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  1. I recently ordered a Jinhao 100 Centennial from China, which should be arriving imminently. I realised - too late! - that the EF nib I have specified is not an original Jinhao nib. So, assuming I am not happy with it: - anyone know what make/style of nib I am likely to get? - can it easily be replaced with a “better” EF nib? - if, so what would you recommend? I recall reading that there was a switch from #5 to #6 nibs recently for this design, but I don’t normally mess with my pens these days, so any detailed advice would be welcome. A fine line is always m
  2. As you can see, we have some colorful Jinhao Shark pens here. Amaze your friends! Terrify your enemies! One lucky FPN'er will get all of them. Four fude, one fine point. All come with converters, and they write very well for such a ferocious, yet comical-looking instrument. CONUS only, and sadly eliminating anyone who has 'won' from me before. As usual, the Eeny-Meeny Inator will be used to select the winner. Thanks for looking.
  3. I just got a couple of Cross Bailey Light fountain pens (£10 on sale, WH Smith UK) and 3 Cross refill converters (£7 each, buy two get one free, from same place). They were advertised as "Fine Nib", but now I have them, there's no word "Fine" on the packaging, and there's an "M" on the front. I'm not familiar enough with Cross or fountain pens in general to be able to tell a Fine tip at a glance. The "M" could stand for "medium girth", according to their website. Can anyone advise? Should I send them back? Come to think of it, are Bailey Lights bad pens; should I return them while
  4. So I just have a little question.. Why don’t people just change the size of their handwriting to accommodate the nib size? I hear so many people say some things like, ”I would love this pen, but it has a medium nib and it makes my handwriting look blobby.” Or, “I just dislike extra-fine nibs so much, they put down too fine a line for my handwriting.” And when I hear this I just wonder, “Well why don’t you write a little bit bigger or smaller?” I am not talking about people complaining about extra-fine nibs being too toothy or broad
  5. This Sailor pocket fountain pen was manufactured in February 1965 (date code H. making it one of the first Sailor pocket pens to be produced. Although, once very common in Japan, they rarely come up for sale now. This is most likely due to the age and owners like to hang on to them. They are unusual which attracted me and they’re surprisingly good for writing. Pocket pens are still popular and make a revival every 15 years. Pocket pens are a rather unusual design (long cap, short barrel) and started by Platinum in the ‘60’s and due to the high demand both Pilot and Sailor soon entered the
  6. To the point: any advice before I start using a Parker 75 bought used? One with the thinner section, fine size nib. Longer story: I'd given up on the 75 given that I have no way of trying them in person, and they are apparently thinner than Sonnets, of which I have two. But... I came across one for a low price, which seemed in good nick, and in the design that intrigued me the most, milleraies (yes, ciselé looks awesome too). So... Instead of wisely saving for the one pen missing in my collection, a Waterman Carène, there I go blowing the budget... Which was already seriously dented by a Pel
  7. linkoiram

    Diamine Earl Grey Too Light?

    I have diamine earl grey inked up in a jinhao 51a with the unhooded nib as well as a moonman m2 knockoff "hyl" pen, both fine nibs. After some worn on the 51a nib it writes somewhat wetter than it did initially, but I still find the ink to be too light almost to the point of skipping. On hp 24 lb laser paper it is fine, but on rhodia 80gsm dotpad paper the line is dry and looks scratchy and too light. I tried changing converters and cleaning the jinhao but after the hyl had similar problems I think I've found the particular combination of nib size, paper, and possibly pen that doesn't show up
  8. Pelikan P476 cartridge fountain pen was manufactured from 1973-77. Although, very common in Germany 40 years ago, despite not being rare, do not come up for sale very often. 1. Appearance & Design (8/10) This is a rather conservative design using chrome and plastic. Not what I normally associate with the majority of Pelikans traded today. I suspect it was the company's attempt to manage the transition from fountain pens to the convenience of ballpoints. Despite using cheaper materials, the quality and construction is very good. I particularly like the use of stainless steel for the
  9. Aditkamath26

    Pilot Custom 823 Nib And Related

    Hello pen people. I am posting this in dire need of advice. I might buy a Pilot Custom 823 next week or so from the Nibsmith. I am not convinced on the nib size. I am either going for a fine nib or a medium ground to a medium-fine according to Sailors mf width. Can anyone say how the fine nib compares to other fines like TWSBI or Platinum 14k fines on the Century model? If you can provide a writing sample of the Custom 823 fine or medium with other nibs like Jowo fines, mediums or Sailor mf etc, it would be of great help. Any help in decision making would be very much appreciated. I have to sa
  10. Good evening everyone once again. This is a light hearted review of a serious pen! Preamble (skip this bit if you find it boring): Today, I have been fortunate to manage to have the same day off work as my partner (our schedules NEVER match up). Couple of days before the bank holiday madness kicks in, so the great outdoors beckoned… So, with the great UK weather being unpredictable, a trip to the coast was off the menu, and I was in need of a pen case for a couple of pens I have, so predictably, a pen shop expedition was order of the day. As per usual, we headed out some 30+ miles to
  11. Greetings fellow stationary nerds. I come to you from the far north, the land of Lego, pastries and wind power, with this, my first pen review. The subject in question, the Jinhao Y3. This is an interesting one, because I literally couldn't find anything resembling a review of this pen prior to my purchase, so it was a bit of a jump into nothingness, but it looked good and it was only about 8 bucks on Aliexpress. The pen came in the most luxurious and decadent cheap, gray, foam padded cardboard box, as with most pens of AX. Oh well, waddya expect. Appearance/Design: The pen is rea
  12. theverdictis

    A Good Small, F Montblanc?

    Hey all, Any recommendations on a good small/slim Montblanc fine nib pen? Been looking at the 146 and was wondering if there are any 'experts' with using this as an every day writer. I prefer slim/small pens with a fine nib to write for extended periods and really like the Montblanc brand. Kind Regards Ben
  13. artistmonk

    Pilot 55C2

    This was the kind of pen that they ignored, having been placed at the far end of the display shelf at Cosmos Bazaar in Binondo, Manila. The Pilot 55C2 is a rare fountain pen from the 1980s. But they didn't know that, and neither did I. But there it joined the rest of my fp acquisition because the nib said, "Baby, come to meee..." Later, a quick browse through Google revealed a brief description of this pen. Unlike most Pilots that run on their patent cartridge or converter, the Pilot 55C2 accepts international standard cartridges. This is a wonderful thing! Postable and with a snap-cap, this
  14. FordPrefect8

    Parker Vector F

    So I ordered Parker Vector, not because I was expecting it to be any good, on the contrary, I hoped it to be at least meh so I can work on my nib adjusting skills. So it was and so I did. After going through few different micro mesh nail files it became a fairly sexy writing thing - very defined lines, definitely thinner than medium, not too wet but far from dry (Souten shades nicely), and most of all it's really quite smooth with less feedback. In the end it's too small and thin to be comfortable for me so I'll be giving it away Apologies for super bad quality photo
  15. PotatoJesus

    Jowo And Bock Fine Nibs

    So the pen that I am considering buying comes with a #6 Bock nib, and so far I haven't had the best experience with their #5 nibs as the "extra-fine" was thicker than my #6 Jowo fine. I'm not sure if this is just due to the different nib sizes as I haven't been into fountain pens that long. Is this just something that occurs with smaller nib sizes or does Bock actually make their nibs with a thicker line?
  16. Hi all, I absolutely love the feel of writing with Pilot V5 HiTechpoint. But I can't use any ink I want in it. It comes filled with a large quantity and once ink is over, it is supposed to be disposed off. To be sure, it can be opened with a plier and refilled, but that also works only a couple of times before some damage or the other happens. So I have this question for experienced fountain pen users here who might have used this pen too - which fountain pen comes closest to Pilot V5 HiTechpoint in terms of writing experience including nib thickness (I think 0.5 mm)?? If it is within my b
  17. Vunter

    Nibs For Work And School

    This may sound like a dumb question because what nibs to use for different purposes is very much a personal preference kind of thing; nonetheless, I'm going to ask it anyways. At this point in the Hobby, I have tried all sorts of Nibs and have really started to hone in on what I like. What gets it going for me are stub nibs I find them incredibly fun to write with and also like the aesthetic they bring to my writing. In all my research and experiments I see that people often recommend using Fine nibs for school, work, notes etc... I only really tend to write with Stub nibs or Medium nibs s
  18. Hello, Hoping there's someone who can advise! A vicar is looking for a fountain pen with a fine nib, that will be completely safe to use with his carbon document ink. Any ideas or suggestions would be really appreciated! Thank you in advance.
  19. Itsallstraw

    Lamy Nib Needed!

    Hello! I have a lamy safari with a medium nib but it is just too broad for my writing! I am in search of a fine/extra fine. I would be willing to trade! Can anyone help me out?!
  20. rochester21

    Waterman Charleston Review

    The Charleston is the least expensive fountain pen offered today by Waterman which has a gold nib, and it`s placed in the middle of the range. The question is: is the Charleston a compromise or a universal soldier? Let`s find out. 1. Design and appearance: 4/5. They say that the Charleston design was inspired by an 1930s model, therefore having some art-deco design features, most noticeable being that middle metallic ring. I personally would have placed it near the cap ring, but nonetheless, it does offer a note of distinction to the pen. What I like more about it is the clip design and t
  21. Hello everyone! I bought a Platinum Century 3776 in a medium nib and I am really liking the size of the nib. I found it to be much finer than my other japanese mediums though, such as the Pilot Metropolitan and the Pilot Kakuno. I also quite like the nib on Hero 616. However, I found the Century 3776 nib to be a bit toothy for my liking, while my 616 is fairly smooth I would say. How do the fine Pilot fine nibs compare? I was thinking of buying a Metropolitan in a fine nib but just wanted to check in, before I regret a purchase that will simply lie on my desk!
  22. Hi, I have some questions about the smoothness and fineness of nibs between Pilot Vanishing Point and Pilot Custom Heritage 92/Custom 74. I have Pilot Decimo with a fine nib and I like the smoothness and fineness of this nib, but it is little heavy for long writing. While I was searching for a smooth, lightweight, and fine fountain pen for long writing, someone has recommended me Pilot Custom Heritage 92. I see it has pretty good reputation in this forum. Thus, I would like to know more about the nibs of this pen. As I said, I like the fineness and smoothness of my Decimo fine nib. How i
  23. cimmerian

    Lamy Red + Blue = Lamy Beetroot?

    So I’ve got a small bottle of Lamy Red and about three boxes of Lamy Blue cartridges. As I’ll probably never use those blue cartridges, I decided to have some fun mixing those inks together. This is the 2:1 Red/Blue mix, plus RGB indexes for the darkest and lightest areas: Now the 3:1 Red/Blue mix + RGB: …aaand the 4:1 Red/Blue mix + RGB: Method: Lamy explicitly says in their website not to mix their inks, so I left each concoction sitting quietly for 24 hours in a drawer in a sample container before putting a little bit of ink on the pen (I used a regional brand pen with a fine nib made i
  24. Picked this up from JetPens but it's just not for my chubby little paws: writing with it feels cramped, and I much prefer my Platinum Preppy. So it's off to a good home soon, hopefully! First person to send their postal address to rappard [aat] gmail [doot] com gets it. In exchange, it'd be great if you could: * Make a donation (however small) to a charity of my choice or * Send me a Platinum cartridge(s) (black ink) But if not, no problem. Since I'm fairly new here: I have immaculate feedback on Discogs, eBay and Head-Fi (my username on all sites is the same as the one here). -
  25. HERO - 336 Over the period of past 4-5 months i have started collecting Chinese Fountain pens which i will be reviewing one by one. This review is about the pen which was recommended to me by Mr. Subramaniam of ASA Pens after i have collected lot of Chinese Fountain Pens from local market of Old Delhi (Nai Sadak & Sadar Bazaar). And I am surely not disappointed at all. Hero 336 I have review the pen here in detail .....https://mehandiratta.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/pen-review-hero-336-hooded-nib/ I LOVE THE PEN

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