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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Pens & Pints meets the second Friday of the month (6pm - 9pm) every month !!! http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/drink/beer.gif Location: Midtown Gastro HUB @ Yonge-St.Clair JANUARY MEET DATE: FRIDAY JANUARY 11 2019 !!! http://www.sherv.net/cm/emo/happy/jumping-for-joy-smiley-emoticon.gif Everyone is welcome, but please.. do drop a line here if you are planning to come. We usually reserve a couple of large tables and I need to make sure we have enough seating. http://emoticoner.com/files/emoticons/smileys/bliss-smiley.gif SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/flirt/flirty-wink-smiley-emoticon.gif C.
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! http://images.zaazu.com/img/Cheers--cheers-champagne-wine-smiley-emoticon-000272-large.gif Pens & Pints meets the second Friday of the month (6pm - 9pm) every month http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/drink/beer.gif Location: Midtown Gastro HUB @ Yonge-St.Clair JANUARY MEET DATE: FRIDAY JANUARY 12, 2018 !!! Everyone is welcome, but please.. do drop a line here if you are planning to come. We usually reserve a couple of large tables and I need to make sure we have the space. SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/flirt/flirty-wink-smiley-emoticon.gif C.
  3. Hello Everyone, This is my first post on the FPN forums. I've been referencing them a lot; and I am happy to finally be posting something. I recently acquired a Parker Duofold in an online auction. I purchased a pen lot because one of the pens looked an awful lot like a Duofold. I am a novice when it comes to pen collecting, but I knew enough to take a chance for 22$. First I will give you the imprints - although they are shown in the attached pictures (I am sorry for the poor lighting) The Nib is imprinted with the following lines, across the its width: Parker Duofold Pen Canada A The Barrel is imprinted with the following lines along its length: Geo.S.Parker DUOFOLD Fountain Pen Toronto - Lucky Curve - Canada Here are dimensions that I took using a Mitutoyo calipers in inches [mm] Barrel Length from the section opening to the base of the blind cap threads: 3.224" [82.88mm]Blind-cap thread length: 0.126" [3.2mm]Total Length from the section opening to the tip of the blind threads = 3.35" [85.1mm]Tip of the nib to barrel (nib + section): 1.259" [35mm]Outer Diameter of Barrel Cap threads: Tapered from 0.496" [12.6mm] to 0.488" [12.4mm]Outer Diameter of Barrel at it's Mid-span: 0.5256" [13.35mm]Outer Diameter of Blind-Cap Threads: 0.3669" [9.32mm]Outer Diameter of Barrel edge at the base of the Blind-Cap = 0.484" [12.3mm] - 0.488" [12.4mm]Post Length (with roughly 10mm of overlab between cap and barrel) = 6.653" [169mm]The one dimension I did not measure with the calipers was the length of the pen from the tip of the cap to the end of the blind-cap threads when capped. You can see from the image that this is roughly 5.25" [133.3mm]. What I have found out so far, through contacting Robert at five star pens, is that the cap and section do not match. The cap is a streamlined cap and the section is an earlier version. The question was whether or not this was an incorrect section, or an incorrect cap. What I have learned from reading the Practical Pen Repair guide by Marshall and Oldfield is that the streamlined models did not have threaded sections (if I remember correctly). You can see in the pictures below that the barrel is threaded, and there is very good thread engagement between the section and the barrel. Additionally, Robert suggested that the band around the barrel was likeley used by a merchant as an anchor attachment to keep the pen from walking away. The ring slid off without much effort, and I did not see any signs of a clevis attachment to the ring. I do still have the ring so perhaps I will take some high magnification images of it to be sure. Finally, a few observations. There is some discoloration in the barrel near the section; however its distance matches the distance between the barrel opening and the end of the detached/crumpled sack. This discoloration is also observed on the outer surface of the section itself. The remaining length of the barrel looks consistent in color. It looks free of discoloration but of course I can't tell for sure. The cap is brighter in color, which I gather is not unsurprising - however its marbling does not match that of the pen's, at least not to my eye. The marbling on the pen seems denser than the marbling on the cap. The cap seems to have less color variation then the pen does - again this could just be me. What I am hoping to find out is precisely what model of Duofold this is. Is it a streamline? Is it a "canadian special"? I've combined through the dimensions provided by vintagepens.com and they seem to align closely with the 1927 Senior model - however because the section and cap are mismatched, I am unable to determine the true length of the pen. I'm less concerned about which model it is, and more concerned about making sure it has the right parts. I need to buy a blindcap, but I am not sure which one to buy. I also need to know whether I need to buy a proper section, or the proper cap. Of course don't need to - but it will eat at me unless the pen has its correct parts... If you have any input - I would love to hear it. Hopefully I can at least find the proper blind-cap. Thank you!
  4. Hello All: So with the new year comes the new thread for Toronto Pens and Pints. We will try to post here or on Facebook when a new meeting is planned. The next meeting is likely on January 13th. Yes, that's a Friday the 13th. Perhaps it should be about the scariest pen ever purchased or the ones that just had bad luck.....Cheers, Mags
  5. Nibology

    Howdy From Montreal !

    Hi y'all. I've have been using fountain pens as tools for a few decades now, but I seem to have acquired a few more of late. I've stumbled around FPN on and off for a couple of years--hunting down useful details. There's so much information floating around on FPN (contributed by knowledgeable, hard-typing, scribbling and photo-snapping folks) that I haven't felt I needed to ask much in the way of additional questions, or that I was competent to offer answers. But I suppose it's about time I was a little more participatory and friendly-like. So, hello! I do have an introductory query: as someone planning to attend the Scriptus pen event in Toronto in a week or so (October 29), I am curious if there is any particular strategy for saying hello (in advance) to other folks that will be there. Perhaps an FPN topic or place to hang out? I didn't see much under the Scriptus event itself on FPN, but maybe I am missing something? This will be my third year attending Scriptus. Its a great event, but pen shows are kind of frenetic affairs and not especially conducive to chatting or networking in my limited experience. Scriptus, being a one-day event, also limits the networking opportunities compared with some all-weekend shindigs of which I have heard.
  6. Question from a first time pen show attendee. Are tickets required for admission (as a general attendee, not a vendor) into Scriptus, the Toronto Pen & Writing Show? If so, when will the tickets be available? If not, what is the process or normal flow for admission? I guess what I am asking is if there will be a huge line-up waiting at the door to get in before the show, or if the peak admission time is more in the afternoon?
  7. Pens & Pints meets the first Friday of the month (6pm - 9pm) every month. Sometimes we do re-schedule. This month (MARCH) we had two Pens&Pints. We hosted Ken Cavers on March 11 (Was so much fun!!) and our regulars Pens&Pints will be on March 18. We are meeting at the Union Social Eatery @Yonge-Sheppard. Everyone is welcome to drop by.. is good to have an idea of numbers so we can reserve a bigger table, so please leave a message here if you are planning to come. C.
  8. Hi all - it is time for another workshop. This time I am going to go over the process of carving a holder with basic tools. All supplies will be provided. You just need to show up with some enthusiasm and walk home with a holder crafted with your own hands. I am going to demonstrate the complete process with the participants following along at each step under my guidance. We will only be using basic tools like knives, files and pliers so no special skills are required. I am looking forward to seeing some FPN'ers there. Oh - and the details are at: wonderpens.ca - Salman
  9. Hello to all in the Fountain Pen Network! My name is Kerry and I am a relatively new fountain pen user. I started in November of last year and I must say I have never fallen more in love with anything than I have with fountain pens! I always though I was a lone wolf in the FP world until I realized how big this community is on the FPN. I'm excited to start chatting with you all, learning and sharing information and hopefully finding fellow pen lovers in my area. I don't personally know anyone who likes fountain pens (much to my dismay)
  10. Hey guys, Does anyone know where I can pick up a Lamy 2000 (for less than $200) in Canada? I live in the Greater Toronto Area and shipping/customs/exchange rate coming in from the US is expensive. I've seen some retailers charge $200+ for a Lamy 2000 and that is out of my price range right now but I am dying to get my hands on one. Any suggestions?
  11. Next Toronto Pens & Pints is on.... Friday June 5, 2015 Location: The Frog and Firkin http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/drink/smiley-face-making-cocktail.gif Time: 5:30PM on... The Frog: A Firkin Pub is located @ 4854 Yonge Street (& Sheppard) Be sure to bring a pen or bring a friend.
  12. Next Toronto Pens & Pints is on.... Friday MAY 15, 2015 Location: The Frog and Firkin http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/drink/smiley-face-making-cocktail.gif Time: 5:30PM on... The Frog: A Firkin Pub is located @ 4854 Yonge Street (& Sheppard)
  13. Next Toronto Pens & Pints is on.... Friday APRIL 17, 2015 Location: The Frog and Firkin http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/drink/smiley-face-making-cocktail.gif Time: 5:30PM on... The Frog: A Firkin Pub is located @ 4854 Yonge Street (& Sheppard)
  14. Next Toronto Pens & Pints is on.... Friday March 6, 2015 Location: The Frog and Firkin http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/drink/smiley-face-making-cocktail.gif Time: 5:30PM on... The Frog: A Firkin Pub is located @ 4854 Yonge Street (& Sheppard)
  15. Next Toronto Pens & Pints is on.... Friday February 6, 2015 Location: The Frog and Firkin http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/drink/smiley-face-making-cocktail.gif Time: 4:30PM on... The Frog: A Firkin Pub is located @ 4854 Yonge Street (& Sheppard)
  16. Hi Guys: Not sure how is everyone's schedule... but I have family coming over the weekend and won't be able to attend, much less able to find a suitable venue. If anyone is able to attend, please post here... That way we all know if there is a meet or not. C.
  17. We are thrilled to announce that admission to Scriptus 2014—only three months away—will be entirely free of charge! The Scriptus team is committed to making the show as accessible as possible. While certain measures, such as wheelchair ramps and elevator access, are obvious requirements for an event like this, we feel that other factors also need to be considered. While economic woes are considered by many to be in the recent past, the reality is that charging admission to a pen & writing show will exclude some who want to attend. Writing is a basic form of communication, and we are privileged to live in a part of the world where it is considered a basic ability. With this in mind, why shouldn’t it also be basic to have access to the finest writing tools? At Scriptus we will have vendors from across North America with the best quality writing equipment, the finest stationery, the most vibrant inks, and the greatest excitement in sharing what they have to offer. And we are thrilled to welcome anyone interested; come join us, without exclusion. Part of our mission statement—the one the show administration discusses in private—is that we consider event quality as more important than profit. Greater accessibility means more people, more interest, and a higher profile for pens and writing in Canada; all hallmarks of quality in a show like this. Additionally, the excellent venue provides full control over crowd flow, and the management of any possible crisis. We have the utmost confidence that this admissions policy will contribute to the show’s resounding success. So put Sunday, November 2, 2014 on your calendar, and join us at Scriptus 2014, Toronto’s pen & writing show! For more information, visit: scriptustoronto.com
  18. We are pleased to announce the Scriptus Toronto Pen and Writing Show, to be held November 2, 2014. It is exciting to have a pen & writing show in Toronto again, the first since 2010. The plans are exciting: pens, old and new; fine papers, stationery and greeting cards; inks of every colour and kind. We plan to have over thirty vendors in attendance, from far and wide. There will be something for everyone, and then some! The venue is fabulous. The Appel salon—located on the second floor of the Toronto Reference Library—is both world-class, and the premier location for literary and specialty events in downtown Toronto. Just steps from the hub of the transit system, and close to one of the major traffic arteries, it is convenient for everyone. (And on a Sunday, traffic in minimal and parking is cheap!) In a newly-renovated space, and with a first-class coffee shop downstairs, Scriptus will be an enjoyable day for all. How can you keep up with Scriptus news and announcements? We are on Twitter (@ScriptusToronto), Facebook, and on the official Scriptus blog: http://www.scriptustoronto.com. (A spot in the sidebar puts you on our mailing list, to be notified right away when we post announcements.) Details to come include exhibitors lists, sponsorship opportunities, admission charge, and more.
  19. It seems like just yesterday that we announced the date of Scriptus 2014. In the months since then, we have been steadily working towards the November show, and are happy to announce what you may have noticed in the sidebar of the Scriptus website: a list of our five major sponsors: Kaweco, Laywine's, Phidon, Staedtler, and Stylo.ca. We are thrilled to have such enthusiastic support from such stalwart pillars of the pen & writing community, both in Toronto itself and across Canada! Arrangements for the show are coming together well. We have over half of the available tables confirmed, and plenty more interest. It looks like there will be a wide variety of exhibitors, so there will be something for everyone. We are pleased to announce a listing of all exhibitors to date on our website, at: http://scriptustoronto.com/who/exhibitors We will be updating the list as new exhibitors join us, so keep your eyes here for the latest updates. As well, we are finalizing posters and flyers, so that news about the show will be spread far and wide. So, if you haven't already done so, mark your calendar for November 2: Scriptus Toronto is on track, and nothing will get in it's way!
  20. We are pleased to announce that our Sponsorship Information page has been updated to include all of the details involved in this means of supporting Scriptus Toronto in 2014. While not a registered charity, Scriptus is presently operating without the expectation of profit. Yes, we are doing this for the love of writing, and the desire to promote this vital communication and art form in Toronto, and in Canada. However, there are substantial costs involved in putting on a show of this sort. So check out the updated page, and be sure to put November 2, 2014 on your calendar!

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