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  1. The Airmail/ WALITY 69EB is probably the only ebonite model produced today by the Airmail pen co. Bought when they were released, two colors were available. Green ripple and Brown ripple and probably an Olive ripple too but I dont remember too well. In its stock configuration, it is fitted with a steel F nib of the Indian no 8 size (28mm over a 6.35mm feed) and is ED filled. The 69 series models have very little space inside the inner cap ( EB has around 18.5mm only) so it is sometimes difficult for the novice to install third party nibs which are typically 35mm long and thence have to be set particularly deep in the section so that the nib's exposed length does not exceed the inner cap space( if the nib's exposed length is more than the inner cap space, the nib will be badly crumpled when you close the cap fully). Also if a nib unit is to be installed to allow C/C facility, even a European no 5 nib unit has a longer nib exposed length than what the 69EB inner cap allows. One workaround to this problem is to turn down the flared collar of the nib unit housing, allowing it to be set deeper into the section. This is the approach that I have taken on one of the pens. Here is the result with the Schmidt FH341. I have set the nib unit deep enough to control the exposed nib length to 18mm. Also shown is another EB where I have installed a KW 35mm factory B STUB nib over the stock WALITY feeder in ED mode. This nib is set extremely deep( nearly half of the nib is inside the section!). Along with some other currently inked pens: L-R: Lamy 2000, 69TS, 69EB, 71J The 69EB is a nice, very low cost introduction to the ebonite pen. Its quite well made with multistart threads fast open cap and an adequate stock F nib. DIY nib upgrades need application of some techniques. However, a very straightforward nib upgrade to obtain a wider point is to buy after market Indian size 8 (28mm) nibs from Ambitious or KW who offer F and M widths in this size. Cheers, Hari
  2. The 71 is a family of large pens from the Airmail pen company of Mumbai, India. The pen is more or less semi streamlined with conical ends. From L-R:71JBRCC, 71JB, 71JT, 71J Nomenclature: J: Jumbo T: Transparent hand turned barrel B: Block with etched design cap band. Solid Colors. RCC: Regular+C/C filling. Being a jumbo sized pen, it lends itself to a variety of nib upgrades. L-R:M200 threaded in, Esterbrook Renew point threaded in, stock nib: Indian no 8, Bock 250 friction fit over NN feed, Conklin Bock Friction fit over ebonite feed, Schmidt FH452 threaded in. My personal favourite: 69TL Vs 71JT: cheers, Hari
  3. in the order of their appearance Been Lincoln Beena Antic Wality 71J Kanerite 35mm nibs Dual tone
  4. hari317

    Airmail 58C

    Sharing some pics of my 58C. This is a students model and immensely popular in interior Maharashtra. Perhaps more popular than the bigger 71J. A Schmidt upgrade made the pen even more sweet. Compared to the 71J. Decided to post this since not many people know about this model. Cheers Hari
  5. My favorite pen made in India is the Airmail 67T. I plan on collecting more Airmail/Wality pens. I have noticed in my research that the names of the pens contain a letter code. The question is, what to the letters stand for? So far this is what I have been able to determine: A = AcrylicB = Bold (?)C = ?E = EboniteJ = JumboL = LongM = MediumP = PistonS = ?T = Transparent Any corrections or additions would be welcome. For example. Not sure if I have the "B" code correct. What would the word bold refer to in a fountain pen?In any case, thanks in advance for any assistance.
  6. A few weeks ago I picked up an Airmail/Wality 69eb, marketed as the Airmail Ebo from Fountain Pen Revolution, because I needed some silicone grease and because I wanted to take advantage of FPR's 20 percent off sale. I only paid 16 dollars for this pen, and I have really enjoyed it. It has been a great workhorse these last couple of weeks and has earned a spot amongst my favorites. I really enjoy the pen's styling. Its cigar shape and ebonite body give the pen a vintage feel. Indian pens, specifically the handmade ebonite eyedroppers, have always invoked nostalgia. This pen is no different. The Airmail 69eb is a large, but not oversized pen. Here it is next to a Metropolitan, Al-Star, and Ahab. It is a comfortable pen to use posted or unposted and is very comparable in size to the Ahab, just slightly thinner. I have read mixed things about Wality/Airmail nibs. My nib gives decent feedback but is not at all unpleasant. Sometimes it feels like writing with a nice pencil. Sometimes I enjoy the feedback on a workhorse pen as I am usually writing quickly and the feedback helps keep my writing more legible. The nib is marked "Special Wality, Tipped Fine" It writes a very fine line with Pelikan Royal Blue. The only other eyedropper I have experience with is an Asa I Can and that is a rather wet pen. Royal Blue tends to be a dry ink so I thought it would be a good choice. The Airmail 69eb does not seem to be a very wet writer and with Royal Blue is a great choice on cheap, absorbent paper. I scrubbed the nib and feed before I inked it and I haven't had any flow issues, hard starts, or skipping. It writes a consistent fine or extra-fine line. The build quality of the pen is good. All of the threads are nicely cut, the nib and feed were nicely set, and the clip works fine. Mine has some small fit and finish issues. The cap band extends below the ebonite material of the cap and is fairly sharp. Sometimes it gets caught on my pen case when I try to slip it in and I am afraid it is going to ben and scratch pen's body. Also, the threads, though nicely cut, must have a sharp edge or bur because they gathered some paper towel material when I wiped them. That is really not a big deal because they feel fine on my fingers. Moreover, while I have read that the pen is handmade, the section is not made of ebonite. It has the feel and odor of vegetal resin. I am not sure how much of this pen, if any, is hand turned. It was only 16 dollars. I do wish the section was made of the same ebonite material as the body. Overall, I really like the pen. For 16 dollars, something like the Pilot Metropolitan gets you a pen with nicer fit and finish, a smoother nib, and a lot less character. I really enjoy Indian pens. Perhaps it is an unfair association, but they evoke feelings of nostalgia and adventure. I bet Indiana Jones used something like the Airmail 69eb to document his travels *This is my first pen review. I apologize for the bad picture quality and the sloppy handwriting.*
  7. Wality or Airmail is a brand that is most popular and well known brand from India among fountain pen users. However this model 67T, I have seen is not seen or discussed much. Most of the FP users are more concerned with the more popular 69T or 71JT and similar (ie. bigger) variants. Well, I must admit that I had bought these FPs over a year back. Used it for few days and I felt the nib was not up to the mark and then it went to closet. The more springy and smoother wality nibs - the dual tones are of bigger size and dont fit in this 67T FP. So the nib out of box may seem a let down. But the magical swirls kept this pen inside my head - and initially I would fit other nib in this pen. But that did not work out. However in past few months, having gained a much better understanding about the nibs - and their smoothness - I gave this only a one minute rub (in uninked condition) over the backcover of notebook (the soft - roughish surface usually found over the back side of notebooks). And behold - the nibs felt even more smoother than Lamy or Pilot ! What distinguishes this FP is its beautiful heavenly swirls. Its a transparent barrel FP. The section and cap is coloured acrylic. I have three of its colours. One of the pic of the orange pen I had posted many months back on FPN (and not able to locate it). Regarding feed, in general I have found Wality FPs have a very good feed (at times I have even replaced my Gama feed with Wality feeds). A good feed for me means: 1) The feed fits properly inside the section 2) There is no scattering / spalshing of ink on jerks (this happens with many other ED FPs) 3) Flow of ink is good. Of-course being friction fit EDs, one can adjust the feed and nib to make the ink flow as per ones own desired wetness. Today I took pics of the Green and the Red FP and thought I might as well share it - as good FPs are meant to be discussed ! Wality 67 T - The Pen Wality 67 T - the swirls Wality 67 T - the swirls Wality 67 T - the nib Wality 67 T - the writing
  8. I recently got an Airmail Ebo pen from Fountain Pen Revolution (Ebonite eyedropper for 20 bucks? how could I resist?) and the pen seems to built pretty well for it's price. However, I'm having quite a number of issues with ink flow and severe ink starvation. Initially, the pen flows really well and wet when first inked (I think because the feed is primed), but as soon as I've written about a paragraph or so, it starts writing faintly, begins skipping, and then stops writing entirely. Beyond this, when I put a finger over the slit and breather hole, there is no ink that comes off it, whereas most pens I own will typically slather my finger with ink when I do that if they're working properly. The problem is so bad to the point that, when I put the nib up to a light I can see directly through the slit when it should be full of ink. I've washed the nib and feed with dish soap several times and am at wit's end about it. I also am not being able to pull out the nib and feed even though they seem friction fit, so I don't know how to even inspect the feed for defects. Any suggestions on what I should do or what the problem might be? If it's of consideration, I've tried it with Pilot Black, Noodler's Black, and Waterman Black and all have suffered the same issues, and the issue's actually gotten worse the more I've written (I could go a full page without it drying out a few days ago, now it's about 4 lines).
  9. Dip n Scratch

    Airmail 69A

    I bought this pen just exactly a week ago. That's right one week from the order to the delivery. From India. I hope this bodes well for the two other Wality pens from the same seller. After photographing it for you I inked it with some KWZ IG Aztec Gold. I took the usual precaution of a very light smear of Silicone grease on the thread of the section. It is now standing nib down in a pot while the ink works its way down the feeder. The Wality nib does not have the greatest reputation. I have had one Wality nib where the tines were way out of alignment, but this one is OK. Quick writing sample on a Rhodia No14 notebook.
  10. Hello everyone, We all remembers our first fountain pen we started writing with. We have always cherished that pen and the company. For me, Airmail has been and will always be close to my heart. From school days to 2012 have been loyal to Airmail. However, when I misplaced them in 2012 it broke my heart. Since then searched a lot for them. Always thought the company might have closed. However , a month back noticed that Airmail has started selling the pens on Amazon.in It was a surprise and ordered couple of 70 and & 71JT. Each costing about 350/- INR which seemed very resonable. Will be reviewing Airmail Wality 70 with few pictures. Online order experience: 1. Ordered four Airmail 70 pens of brown colour. The very next day received a call from the representative informing that brown colour is not available and if I may wait for a week or order mix colours. Could not wait and ordered the mix colours(brown, red, blue and green) . The person was courteous and simple to talk to. No typical business-wala talk but very humble gentleman. The package was shipped within 2 days, shipped by BlueDart and received in 9 days. 2. They were packed in a A4 size envelope, which could be better packed for added safety. I was expecting them to be packed loose bound together and scratched/ damaged. However to my surprise each pen is packed neatly in a box with foam cut for the pen, with an eyedropper and a spare two-tone medium nib. It was something unexpected and does get a smile on you. Compare it with the Parker packed in a cheap cardboard and plastic covers. 3. It would make a nice gift for someone who loves FPs. Pictures of the Beauty A Classic look The box Foam cut to safe the pen from any scratch with a eyedropper Spare nib Slim profile Comfortable to hold. Light weight. Rests nicely. Well balanced when writing without the cap posted. Even with the cap posted the pen is well balanced due to the light weight. Either way , with or without the cap it is comfortable to hold and write for long duration. The nib with the pen is fine. It is equivalent to 0.5mm. A bit fine than Luxor 0.5. Depends on how much pressure one puts on. There is no flex to it at all. The nib has been smooth to write with. Had to tweek a bit for wet writing which I prefer. The feeder is a flat feeder unlike few who have a thick feeder. The feeder is of good quality and surely is not a cheap hand made one. The grooves to screw in are nicely made and it screws in smoothly. The feeder has grooves for ink flow. They are not cut by hand. Precise neat and deep cuts which has ensured nice steady ink flow throughout. The grooves are well cut ,both in and outside the barrel. Translucent slots to see the ink level. To see the level one needs to hold it vertical for few seconds, let ink to flow and against a bright light. Quality of pen: 1. Extremely well made. Impressive. Construction of the pen is top notch quality- comparable to any pen one can think of. Feel it to believe it. 2. Elegant looking. Does catches the eyes of people around, writing or be it in pocket. 3. Light weight. Does not mean its cheap material!!! 4. It is nealty made, well designed for long duration writing. Have not felt tired holding it. Ink Flow: 1. Out of the box, filled and it started writing straight away. Used it for couple of days but seemed dry for my liking. A bit of adjusting the feeder for wet ink flow and working like magic since then. 2. Have not had any sudden ink blobs flowing out till now. 3. Kept it uncaped for 15mins, picked up and it wrote straight away. ( I dont think anyone would keep their FP uncaped for so long!) 4. Takes 3ml of ink. Thats more than enough one needs to fill in pages! Conclusion: 1. It is an extremely serious contender to many FPs which cost more than twice! For VFM it beats Parker hands down!!!! 2. The colour, the design all along catches the eyes of beholders around. Rather than discussing the papers to sign- the topic always came to the FP. 3. With the pretty decent cardboard box, neat presentation can be a gift. 4. For daily use its a beautiful, quality FP and pleasure to write with. 5. Many would want to change the nib. I am satisfied with the nib it has, been smooth so far. 6. For extreme VFM for a student who would want a ED pen- Trinity is lot better as it costs 100/- as compared to 350/- for Airmail. Anyone who has been using it, would like to hear your experience. Thank you
  11. Hello everyone. This time my review is for Ranga Thin Bamboo ebonite pen. Ranga pen is one of the most well-known brands in fountain pen world, they have ardent followers both in India and abroad. They are manufacturing ebonite and acrylic fountain, ball point and roller ball pens for more than 50 years. I was quite late in buying from them considering my fascination for ebonite pens, just because their ebay site doesnt have any option for paying in Indian currency. The price list is entirely in USD, so I contacted them over email and whatsapp. Mr. Pandurangan was generous to respond within a short time, and he did help me a lot. ASA pens and Ranga pens are two of the most customer oriented fountain pen companies that I have encountered. I chose the thin bamboo model as it was a bit on the smaller side for ebonite pens, I do have problems with jumbo pens. Also, I have many pens from ASA which are similar in design to some other Ranga models. Bamboo model has a unique design which is still available exclusively with Ranga pens in Indian market. I asked for a clipless cap as in my opinion the clip was hindering the complete display of its beauty. I am satisfied with the pen. 1.Appearance & Design (9/10): First of all, I must admit, Its a gorgeous ebonite pen. This is a rod shaped pen with bamboo-like slightly swollen nodes on the body. Each node has a groove running through it. There are five nodes altogether. Both the ends look similar and have large grooves for the clip and presumably for posting, which as I would explain is not a feasible option. As I ordered for a clipless design, my pen looks symmetrical. I dont know the exact origin of this bamboo design, but as a fountain pen this design is unique. There is no logo or branding, which is a wise decision as it would have hampered the actual aesthetics of the design. The cap is a bit shorter than the body, and the distance between individual nodes is smaller on the cap than the body. But unless you compare them side by side (as I have already alerted your mind) its difficult to notice at first glance. I chose the yellow-black swirled one and the colour is great. Its not the highest quality of ebonite on offer from them, but still its better than most other Indian ebonite pens. That will give a fair idea about the quality of these pens. The thin Bamboo The cap and body- side by side 2. Construction & Quality (9/10): I dont find any fault with the design or construction of this pen. The finish is absolutely flawless. The ebonite is top class, with almost no extra inclusion or impurities visible. No lathe mark, scratch mark or inconsistencies found. The material is of good quality. The body is well polished and sturdy. Its a light weight pen. The cap secures on the body with three and quarter turn, which in my opinion is excess, but the threads are well crafted, so there is no tightness or problem while closing and opening the cap. The section is also made of ebonite with gentle tapering towards nib. The grooves at the nodal regions are consistent in width and well made. The cap creates a small gap with the body looking similar to the grooves above and below it. 3. Weight & Dimensions (9/10): The dimensions are as follows Pen Length Capped 14o mm Pen Length Uncapped 130 mm. Pen Length Posted 195 mm (so one have to use it without posting, unless one has hands like a giant). Average section diameter : 10-11 mm. This pen feels very comfortable and well balanced (unposted). No problem with long writing sessions. As evident from the measurements, its not a very big pen, but not a small pen either. Its a bit smaller and thinner than most standard ebonite pens, but has a decent length to it. from left to right: The Pilot Metropolitan, Ranga thin bamboo, Jinhao x750 and ASA Daily 4. Nib & Performance (6/10): The stock nib is a bit disappointing. If you are a user of Indian fountain pens, by now you must have been introduced to Wality nibs. The stock nib is a Wality monotone nib, smooth with lots of feedback. It writes Indian fine line. These are cheap nibs without much character to the writing. I hope to change this nib for a better one. The flow is generous. There is much feathering on cheap papers. The nib has very little flex. I would suggest them to use Kanwrite nibs which are cheap Indian nibs but much smoother. Wality monotone stock nib (Indian fine) 5. Filling System & Maintenance (6/10): This pen is eyedropper pen. There is no provision for a cartridge or converter in this model. There are costlier versions with German JoWo and Schimdt nibs and converters. 6. Cost & Value (9/10): This pen is valued at INR 2300 (45 USD ). I find the price quite appropriate. There will always be comparison of Ranga pens with ASA, the other major Indian ebonite pen makers. I find these comparisons a bit futile, thats because each product is priced for its buyers. If the buyer is happy with the finished product, I dont see why it would not be priced at the current value. ASA pens are a bit on the cheaper side, almost all pens have cartridge converter system, the finishes are comparable (with Ranga having a slight edge), the material from Ranga looks better, and if ASA were to launch a bamboo design of their own (I have no idea whether this design is copyrighted to Ranga pens) it would come at a lower price. This doesnt mean that if that becomes a reality (ASA launching bamboo design), this pen will lose its value. Ranga pens are one of the most internationally successful fountain pen makers and they stood the test of time. The communication is well maintained from their end and there are some little things, like getting a link in email about to how these pens are made - these small things build a relationship with the seller. So the buying experience get enriched beyond the product value. 7. Conclusion (Final score, 48/60): This pen is a must have for every fountain pen and ebonite pen enthusiast. I would suggest, if budget is not a constraint, one must go for the cartridge convertor German nib variety, plus one may look into the premium ebonite models. The whatsapp no is 9444357967 Email id: mpkandan@yahoo.co.in Ebay site: Ranga pens
  12. Hi, I saw a gorgeous photo of the Airmail/Wality 58SL. I also saw that it was being sold cheap on FPR. Very tempting! And the nib and feed are interchangeable with my Jaipur (which is pretty good, compared to a Wality in my Ranga) However, the gold components are gold-plated. Would anyone have a 58SL (or similar) and would like to comment on how the plating on the clip and the cap band has held-up with use? I know we can't expect a lot given how affordable the pen is, but I'm thinking of whether I should settle on the 58C (silver) even if I like its looks less, if those lesser looks will stay even with age. *Comments on the good buy-ness of the 58 is also appreciated!
  13. mehandiratta

    Pen Review : Wality 70 Am

    Walitys or Airmail are one of the most sought after Indian fountain pen manufacturers. Both brands are manufactured by AIRMAIL PEN COMPANY based out of Mumbai, India. And they have a good lineup of fountain pen and most of them are Eyedroppers and few of them are Piston fillers. My previous review of the two other Wality Pens I have reviewed are as follows: Wality 52 PD Wality 69 A The pen that I am reviewing or we will be discussing about is one of the sleeker version of the Wality/Airmail pens and is named as WALITY 70AM or AIRMAIL 70AM. (A = Acrylic and M = Medium). DESIGN & BUILT: 5/5 Made out of premium acrylic in brownish orange marbled and swirled finish, this is one of the best designed pen Wality pen. And it comes only in one color and that is orange brown swirls with pearlescent effect and in actual it feels really premium. The cap is made of metal in silver color and has guilloche design pattern in matte finish. The cap bottom or the lip has an extension which is made of the same acrylic material of which the pen is made of. Actually it seems the metal cap is bonded to the acrylic cap through some process. The cap top is in shiny chrome finish which is in dome shape. and even the clip is in shiny chrome finish. The pen clip is sturdy and stiff and will fit even shirt pockets and not slide. The section of the pen is small and when i try to hold the pen in my hands my fingers touches the threads which actually are smooth and not that sharp and they actually provide the grip to otherwise slippery hands. The pen easily opens in 1 and 1/2 turns which actually is not seen in Indian handmade ebonite pens. The pen actually tapers from lower half of the barrel towards the section gradually. Its slender well-built pen. The built quality of pen is far above acceptable, the only glitch remains is the Nib and the feed placement and alignment which we will be discussing later in “Nib and Ink Filling Mechanism” section later. As you can see in the image below the thickness of the acrylic in the barrel, its evident the quality is okay. Below are the few images which shows the comparison with few other pens to get the idea for size of pen. (From Left to Right ) ASA I.Can , Jinhao X750, Pilot MR, Wality 70 AM (From Left to Right ) ASA I.Can , Jinhao X750, Pilot MR, Wality 70 AM The pen is well built and well designed just one or two quality finishes you might encounter which are not noticeable to human naked eye. For Further detailed review including handwritten sample and review. Kindly visit my blog here : LINK
  14. Finally managed to visit the Wality factory in Mumbai and bought two demonstrator pens - the 69T and the 71JT
  15. mehandiratta

    Pen Review - Wality 71 Jt

    The review is simultaneously posted on my blog which is the detailed review with handwritten sample. LINK Wality 71 JT – Close up Wality or Airmail are one of the most sought after Indian fountain pen manufacturers. Both brands are manufactured by AIRMAIL PEN COMPANY based out of Mumbai, India. And they have a good lineup of fountain pen and most of them are Eyedroppers and few of them are Piston fillers. My previous review of the two other Wality Pens I have reviewed are as follows: Wality 52 PD Wality 69 A Wality 70 AM Wality Pens are generally not easily available in northern part of India, I actually can to an extent of saying that they are not even available in that part. Reason could be poor marketing or poor sales. Surprisingly Wality pens are manufactured in Mumbai and even in Mumbai you will find them only certain parts not everywhere. This particular pen i.e. WALITY 71 JT was bought from ASA Pens. Amazing, passionate pen man Mr. Subramaniam behind the store. He actually has enabled lot of people in around the world. Best part is even if i have certain issues with pens he offers to replace or service them which is his forte. Though this only happened once with ASA Spear. Wality 71 JT gave me lot of troubles which will be covered in detail review below and how it became one of the best writers i have today. And surely it is #inexpensive. Wality 71 JT DESIGN & BUILT : 4.5 / 5 Oooooh that look ….. Beauty. This pen is gorgeous. One gorgeous demonstrator pen. Lovely. What not. One look at it and I am sure you will love to grab this pen. Wality 71 JT – Beauty Shot Wality 71 JT (Jumbo Transparent) is a reasonably large pen when capped. The barrel is transparent and is amazingly polished inside and out. Its crystal clear, and rest of the pen i.e. cap and section are made of solid swirl acrylic and it comes in various colors like Blue Swirl, Green Swirl, Purple Swirl and many more. Wality 71 JT – Uncapped The trims are chrome silver finish. Cap top is like a conical dome as you can see from the picture above and the silver colored clip is trademark Wality sturdy stiff clip. There is a big silver center band in the cap with circular ring pattern all over and engraving at the bottom “Mfg. by Airmail Pen Co.” The thing that i don’t like is that the silver center band easily rotates in this model and is not fixed and that is the reason why I have deducted half point out of built. Wality 71 JT – Cap The cap has a breather hole which like many of the Indian pens it has which can be clear from image above and below. Wality 71 JT – Breather Hole. There is a inner lining of the same acrylic material also provided which is slightly visible from the image below. The cap opens in 3 turns. Wality 71 JT – Cap Inner View The grip section of the pen is small in size and people who hold the pen a bit higher might encounter the the threads but the good thing is that these threads are not the sharp threads and in actual they provide more grip to otherwise slippery hands. Wality 71 JT – Small Length Section The pen (without the cap) is thickest at the center of the barrel and it tapers down towards both the ends. Also the bottom of the pen which is solid crystal also has the same conical domed shape similar to cap top. Wality 71 JT – Thickest at Centre The quality of the acrylic used in this pen is far better than the other wality pens like Wality 52 PD, Wality 69 A etc which all give you a certain pungent odor, which is not the case here. Built quality is top notch only issue being the loose center band which keeps rotating and thats the reason for deduction half of the point. Below are the few images showing comparison of Wality 71 JT with other pens. Wality 71 JT vs ASA I-Can vs Jinhao 159 vs Pilot 78G – Capped Wality 71 JT vs ASA I-Can vs Jinhao 159 vs Pilot 78G – Capped Side view Wality 71 JT vs ASA I-Can vs Jinhao 159 vs Pilot 78G – Cap Posted Wality 71 JT vs ASA I-Can vs Jinhao 159 vs Pilot 78G – Cap Posted Side View Overall its an amazing beautiful looking pen which had one issue in looks department , that this pen came with Gold Color Monotone fine Wality nib which was replaced to Ambitious Chrome nib. Wality 71 JT – At Top BALANCE: 4.5 / 5 The pen is Large Pen. The pen is 152 mm when capped and 135 mm when uncapped including the nib. The pen as a whole is thickest at the lip of the cap which is 14 mm and the barrel is thickest at center which is 12mm. The pen is very well balanced when writing uncapped and unposted. The length is perfect and feels really good and balanced and lightweight in your hands. Wality 71 JT – Writing Unposted However when you post the cap at the back the pen really becomes long and uncomfortable even though the cap postes quite securely at back. Wality 71 JT – Writing Posted Therefore, I beleive there is no requirement of posting. NIB & INK FILLING MECHANISM: 3 / 5 This is what i was not at all happy with. The whole charm of the pen died in a moment when i inked it and started writing with it. First of all the nib was scratchy and then second thing was that it burped. it was a leaky pen. Nib it came with was stock gold colored monotone fine nib which first of all did not go well with chrome trims. I did lot of tinkering with the pen. Pushing the nib deep and heat setting the nib and changing the nib to dual tone wality nib even putting iron balls inside the barrel to prevent burping, but it did not work there was always a air gap in section which was leading to burping and none of the Wality feeds was proper match to it. Then in last attempt I changed the nib to monotone chrome finish Ambitious #6 Nib and voila … it did wonders to my pen. I was extremely happy. Wality 71JT with Ambitious Nib replacement The nib set deep inside the section and is a big #6 size nib which looks small as it is set deep inside section. Now it writes medium and wet, just the way i like…Smooth. Love it. I bet you will also love it. Wality 71JT with Ambitious Nib – Top View Wality 71JT with Ambitious Nib – Side View Wality 71JT with Ambitious Nib – Bottom View Wality 71 JT – Nib porn The feed is made of ebonite and this resulted in proper setting of nib by heat setting. Images below shows clearly the ebonite feed heat set with ambitious nib and also the ebonite feed bottom view ink channel. Wality 71JT with Ambitious Nib – Section View after Heat Setting. Wality 71 JT – bottom Feed view – Ink Channel Ink Filling mechanism is through eyedropper and it takes approx 3.5 to 4 ml and being demonstrator love the ink sloshing in the pen barrel. Wality 71JT – Taken Apart Wality 71 JT – Ink Fill Wality 71 JT – Threaded Section Barrel Top View So all in all I am quite happy now with Ambitious Nib and love it. I keep picking this pen again and again as my edc pen. I have finished two barrels of ink completely without any burping now. For more details and images and Handrwritting sample and ink drying times please check my blog : LINK
  16. Dear FPNers and Fountain Pen tinkerers. I have something to show you today. As they say, an empty mind is the house of devil. And apparently, I believe in it! I cannot sit idle for more than 30 minutes unless the situation demands it. I am always looking for opportunities to learn something new. As it happened this morning. I was free and needed something to do. I thought about the options i had and remembered the spare Wality nibs lying around in the drawer. Waiting for a home. I had been seeing a lot of flex nibs in action on the internet and always wanted to try modifying one of my own. Just for the fun of it. I had seen the designs and thought, how hard can that be? However, i cannot say the same for what the nib went through in this whole process. The poor little thing sure took a hell of a beating! And let me tell you, this nib is the "Rocky Balboa" of nibs when it comes to taking a beating! Anyway, i got some metal files and a wire cutter from a hardware store and knew immediately that i was in trouble. Well, not entirely so! But, the metal files that i got were useless as the steel nib was apparently too hard for them. So, let me tell you that i added the flex to my Wality nib by using JUST the wire cutters and a pair of pliers. NOTHING ELSE. This proves that it is indeed possible to add flex to your steel nibs at home using a minimal set of tools. But how esthetically pleasing will the end result be is entirely a different matter! Because it will result in a crude looking nib that will appear more "Damaged" than "Customized". LOL! But that being said, the nib wote perfectly for me with a nice amount of added flex. No problem at all in that aspect. Here are the pictures of the end result. The pen body is Oliver Matrix. NOTE: This in NOT a how-to-do-it-yourself post. I just wanted to share it with fellow members that it is possible to modify nibs to your liking. And of course the finish quality of the end product will never be as good as any of the professional Nibmeisters, it is still worth trying on your inexpensive pens and get what you want. However, the responsiblity for the work you do on the pen is yours own and it will void any kind of warrenty (if applicaable). C360_2015-06-26-12-41-01-605_1 by Chintan Pandya, on Flickr C360_2015-06-26-12-42-29-797_1 by Chintan Pandya, on Flickr C360_2015-06-26-12-42-14-910_1 by Chintan Pandya, on Flickr NOTE the line variation above the word. I was finished with the nib modification in about 30 mins. Now, i enjoy a fun nib to play around with, whereas earlier it was just lying sadly in my drawer..thirsty for some ink! I hope you found it interesting and had a bit of fun. Thanks for your time in reading this.
  17. The pen I am reviewing today and actually using for quite long is Wality 52 PD. And this is my every day carry (edc) pen. Th detailed review of same with the handwritten samples and size comparison can be found on my blog here. Wality 52 PD This is actually the second Wality pen I bought after Wality 69 A, because i liked the way 69 A wrote. Wality pens are manufactured by Airmail Pen Company based out of Mumbai, India. Like 90% of my pens this pen also was procured from ASAPENS also. It is also available at Fountain Pen Revolution albeit at Higher price. Design: This pen arrived along with my other Wality pens like 71JT, 70 AM and Pilot 78G BB Nib. This actually is my second Wality pen and it happens to be a piston filler. It comes in variety of colors like green, teal, burgundy, blue and black. Wality 52 PD - Uncapped Like my previous Wality pen this also gives a certain pungent odor and from what i have come to know is that they they have used a LDPE plastic, which smells a bit. I washed it with detergent water and also kept it overnight in detergent water but still a faint smell persists which now at the time of writing review has subdued. The pen is a classic design and has an amazing build quality for an inexpensive pen. Unlike many Chinese pens (no offence) this pen has a certain character and recall value. Classic Design with matte finished silver cap and clip inspired from the skyline series. And has that feel and character to it which makes it my EDC pen. Wality 52 PD - Classic Vintage Look The pen actually feels quite solid in hand and has certain heft to it. The cap top and bottom of pen are rounded and pen itself is quite straight without any tapering towards bottom or top. Rounded top and bottom The Nib is monotone gold colored and the cap has inner lining of plastic and actually the matte silver metal is molded with the plastic. Also there is a inner plastic lining to prevent ink drying. Metal matte silver finish cap molded with plastic cap Nib is Monotone - Gold Color The pen cap open in 2 1/2 turns. The Clip is also silver colored and quite sturdy and springy at the same time. No complaints whatsoever in those regards. Wality 52 PD - Close up of Cap Wality 52 PD - Clip Wality 52 PD - Inner cap lining There is an ink window on the barrel just below the threads which actually is beneficial to get the idea of ink levels. Wality 52 PD - Ink Window This piston filler mechanism at the bottom is separated from main barrel via a silver colored 'O' ring.This retro look classic design pen is built for lifetime and rough tough usage. Full marks to the build quality. Further details and images available here @ MY BLOG
  18. Hello everyone. I am a young fountain pen user from Mumbai, India, and this is my first post. Being in Mumbai, my first encounter was with the Airmail pen company, already well documented here, especially by Hari317. Their factory is my second home-I am there every week, looking at how stuff is made and going through all the pens they have. Although I now know everyone there, I am closest to Mr. Nirmal, who humbly tells me he knows less than half of what his brother does! Very often, we talk for hours over 'chaai'. Recently, while we were discussing Deccan pens, he removed a very old box of ebonite pens made by them, and I am going to document this pen. It was made entirely on a lathe machine in two colours-brown and green. The pen has been out of production for many years, and I got what were the last few pieces. I have requested Mr. Nirmal to make these pens again, and it should be available to everyone soon(but in very small quantities). If not, I have the last few models and will consider myself very lucky! These pens have the standard monotone yellow wality nibs, tipped fine. They are average nibs, and usually require minor adjustments. After scraping the feed channels with a pocket knife, and aligning the tines, this pen writes decently well, putting down a wet, fine line. It does have a fair amount of feedback, which, to be honest, I do enjoy sometimes. Whenever I want a buttery smooth pen, I always have my Deccan and Kim Jumbo! As compared to other Indian pens(Gama, Deccan and Kim), this is actually a small pen. I like the size, and find it to be perfect, comparable to the medium sized pen by Prasad Pens(Tenali-documented by shrujaya) Along with this, I have a few other wality pens that are quite rare, and I will document them soon. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please excuse my horrible photography and any other mistakes I have made, as I am fairly new to this forum. Do take time out to appreciate the effort that has gone into making this pen-it was made ENTIRELY on the lathe, by hand. I have seen the making of the 69A(documented by Hari), and boy, it is a time consuming process.
  19. The Wality 69T fountain pen I’m reviewing in this post came to me along with a number of other pens, ranging in price and quality, that were provided to me free of charge by Kevin of www.JustWrite.com.au, in return for an impartial review. If I understand this correctly, Wality pens are made by the Airmail Pen Company, based in Mumbai India. Founded in 1951,Airmail are one of the oldest pen manufacturers in India. I’ve been keen to try this pen out since it arrived – but only grabbed it out and inked it up in the last couple of days. I have to say, it’s a pretty simple pen – but even so, it’s nice to look at, and a pleasure to write with. ______________________________________________________________________ 1. Appearance & Design – Swirled acrylic and chrome accents – a nice combination The first thing I noticed about the Wality 69T was the cap, which is made of an attractive orange-swirled acrylic. Removing the cap reveals a sturdy grip section made of the same material.. The chrome accents on the cap (the clip and finial, and the ring near the base of the cap) are of a much higher quality than the Serwex 101 pens that provided my first introduction to Indian eyedropper pens, while the barrel is significantly larger in diameter. I was also quite impressed by the barrel of the pen: machined from a solid piece of clear acrylic, and hollowed out to create the ink reservoir, any scratches or scrapes from the machining process would be hard to miss – but the interior and exterior surfaces seem nice and smooth. http://i.imgur.com/RfH4qx3.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/v52JVDy.jpg … 2. Construction & Quality – Very solidly constructed – won’t break easily Though made entirely of acrylic, this is a sturdy pen. The thickness of the barrel walls mean you’d have to stomp on the pen pretty hard to get it to crack – and though the pen cap might not stand up so well to that kind of treatment, it’s certainly not fragile. The cap threads are well-machined to avoid discomfort. The clip is nice and springy, well suited to grip tightly to a shirt or jacket pocket. All in all, I was pretty impressed – everything about the 69T says that though the materials aren’t pricey, the workmanship is solid. … 3. Weight & Dimensions – Comfortable dimensions for a medium-to-large hand The Wality 69T weighs 22g uninked – substantial enough that you know you’re holding a pen (!), but light enough to be comfortable for longer writing sessions. At 130mm uncapped (146mm capped), the pen is a good length for writing with unposted – which is just as well, as the cap looks VERY awkward sitting on the end of the barrel. The diameter of the grip section is around 11mm (substantial without being too large!) – all of which adds up to a very pleasant feel in the hand. http://i.imgur.com/nmbC9fx.jpg … 4. Nib & Performance – A fine, smooth nib with a hint of feedback This is not the first time I’ve encountered a Wality nib – it’s my second! – but in all honesty, I have to say so far so good! The nib is pretty firm, laying down a fine line with a minimum of line variation. I’d probably like it to be just a little wetter – and maybe just a little smoother – but even without adjustment this nib is pretty good. http://i.imgur.com/3zZYfxW.jpg http://i.imgur.com/eeUrU0y.jpg … 5. Filling System & Maintenance – An Eyedropper pen, with generous ink capacity If I wanted to fill the ink reservoir to the base of the threads, I reckon I could fit about 2-2.5ml of ink into the 69T – which by any standard is fairly impressive. The grip section threads a fair way into the barrel (~1cm), and the tolerances on the threads are tight, meaning that silicone grease is an optional (though advisable) extra when it comes to avoiding leakage. Piston converters might have a greater market appeal – but are a heck of a lot fiddlier to clean and maintain! http://i.imgur.com/kjruW6A.jpg … 6. Cost & Value – Pretty good bang for your buck At AU$17.95, the Wality 69T is starting to get up there a bit in price – towards the upper end of the lower range, if you know what I mean! Even so, I think it’s pretty good value for money: Wality seem to know what they’re doing with their nibs, and though the design of the pen is fairly straightforward, it’s very well made. http://i.imgur.com/5G423oS.jpg … 7. Conclusion I’d be more than happy to recommend this pen to anyone wanting to dip their toes into the Indian pen market. It’s not as elegant and refined as the Ranga Duofold I’ve reviewed recently (now THAT’S a beautiful pen!), but it’s less than half the price, and took a lot less ‘fiddling’ (actually, no fiddling at all!) to get it writing well. There are cheaper Indian pens out there – I should know, I’ve got several in my collection! – but I’d rank this above the Serwex and Camlin eyedroppers I’m comparing it to, especially when it comes to the quality of the nib. …
  20. Hello FPN members and guests! Today i will be reviewing the pen(Wality/Airmail 70AM) that i received just today through asapens.in. But before i start the review i would like to give a "thumbs up!" to ASA pens and Mr. L.Subramaniam! It was my 1st purchase from their site and i must say i am quite pleased with their service and the quality of the product and also the FP collection that they have. Okay, so that aside lets start with the pen itself. Airmail Pen Company was established in 1951 by Late Shri. Mohan L. Mirchandani and is one of the oldest of its kind in India. It produces two brands of Writing Instruments, Wality and Airmail. The pen, along with the usual packaging and bubble wrap came in a transparent and sturdy Zip-lock pen pouch. The pouch also contained a little eyedropper as it is an eyedropper pen. The pen itself has this beautiful Pinkish orange and purple acrylic body which shimmers in light and is very pleasing to the eye. The material also displays quite a depth to it. The cap is all metal with a beautiful texture, a dome shaped pointed top and an acrylic bottom that matches the pen body quite nicely. I also like the short clip, which has enough tension to it that it can secure the pen firmly in the pocket. Upon unscrewing the cap, you find a matching coloured semi-transparent grip section with a gold coloured airmail nib. The nib that i received was Fine-Medium in writing width and Very Very Wet! And i mean a GUSHER! It wrote quite pleasantly with some feedback. Also, it has some spring to it which offers a marginal line variation. WRITING SAMPLE: Conclusion: It is a simple no-nonsense beautiful looking pen which performs quite nicely. I am looking forward to writing with it regularly and enjoying the shimmery acrylic which is sure to be an eye candy in bright sunlight! If you are looking for a beautiful economical everyday pen this one might add a feather to your collection!
  21. The Airmail pen company in Mumbai, India is more famous for their ED filled pens (called as "regular" pens). They also make some piston filled pens like the 51, 52, 69 and 77. FPN has some reviews of the 69 piston etc... I will be showing the 51 and a new model called the 77PD (Piston with design cap). The Airmail 51: The 51 is the flat top variant of the Airmail piston filler pen. It is not very popular locally due to the perceived fragility of a self filler. I managed to get these four examples after convincing the dealer to let go of his samples that he had preserved from a lot he sold years ago. The pens are shown along with the grey Airmail 52 which has rounded edges and a very different clip etc... http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8982.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8983.jpg The 51 has a textured gripping section (probably to aid students): http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8984.jpg The cap tops: http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8985.jpg The knobs: http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8986.jpg The Airmail 77PD: Piston pen with Guilloche on cap: These pens are inspired from the Monterosa pens from the 60s-70s. http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8988.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8989.jpg The hooded Steel GP nibs: http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn307/hari-b/Airmail51Piston/IMG_8990.jpg Cheers! Hari
  22. While going through one of my pen storage folders, I came across this pen. I was overcome by a wave of memories and was carried back nearly a decade... My first meeting with the Late Mr. Raju Mirchandani (we used to call him Rajubhai), how he had warmly welcomed me, an ordinary pen enthusiast, to his factory and offices just because I had expressed a desire to see how the pens are made. He was a true gentleman, respected by all he came in contact with and a treasure trove of knowledge about pens and the industry, he was the driving and thinking force behind Airmail/Wality in those days. The Wality 52OD was one of their premier piston filled export pens in those days and I got the chance to buy one. Here is the pen. The 52OD(Overlay design) is a piston pen that was injection molded, with a satin gold plated finish over the trims and a gold plated cast overlay over the cap tube. It looks lovely and very Indian. http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t543/hari_317/Wality52OD/IMG_8933.jpg http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t543/hari_317/Wality52OD/IMG_8934.jpg http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t543/hari_317/Wality52OD/IMG_8938.jpg http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t543/hari_317/Wality52OD/IMG_8939.jpg http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t543/hari_317/Wality52OD/IMG_8940.jpg http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t543/hari_317/Wality52OD/IMG_8941.jpg http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t543/hari_317/Wality52OD/IMG_8942.jpg http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t543/hari_317/Wality52OD/IMG_8943.jpg The special 2 tone medium nib: http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t543/hari_317/Wality52OD/IMG_8944.jpg http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t543/hari_317/Wality52OD/IMG_8945.jpg http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t543/hari_317/Wality52OD/IMG_8946.jpg http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t543/hari_317/Wality52OD/IMG_8947.jpg Cheers! Hari
  23. JustWrite Pen Company

    Indian Fountain Pens In Australia At Justwrite

    Hi Everyone I'm delighted to announce that JustWrite is now offering a range of Indian Made Fountain Pens in Australia. We have Ranga Ebonite Cruisers and Duofolds, Wality, Camlin, and Reynolds fountain pens at what we hope are competitive prices and we will be adding more Indian pens over the next few months. These are all eyedropper pens and we have syringe kits for filling and silicone grease for sealing the threads. We charge a flat delivery fee of $5.00 per order regardless of size to anywhere in Australia. Kind regards ... Kevin Watson .

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