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  1. Hi experts I just got a sheaffer fat touchdown crest, but it looks weird, or rared. It has a nib imprinted a serial number and a golden threaded section ring. But from almost all the source I can access ( Sheaffer advertisement, online photos, etc.), it seems they built this generation of crest only with chrome threaded section rings. The only exceptional is a fat sentinel Deluxe, which with both golden threaded ring and serial number nib. And I find that sheaffer manufactured some earlier triumph level filled pens with this kind of serial number nibs as well as golden threaded rings. So I have 2 assumptions: 1. someone replaced my crest's nib and section set with one from a triumph level filled pen, would that be possible? Are the nib and section sets of post-war triumph and first year Touchdown interchangeable? 2. Sheaffer indeed manufactured some fat touchdowns with serial number nib and golden threaded rings, but in little amount . I know sheaffer preferred to use golden threaded rings in their early triumph, but with "lifetime" but not serial number imprinted on the nib. So could anyone suggest me some source or information about when and in which product lines sheaffer imprinted serial numbers on the nib and use golden threaded rings?
  2. Just gifted myself this beautiful set of Imperial VIII fountain pen and pencil, complete with original box. Found them for sale in an old Mom & Pop stationary store that also happens to sell old ballpoints, pencils and fountain pens in varying states of conservation. Both are in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition, but the pen needs a new sac. Not sure about the nib width, but looks like a Medium. The best, I got them for just $35! I always thought these Imperials were a bit thicker than all the other Sheaffer pens I own, but this pen seems to be the exact same width and length as my Imperial II TD with the short Triumph (Skripsert) nib. Anyone has any idea of what kind of sacs do I need for both, the Imperial VIII and the Imperial II? Also, is the PFM thicker than this one?
  3. I am relatively new to sheaffers and pen restoration in general. I have restored my friend's Sheaffer Imperial, but somehow when I got one for myself, the screw was either sealed in and rusted or just rusted in, but i could not even get a grip on it with a screwdriver as the screw had corroded and was stripped. I have limited tools and I don't plan on buying any online. I have also searched online but the suggestions require tools I don't posses or are too risky and I don't want to try. Any suggestions? Sorry I could not get a clear photo of the screw.
  4. Hello, I have recently obtained a beautiful Sheaffer Legacy 1 fountain pen. It has a gold plated converter with pliglass ink sac that works well with the Touchdown mechanism of the pen. I have looked upon the Internet to find an additional converter for the pen. The only converters that I found were open on the side and had a push bar to squeeze the ink sac. What I`d like to know is: do these work with the touchdown mechanism, too? And is it possible to disassemble such converters and replace the ink sac? Greetings, Steffi
  5. As the title says I am trying to restore an old sheaffer tuckaway but I am having trouble finding restoration guides specifically for it and instead find videos for restoring sheaffer touchdowns that to my knowledge have the same mechanisms it used in the tuckaway. If anyone has a more specific guide that would be very helpful as this would be my first attempt at a restoration. Also, when watching this video there is an o ring that needs to be placed in the Sheaffer Imperial but i am having trouble finding a notch for one....also what size o ring should i look for/ where is the best place to buy one? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Okay last minute edit, so I see that anderson pens sells o rings a large and small, but which size should I get?
  6. I know that this topic is already kind-of discussed in various places on FPN but I can't seem to find a straight answer. My question: I would like to find a nice water resistant or proof, good performance on cheaper paper blue, black or blue-black ink safe for my vintage Sheaffers (Touchdown and Snorkel). I've been using some vintage Watermans B/B that I picked up a while ago, but it's too pale and doesn't perform very well on cheap paper. I wanted to try Namiki Blue, but I read some other reviews that people don't recommend it in vintage pens-- It's a shame. It's one of my favorite blues. Would some of the modern IG Inks ( Diamine Registrar, Rohrer & Klinger, Mont Blanc, etc....) be ok to use? Any or all suggestions would be really appreciated.
  7. Ruth Feiertag

    Help With Sheaffer Admiral Touchdown

    Apologies if my question has already been answered. I did a search and didn't find what I want to know. I have the Sheaffer pictured (I hope) below. I've used it a couple times without problems, but now the filler mechanism has become almost impossible to move. I looked up a couple videos on servicing touchdowns, but none were quite like the one I have with the window. The barrel of others in the videos seemed to unscrew from the feed section easily; mine won't budge and before I try to persuade it further, I thought I'd ask here if anyone knows whether the section and barrel are supposed to come apart on these models. If not, do I merely need to lubricate the metal tube of the mechanism to get it to move again? What questions should I be asking? Thanks in advance for any advice anyone has to offer. Ruth
  8. I recently bought a Sheaffer TM Touchdown TM for only $15, but the nib seems to have had its tipping material broken off. Is there any way to replace it or repair it?
  9. DeborahMakarios

    Before This Fool Rushes In...

    ...can anyone tell me what precautions (if any) I should take before filling an old Sheaffer which hasn't been used in probably decades? My research seems to indicate it's an Imperial VI (grey barrel, steel & gold cap, gold inlaid nib), and the rubber bulb seems nice and soft. Is there anything else I need to look out for? Thanks!
  10. Hi all, Recently I've been looking into getting myself a vintage Sheaffer imperial IV with a fine or XF nib, but the prices seem rather high on some products and I'm not sure if they are worth it / reasonable, it seems I could invest that money elsewhere, but I am rather new to Sheaffer vintage pens so I'm not sure what boundaries I'm working with. This is purely so I can decide to wait on a better offer to come up or to get something relatively soon with existing offers. These are what I found so far: NOS with fine nib, guaranteed working $95USD (+$15 Intl' shipping)Used with fine nib, "seems working" according to seller, with a crack in the barrel (from grip section and a few cm up, looks like a white line) £48 (Auction price, not sure if this will hold)Used with XF nib, most likely working, tiny crack just before blind cap on the barrel. I don't know if this will affect the touchdown mechanism? £86 As I said, I'm not sure if these prices are reasonable or not, there seems to be an awfully big range, and I don't want to spend more than I need to if that money could be spent on something better instead. The first offer is from a website selling vintage pens, the other two are on eBay. If anyone have any other recommendations on where I might find a good deal, please send them my way (or maybe you want to sell me a pen ), many thanks!
  11. Hi guys, I need a little help with choosing which vintage Sheaffer Imperial to buy! Recently I've been looking on eBay and am quite intrigued by the vintage Sheaffer pens with the inlaid nibs, they're absolutely gorgeous! Anyway, I've spotted three good deals and am having trouble deciding which is more worth it. I would like to hear your opinions! 1) Sheaffer Imperial 330 NOS, Black, Fine steel nib. £59 (Also comes with ballpoint pen) The price is attractive to me especially as there is both a fountain pen and ballpoint included, and they are both new old stock.However I have been told the weight of the pen is not ideal as it is cheap (?) plastic, can anyone weigh in on this?Comes with converter. 2) Sheaffer Imperial 444 Flighter, Chrome, Fine steel nib. £70 The price is higher for this one and I'm not sure if it's worth it, but the metal body does look good and it should weight better.Converter is not included.The description says the pen is "unused" and there is still a sticker on the barrel, but there is no box, and also an "imperfection" on the barrel.In working condition. 3) Sheaffer Imperial Touchdown VI (I believe), Gray, Fine 14k nib. £? (Auction, I'm aiming for lower than £50) 14k gold nib is a steal if I can win at a low bid.Filling mechanism is interesting, can anyone vouch for how good / bad it is?Used. Has a few scratches that are not very noticeable but there none-the-less.In working condition. So those are the three I'm looking at, can anyone give any advice? Thanks!
  12. I need help identifying this Pen/pencil set from 1972. Please see attached files. Note: this pen does not have a snorkel in the feed for filling. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Hi, i have a stuck Sheaffer Imperial Touchdown nib unit. The reason why I want to take apart the section is because I have found ink to be leaking through the threads that hold the nib unit to the whole pen. I have tried to remove it with some heat but it wouldn't budge (maybe due to my hairdryer not being able to reach the release temperature of the sealant). I have managed to remove my friend's one but mine wouldn't move at all. I also can't find any rubber sheets nearby which maybe why I can't unscrew it. Any suggestions? I have posted 2 photos below.
  14. brendonsie

    Newest Sheaffer In My Collection.

    Hi Guys Just wanted to share with you the latest addition to my collection. after looking at richardspens and penhero sites im 95% Sure this is a 1950-51 TM Triumph. I Can't resist a nice gold filled pen Thanks for looking.
  15. Hey everyone, I have the Sheaffer Imperial touchdown in sterling silver. I've noticed that there's very little discussion or information about this pen online, so I was hoping we could start our own discussion about this pen and perhaps help answer some questions I have along the way. Some questions: -Is the 14k gold inlaid nib and clip plated? In certain lights and angles, it looks almost silver, but I don't know whether to attribute it to age. -Was it made exclusively in 1970-71? -Which model of Imperial is this pen? Am I incorrect to believe it's the Imperial IV? -How many of you have/have had experience with this pen? How do you like it? I personally love this pen--I would almost say it's my grail pen. It was my very first exposure to fountain pens and thus has a special place in my heart. I got it from an important old family friend who tells me that he's written quite a few books with this pen. He gave it to me broken and over the past few weeks, I managed to blunder my way into fixing it.
  16. Smothier

    Sheaffer Snorkel Barrel Crack

    Hi Everyone, I've recently got a hold of a Sheaffer Snorkel from the bay. Upon receiving it, I noticed a crack at the plunger end, usually a far too common and unfortunately fatal issue in snorkels. As it's in the UK, parts are notoriously difficult to find, let alone for a justifiable price. I actually noticed the issue after winning, but having already paid, the seller just played dumb and completely denied it, even though it was blatantly obvious. Since I got it for a good price, however, it isn't worth much in returning. The crack itself is perhaps about 3/8 of an inch, roughly the same distance away from the breather hole. Internally - the pen is sound and fixable, just that little crack can cause issues. I've looked around and and I've seen Tenax 7R advertised wholeheartedly by Ron Z, however it's nearly impossible to find in the UK. (and for a good price) My question is if there's any alternatives I can find cheaply in the UK, something trustworthy as I have little option for failure. I'm confident in my ability to fix pens and have a steady hand (should have been a surgeon but chemistry wasn't my strong point hehe). Also, provided a picture of the crack. Excuse the horrible quality, I needed to MSPaint some things of help. Thanks in advance.
  17. I recently got a NOS Sheaffer Imperial Touchdown, gold plated. It has a superb wet nib and fills just fine, but the metal blind cap has come loose from the black plastic underneath it. What's the best way to reattach the cap? There's still barely enough friction to turn the filling mechanism.
  18. Oh great...a new pen-session.... Last year I bought a lot of five or so pens because they were all Parkers, except for this one Sheaffer with a Triumph nib. I wrote with it a while, then cleaned and put it away...but the full-fledged obsession just hit. Where's the best place to find info on the nibs, the pens that 'wear' them, and the filling systems? This is some form of plunger-fill but I am unsure if it's Touchdown, or what. How do I date and ID this pen? It's an admitted Frankenpen with a non-matching Admiral cap that more or less fits. The nib reads Sheaffer'S, 14k, and is probably a fine. I love it. And...where's the best place to get more? Thanks! I appreciate any help you can offer!
  19. I'm in the very beginning of the restoration of my grandfather's Sheaffer Touchdown Tuckaway. My grandfather died 32 years ago, and wrote with the pen until the day he died. It's been sitting in my mom's desk drawer since then, fully loaded with a beautiful blue ink (which I shall identify someday). One thing I've noticed is that the inside of the cap has a very little bit of greenish corrosion inside of it. Does anyone have any recommendations of good ways of cleaning that up? In addition, there's a small dent in the cap that doesn't affect the utility of the cap. It's about halfway up the cap, far enough to not affect the threads on the cap, but a ways from the end. Is it worth it trying to smooth the dent out? Or should I just leave well enough alone? Mainly, though, I'd like some suggestions about the corrosion!
  20. I am looking for a Sheaffer Admiral Touchdown (not snorkel) with a fine or medium nib. The color preference is burgundy with gold band and clip but I will accept any color with a gold band and clip. Please let me know if anyone is willing to sell one. Many thanks! Tim
  21. Hi All, Some of you might have seen my recent post about my vacation, and how I acquired a touchdown for myself. Here's the pen. I was cleaning it recently and noticed that the step from grip & barrel give out little amount of ink. A quick FPN search told me that it happens when one tries to fill the pen on the upstroke rather than the downstroke & if the pen has a faulty sac. So I filled in the pen carefully with water (with couple of black ink drops), wrapped a paper towel snugly at the step section and set it nib down, cap less (no nibs were harmed!). That was yesterday afternoon, and 24 hours later, the paper towel is neither wet, nor black. So I flushed the pen thoroughly again, but I noticed something this time. The pen seems to take very less amount of ink, 7-8 drops max. (yes, I did count ten while refilling!) So my questions are: 1. What is this model ? 2. The nib looks like a conical triumph nib (am I correct) ? 3. What is the usual ink capacity ? But wait, I have more.. Upon seeing this pen, my dad talked about his first sheaffer from 1950. He couldn't remember the model, but questioning him a little bit (ok, a LOT!!), I came to know the following. a. It was a non white dot, thus probably a school pen. b. Green in color, must have been made in the early half of 1950. c. It was a touchdown. d. Not sure, but it might had a 18k Nib. Any ideas for this mystery pen ? I intend to search this, and if my puny salary allows me, would like to gift it to my dad, Anything that can point me to the right direction would be very helpful.
  22. TXKat

    Which Model Is This, Pls!

    Looking for help please as the penhero site has me totally confused now! i have a Sheaffer Touchdown, but based on the cap, I'm confused as to whether this is a Crest or a Crest Deluxe or neither? The cap is right, BUT it doesn't have a white dot on the cap. It's on the end of the body. Is this the wrong cap for this pen?? Why couldn't these crazy pen companies stick to their own models...without variations, lolol! Ugh! Can anyone help identify this pen? Lever Filler Black Conical Lifetime Nib...14K, says Sheaffer's, no serial number 1/10 14K Gold Filled cap - Made in U.S.A. 4 step vertical lines on cap Barrel stamped with 1750 Won't let me post photos.....grrr!
  23. As promised here (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/275605-any-areas-to-look-for-in-hardwar-uttarkhand/) , today I'll show off my hauls during my vacation. As I visited 3 different parts of India, allow me to introduce the bounty likewise. Part I: Kolkata Hauls: Sulekha inks, Crystal Violet,Emerald Green, Turquoise Blue & Scarlet Red. pics are here (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/90558-hunting-for-old-fps-in-kolkata-india-ramblings/page-3) Picked up from Sulekha Showroom at Jadavpur, Kolkata. Pens: A Parker Vacumatic Junior, A Sheaffer touchdown & A Wilson 45. Let me talk about the Wilson first, as it was a gift to my dad; year 1985. My dad was an employee in the claims division in Eastern Railway, a brunch of Indian Railways (Retd. now). This pen was never used and laid in a corner in the cupboard, forgotten. Upon pressing for details, my dad confessed that it was a gift for some tough assignment that he managed to untangle and complete successfully. I was also shown the certificates and other documents, as well as few b/w pictures. This is a heirloom, and I intend to give it a good use, cause pens are not meant to be locked up (IMHO,YMMV). The sheaffer TD and the Vac junior came from the little but enchanting treasure trove of fountain pen hospital in Esplanade, Kolkata. As you can see, it has a triumph nib (me thinks). I don't know the model name, and I'm relying on you guys for identification. Here's the parker Vac junior & a close up of the nib: As you can see, the nib is inserted well within the pen, so I can't see the year of manufacturing. I can't finish Part I without acknowledging the wonderful Raj Bhai (Riaz) of the Fountain Pen hospital, and the shop owner of Sulekha (Mr. Ghosh). The inks were bought during our festive season (Durga Puja), where we celebrate the triumph of Good over Evil. When Mr Ghosh saw me snatching up four ink bottles with eager hands, he remarked and I translate, "This doesn't look like the type of shopping for Durga Puja, but looks like that of Swaraswati Puja". [swaraswati: Deity of learning and Wisdom]. It was fun discussing pens and inks with him. Raj Bhai, on the other hand, was pleasantly surprised when I showed enthusiasm on fountain pens and was about to pull out a tray for cheap chinese ones, when I said,"I came here to pick up something unique, preferably vintage". He showed Pelikans (200,400,Silbexa), Pilots(78G,Decimo), Parkers(45,21,Frontier,Vac Senior), Sheaffer (PFM II Black,Targa Slim(with converter ), Targa,Imperials, & few TDs & Snorkels (impossible to remember models,forgive me readers )), Easterbrook (only 1 model, which I forgot),Eversharp (Doric,Lever Filler).. I also picked up a con-W for an old Pilot, and serviced my Cross Solo (bad nib !). He promised to keep an eye out for a wilson 45 ballpoint pen (to complete the set). Now I know where to invest my meager salary. Part II: Hardwar,Uttarakhand I have already given details here (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/275605-any-areas-to-look-for-in-hardwar-uttarkhand/). Nibs are here, bunched with 4 Kale and 2 Montex nibs: & the delightful Tridents Nothing much to say on this part. Part III: Delhi My intention was to pick up Serwex pens, from the shop situated at Nai Sarak. To my utter bewilderment, I found a Saree (Traditonal garment for Indian Women) Shop there. I asked around, and was informed that the pen shop had been closed few months ago. My efforts to secure a few Serwex pens in other shops also turned futile, but I was directed at ARORA SONS (not Aurora! ) which is located very near to the HDFC & Kotak Mahindra ATMs. Well, Arora do stock fountain pens, and have Waterman,Lamy,Cross,Parker,Sheaffer, Mont Blanc (163). However they do not stock Indian fountain pens. I happened to choose a bad day, a businessman was present at the shop & was hoping to pick up some premium pens to be gifted on the occasion of Diwali. Being a complete non FP user (though he spoke as if he knew them all!!), he was taking a hell lot of time. Finally, as I was getting frustrated, I asked at the counter if he could show me his box of old stocks. They looked at me indignantly and asked if I owned a shop. Upon hearing my answer, they laughed among themselves (to my great shock!) and told me that they don't have cheap pens. Though it was rude, I kept my calm and asked them a few questions about their stock, and came to know that 1. They don't have Lamy replacement nibs 2. They stock only medium nibs 3. They know absolutely nothing about vintage pens or its worth. (I played a safe bait, and asked Sheaffer Snorkels,touchdowns & imperials) However, when I asked about isographs (Rotring), they said that they are out of stock, but have a single Rotring FP left. When I challenged them to tell the model, they admitted that they didn't know. So I took the opportunity to reciprocate my feelings in few sarcastic words, paid the bill & left. Them %$#@$@%!! Here's the freeway Disclaimer 1: I have no affiliation to the pen shops mentioned, though I'd go back time and again to Raj bhai for pens & Sulekha, for inks. Disclaimer 2: I vented my anger at Arora Sons, as they had no right to be rude to a customer, that too an enthusiast (If I cam be called that !), for not shelling out heavy money on Waterman Perspectives or Cross Beverlies. Yes, they are nice pens I'm sure, but I was there for something else. Disclaimer 3: I do not intend to hurt anyone's feelings. Disclaimer 4: Moderators,you are at liberty to place the topic to the right forum if need be. Thanks All. Your constructive ideas are very much welcome
  24. Komitadjie

    Help Me Id Today's Finds?

    Made a run up to a local antique place today, and I stumbled over a booth that had a fair number of Shaeffers! I picked up four items that drew my attention, and I'm curious about ID on 'em! None of them fill, of course, but the pencil in the snorkel set works just fine. First, a pen-and-pencil set, open nib, snorkel filler. I think this is likely an Admiral or a Saratoga? The gunk on the barrel is just tape residue, it comes right off with a light rub of denatured alcohol, thank fully, leaving the barrels un-marked. I was a bit worried about that when I picked them up! http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p603/Komitadjie/PENS-1_zpsa7f09d77.jpg http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p603/Komitadjie/PENS-2_zps94dbc890.jpg Next is a Tuckaway of some kind, touchdown filler, triumph nib. Beyond that I'm completely baffled. The diameter is a LOT larger than the other Triumph pens I have, I've included a picture of it at the end for comparison. The section is also transparent, although rather dark amber at this point. I'm not sure if that's degradation of the plastic with time, or crud on the interior, although I'd probably guess just the plastic breaking down a bit. As you can see, the cap has a fine, engraved pattern on it, as well as an engraved name. The clip is a tiny little thing, and the touchdown tube is hugely fat, and very short. http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p603/Komitadjie/PENS-3_zpse61b9fc9.jpg http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p603/Komitadjie/PENS-4_zps4e170421.jpg http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p603/Komitadjie/PENS-5_zps8b252e2d.jpg Last in the list is what I am fairly sure is a Touchdown Imperial, although I have no idea what model. It is also Triumph nibbed, and has three metallic points on the side for the cap's clutch to hold. http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p603/Komitadjie/PENS-6_zps382796fd.jpg http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p603/Komitadjie/PENS-7_zpsae2620b5.jpg And here's a quick shot of the different Triumph nibs. The front-most on the gray pen is a Valiant, for reference. The center one is the Tuckaway, and the top one is the Imperial. The sizes are really, really different! http://i1158.photobucket.com/albums/p603/Komitadjie/PENS-8_zps6922f05f.jpg Any help you guys can give me in identifying these would be greatly appreciated. I'm working on determining which ones I should send to a pro for restoration, and which I should work with myself. I'd really like to learn to restore these lovely old pens myself, it looks like a LOT of fun! I just don't want to accidentally hose up some rare, expensive model that I'll want to shoot myself for later out of pure inexperience! EDIT: Forgot to include the picture of the three nibs!
  25. Looking for Esterbrook pens made in Mexico (see https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/269966-trying-to-enliven-an-esterbrook-pen/) in La Lagunilla market in Mexico City last Sunday, I found this pen in one of the stalls full of small antique objects and/or second-hand stuff of every kind imaginable. The nib was a sort of extra-fine, and this convinced me to give it a serious thought. Because in fact I have never liked a lot this kind of engraved silver pens, and it had this touchdown system that I have never used. But I knew it was an Imperial, and therefore there was a chance it could write like the Sheaffer nib I lost last January (see https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/267147-why-i-am-here-or-just-another-tragic-story/). Well, I charged it with water, and everything seemed in order, so I payed the 800 mexican pesos (+/- 62 US) that the seller accepted to receive after he initially voiced 1,000 (+/- 76). Now, the pen needs some polish, and the mouth if the cap is not perfectly round, so it does not close in every angle with the same ease. A close look at the nib reveals that it has a lot of use, and also that it was submitted to some manipulation (like an attempt to polish it with a hard abrasive). The main issue is that the nib is too wet, so wet that it is hard to appreciate the thinness of the line it produces, and it also skips a little. The touchdown system charges well, but I don't know if it is normal that it takes only about .5ml of ink. I don't notice any variation when I do two or more "pumps". I am very happy with this purchase, even though the pen might need a little help from my friends...

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