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About this blog

Sharing how I do particular things and/or achieve certain outcomes on FPN's platform as I muddle through

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How-to: Set, or change, personal info that others can see about me

It helps to explore this yourself, revisiting once in a while if need be, and keep in mind where each of those personal info fields are entered. Don't leave it until the urge to change something specific to come upon you, and only then bother to ask the question! Invest the time surveying upfront, instead of waste it later waiting for an answer from nobody in particular.     Most of the fields shown above are self-evident as to what they are. I think the only ones that could

A Smug Dill

A Smug Dill in How-tos

How-to: Block; Censor; Delete; Erase; Hide; Ignore; Leave

I don't know whether all of these qualify as Frequently Asked Questions, but they have at least been asked and/or discussed before on FPN. Since I'll probably be referring others to the same old discussions, tutorials, and information pages next time the questions are raised, if at least to fill in “the story so far”, I may as well gather them in one place now for my own convenience.   Last things first:   How do I…   … delete my FPN account? You can't; but you can

A Smug Dill

A Smug Dill in How-tos

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