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Found 15 results

  1. Hi folks, Here's a method to fit a syringe needle over a piston converter to suck the very last drop of ink from an ink bottle. rgds kenneth PS: Forgot to add, this method doesn't require a syringe that would take up extra space in your pen case. It's also one less item to clean. In any case, choose your favourite method :-)
  2. Hello, everyone I just bought this pilot vanishing point (almost brand new) and I have some doubts about the model. Is that a regular (the thicker one) or the decimo? The tag on the pen says decimo, but the pen looks fatter than the other ones I saw online :/
  3. Hello everyone I am hoping to sell an unused black Pilot Vanishing Point fp that has been sitting around unopened in my cupboard for awhile, but as I prepared it for sale, I noticed there is no little paper manual in the box. I don't recall that there ever was one but I notice some sellers do include them. I think they are called Use and Care Guide. I can always refer the buyer to Robert Goulet's excellent video presentations on Youtube, but I would have preferred to include some written material to explain some of the bits and pieces, especially the strange looking empty cartridge and metal cartridge cap. I have tried looking on Pilot's internet sites, to no avail. Does anyone know of a treasure trove of user guides where you can download PDFs?
  4. I'm inspecting a vanishing point I own prior to selling and I noticed that the nib unit angles down slightly as shown in the photo below. Is that normal for this design? It would appear so and there is no issue with the trapdoor opening but I was hoping a fellow VP owner could confirm. https://www.reddit.com/r/imagehosting/comments/5tin0v/vp_nib_unit/
  5. Hello all, I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a new pen purchase but am having difficulty with choosing what to get. I think I've got my mind on a TWSBI 580AL EF nib, but the problems I hear about from TWSBI got me worried a bit. I've considered going for a more expensive demonstrator like the Custom Heritage 92, but I'm not sure if I want to go and spend that much at the moment. Same goes for the Vanishing Point, I really want one, but thought that I should wait a bit for it as well. My goal for the pen is for it to be something I can carry with me to work, coffee shop, or just use at home. I'm probably going to put a new black ink or blue black into my Lamy 2k and then turn this new pen into the one that carries fun colors (looking for suggestions on a good dark purple or deep blue)
  6. I had the pleasure of testing a Vanishing Point the other day and really loved the pen; however what prevented me from purchasing the pen was the clip. The clip doesn't effect my grip too much other than every know and then the clip does kind of annoy. Anyone else wish they would move the clip to the back of the pen? I realize this will probably never happen and this thread has no point other than to let me cry a little inside knowing that sadly this pen will not be added to my collection.
  7. A friend in Japan sent me a sheet of 50th anniversary Shinkansen or "Bullet Train" stamps. Thought the Shinkansen and Pilot Decimo share a resemblance.
  8. mooshi

    Pilot Vp Troubleshooting

    Good day, all. I've had my Pilot Vanishing Point #1 (brown, steel/rhodium ? medium nib) for almost 2 years now. It's always been quite the workhorse and never gave me problems until recently. I've run PR Chocolat, Chesterfield Archival (IG), and Noodler's 54th through it, as those are my only inks. I also only use Pilot cartridges with the metal sleeve since I don't like using converters. Recently, I'd noticed that it would give me extremely hard starts or just be completely dry - even if left only overnight. Under a flashlight, I could see that there seems to be a little crack in the trap door. Light doesn't show through it, though, so I'm wondering if my eyes are playing tricks on me. Perhaps the crack is just very small. Or maybe the trap door is misaligned. Compared to VP #2 (red, gold fine nib), there's too much air flow. If I blow into the front half of the pen of VP #1, air will come through the other end, whereas my face would turn blue if I tried the same with VP #2. What options do I have here? Is there something I could do myself to repair it or would I just have to buy another body? If so, should I just wait around for Engeika to have some more bodies in stock or is there another seller? Thank you kindly in advance for any advice.
  9. Hey, all! I was lucky enough to secure an order today for Pilot's Twilight LE Vanishing Point (Goulet Pens just restocked, for those looking to get one). I have smaller hands, so it's really important that my pens be relatively slim and light (my Pilot Metropolitan is almost a bit too wide and heavy, especially when posted). Obviously, a VP is fairly hefty, but I've heard from various reviews that the weight seems to be centered more in the middle and bottom half where the clip's located, which makes it more manageable. Can anybody confirm this? I'm also curious to see whether people with smaller or average hands experience noticeable fatigue when using their VP. Thanks a lot! -Amy
  10. Among all new pens, ignoring marketing b.s. (example MBs) and ignoring heavily ornamented pens (diamond encrusted, intricately decorated: Dunhill-Namiki Sakura Rose), which pens do you think really demonstrate a technical achievement in pen technology?
  11. Chiyoko

    Pilot-Namiki Vanishing Point

    Hi, Do you own a Pilot Vanishing Point? If so, I'm hoping you could shed some light on this subject. How is the nib on the VP? Does it dry out? How much flex does it have? Some say that it is too small. Is that true? Thanks for your feedback. Best, Yuzuki
  12. I just came back from Korea last night and was sooo excited to find this at home : My Pilot Vanishing Point pen has arrived! I ordered it from Classic Fountain Pens (www.nibs.com), and they have been really helpful, especially John and Christina. Upon ordering, we are required to fill in a form which contains information on whether we are left or write handed as well as other preferences such as writing pressure, ink flow and nib size. I chose a broad nib, medium to heavy ink flow and medium to heavy pressure. I had trouble choosing this at first, since I usually write with 0.7 mm ballpoint pens (which is why I chose a broad nib), but I didn't want a light ink flow (good for note taking, since a light ink flow dries out fast) because I was afraid the lines would be too thin. I asked for some advice from them, and this is what Michael said: This is a good question. Tip size and ink flow settings are independent of each other. However the results do affect each other. A drier line will not run out as wide as a wetter one so, for instance a broad nib set up wet could be thought of as a broad-plus line width where a very dry broad tip would be slightly finer than one set up for medium ink flow. (And it would not be quite as smooth because the ink acts as the lubricant between the tip and the paper.) They even used a fountain pen to write down the details on the side of the box, which is really cute and made me smile I bought two types of ink: a Sailor Sei-Boku Pigment Ink in Blue-Black, which was advertised as quick-drying; and five Pelican cartridges in pink. Unfortunately, I didn't read the description very clearly and I got the "giant" cartridges which were extra long and did not fit into my pen The packaging of the pen is extremely cute! When you open it up, underneath the pen there is another layer which contains the product registration card, use and care guide in English, an ink cartridge and a metal cartridge cap. So I went along and filled the pen up with the Sailor ink, and tested it to see how it works. Here is a clip I uploaded on YouTube (don't forget to change the video quality to HD before watching) : It turned out that the setup by Classic Fountain Pens was perfect. I was afraid that the choices I made would not work out well, but it actually did - the size and flow was perfect, and I'm very happy with my pen. Now I have to make sure I don't lose it : I lose on average one pen per month! Last of all, I would also like to thank this community for helping me and providing me with some very good advice on choosing my first fountain pen. Here is my previous forum : https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/255948-hi-from-bangkok-need-advice-for-first-fountain-pen/
  13. Purchased my first Japanese fountain pen yesterday, a Pilot Vanishing Point with a fine nib. Used it last night to take notes at the Washington Calligrapher's Guild meeting and I just loved writing with it. Will be in daily use from now on. ETA: The ceramic figue is 19th century Japanese scholar Yoshida Shoin. Bought it during a trip to Hagi while stationed in Japan many years ago.
  14. Hey everyone! I have been a long time reader of the Fountain Pen Network, and recently made an account. I just wanted to say that it's a great asset and that I have made some great fountain pen purchases due to the information on here. Also just ordered a Pilot Vanishing Point, Fine nib from Mr. Richard Binder and I can't wait till I get to use it, especially after all the praise I've read about his "binderized" nibs! I also had a question about whether I should request a certain amount of flow from the nib? (i.e. 7/10) I usually write on cheap copy paper or HP 32 lb paper when taking lecture notes. I tend to like my nibs on the wetter side but I prefer it not be too wet to the point that it bleeds through the paper. Also how would the fine nib on the Vanishing Point compare in line thickness to that of an extra-fine nib on a TWSBI mini? (The TWSBI Mini is my current everyday note taking pen and it's great! I followed some advice on the forums to adjust the wetness of the nib and now it writes like a dream )
  15. I just bought a Pilot Vanishing Point (Capless) with F nib from www.pencils.jp The pen I received have curved nib like the picture I attached. I send an email to the website since last Friday but they did not reply me whether it is normal or not. Is it normal for this type of pen to have curve nib? Thank you.

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