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  1. PRELUDE A sharp twist in the clip This is going to be an unrated review in addition to an eulogy for one of my beloved blue Pilot Bamboo pens, which met its ultimate demise at the hands of an evil FedEx carrier. I would probably have spent more time pondering this loss, than Juliette would have done while finalizing the pen's design. Okay, I was joking. To bring this narrative to a point, I had noticed that the clip had lost its rose gold plating over the years. When I received confirmation from Namiki Repairs, along with their generous offer to re-plate the clip for a service fee, I was filled with joy. So, I packaged the pen in my ever-trustworthy Sheaffer hard shell box. This box has been my faithful companion for servicing various pens (including a Scribo, Pelikan M800, Pilot C823, and more) over the last few years. It has traveled to Germany, Italy, and probably a few other countries across the globe without even getting a crack. However, this trip from San Francisco to Florida was doomed. I kept the fountain pen section with me and sent the pen with the rollerball attachment. I thought I had packaged it well with bubble wrap and other protective materials, drawing from my own experience of sending pens for repair both domestically and internationally. I shared the below picture the fountain pen community on Reddit, and the group chimed on the importance of armor-like packaging for expensive items, citing the continuously degrading logistics services of carriers like FedEx. As fate would have it, I had insured the pen at a relatively lower amount ($200) when shipping it. However, FedEx eventually approved the claim for $200 plus shipping costs. The FedEx representative had suggested a lower amount, around $20, but fortunately, I didn't heed that advice. I am still awaiting the arrival of the reimbursement check. Then, when I reached out to Regina Martini, who always seems to have a few more pieces of rare pens, I was fortunate to find a store sample (a black rollerball) at a good price. It arrived within 3 days. If you like a pictorial blogger view, here is the link: Pursuit of an elusive Pilot Bamboo PRESENTATION The luxury of yesteryears The second Bamboo came in a luxurious packaging, probably meant for European markets. White cardboard box market with the Pilot logo, with a pull out ribbon, oh that finesse of gifts of yore. I appreciate it in its essence, since these boxes are temporal and will eventually find their way into the recycling plant. Once you pull out the sleeve there is foam cut to compartments. The middle one houses the Bamboo pen inside a black Pilot branded cotton sleeve. And since it’s a rollerball there are two spare refills thrown inside the box. The papers are in the last compartment, which carry branding of Pilot Corporation of Europe. The instruction manual seems generic one meant for fountain pens. I highly doubt that Regina has very kindly shipped me a spare box meant for the fountain pens, since this pen was a store sample. DESIGN Symbolism The Bamboo pen, as per the original sales description, is meant to represent the shape of a bamboo stem, which symbolizes enlightenment in Buddhism. Buddhist literatures mention that King Bimbisara presented a bamboo grove to Lord Buddha and his community of monks. The characteristics of a bamboo stem - strength, flexibility, and growth, are synonymous with qualities valued in Buddhism. In certain Asian cultural precepts such as Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra, bamboo is believed to bestow divine providences such as peace, joy, and positivity. A book called Old Path White Clouds by Thich Nhat Hanh, contains stories of the Buddha from his many lives, and I found deep inspiration in it during my teens. The pen was designed by a French designer named Juliette Bonnamour, who purportedly had a passion for writing instruments. In my humble opinion, she was quite successful in amalgamating certain cultural aspects with a writing instrument. The pen itself has an appealing appearance, resembling a bamboo stem with slightly angled/tapered finials on either end. While a bamboo is hollow, I would liken this structure more to that of a sugarcane. However, naming it Namiki Sugarcane would have been inappropriate, if not ungodly. Let's stick with Bamboo. The curvature of the pen is quite unique compared to others. It's akin to a graduated cylinder, thinnest at the barrel end and gradually increasing in diameter as it approaches the midsection where the cap threads meet the barrel threads. Then, there's a slight decrease in diameter as it reaches the cap end of the finial. There are around seven rings around the midsection of the barrel. In Buddhism, there are seven factors of awakening: mindfulness, study, energy, joy, tranquility, concentration, and equanimity. While it's uncertain whether these influenced the design of the Bamboo, the number seven holds a degree of sacredness in Vedic philosophy as well. It is said that one must pass the kundalini through the seven energy centers or chakras to achieve enlightenment. The cap unscrews from the barrel with 1.75 turns, revealing why this pen feels so substantial in hand. The threads on the barrel, as well as the inside threads of the cap, are metallic. There is a step down from the barrel, and the rollerball and fountain pen sections are very similar in design, each adorned with a lone steel ring on the section. The continuity of the bamboo rings is evident in the design of the pen itself. In this case, the cap features a rose gold clip, which is not a usual Pilot clip. It has a slightly convex curvature with some resemblance to a bamboo stem. The plating shows some wear, but I can live with it for now. The finial although unadorned, carries its own imprint. The tapered finials of the cap and the barrel always align themselves to meet at a finite angle. FILLING & CLEANING SYSTEMS Cartridge Converter (Rollerball barrel can take in a CON-40/20/50/B not a 70) The barrel unscrews from the section with almost four turns. As you can observe, the section has metal threading that syncs with the metal threads of the barrel. Since this is a rollerball, it cannot accommodate the longer CON-70 converter without compressing the inner spring at the end of the barrel. However, the other proprietary converters or even cartridges fit well. I have tested the pen with a CON-40/20 and a CON-B converter, and they work fine with the rollerball barrel. I have a quibble about ink capacity, but it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. I found it easier to clean the section with the eye dropper that comes with a Pilot Parallel. NIB - ALL THAT MATTERS Frost-smitten Pilot #10 14K. The nib was originally released in three stock widths - F, M & B across Japan and other countries. The frosted frontiers create an elegant contrast to the rest of the white silvery luster of the nib. An elongated hexagonal imprint separates the design from the outer shoulders and tines, featuring arabesque decorations within its borders, encompassing the circular breather hole in the center. The branding and nib specifications of PILOT, 14k-585 (58.5% Gold Alloy) are imprinted below the breather hole, along with the nib size and width. The date code on the left shoulder of this nib is A903 (Plant-Month-Year), indicating a manufacturing period of September 2003, with symbol A signifying the Hiratsuka factory's production line A. Below is a list of codes sourced from Richard Binder’s blog, which may be helpful if you're just beginning to survey all the Pilot nibs you own. I did that already. T: Tokyo factory (in Shimura, Itabashi ward) H: Hiratsuka factory (in Kanagawa prefecture) A: Hiratsuka, production line A B: Hiratsuka, production line B F: Thailand, Burma, India, or Brazil Once you turn the nib, the first thing you'll notice is the feed. A standard bluish grey plastic feed with moderately spaced fins with a decently sized feeder hole delivers the good ink buffer. These feeds are pretty well made and render moderate wetness to the nibs. PHYSICS OF IT – RELATIVELY SPEAKING The Newtonian Laws Although there's a step down from the barrel to the section, I find it comfortable to grip. The diameter of the gripping section is larger than that of a typical Pilot 742 series or a similar pen (such as a Dunhill AD2000) with a #10 nib, due to the additional piece of concentric cylinder above the aesthetic ring of the section. The weight is well balanced by the metal inserts in the barrel, cap, and section. Below are the pictures along with a Conid Minimalistica for a comparative reference. Here go the dimensions. Uncapped Length ~ 12.9 cm Total Length ~ 15 cm Exposed Nib Leverage ~ 2.2 cm The weight of the pen is comforting even without the cap. Overall Weight ~ 32.5 g (inked, without cap ~19) WRITING & FINAL COMMENTS Writes soft and beautiful The writing experience with this nib so far matches the experience I have had with other 14k nibs from Pilot, including the superb #15 nib of a Custom 823. The nib writes moderately wet, without any issues of drying out. It writes softly with a hint of feedback and a sense of control, which is perfect for me, though less springy than a #15 nib. This is a relatively stiff nib, even though some line variation can be achieved with moderate pressure. It's not quite my preference, but its softness more evident than, say a Sailor 21k nib on the 1911L or its equivalent. On Endless Regalia 80 GSM paper, the drying time for lines with Sailor Yama Dori ink is approximately 25-30 seconds. One aspect to consider regarding the step in the section is that the Bamboo provides a longer section compared to the typical 742 or a similar pen equipped with a #10 nib. Compared to a Dunhill AD2000 the pen appears to have a longer section. I find the AD2000 18k nib somewhat softer than the Bamboo. I do not think that the pen was designed to be posted given the metal threading inside the cap. The Bamboo feels quite well balanced even without posting the cap. To be honest, the rollerball version is also a pleasure to write with. Thank you for going through the review. You can find other pen and paraphernalia reviews here. REFERENCES Nib Codes
  2. Dear FPN'ers, Ranga Handmade Pens wishes you Very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!!! This Offer is for RANGA Handmade Pens Bamboo, Thin Bamboo and Giant Bamboo Model in Classic Ebonites and alluring Acrylics .This is Japanese Style Pen with extensive craftsmanship. It is unique writing instrument with carrying lot of Art. Ebonite is highly beautiful , Durable, evergreen ,long lasting , Classic and favorite material for Pen lovers. It has Vintage Characteristics. Premium Acrylics are very attractive ,looks Gorgeous and appeals Visually very much. Bamboo and Giant Bamboo caps in less than 1 turn. Thin Bamboo Caps in 2-3 turns Bamboo Dimension: Capped Length - Approximately 6 Inches Cap Dia - 16mm, Barrel Dia - 16mm, Section Dia - 12.5mm at Thickest part and 11mm at thinnest part. Thin Bamboo Dimension: Capped Length - Approximately 5.75 Inches Cap Dia - 14.5mm, Barrel Dia - 14.5mm, Section Dia - 11mm at Thickest part and 10mm at thinnest part. Giant Bamboo Dimension: Capped Length - Approximately 7 Inches Cap Dia - 19mm /17.5mm dia based on availability, Barrel Dia - 19mm /17.5mm dia based on availability.Section Dia - 14.3mm at Thickest part and 12.5mm at thinnest part. Making Time : 2 -3 weeks Price: 1. Base Price for Ranga Regular Bamboo Pens with Ranga Screw in nibs and German Converters: Premium Ebonite & Premium Acrylic :85USD,Regular Ebonite & Regular Acrylic: 75USD, 2.Base Price for Ranga Giant Bamboo Pens with Ranga Screw in nibs and German Converters: Premium Ebonite & Premium Acrylic :105USD,Regular Ebonite & Regular Acylic : 85USD 3 Base Price for Ranga Thin Bamboo Pens with Ranga Screw in nibs and German Converters: Premium Ebonite & Premium Acrylic :80USD,Regular Ebonite & Regular Acrylic: 70USD, . You can upgrade it to plenty of nib choices with extra charge Shipping charges: Through Courier (Quicker delivery-4 to 9 days) .USA : 19USD, Central Europe : 15USD, Singapore/ Malaysia: 15USD. Rest of the world: It varies from country to country from 15USD -19USD. Kindly note that Shipping charges are very high, we bear the 50% of shipping charge and collecting the rest from customers. (Charges published above) Payment Details : Paypal id mpkandan@gmail.com .This offer Price is Valid till 31-January-22 To book your pen, Please fill the below form . all details are included in the form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc0o_xxc0vrLXV27Wvp1FRvnH-qDbBVl8_1WgD50g3xb4DsyA/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0 Take care Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  3. Dear FPN'ers, Greetings !!! This is Kandan.M.P from Ranga Pen Company, India. Hope and wish you are staying safe . Thanks for your support so far We are back with your favourite Bamboo Ebonite Pens Group buy after one year with more colour and nib options than ever. These are completely Handmade Pen in Clipless design . This is Japanese Style Pen with extensive craftsmanship. It is unique writing instrument with carrying lot of Art.It is comfortable for long writing session . In order to purchase Ranga Bamboo / Giant Bamboo Pen , Kindly fill the Google Form (Link Below) RANGA Bamboo - ORDER FORM https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeHhb3ObkUaoJBfRW2LsRtKuUDB4PCld6u60xmp2VLgg_7Abw/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0 Bamboo Dimension:Capped Length - Approximately 6 Inches Cap Dia - 16mm, Barrel Dia - 16mm, Section Dia - 12.5mm at Thickest part and 11mm at thinnest part. Giant Bamboo Dimension:Capped Length - Approximately 7 Inches Cap Dia - 19mm /17.5mm dia based on availability, Barrel Dia - 19mm /17.5mm dia based on availability.Section Dia - 14.3mm at Thickest part and 12.5mm at thinnest part. Colours : Premium Ebonite -------------------P1. Solid BlueP2. Black/YellowP3. Blue/PinkP5. Blue/WhiteP6. Black/RedP7. Green/YellowP8. Solid PinkP9. Blue/Green/OrangeP11. Blue/White/Green/OrangeP12.Black/OrangeP13. Green/Pale PinkP14. Blue/Pink/Pale YellowP15. Red WoodgrainP18. Pink Red GreenP19. Blue/OrangeP20. Grey CreamP21. Pink Red CreamP22. Orange CreamP23. Grey Red Cream Regular Ebonite:----------------R4. BlackS1. Solid Forest Green with Black SpecsS2. Forest Green with Black RippleS6. Forest Green - Teal Blue Ripple with Black SpecsS7. Teal Blue - Black RippleS9. Mustard Yellow - Black RippleS10. Khaki - Bluish Black RippleS12. Rose Red - Black RippleS15. Rose Red - Forest Green RippleS17. Rose Red - Mustard Yellow Ripple with Black SpecsS18. Brick Red - Khaki RippleS20. Teal Blue - Orange RippleS22. Solid Crimson Red with Black SpecsS27. Solid Teal with Black SpecsS29 .Solid Military Green with Black Specs Finish :Polished Finish or Matte FinishClip Option - CliplessCap Turn: It takes less than 1 turn to cap and uncap For C/C mechanism (with Schmidt K5 Converter) #6 Nib Options Nib Option: Ranga Extra Fine Nib - Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Fine Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Medium Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Broad Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Double Broad Nib:Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga Flex: Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone Ranga 14K Nib # 6 Size Nibs:- Extra Fine, Fine Point, Medium Point ,Broad Point, Bock Extra Fine Nib - Gold Tone,Dual Tone , Red Lacquered Bock Fine Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone , Red Lacquered Bock Medium Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone , Red Lacquered Bock Broad Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone,Dual Tone, Red Lacquered Bock Calligraphy 1.1 Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone , Red Lacquered Bock Calligraphy 1.5 Nib- Chrome Tone ,Gold Tone, Red Lacquered Bock Titanium #6 nibs: Extra Fine, Fine Point, Medium Point ,Broad Point, Double Broad Point Bock 18K Nib # 6 Size Nibs:- Extra Fine, Fine Point, Medium Point ,Broad Point, Broad Point Bock Titanium #8 Nib: Fine (Available only for Giant Bamboo) JoWo Fine Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold ToneJoWo Medium Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone JoWo Broad Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold ToneJoWo 1.1 Calligraphy Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold ToneJoWo 1.5 Calligraphy Nib - Chrome Tone or Gold Tone Schmidt Fine Nib - Gold Tone or Chrome ToneSchmidt Medium Nib - Gold Tone or Chrome Tone Schmidt Broad Nib - Gold Tone or Chrome ToneNo Nib - Threaded for Bock #6 No Nib - Threaded for JoWo #6 No Nib - Threaded for Schmidt #6 No Nib - Threaded for Bock #8 Price : 1. Base Price for Ranga Regular Bamboo Pens with Ranga Screw in nibs and German Converters: Premium Ebonite :85USD,Regular Ebonite: 75USD, Demonstrator: 80USD 2.Base Price for Ranga Giant Bamboo Pens with Ranga Screw in nibs and German Converters: Premium Ebonite :105USD,Regular Ebonite: 85USD , Demonstrator: 95USD. FPN'ers can upgrade it to plenty of nib choices with extra chargeCustomer's can upgrade it to their favourite nibs with extra chargeMaking Time : 3 weeks from payment date Via Courier . It takes 4 to 9 days.Shipping: Via Courier- Kindly note that courier rates are very high now. We are happy to share that we are collecting only 50% of the courier charges and rest is incurred by us .Customer's need to pay 15USD for USA/Canada, 10USD for Central Europe /Singapore/ Malaysia and country specific rates for other countries. Payment Details: Paypal id: mpkandan@gmail.com REgards,Kandan.M.PRanga Pen Company https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeHhb3ObkUaoJBfRW2LsRtKuUDB4PCld6u60xmp2VLgg_7Abw/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0
  4. Dear All, Happy New Year 2020!!! We are happy to welcome 2020 with 30% Offer Sales on the below stock Pens in the pictures. Please mail to mpkandan@yahoo.co.in for purchase Available Nibs : F/M/B/1.1/1.5 Without German Bock/Jowo/Schmidt nib -12USD lessBock #6 Size Titanium Nibs - 59$ MoreBock #6 Size 18K Nibs -185$ MoreBock #8 Size 18K Nibs- 230$ MoreBock #6 Black /Red Nibs -9$ More RANGA Model 8B:(Clipless Model)(Thickness-Cap Dia: 16mm, Barrel Dia : 14mm , Length - App 5.75 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $52 RANGA Model 5: (Clipless Model)(Thickness- 18.75mm dia / 17mm Dia based on availability (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 7 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo/Schmidt Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $62 RANGA Bamboo (Regular Size): (Clipless Model)(Thickness- 16mm dia (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 5.75 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo/Schmidt Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $62 RANGA Giant Bamboo: (Clipless Model)(Thickness- 17mm Dia , Capped Length - App 7 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $72 RANGA Thin Sugarcane: (Clipless Model) (Cap will unscrew in 1 Turn)(Thickness- 16mm dia at the Node (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 5.75 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $57 RANGA REgular Sugarcane (Regular Size): (Clipless Model)(Cap will unscrew in 1 Turn)(Thickness- 17.5mm dia at the Node (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 6.5 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $62 RANGA Giant Sugarcane : (Clipless Model)(Cap will unscrew in 1 Turn)(Thickness- 18.75mm dia at the Node (barrel and Cap), Capped Length - App 7 inches )Regular / Special Ebonite- With German Bock/Jowo Screw in Nib and German Schmidt Converter: US $72 Note: Offer Price will be applicable till 20th Jan-2020 for the below Pens in its original configuration Ranga Handmade Pens with German Bock Nibs (Pictures in the below order)-----------------------------------------------------------------------Thin SugarcaneModel 8BRegular Sugarcane BambooGiant SugarcaneModel 5 Making Time : Will be shipped Immediately upon paymentShipping: India Post Register Post .Delivery in 2-4 weeks from Shipment datePayment: Paypal id: mpkandan@gmail.com Please see the next set of pens in the next post Regards,Kandan.M.PRanga Pen Company
  5. Cursive Child

    Alternative To The Pilot Con-70?

    I have a con-70 that came with my Namiki Bamboo. It's nice that it has a larger capacity (0.7ml) than most converters. However I'm not a fan of the pump mechanism that blows some ink back into the bottle, and also can sometimes spray / create bubbles. It works fine, but can anyone suggest an alternative converter, that has a conventional screw mechanism that will fit the Bamboo? I beleive the CON-70 fits the Pilot Custom. I don't need the 0.7 ml capacity, given the little writing I do at work. Thanks!
  6. http://app.campaigndashboard.io/userfile/29cf0e92-774d-4ce5-a530-8c637318483d/HisNibsThanksgivingRecovery.png My latest newsletter (and the previous one), using a new email software. I realize now that the Duke Bamboo page is not displaying correctly on my website. Hopefully I can correct that anon! Regards, Norman
  7. As this is my first post, let me introduce myself. A sailor in my past life, I rekindled my passion for fountain pens about two years back. I saw myself collecting big branded western pens and Chinese ones for fun... And then I discovered a fun WhatsApp group of like-minded individuals and with them several Indian manufacturers. From what I understood reading the reviews, Ranga and Gama seemed to be the hot shots, and ASA the young turk bringing web based marketing and end user inputs to pen design. Due to my career as an engineer and machinist, I became attracted to pens with unique designs... With sweeping curves (ASA Nauka) and near- perfect symmetry( Ranga Bamboo). When Vaibhav Mehendiratta announced a group buy of the Bamboo, I took the plunge. But sadly , I was informed by the manufacturer that my desired specs ( viz. with clip) is not included in the group buy but can be processed as a special order with a negligible premium in pricing. Nib: Bock fine. Zero feedback or line variation. Not too wet... as all my pens are for pocket carry and I use them to write on a myriad quality of (usually (bleep)) papers, this suits me just fine. Body: Near perfect machining...turning marks visible but after extreme scrutiny . Finally the pen is able to perform even with difficult and temperamental inks like Krishna After Dark. Pen comes with a Schmidt converter...but the tight Ebonite threads just scream for use as an eyedropper. Can be posted but the pen becomes too long. On the plus side, the cap comes off the barrel with a very satisfying *POP*.(you know the sound) The pen cost me $67, but I can vouch that the manufacturer has put in every cent of effort in the process. If anything, buying this pen has made me richer. Cheers.
  8. I've always wanted a real bamboo pen--not just the bamboo-styled ebonite ones--but the susutake ones run to over $1,000 and seem too large and unwieldy besides. So a month ago, I ordered this pen from China through eBay, and it finally arrived today. I'm happy to report that it exceeded all my expectations--in size, finish, and general quality. It even writes well! (And did I say it cost just $20, shipped?) The section has threads, but it's actually just a pull-off cap. (I'm sure they already had these sections for other pens and didn't want to remanufacture unthreaded ones--or maybe the threads provide more grip inside.) The makers wisely put thin plastic rings on both cap and barrel to cushion the contact. The two-tone steel nib is marked HERO, but the pen itself is, of course, unbranded. What I like the most is that it's real, strong, polished bamboo! I love the nodes and the patterns--you couldn't get these if you wanted to manufacture the pen in ebonite or acrylic. And it's bigger than my Agatha and M900! It's surprisingly comfortable in the hand, and the Hero nib lays down a decent line (it's friction-fit, so I should have no problem replacing this with one of my flexy 14K vintage nibs--can't wait). The only problem I had was that the pen wouldn't suck in ink if I dipped it into the bottle, so I had to pull out and dip the converter itself instead. Other than that, it's a fantastic pen at $20--I'd easily have paid three times that--so much so that I went back online immediately to order more, only to find it out of stock I'll certainly be back to look for more. Here you go:
  9. Hello everyone. This time my review is for Ranga Thin Bamboo ebonite pen. Ranga pen is one of the most well-known brands in fountain pen world, they have ardent followers both in India and abroad. They are manufacturing ebonite and acrylic fountain, ball point and roller ball pens for more than 50 years. I was quite late in buying from them considering my fascination for ebonite pens, just because their ebay site doesnt have any option for paying in Indian currency. The price list is entirely in USD, so I contacted them over email and whatsapp. Mr. Pandurangan was generous to respond within a short time, and he did help me a lot. ASA pens and Ranga pens are two of the most customer oriented fountain pen companies that I have encountered. I chose the thin bamboo model as it was a bit on the smaller side for ebonite pens, I do have problems with jumbo pens. Also, I have many pens from ASA which are similar in design to some other Ranga models. Bamboo model has a unique design which is still available exclusively with Ranga pens in Indian market. I asked for a clipless cap as in my opinion the clip was hindering the complete display of its beauty. I am satisfied with the pen. 1.Appearance & Design (9/10): First of all, I must admit, Its a gorgeous ebonite pen. This is a rod shaped pen with bamboo-like slightly swollen nodes on the body. Each node has a groove running through it. There are five nodes altogether. Both the ends look similar and have large grooves for the clip and presumably for posting, which as I would explain is not a feasible option. As I ordered for a clipless design, my pen looks symmetrical. I dont know the exact origin of this bamboo design, but as a fountain pen this design is unique. There is no logo or branding, which is a wise decision as it would have hampered the actual aesthetics of the design. The cap is a bit shorter than the body, and the distance between individual nodes is smaller on the cap than the body. But unless you compare them side by side (as I have already alerted your mind) its difficult to notice at first glance. I chose the yellow-black swirled one and the colour is great. Its not the highest quality of ebonite on offer from them, but still its better than most other Indian ebonite pens. That will give a fair idea about the quality of these pens. The thin Bamboo The cap and body- side by side 2. Construction & Quality (9/10): I dont find any fault with the design or construction of this pen. The finish is absolutely flawless. The ebonite is top class, with almost no extra inclusion or impurities visible. No lathe mark, scratch mark or inconsistencies found. The material is of good quality. The body is well polished and sturdy. Its a light weight pen. The cap secures on the body with three and quarter turn, which in my opinion is excess, but the threads are well crafted, so there is no tightness or problem while closing and opening the cap. The section is also made of ebonite with gentle tapering towards nib. The grooves at the nodal regions are consistent in width and well made. The cap creates a small gap with the body looking similar to the grooves above and below it. 3. Weight & Dimensions (9/10): The dimensions are as follows Pen Length Capped 14o mm Pen Length Uncapped 130 mm. Pen Length Posted 195 mm (so one have to use it without posting, unless one has hands like a giant). Average section diameter : 10-11 mm. This pen feels very comfortable and well balanced (unposted). No problem with long writing sessions. As evident from the measurements, its not a very big pen, but not a small pen either. Its a bit smaller and thinner than most standard ebonite pens, but has a decent length to it. from left to right: The Pilot Metropolitan, Ranga thin bamboo, Jinhao x750 and ASA Daily 4. Nib & Performance (6/10): The stock nib is a bit disappointing. If you are a user of Indian fountain pens, by now you must have been introduced to Wality nibs. The stock nib is a Wality monotone nib, smooth with lots of feedback. It writes Indian fine line. These are cheap nibs without much character to the writing. I hope to change this nib for a better one. The flow is generous. There is much feathering on cheap papers. The nib has very little flex. I would suggest them to use Kanwrite nibs which are cheap Indian nibs but much smoother. Wality monotone stock nib (Indian fine) 5. Filling System & Maintenance (6/10): This pen is eyedropper pen. There is no provision for a cartridge or converter in this model. There are costlier versions with German JoWo and Schimdt nibs and converters. 6. Cost & Value (9/10): This pen is valued at INR 2300 (45 USD ). I find the price quite appropriate. There will always be comparison of Ranga pens with ASA, the other major Indian ebonite pen makers. I find these comparisons a bit futile, thats because each product is priced for its buyers. If the buyer is happy with the finished product, I dont see why it would not be priced at the current value. ASA pens are a bit on the cheaper side, almost all pens have cartridge converter system, the finishes are comparable (with Ranga having a slight edge), the material from Ranga looks better, and if ASA were to launch a bamboo design of their own (I have no idea whether this design is copyrighted to Ranga pens) it would come at a lower price. This doesnt mean that if that becomes a reality (ASA launching bamboo design), this pen will lose its value. Ranga pens are one of the most internationally successful fountain pen makers and they stood the test of time. The communication is well maintained from their end and there are some little things, like getting a link in email about to how these pens are made - these small things build a relationship with the seller. So the buying experience get enriched beyond the product value. 7. Conclusion (Final score, 48/60): This pen is a must have for every fountain pen and ebonite pen enthusiast. I would suggest, if budget is not a constraint, one must go for the cartridge convertor German nib variety, plus one may look into the premium ebonite models. The whatsapp no is 9444357967 Email id: mpkandan@yahoo.co.in Ebay site: Ranga pens
  10. Dear All This is a group buy effort for the Ranga Bamboo Model - 16 mm dia. Best Prices will be unlocked only after we reach 25 members. So kindly register for a group buy whoever is interested. Details of the pen in two options are as below: Ranga Bamboo (Eye Dropper Version): Finish - Polished or Matte (Bakul)Clip Option - White or Gold Colored Clip or Clip-lessNib Option : Wality F Gold Colored, Wality M Chrome Finish, Bock (With Conklin imprinted) M or B is available Default settings: Wality Fine nib & Clip-less model penColors available: Mottled Brown, Solid Black, Brown Ripple, Green Ripple, Olive Ripple, Yellow Ripple, Blue Ripple,Pink Ripple. Ranga Bamboo Pen with German Screw in nib (Jowo/ Schmidt) and Converter: Finish - Polished or Matte (Bakul)Clip Option - White or Gold Colored Clip or Clip-lessConverter : Schmidt K5 ConverterNib Option : JoWo Nibs ​​/ Schmidt NibsJoWo Nibs options : Gold Color Mono tone M or B nib, Silver Color Mono tone F or B, Dual Tone EF, F, M, B , 1.5 Italic (Steel Nibs)Schmidt Nib options: Gold Color monotone F, M, or B.Default settings: Schmidt Gold Colored monotone F nibColors available: Mottled Brown, Solid Black, Brown Ripple, Green Ripple, Olive Ripple, Yellow Ripple, Blue Ripple,Pink Ripple. Images are as below :
  11. RANGA BAMBOO FOUNTAIN PEN : PREMIUM EBONITE SMOOTH GREEN-YELLOW INTRODUCTION Ranga pens in my knowledge is a pretty popular brand here in FPN. I have only ordered one pen before,a model 2c which is one of their cheaper options to test the waters.Their bamboo design has been in my wish list for some time.I know its based on a japanese design but as far as i know to get that design in India there is only Ranga. The 2c was a mixed experience (review which i plan to post soon) mainly due to the wality nib.This time i decided to venture into their premium territory and opted for the Bamboo in premium ebonite with a Jowo medium nib. DESIGN & BUILD QUALITY The Bamboo design needs a master craftsman to make it a reality and Mr. Pandurangan is just that, a master craftsman.The pen is made of one of the premium ebonite provided by Ranga “smooth green yellow”. My first choice was “blue white” which wasn’t in stock at the time. The ebonite is really beautiful and the green and yellow {more of amber actually} is a nice combination.The finish was top notch except for a burn like mark in the barrel which irritates me a bit. Apart from that there is not a single mark ,and the barrel and cap is extremely well polished. The pens design is clipless which adds to the minimalistic design language. The pen will get a 8/10 in the build quality and design ,2 marks for the mark in the barrel. WRITING EXPERIENCE Now the most important part of the review. I chose a Jowo nib this time as the wality nib with model 2c was really bad and had to change it to kanwrite nib. The “M” two tone nib is in line with the pen’s aesthetics. The nib writes good enough and is more towards the drier side.But after a thorough wash and flush the flow improved. Its not as wet as my ASA Galactic but im satisfied with the writing experience.Ink used is Krishna Mangal. VALUE & CONCLUSION The pen cost me 5700 INR and is my most expensive pen to date. In my opinion a product is worth what the customer is willing to pay for . There will surely be cheaper pens which may write better and the design may not be for everybody. What Bamboo offers is a unique design with a great build quality. To conclude this is a pen that will take a permanent place in my collection and also be among my daily writers. It gives the unique beauty of handmade fountain pen, the pen which is made just for you,the design pattern on one pen being totally different to the next bamboo. Overall Ill give this pen a 9/10. I plan to get more pens from Ranga in near future. The range of ebonite they offer and the variety of designs in their catalogue is really amazing. The Romillo of India
  12. cursivator

    3 Pilot Bamboos, 1 Namiki Nib

    I have three Pilot Bamboos -- silver, black, and maroon (if that's what they call it.) I've noticed on two of them, the nib reads "Pilot," but on the third "Namiki" (I can't remember which of the pens it came from, as I switched the nibs around a little many years ago when I got them.) The nib/feed/sections are identical on all three except for the names engraved on the nibs -- in fact, the Namiki nib and one of the Pilots are both F, so you can't get closer than that. The caps on all three pens read "PILOT." Obviously, Pilot and Namiki are the same company, but this seems very curious to me. Thoughts? I confess part of this is my wondering if I'll have a problem with the value of one if I want to sell them all someday, but mostly I'm just interested -- including for future reference if and as more Pilots might come my way. Thanks!
  13. I Hope you enjoyed it...
  14. We've just received an order from Ranga that we've been waiting for for a few weeks. The heavy rains and flooding in Thiruvallur, India made it very hard for Mr. Pandurangan to make pens! Models & Colors Re-stocked: Model 3 - Blue and White Premium ebonite Model 4C - Blue and White Premium ebonite Bamboo - Premium ebonite Solid Green, Green Yellow, Blue Green Orange Slim Bamboo- Smooth Black, Green Ripple, Brown Ripple PSP Zayante - Blue Ripple ebonite, Red & White "Koi" acrylic, Blue & White Premium ebonite and Green Solid Premium ebonite (Pens with the PSP designation are models which are exclusive to Peyton Street Pens and based on our designs.) We also have new premium ebonite colors for the Slim Bamboo model -- solid blue, solid orange, solid pink Coming soon: a new PSP Ranga design for JoWo nibs .... Thanks for looking! TERI
  15. Now available at Pen Boutique the red and black bamboo vanishing points!
  16. Dear FPN'ers We are introducing Our COLOUR ACRYLIC JAPANESE STYLE BAMBOO PENS in 6 COLOURS and Model 3C Premium Ebonite with German Jowo/Schmidt Screw in Nib unit and Schmidt K5 converter. These can also be used as Eyedroppers. Only Eyedropper Version is also available. ACRYLIC BAMBOO'S-Colours Available: ---------------------------------------------------------- 1. Blue with Black, 2. White With Red, 3. Green With Yellow, 4. Orange With Light Violet, 5. Green With Pink and Black, 6. Red With Blue Model 3C-Colours Available: ----------------------------------------- 1. SOLID ORANGE, 2. SOLID GREEN, 3. SOLID PINK,4. SOLID BLUE, 5. BLUE/PINK, 6. WHITE/BLUE,7. BLUE /GREEN /ORANGE, 8.YELLOW/BLACK, 9. RED OR PINK/ BLACK, 10. GREEN/ YELLOW NIB Options: ------------------ Jowo Nibs: --------------- Gold Colour - Fine , Medium , Broad Points Two tone Colour - Extra Fine, Fine , Medium , Broad, Calligraphy Points White Colour -Fine , Medium , Broad Points Schmidt Nibs: ----------------- Gold Colour -Fine , Medium , Broad Points Converter: Schmidt K5 All these Pens are available in Polished or Matt finish. Clipless or Clip version is available(Gold coloured Clip and White Clip) Paypal id: mpkandan@gmail.com Sharing it for FPN'ers. Comments are welcome. 1. RANGA COLOUR ACRYLIC BAMBOO PENS with German Jowo/ Schmidt Screw in Nibs: (Capped Length app 6 inches, Cap and Barrel dia :16mm) Price- 98$ http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Bamboo/DSC04455-1_zpshlwdkd1m.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Bamboo/DSC04452-1_zpsfvf48qih.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Bamboo/DSC04456-1_zpsjtjoakx5.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Bamboo/DSC04459-1_zpsrriga58h.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Bamboo/DSC04464-1_zpsd83qaly4.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Bamboo/DSC04465-1_zps0fh0wvls.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Bamboo/DSC04468-1_zpseenujzng.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Bamboo/DSC04472-1_zpsm4bclyne.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Bamboo/DSC04475-1_zpsf3sfkfbr.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Bamboo/DSC04477-1_zpsn6vgwfcv.jpg 2. RANGA COLOUR ACRYLIC BAMBOO PENS -Eyedropper Model: (Capped Length app 6 inches, Cap and Barrel dia :16mm) Price- 60$ http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Bamboo/DSC04479-1_zpsyazwrew0.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CRod%20Acrylic%20Bamboo/DSC04480-1_zpsbru1yrxd.jpg 3. Model 3C with German Jowo/ Schmidt Screw in Nibs: (Capped Length app 6 inches, Cap Dia: 16mm and Barrel dia :14mm) Price- 93$ http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04331-1_zpsqacqz5in.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04330-1_zpsysg7feys.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04445-1_zpsdgaeukz2.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04355-1_zpsik7wtpow.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04358-1_zpszdgzurrx.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04357-1_zps4qmbepgw.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04356-1_zpsmbbgi4dm.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04362-1_zpsbnlnsm9z.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04360-1_zpsjxmktcg4.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04364-1_zpsowhzjyfu.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04365-1_zpsdjycmo6x.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04367-1_zpsdz0uwnyo.jpg http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04369-1_zpsqjugmmwt.jpg 4. Model 3C Eyedropper Models (Capped Length app 6 inches, Cap Dia: 16mm and Barrel dia :14mm) Price- 55$ http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04338-1_zpsf2pcvar6.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/C%20Rod%20Pens%203C-4C-Duofold/DSC04335-1_zpsslh59a9n.jpg Thanks for looking. Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  17. Dear All, We are introducing Handmade Ranga Ebonite Ruler Dual Bamboo Pens with German Jowo Screw in nib and Schmidt K5 Converter. These are unique pens. This takes of lot of time to craft it. The thickness is 14mm dia. The length is 13 inches. The price is 180$ including worldwide economical shipping. My paypal id is mpkandan@gmail.com The colours available are Brown Ripple, Green Ripple,Olive Ripple ,Parrot Green Ripple,Blue Ripple,Yellow Ripple, Mottled brown, Mottled Olive. Solid Back Pens are available in Polished or Bakul finish. Thanks for looking. http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Ruler%20Bamboo/DSC04151-1_zpsqoyu7rr2.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Ruler%20Bamboo/DSC04153-1_zpstf4zetu4.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Ruler%20Bamboo/DSC04159-1_zpsa32dm8nt.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Ruler%20Bamboo/DSC04165-1_zpsyj6hhn5e.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Ruler%20Bamboo/DSC04161-1_zpsuq7hia1c.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Ruler%20Bamboo/DSC04166-1_zpsrqxcmfg2.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Ruler%20Bamboo/DSC04162-1_zpsyzeaixwx.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Ruler%20Bamboo/DSC04162-1_zpsyzeaixwx.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Ruler%20Bamboo/DSC04158-1_zpspuvuzfwj.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Ruler%20Bamboo/DSC04156-1_zps25ka0rvt.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Ruler%20Bamboo/DSC04157-1_zpso3kcytyh.jpg Regards, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  18. I finally succumbed and bought one for myself. A nice email exchange with Mr. Kandan (on behalf of his father), made it easy for me to order the Thin Bamboo pen in Bakul finish from Ranga Pens. Given that I am only beginning to use fountain pens again, he was really helpful in helping me understand the options available and the best option for me. Based on suggestions from members here and his own email I decided to have the standard Wality medium steel nib in the pen. So far, the nib has been smooth and works without any skipping. The pen itself is an eyedropper style pen with a large ink capacity. It is a light pen and I have been using the pen unposted. There seems to be silicon grease or some form of stopping material near the ink-tank and the section of the pen to help avoid ink spills. The nib itself seemed to have been misaligned a little from the feed, some gentle pressure helped sort it out. Call me a sucker, but I love the quaint packaging that it comes in. It has been a long time since I got any mail with a cloth package and wax seals. Here are a few pictures of the pen, http://blog.bharathpalavalli.com/images/100x180xSeals.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ioMH6-R8qx.jpg http://blog.bharathpalavalli.com/images/180x150xboxed.jpg.pagespeed.ic.gshuBGHIhp.jpg http://blog.bharathpalavalli.com/images/200x120xunboxed.jpg.pagespeed.ic.1j5B7bwpOf.jpg http://blog.bharathpalavalli.com/images/200x80xpenhorizontal.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Pd5gDr5pah.jpg http://blog.bharathpalavalli.com/images/100x180xpencontop.jpg.pagespeed.ic.63gb7im9N1.jpg http://blog.bharathpalavalli.com/images/200x125xlengthcomparison.jpg.pagespeed.ic.up9MSgxlNV.jpg http://blog.bharathpalavalli.com/images/150x125xuncapped.jpg.pagespeed.ic.2JaZ2T1-84.jpg http://blog.bharathpalavalli.com/images/150x100xfeeder.jpg.pagespeed.ic.wCt4HC4JY8.jpg http://blog.bharathpalavalli.com/images/200x110xrealigned.jpg.pagespeed.ic.0qBoRAlSq0.jpg Cross-posted on my blog. PS: This is not a review!
  19. Dear FPN'ers, Happy Thanks Giving Day We are running Big Festival discount sales for the next 2 weeks (till 14'Dec'14) for Christmas and New Year '15 festival. This is the Perfect chance for our customers to buy the pens at discount prices for personal use and Festival Gifting.to your beloved friends. My email id is mpkandan@yahoo.co.in OFFER Details are given below: ---------------------------------------- 1. 15% Discount for all Indian Ebonite Pens (OR) 25% Worth Wality, Fellowship, Hero pens as Free 2. 20% Discount for purchase over 100$ (OR) 30% Worth Wality, Fellowship, Hero pens as Free 3. 25% Discount for Purchase over 250$ (OR) 35% Worth Wality, Fellowship, Hero pens as Free 4. 30% Discount Sales for Ratnam and Guider Pens. Note: Disount is applicable for all Indian Ebonite Fountain pens, Ball Pens, Roller Ball pens, German nib pens. Discount is not applicable for Premium ebonite and Acrylic pens. All the Payments for offer sales needs to be sent to my paypal id mpkandan@gmail.com Note for Free Pens: I have attached the 16 Free pen Pictures. We will send the available colours. You can choose the Models that you need for Free pens according to the Discount that you are eligible and the cost of Free pens. These Free Pen Lot is also available for sale . The cost for these 16 pen lot is 99$ (45% Discount from 179$ for 16 pens). These are all real value for hard earned money The Models are here below 1. Wality 69 Ebonite Eyedropper pens (20$) 2. Wality 69 Colour Acrylic Eyedropper Pen (16$) 3. Wality 52 Piston Filler (16$) 4. Wality Piston Filler with Metal cap (16$) 5. Wality 71J Roller Ball Pen with Black Schmidt Refill (16$) 6. Wality 69 T Clear Acrylic Eydropper Pen (9$) 7. Wality 69TS Clear Acrylic Eydropper Pen (8$) 8. Wality 71J Eyedropper Pen (12$) 9. Wality 58SL Eyedropper Pen( 8$) 10. Wality 70T Clear Acrylic Eydropper Pen (8$) 11. Fellowship Clear Demsontrator Eyedropper Pen (7$) 12. Fellowship 85G Matt Finish Eyedropper Pen (7$) 13. Fellowship Black Bird Eyedropper Pen (7$) 14. Fellowship Black Bird with Metal cap Eyedropper Pen (7$) 15. Oliver 360 Degree Pen Aerometric Filler (12$) 16. Hero 360 Degree Pen Aerometric Filler (10$) WHAT IS NEW IN RANGA PENS INCLUDING NEW NIBS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Models ("GIANT RANGA BAMBOO PEN" and "TINY BAMBOO PENS") , New Colours (Olive With ROSE Ripple -WATERMAN COLOUR) New Nibs : Jowo 2 toned Extra Fine Screw in Nib unit, Jowo 2 toned Calligraphy 1.5 Screw in nib unit is available now 1. RANGA GIANT BAMBOO PEN : ----------------------------------------------- These Pens are 18.75mm or 17mm Dia. The Capped Length is 7 inches. These pens are very unique pens in the world and not available anywhere. This is available in new Olive and Rose Ripple (Waterman colour) also. It is available with Jowo Screw in nib and Schmidt K5 Converter(107.99$ ) or as Eyedroppers (69.99$) 2. RANGA THIN BAMBOO MODEL : ---------------------------------------------- This is the perfect choice for the pen lovers who prefers thin pens and likes Bamboo designs. These Pens are 14mm Dia . The Capped Length is 5.75 inches. It is available with Jowo Screw in nib and Schmidt K5 Converter(82.99$ ) or as Eyedroppers (44.99$) RANGA GIANT BAMBOO PICTURES (GERMAN NIB Configuration & Eyedropper Model): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Bamboo%20Large%20-%2028-Nov-14/DSC03699-11_zps7af622af.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Bamboo%20Large%20-%2028-Nov-14/DSC03706-11_zpsbf6a4bd7.jpg http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Bamboo%20Large%20-%2028-Nov-14/DSC03736-11_zps7a0099b8.jpgRANGA THIN BAMBOO MODEL (GERMAN NIB CONFIGURATION & EYEDROPPER MODEL): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Bamboo%2014mmSmall%20Pens%20-29-Nov-14/DSC03789-11_zps22d4ab23.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Bamboo%2014mmSmall%20Pens%20-29-Nov-14/DSC03822-11_zps7993d1a7.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Bamboo%2014mmSmall%20Pens%20-29-Nov-14/DSC03792-11_zps2fff4fb5.jpgFREE PENS LOT( WALITY, FELLOWSHIP,OLIVER, HERO PENS) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Bamboo%2014mmSmall%20Pens%20-29-Nov-14/DSC03873-11_zps0f7d86ca.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/Bamboo%2014mmSmall%20Pens%20-29-Nov-14/DSC03883-11_zps14529e6d.jpgThanks for Visiting, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  20. Dear FPN'ers, Good Morning!! My Father has crafted these 8 Ebonite Bamboo pens last week!! The colours are Red ripple, Olive Ripple, GreenRipple, Pink Ripple. All are in Matt finish It is converter Filling mechanism. The nib is fine and the feeder is ebonite. Sharing the pictures for FPN'ers . Comments are welcome. http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02320-1_zpsa17b5e95.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02323-1_zps19e67c3b.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02332-1_zps1ed547fd.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02337-1_zps6b6f9388.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02335-1_zps72a5b005.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02329-1_zps934459f8.jpghttp://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z437/mpkandan/CUSTOM%20PENS-2014/DSC02324-1_zpscc1bcbf1.jpg Thanks, Kandan.M.P Ranga Pen Company
  21. I've gotten some fresh bamboo pieces that look to be the right size for experimenting with pen-making, and was wondering about the best way to sure and work it. I've heard that you can cure it by standing upright for a while (very susceptible to the housemates-tossing-it-as-garbage problem), are there any quicker ways, like drying in the oven? Or are there any other forums, books or other resources that are helpful for starting to work with bamboo? Thanks, W P
  22. After posting my 'True Bamboo' pen recently, I had a number of people requesting a darker version. So, here by request is darker version of the pen, using another bamboo fly fishing rod making technique... http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd231/kcavers/Custom%20Pens/Custom%20Fountain%20Pens/Designer%20Fountain%20Pens/IMG_8591_zps247748f5.jpg?t=1378259684 In the last two posts, I mentioned the thread-wrap technique commonly used in fly fishing rod construction (especially bamboo 'cane' rods), here I used another technique used in their production. 'Flaming' is a process used to carmelize and lightly char the outside of a bamboo culm before it is split into strips and planed to size to make a fly fishing rod. It gives the bamboo a nice, darkened appearance, and a bit of colour texture. Here I have used that technique on a small culm that I wanted to use for a pen. After flaming the culm, I took off the outer layers with a bit of steel wool, then sealed the pen inside and out with a good soak of low viscosity CA. http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd231/kcavers/Custom%20Pens/Custom%20Fountain%20Pens/Designer%20Fountain%20Pens/IMG_8595_zps6a7b8141.jpg?t=1378259686 http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd231/kcavers/Custom%20Pens/Custom%20Fountain%20Pens/Designer%20Fountain%20Pens/IMG_8602_zps7cec803b.jpg?t=1378259688 As I think I mentioned in my last post, for the thread wraps on blonde, or pale cane, spring green is a popular choice, while on flamed cane one often sees darker colours such as the garnet thread I have used here. http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd231/kcavers/Custom%20Pens/Custom%20Fountain%20Pens/Designer%20Fountain%20Pens/IMG_8618_zps3e0729fd.jpg?t=1378259694 The end jewels on my last Bamboo pen were a bit too prominent for my taste, so on this pen I decided to make them simple, flat, and out of ruby flake acrylic to match the thread wraps - and am reasonably pleased with the result. The nib section, as well as the threaded parts of the cap and barrel, I made from black acrylic. http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd231/kcavers/Custom%20Pens/Custom%20Fountain%20Pens/Designer%20Fountain%20Pens/IMG_8609_zpsb6a8e67a.jpg?t=1378259692 Here is a group shot of the last three bamboo pens that I made - the flamed cane, the blonde cane, and the pen made of bamboo 'wood': http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd231/kcavers/Custom%20Pens/Custom%20Fountain%20Pens/Designer%20Fountain%20Pens/IMG_8622_zps46748c87.jpg?t=1378259701 Thanks for looking - comments and critique welcome. Ken

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