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  1. Hi!. I own a beauty Wahl Eversharp desk fountain pen. It was a gift my mother received n the 1950's. I think it's an ebonite Signature model manufactured between 1920 and 1930, but im not sure. The base is engraved "WAHL EVERSHARP-GOLD FILLED MADE IN CHICAGO, U.S.A.". The nib "WAHL EVERSHARP, 14 K, 2". Somebody know something about?. Thanks!. Jorge.
  2. Hello everyone... I have recently obtained an odd bird of an Eversharp Symphony -- my understanding is that the first-generation "500" models had the dramatic Loewy-designed caps with the offset halves and the creased clip peaking more sharply, but most indentifiably, no band around the cap base. I recently purchased an (admittedly pretty janky) version that I thought was interesting. Looks to be a first-generation design, but WITH a cap band. Also has the metal threads attached to the barrel (take my word) and a single banner nib with plain tines (photos if requested of any and all the above)
  3. I wanted to share with you the repair of a a crumbled barrel end of a gorgeous oversize Wahl Eversharp Doric in cathay color. A soon as I get this pen (50$) I had the bad idea to push a little on the crumbled crown from the barrel end and boom, it broke up in pieces... Here is the initial state... I cleaned the end barrel removing all the crumbled celluloid. I decided to rebuild the Barrel end crown using another broken doric cap in cathay color (junior size) (also crumbled at the end): here is this cap (yellow arrow shows instable cracks, I got it on ebay for 30$): I first removed a
  4. I was aware that the clear sections of the Coronet were temperamental, but I wasnt aware that the ends were subject to decomposition. Has anyone come across this issue? I have searched the forum, but didnt find any information. As with all pens that degrade, there may be no hope 😭😢
  5. strelnikoff

    Need Help To Identify This Model

    Hello Wahl Eversharp experts! I have acquired one vintage Wahl Eversharp pen, and hadn't had a chance to ask seller which model is this (see photos). It is probably 1930's or 1940's... maybe even later. I've tried to find some information online with no luck so far. I have another older pen, from 1910 or 1912, but it was easy to identify Tempoint pen with Penrite visible on the cap. But this one - except it is obviously a Gold Seal - no clue which model it is. So - if anyone recognizes it - by all means please share the info. Thanks!
  6. Bagpiper

    Eversharp Pen

    any idea which model Eversharp this could be ? it has an Osimridium Duo-Tip #4 nib
  7. I saw this pen on eBay, and could not resist. It looks to need a new sac, a full polish and re-plating to fix all of the brassing, especially on the tassies (rings at both ends of the pen). This will probably take a few months of working with it a few minutes intermittently, but I suspect it will be rather nice when complete. If I have the identity wrong, feel free to straighten me out.
  8. KingRoach

    Doric Pen Burping

    Hi all, this has to be the right forum to ask this question so I really hope to get some useful input. I've recently bought this Wahl Eversharp Doric 2nd generation, senior saphhire blue with no.9 adjustable nib and a shut off valve in tip top condition. It has its filling mechanism repaired by a renowned pen restorer very recently. The pen burps. I am trying to pin point the source of the problem. One thought is the obvious: there is a leak somewhere. Another is the possibility that ink remaining in the feed during filling, drops down eventually. Another possibility is that the pen is j
  9. I bought this pen on eBay recently and thought I'd stumbled on a wet noodle pen (seller had this in all caps in the title) for a steal at ~$62. Problem is, this pen is almost certainly not a wet noodle, as defined by going off of what I know of them, based on me trying to flex the tines (which are about as flexible as an Ahab (so not very flexible at all), and much sharper, for those wondering). There's a fair amount of scratching, damage, and bite marks to it, which brings me to my next point. The section and barrel won't come apart, and the lever filler clip stops at a certain point. As some
  10. Just bought my last Eversharp fountain pen - I think? My collection had ended after the Skyline and the Fifth Avenue, but now added the Symphony 701 (c1950), Ventura (slim sterling set, c1955) and finally a Point *7 c1964. The Point *7 was - I think - the last Eversharp branded fountain pen, from the then Eversharp Division of Parker? The Point *7 is not a stunning pen but it takes modern Parker cartridges and converters and is a very smooth writer.
  11. Hello Everyone! I noticed this last Christmas when watching It's a Wonderful Life -- in the scene where poor George Bailey has come hat-in-hand to Mr Potter to ask for a loan, it caught my eye that old Potter was using an Eversharp Skyline. Others have noticed this but I went the extra step of doing some screen captures to show it. It's unmistakeable, and funny enough the black-and-whiteness of it reminds me of one of my favorite old Sheaffer's ads. All I have to add is, say, that better be an Executive Skyline, what with all the money you have, Potter! Can anyone via the pics (or by going
  12. kharrisma

    Skyline Pocket Clip?

    Hi Forum Folke, Can anyone give me some instruction on how the cap on a Skyline comes apart? I have one with a semi-mangled clip (the "ball" at the end that lifts the clip over the pocket edge has somehow been flattened pretty badly.) I can't figure out how the thing comes apart so I can get the clip off of the cap and straighten out the bent metal; I need direct access from 'beneath' the clip... can't do it on the pen. Thanks for any direction! Pics would be good, but I can probably follow a good text description.
  13. Hello, First time posting here, and hoping the experts can help. I received a pen that previously belonged to my grandfather. The clip reads Eversharp and Skyline is printed along the barrel. It also reads 14k solid gold. I've been told that it was once part of a set that included a fountain pen, but unfortunately the pen has been lost. The barrel is perfectly smooth with no ornamentation of any kind. Any ideas on the age? Also, I've tried to find refill lead here but the largest the chain stores carry is .9mm and it keeps falling out - obviously, I need something larger. Thanks in adv
  14. Hello everyone! I have recently fallen in love with the Parker-Eversharp 10,000 Word Pen, which I think is so odd-looking it's beautiful -- it's like the Edsel of pens! At any rate, I wondered if the claim was true, and how to test it. I obtained some original cartridges, and then was so excited at the fact that I could buy some of the original Quink with Solv-X. The chemist in me is still fascinated by what Solv-X could actually be. I have one pen that came to me with cartridge attached and still with fluid, useable ink. It's just incredible to me that a product like ink could last so many
  15. Wasn't sure exactly where to post this, and I chose the Parker forum, but figured other Eversharp lovers like myself might like to have a look at a post I did on the Parker-Eversharp 10000 Word Pen! https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/342182-can-the-10000-word-pen-really-write-that-much-merry-christmas/ Cheers, Matt
  16. I have three Eversharp pens, two Skylines and a Symphony. All of them were bought in working condition, indeed the Symphony was from a supposedly never used batch that Peyton Street Pens had a couple of years back. Because they were working when I got them, there has never been any reason to take them apart. I did note, however, that the Symphony, although a very nice writer, didn't hold much ink. I hadn't used it in a while for that reason, but filled it a couple of days ago, only to have it go dry again today after light use. I can't say how many pages I wrote with it, as I was alterna
  17. Dear all. I'm looking for a gold Wahl Eversharp epn. I found this (see attached file), but I see that include a New York Nº3 nib. Is that the right (original) nib? I can not see any 'Wahl' imprint on it, and I dont want to buy a pen with a replacement nib. Does some Wahl Eversharp gold pens include that kind of nibs? Regards, Wahl Eversharp pen nib.pdf Wahl Eversharp pen nib.pdf
  18. Here is a tutorial on how to repair a pen I love: Wahl Eversharp Doric Second generation with plunger Filler. Hope this could help the aficionados... And please forgive my bad English... Properties of the filling system: The filling system looks like early Onoto's: it is kind of "reverse syringe" called the "one shot vacuum filler" by Eversharp. To fill the pen you have to pull the piston syringe, then dip the pen in ink and finally push the piston: it fills with ink. When you push the piston, a vacuum is created behind the piston which is released as the piston comes close to the proximal
  19. The first hour was spent trying to get the lever and slotted piece that goes into the bottom of the barrel to stay together while trying to insert both at once. Then I found a work around online which ended up working on the second try and in less than 5 minutes.
  20. A Parker Eversharp Desk Set Ball Point Pen Box says "A Division Of The Parker Pen Company" so it must be 1957 or after. Does anyone have any experience with these? I have not seen one before
  21. Fred101

    Newbie From Deerfield, Il

    Hi Guys, My name is Fred, I’m a newbie, and I live about 20 miles north of Chicago. My wife and I are planning to retire in the next few years so we are starting to prepare for it. Anyway, while doing so I came across one of my father’s old projects which involved building and selling fountain pen holders. Anyway, I now own a whole bunch of Eversharp Manifold Medium pens. Virgins, I suspect. (That can’t be the right word. What is the right word for a pen that has never been used? Do pens need to be broken in?) So, I’m going to try writing with one of the pens to see how it feels and lo
  22. Hi all, here I am again with a new restoration project. This time the pen is an Eversharp Kingswood, probably from the fifties (anyone can confirm this?) The pen is a button filler and it needs the usual treatment: new ink sac and body cleaning. The main questions are about the cap: - Is the clip original? The ring that hold ot is a little greater than the cap and it moves a little. Looking closely you can see it is a little larger than the cap diameter. - How can I remove the black top from the cap, in order to clean everything in the better way? I've tried to keep it in the water and to
  23. I recently bought a second generation Doric oversize with gorgeous No 9 nib. When I disassembled the pen for cleaning, I was disappointed to find that the slider was broken and that the little tabs which kept the slider in place was missing: I decided to sen it to a nibmeister I know in Spain but he told me that it was impossible to repair, I then tried to send it to very famous nibmeisters in the USA but it was the same answer... So I decided to repair it myself. The first thing I did was to weld little pieces of 900 silver just on the little prongs that hold the nib in place, but the
  24. When helping my grandmother move some things we stumbled on 2 old fountain pens that belonged to my late grandfather. A Conklin Crescent Filler Trademark 40 and a Wahl Eversharp 14k Gold Seal. Neither is in working order but they may be easily repairable. I was hoping for some info on the two and maybe some advice on what to do with them. I they can be repaired we may keep them or sell 1 or both depending on how valuable they would be. The Conklin feels like it's made of black plastic (Bakelite?) with a zig-zag textured pattern on the pen and cap. The body of the pen has "CONKLIN CRESCENT
  25. Jackokun

    Help Identifying This Oxford

    Hello, I recently managed to get this wahl Oxford, while it was in a bad shape the nib was good an after a sac replacement and a through cleaning and minor polish it was back to its former glory. my question is can anyone give me more information about it and the model, and given that it came with an omas nib (super flex), would you say that it was a frankenpen? Many thanks Jack http://i.imgur.com/9bFIF7p.jpg http://i.imgur.com/UVaOkuX.jpg

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