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  1. Dear FPN'ers, This group buy is for RANGA Handmade Pens Model 4& 4C in beautiful Premium Ebonites. This Group Buy is Valid till 31-March-21 This is beautiful Cigar Shaped Pen in seamless finish. These are Popular Ranga Model Pen. It caps in less than 1 turn. The pens are completely handcrafted .Ebonite is Durable, evergreen ,long lasting , Classic and favorite material for Pen lovers. It has Vintage Characteristics Model 4 is slightly conical Shaped and Model 4C is beautiful Cigar Shaped Pen in seamless finish. These are the Popular Ranga Model Pen . It caps in less tha
  2. Logen from Seremban

    Apa khabar semua

    Hello everyone, Greetings from Malaysia. I had been browsing as a guest on this site for months but only decided to sign-up a few days back (because a voice in my head told me to do so). I was introduced to fountain pens in school by my teachers when I was 11 and always had a fondness for them since then. My first fountain pen was a Hero, which was awful. Soon after, I got my self a Pilot Birdie which was a delight to use. I used it until I was 26 when I lost it in the office. Only in the past year that I seriously started collecting fountain pens as well
  3. Dear fellow FP users Over the years We have successfully organized many group buys. The main motive is to facilitate all members to get Our pens at a lower price. We have recently launched a Model 8B which has created great interest among our Customer's . So we decided to do Group buy for this Model 8B. The specialty of this Group Buy is 1. Less waiting time (2-3 weeks only) 2. Lot of Ebonite colours (Beautiful 39 colours) and unlimited Nib Choices (Bock/Jowo/Schmidt/Indian nib) than ever before 3. We have worked very hard for last few weeks to make pens in all Specs for this Group Buy
  4. This is a mini-review of a recent Ranga pen (don't expect a fully fledged pro review as I will mostly attempt to give you a few facts and some of my personal impressions on this pen. Thanks). The Ranga Abhimanyu is one of the latest pen model offered by Ranga pens India. As some of you may have noticed, I'm sort of addicted to Ranga fountain pens, for two main reasons, first of all because I like the craftsmanship behind them and the typical originality of a hand made pen, where each pen is practically unique, secondly because I really like ebonite as a material. The charact
  5. Has anybody heard of this ebonite fountain pen from Dindigul? https://www.indiamart.com/shop-sigma/ebonite-pens.html#handmade-ebonite-fountain-pen-m012 It popped up in a google search. I have never heard of nor used "indiamart.com". The carved decorations at the ends of the pens looked interesting... A kind of 'ancient' feel... [pics from the link above] https://4.imimg.com/data4/BW/HE/MY-23832277/img_20150111_124209-500x500.jpg https://4.imimg.com/data4/FL/IJ/MY-23832277/handmade-ebonite-pens-500x500.jpg
  6. Dear FPN'ers , Ranga Pens wishes you all Happy Valentine's Day Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  7. Dear All, After going through huge success for Ranga Abhimanyu Model. We are happy to extend Ranga Abhimanyu in visually stunning more beautiful Acrylic colours for this Valentine's day As name Indicates, Ranga Abhimanyu is short ,cute but very strong and great workhorse.. These are completely Handmade Pen .This is Clipless pen . Section is Classic vintage styled Section .It is comfortable for long use. We are using this section for first time in our production line. It is available in Offer Price for next 4 weeks Order form is given below. All details
  8. Lotus pens is an Indian pen manufacturer based out of Mumbai. It is run by Mr Arun Singhi. I came across this firm through one of the reviews posted on FPN last year or so. Looking through their website, I found some designs that interested me. https://www.lotuspens.com The material they use is from Nikko Ebonite Japan. https://www.nikkoebonite.com/english_site/index.html I was most interested in their model called the Vamza. It is apparently the Sanskrit word for Bamboo. However their Vamza was clipless and a clipless pen is useless for me. YMMV. So I got into a conversation with Mr Si
  9. sgphototn

    Lotus Vamza

    I received this beautiful Lotus Vamza yesterday. What's amazing is that I ordered from the honorable Mr. Arun on November 27 and it arrived on December 8 via DHL. Eleven days from the order to my home. That's a real commitment to customer service and worthy of praise. I love bamboo-shaped pens and this one is fantastic. Made of red and black Nikko ebonite it's a joy in the hand and the craftsmanship is impeccable. I ordered the JoWo 1.1 in gold-tone and I like that the Lotus brand is on the nib. A very nice touch. Seeing the quality of Mr. Arun's work I can assure you t
  10. Dear FPN'ers, Greetings !!! This is Kandan.M.P from Ranga Pen Company, India. Hope and wish you are staying safe . Thanks for your support so far This group buy is for RANGA Handmade Pens Model 4C in beautiful Premium Acrylic resins. The pens are completely handcrafted from high quality blanks made in Taiwan. Acrylics are glossy, attractive and Visually stunning This is beautiful Cigar Shaped Pen in seamless finish. It is one of the Popular Ranga Model Pen. It caps in less than 1 turn. Capped Length - Approximately 5.75 Inches Cap Dia - 16mm, Barrel Dia - 16mm,
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • Used

    With a lot of regret I offer this amazing pen for sale. I had Shawn Newton make me this beautiful pen with ebonite I selected, and an exquisite super-flex #2 Waterman nib I had out of an old broken BCHR Waterman 52 I had. The nib is spectacular, Fto BBB effortlessly, with beautiful return. It is not a 'wet noodle' per se, as it can write a plain fine line perfectly well, with a light hand. This is an EYEDROPPER pen. It does not post. The reason I am selling it is that it is just too wide for my very small hand. It is similar to a Pelikan M800 or Montblanc 146 in width. In addition, I find I do not care for the eyedropper fill style. Hence I have used it very little; there is essentially no wear on this pen. All I have is a phone camera so the photos are not very good, and I apologize for that.


    Conway, Massachusetts - US

  12. Most Indian pen manufacturers have ebonite and acrylic pens. Most of the time I see that acrylic is at higher price than ebonite pens. Is this because of the differences in difficulty in manufacture or difference in writing experience? Is there any difference in writing experience (weight, feel etc) of ebonite vs acrylic pens? Which do you prefer?
  13. Dear FPN'ers, Greetings !!! This is Kandan.M.P from Ranga Pen Company, India. Hope and wish you are staying safe . Thanks for your support so far We are back with your favourite Bamboo Ebonite Pens Group buy after one year with more colour and nib options than ever. These are completely Handmade Pen in Clipless design . This is Japanese Style Pen with extensive craftsmanship. It is unique writing instrument with carrying lot of Art.It is comfortable for long writing session . In order to purchase Ranga Bamboo / Giant Bamboo Pen , Kindly fill the Google Form (Link Below)
  14. Dear FPN'ers, Greetings !!! This is Kandan.M.P from Ranga Pen Company, India. Hope and wish you are staying safe . We are back with your favourite Ebonite Pens Group buy after one year with more colour and nib options than ever. We are very happy in introducing New RANGA Abhimanyu Model in Ebonite . As name Indicates, Ranga Abhimanyu is short ,cute but very strong and great workhorse.. These are completely Handmade Pen .This is Clipless pen . Section is Classic vintage styled Section .It is comfortable for long use. In order to purchase Ranga Abhima
  15. jandrese

    Two New Danitrio Maki-E Pens

    Recently picked up these two super cool Danitrio maki-e fountain pens. Where I shop, Dromgooles in Houston, I have a very large selection of urushi fountain pens. I considered the new and very well made Sailor tamenuri midore-dame King of Pen but rejected it for a variety of reasons. IMG_4295 by Ja Ja, on Flickr Among those reasons was the there were other pens I was more interested in. These pens I purchased were certainly among them! IMG_4296 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_4297 by Ja Ja, on Flickr IMG_4298 by Ja Ja, on Flickr The first is a sho-hakkaku (short/small octogon) based maki-e pi
  16. Here the last rejuvenation with this product, I think it is an optimal result, without any type of abrasive. The inscriptions follow of equal size of depth, at least, at first sight.
  17. Sharing the pictures of my new Deccan Author Red Ebonite eyedropper pen. There are 2 previous posts discussing about the acrylic versions of this pen: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/216836-deccan-aurelius-author/https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/224094-the-deccan-aurelius-aka-the-author/I bought the eyedropper, ebonite Author in red colour, with Deccan stock fine nib. Overall design: It is a simple and elegant design. The colour appears more brownish-red than bright red that is seen in images with light. The clip appears slightly off the center (but it do
  18. So its Sunday morning here and I planned to post it a week ago but got delayed in hopes of adding wality ( which in exchange is running late in transit) so will only focus on these 2 new guys. One is ASA Maya which I went for Jowo fine nib other is kanwrite Heritage. The service was good by both manufactures, never had a issue on contacts with watsapp, email from ASA was well lets just say it was not too good but being contact on watsapp and phone made email redundant so still very nice service. Time take for arrival was 1month 6 days for ASA and 4 days for Kanwrite which is quite on time. I
  19. Dear FPN'ers, Greetings !!! This is Kandan.M.P from Ranga Pen Company, India. We are back after long time in this Pandemic. Hope and wish you are staying safe . We are very happy in introducing New RANGA Ganesha Model in High quality Acrylic . As name Indicates, It is having the Characteristics of Lord Ganesha -Giant Size and Ivory -A winner Combination of Lord Ganesha. Contrasting finials makes it extremely beautiful. It is must have Pen for Fountain pen Collector's These are completely Handmade Pen .This is Giant Size Pen but still very comfortable for
  20. It is a copy of my blog post at https://inkpensblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/20/deccan-bullet-junior-fountain-pen-in-green-ebonite/ I have heard a lot about Deccan pens in FPN and other pen corridors and have been thinking about getting one. I contacted​ the store through their facebook page and then through WhatsApp. At that time, I was looking for a green ebonite pen as well. So, I chose to get a Deccan Bullet Junior pen in Green Ebonite which was readily available. The delivery was very prompt and I got this beauty in my hands within a weeks time after ordering. It is a small pen and b
  21. Hey I would really like to buy an ebonite pen, but my budget is really low. Say around 700-1000INR. Is it possible to get one in that range? And if yes, which one and from where? Anurag
  22. With apologies for my very poor lefty handwriting.
  23. Family owned and operated, Fountain Pen Revolution has come out with their version 2 of the Jaipur fountain pen. Currently there are only 2 acrylics, a blue and an orange and 1 ebonite brown which is the subject of this first look reviewlet. What is it? A piston filler of Indian origin designed and branded by FPR along with a stable of other brands that they sell. The ebonite is smoother and finished better than the Himalaya v2. Himalaya looks and feels more matte whilst the Jaipur is slicker and sheenier. The length is a smidge longer and girthier than the Himalaya with a more cylindrical
  24. Hello everyone. In follow-up to the topic of protecting ebonite and celluloid (cellulose nitrate) started in this thread: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/332509-experiments-to-re-blacken-hard-rubber/page-2?do=findComment&comment=4301019 I've been going down the rabbit hole of researching HALS and other chemicals that offer protection against UV light-induced oxidation. Something that would act as a moisture barrier would be nice as well. HALS and related chemicals can ostensibly be purchased, but the myriad variations and solubilities have me baffled. I found a resour
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