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  1. Hi, I'm deciding between two mid-priced piston fillers; either the TWSBI 580 or Conklin Heritage Word Gauge. Apart from the small price difference which pen would you choose and why ? Especially like to hear from those who have both. TWSBI pros: easy to disassemble and clean Cons: chance of cracking/fragile, #5 nib limits availability of nib options (eg italics, gold flex and specialty grinds etc) Conklin: pros: no history of cracking, #6 nib more freedom of nib options (eg italics, gold flex and specialty grinds etc) cons: not designed to be disassembled Thanks
  2. Here I present to you all a vintage mid 1950's MAHAG piston filler by Kaweco FOA , thanks to all the vintage Volkswagen fan over at multiple automotive online groups and forums who answer my questions and give info For a bit of History , MAHAG is a major automotive dealer in Germany starting out in 1930's and still around today, after the war they center all theirs on Volkswagen and added Porsche. Just as any other of such they give company branded merchandise to customers and also employees. This pen as far as info and speculation
  3. I have one of the new Leonardo Momento Magico, piston filling pens. It has a 14Kt stub nib and an ebonite feed that are friction fit to the section. I was having problems with ink flow. After completely filling the ink chamber, the nib wrote beautifully, until the ink stored in the feed while filling was exhausted. Then it stopped writing. It seemed the feed was not getting ink from the piston. After trying a few different inks, I filled the pen again, but left the chamber about 20% un-filled. The pen seems to be drawing ink normally now. I can rationalize this behavior
  4. I have not yet posted a review on FPN, and I am a bit skeptical about reviews of recently acquired pens. I received this pen on 11 March 2021 and nevertheless decided to write a quick review for two reasons. First, I want to join in the praise that several other FPN members have heaped on the company for their stellar customer service and - communication. Second, I’d like to share my (initial) experience with their EF-tipped “superflexy” nib, since there appears to be some confusion as to the availability and characteristics of that nib. I will skip the customary “first impressions
  5. So here are some thoughts on my two Kanwrite Heritage pens - One in Green marbled pattern and the other in Blue marbled. One with a Fine nib (currently the blue, but it changes), and one with a medium. I will also talk a bit about writing with the KW Fine Flex nib which had brought separately for another pen (this is I think the same nib as the Noodler's flax pens). TLRD: the pens are great value for a price of under $30; the nibs (and feeds) and ergonomics are the real stars. Filling mechanism is dependable. The body is pleasing to the eye albeit without feeling premium (but acceptable qu
  6. “First look” Review: Radius1934 Superior Primissima Monterosso Introduction Radius pens were made in Italy from 1934 until sometime in the 1950’s. Very little is known about the history of the brand, even by such authorities on Italian fountain pen history as Letizia Jacopini. Here is a link to her brief article: Radius - FountainPenwww.fountainpen.it › Radius. Apparently, Radius was the top of the line brand of its parent company, S.A.F.I.S. And the Superior was Radius' top of the line model. It was made in Turin, as is the Radius1934. The Radius1934 company
  7. Can any one suggest me some Indian handmade ebonite piston-filler pens? I know of Noodler's Konrad Ebonite and Narwhal Schyulkill Eobnite 365, but I want an Indian handmade one. Does anyone in India make such pens?
  8. I wanted to change inks and so followed the directions for disassembling and cleaning the piston, and everything seemed alright. I cleaned, then reassembled my pen, reapplied some silicone grease around the piston, and tried to fill the pen... and it will draw only a few drops of ink! What am I doing wrong? What can I do to get a full fill of ink? Normally I'd estimate a full fill at better than 2ml of ink...
  9. bonnie-scott

    Esterbrook Cartridges

    Hi, I have just acquired an Esterbrook in a job lot of old pens and would like to bring it into use. It currently has an empty old Esterbrook cartridge fitted. Can anyone advise what cartridges will fit? It is much longer than the 'common' cartridges you see around. Also from an environmental perspective is there a filler e.g. pistion filler I can use? Not sure what model, but if I can work out how I will post a picture in this part of the forum. Just been looking at Esterbrook.net and think it is a CX-100 model with a red barrel :-) Many thanks, Julian
  10. In January this year, I was pleased to discover that the folks at Fountain Pen Revolution (FPR) were releasing a new pen. It looked pretty appealing on their Facebook page – and as a frequent visitor to their store, I was keen to get a look. So I emailed Kevin from FPR and asked if he’d be willing to give me a ‘sneak preview’ of the pen, so that I could review it here on FPN – and offered to pay for the privilege. Kevin insisted on sending me two free ‘samples’ – one in solid blue and one demonstrator. These have now been in my possession for about a month, and I’m pleased to be offering
  11. I read about a new pen from Taiwan called Penlux,big pens piston filled.I will like to know opinions about it before trying to get one. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello friends. I always look for value-for-money fountain pens. That’s because my pens go through a lot of rough usage and handling during busy OPD hours at hospital and it’s impossible for me to pamper them in a desirable delicate manner. Reliability of a fountain pen is my greatest concern and by this word “reliability” I mean the ability of a fountain pen to perform each and every time it is put to paper. Leaks, burping, dry start, scratchiness are strictly ‘no-no’ when it comes to the urgency and gravity of the situations that my pens have to go through. Kanwrite Heritage is one suc
  13. Hi everyone. I just received a burgundy Osmiroid 75 from Ebay but the pen has a problem. It seems that it was disassembled for cleaning prior to sale and now the whole pen comes apart easily. The see through window between the barrel and the section is off set so the cap doesn't sit right and it won't screw on (might have been forced but the threads don't look damaged). The piston itself just lifts out, even the end of the barrel detaches easily. I've renovated several Esterbrooks so I'm not worried about the disassembling bit it's the fact nothing stays together securely now. Obviously as it
  14. Brontosaurus Pluto

    Help Identifying Old Omas

    Hello, can anyone identify this Omas? I am thinking it is from the 60s and it is a piston filler with a steel nib. Pelikan and Platinum for size reference. Thanks!
  15. I wish I had too many dollars, but I do have too many Dollars! I'm speaking, of course, of the piston-filler and syringe-filler versions of these neat fountain pens from Pakistan. http://hisnibs.com/images/Indian/Dollar/DollarBurgundy717iCapTop.jpg I've carried these terrific, inexpensive pens for quite a few years -- and they've always been popular sellers. However, I recently took possession of a large quantity at one time -- and want to move them quickly. It benefits me, and for a limited time, it really benefits you. These models have been entry-level priced at $15.00 for
  16. Here is my first ever piston filler. I have been making fountain pens for the better part of 11 years and have been making them from scratch for the last 8. I have always wanted to start making piston fillers but never wanted to take the time to go through all the design, fitting, mistakes, failures, headaches, and on and on that it would take to produce one. This pen took me about 12 hours to make (compared to my normal 3 or so). I have 2 extra piston mechanisms, 1 extra housing, 1 extra section, and 2 extra knobs (all mistakes). My bench looks like a pen part graveyard. I settled on 1/
  17. Good morning to everyone. I`m having a little bit of trouble with my johann faber apollo 43 piston filler. the thing is , when I unscrew it, the piston does not go all the way down the chamber , so when i`m going to fill it , the piston does not pull a full charge. when I`m screwing it the threads seem to skip and not push the piston all the way down This is how it should be: In order to do this i push the piston inside and then i put the cap. After this I screw it all the way in and tha cap retracts the piston normally and I can have a full charge. but when i unscrew the cap out a
  18. It appears that there are two major versions of the pen. One appears to have a diaphragm filler like a Parker Vacumatic. Then there's what looks like a short stroke piston-fill variant. Were there problems with the vacumatic filler? I fancied one of the vac-fill 601's. My choice is not assisted by the sellers somewhat vague usage of the term 'vacumatic'.
  19. EdwardSouthgate

    Napolion 221 Clip Needed

    This pen has a clip that is the wrong color and the metal is too thin and cap can not be tightened enough to keep it from turning . If any one has one of these in unusable condition or a nice gold clip that they would part with I would like to hear from you . Am not able to measure it right at the moment but I will add dimensions later to day if I can get to my calipers . Thanks for any help you may be able to give .
  20. NeleS

    Lady Huntco

    Hi all, I bought a fountain pen and am searching for more information about it now. This is the information I got from the seller: "lady fountain pen, Czechoslovakia around 1935, excellent huntco made in usa alloy tipped fine, length 11.8cm, diameter in center 1.1cm, diameter on top 1.2cm, functional pump" Does anyone knows this brand, this pen? There is "LADY" engraved in the cap, nothing on the clip. on the nib is: "HUNTCO" "MADE IN USA" "ALLOY TIPPED FINE" here is what I found about the manufacturer of the nib: https://patents.google.com/patent/US2030918?oq=hunt+co+alloy+tipp
  21. 1nkulus

    Pelikan Dry Out

    Just wanted to share. I had left my Pelikan filled with R&K Dokumentus unattended in it's pen case in the bottom drawer. 7 months on, instant start. No skipping and delightful as usual.
  22. http://www.photo-host.org/images/2018/04/14/pJoKNQcG.jpg Pictured is a Unbranded ( Modified ) Piston Filler . Modified : Piston taken out of a Wing Sung 3008 and fitted to this one ( pictured ) to get a functioning piston lock ! Currently have 7 Piston Fillers .. 2 Being 2017/18 Wing Sung 3008 ( also the most disappointing ) .. After some tweaking all but 1 ( W-S 3008 Gold Trim ) have functioning piston locks . It got me wondering , since the parts seem to be interchangeable ( Mine were ) . Just how many models / brands of piston filler are there ? Are they all made at the same f

    Vacumatic Revisited

    This is a prototype at the moment for a pen that will be made in very small quantities. 10 (ten) The pen is all hand made, it was born out of an experiment, making a pen with an overlay and ink window, personally I like the syringe type, but in this case, an overlay made more clear the need for a longer body and a small blind cap and a big ink reservoir, therefore I thought why not to make a vacumatic type of pen, but, we do not have diaphragms, and they complicate the construction of the pen, the solution was to replace what in a parker would be a latex diaphragm by the same type of pistons w

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