on the FP was more than I was willing to spend. I stay below $100 (under $50 most of the time) so I long wrote it off as something I'd never have. When I got back into pens recently I looked at what was available on the Bay and found a new old stock rollerball and couldn't pass it up. I'm less strict about everything having to be a FP now than I was then and I'm really glad because I dig this one a lot.
  18. Hello I come to ask your opinion about the state of two vintage sheaffer skrip ink bottles possibly from the 90's. I bought two jars, one brown and one blue, the brown has the great ink well, my concern is that the brown is no longer that color, currently has a greenish color. The lid of both bottles is not rusty, if I had to describe the smell of the box and bottle, I would say that it is old or old book because of the cardboard, I suppose, when I opened both bottles they smell old like cardboard or the bottle in its exterior .The first print on the top layer of the ink looks normal and cle
  19. I am relatively new to sheaffers and pen restoration in general. I have restored my friend's Sheaffer Imperial, but somehow when I got one for myself, the screw was either sealed in and rusted or just rusted in, but i could not even get a grip on it with a screwdriver as the screw had corroded and was stripped. I have limited tools and I don't plan on buying any online. I have also searched online but the suggestions require tools I don't posses or are too risky and I don't want to try. Any suggestions? Sorry I could not get a clear photo of the screw.
  20. Various people including myself have had good luck with buying replacement lids for our vintage Sheaffer ink bottles from BottleSolutions.com, but they've been taken over by Pipeline Packaging, a similar company in the same city, it looks like the relevant link for jar lids is this although the parts numbers don't seem to have stayed the same so I can't really make any promises: https://www.pipelinepackaging.com/closures BottleSolutions.com was the old site but it redirects to a post announcing the takeover, and I'm not quite sure how to shop on the Packaging Pipeline site, they may need t
  21. donnweinberg

    Sheaffer Balance 2 Photo Gallery

    I haven't seen a full-fledged photo gallery here of the modern Sheaffer Balance 2 (or Balance II), so I thought I'd provide one now. If I'm wrong, I apologize in advance, but no harm done. I'll provide photos in a few separate posts here. Let's start with the Balance 2 "Classic Colors," which were made from an injection-molded solid-color resin. They came in three colors -- Hunter Green, Navy Blue, and Black -- and were available in FP, RB, and BP. The FP came with a 14K solid gold nib, available in a few widths, including a stub. The nib was quite firm. Here are my photos. You'll no
  22. Earlier today, I've written: "I guess, later today, I shall start a thread "Id Help Please: That Is A Sheaffer FP, But What Exactly?" ..." Here we go: According to the seller, it's a "Sheaffer Triumph Imperial 797 (...) Model 2797, year of manufacture 1990, 14 carat gold nib medium," which I can't really understand; can you enlighten me, please? Thank you (Again: I do not think it's a Targa -- but the tag shall help to find this thread again )
  23. I came across this pen that probably belonged to my grandfather. First of all I haven't been able to identify the pen or its age. It has a vacumatic fill and an ebonite feed. The ribbed section also seems to be made of ebonite and has some signs of whitening. The biggest problem with this pen is that the barrel has been sloppily glued to the section by some sort of adhesive, most probably many years after the pen was manufactured. The adhesive was quite brittle so I managed to carefully peel it off. What remains behind looks like damage to the barrel itself. The adhesive has dug small pit
  24. Can you enlighten me, please? Thank you (This time: I do think among the ballpoints could be a Targa -- anyways, the tag shall help to find this thread again )
  25. This is an Australian-marked ‘Micro-crafted’ refill from a Sheaffer (Aust.) Fineline Ballpoint that was produced in the early-1950s. The ‘Micro-crafted’ refill was initially produced by Sheaffer USA in their Stratowriter in 1946 and later used in the Touchdown, Fineline and Snorkel (non-retracting) ballpoint models. This refill is unusual because the ink is contained in a plastic sac inside the aluminium casing. Here are some photos of a dismantled ‘Micro-crafted’ refill showing the ballpoint section, ink sac and aluminium sac protector/casing. The ballpoint section contains the ball

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