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Found 15 results

  1. Yesterday, I stopped at my local Danitrio fountain pen dealer and stumbled upon a parade of stratospheric pens. I just had to snap some pictures. Unbelievably, these pens represent but a fraction of the hyper pens available in the same trays. First up is the Genkai style 100 Kids design--it is truly extraordinary. I have several from the same artist but none like this! Next a Kaijin style Ebisu (A god of seven) design by Kogaku Then a Yokuzuna aka kyokuchi style emperor dragon design--indescribable beauty and technical prowess The self described #50 gigantic nib, which looks like custom work.
  2. I'm looking to get my first pen! (forgive me if I'm in the wrong area) would love to get some perspective from you all. here is my wish list. 1.super fine lines (this is what i want most in a pen - maru dip nibs are my best reference) 2.smooth writing - I understand this is probably not going to happen due to my #1 3.lightweight and or on the smaller side 4.eye dropper - I didnt know about burping.. sounds like a nightmare.. i guess cartridge/converter is my new favorite option 5.dependable.. least amount of nonsense (skipping, trouble starting, drying out) 6.trying to keep the cost low. 7.very open to the possibility of modifying a nib or doing something unconventional or creative to achieve the things on this list. 8. something that can handle fun inks with sheen and crazy colors.. don't really care about black ink. (i guess this also is just a dream.. fine lines limit these options too..) considering the pilot penmanship.. some reviews say its a very fine line. thanks so much everyone!
  3. Hello everyone, We all remembers our first fountain pen we started writing with. We have always cherished that pen and the company. For me, Airmail has been and will always be close to my heart. From school days to 2012 have been loyal to Airmail. However, when I misplaced them in 2012 it broke my heart. Since then searched a lot for them. Always thought the company might have closed. However , a month back noticed that Airmail has started selling the pens on Amazon.in It was a surprise and ordered couple of 70 and & 71JT. Each costing about 350/- INR which seemed very resonable. Will be reviewing Airmail Wality 70 with few pictures. Online order experience: 1. Ordered four Airmail 70 pens of brown colour. The very next day received a call from the representative informing that brown colour is not available and if I may wait for a week or order mix colours. Could not wait and ordered the mix colours(brown, red, blue and green) . The person was courteous and simple to talk to. No typical business-wala talk but very humble gentleman. The package was shipped within 2 days, shipped by BlueDart and received in 9 days. 2. They were packed in a A4 size envelope, which could be better packed for added safety. I was expecting them to be packed loose bound together and scratched/ damaged. However to my surprise each pen is packed neatly in a box with foam cut for the pen, with an eyedropper and a spare two-tone medium nib. It was something unexpected and does get a smile on you. Compare it with the Parker packed in a cheap cardboard and plastic covers. 3. It would make a nice gift for someone who loves FPs. Pictures of the Beauty A Classic look The box Foam cut to safe the pen from any scratch with a eyedropper Spare nib Slim profile Comfortable to hold. Light weight. Rests nicely. Well balanced when writing without the cap posted. Even with the cap posted the pen is well balanced due to the light weight. Either way , with or without the cap it is comfortable to hold and write for long duration. The nib with the pen is fine. It is equivalent to 0.5mm. A bit fine than Luxor 0.5. Depends on how much pressure one puts on. There is no flex to it at all. The nib has been smooth to write with. Had to tweek a bit for wet writing which I prefer. The feeder is a flat feeder unlike few who have a thick feeder. The feeder is of good quality and surely is not a cheap hand made one. The grooves to screw in are nicely made and it screws in smoothly. The feeder has grooves for ink flow. They are not cut by hand. Precise neat and deep cuts which has ensured nice steady ink flow throughout. The grooves are well cut ,both in and outside the barrel. Translucent slots to see the ink level. To see the level one needs to hold it vertical for few seconds, let ink to flow and against a bright light. Quality of pen: 1. Extremely well made. Impressive. Construction of the pen is top notch quality- comparable to any pen one can think of. Feel it to believe it. 2. Elegant looking. Does catches the eyes of people around, writing or be it in pocket. 3. Light weight. Does not mean its cheap material!!! 4. It is nealty made, well designed for long duration writing. Have not felt tired holding it. Ink Flow: 1. Out of the box, filled and it started writing straight away. Used it for couple of days but seemed dry for my liking. A bit of adjusting the feeder for wet ink flow and working like magic since then. 2. Have not had any sudden ink blobs flowing out till now. 3. Kept it uncaped for 15mins, picked up and it wrote straight away. ( I dont think anyone would keep their FP uncaped for so long!) 4. Takes 3ml of ink. Thats more than enough one needs to fill in pages! Conclusion: 1. It is an extremely serious contender to many FPs which cost more than twice! For VFM it beats Parker hands down!!!! 2. The colour, the design all along catches the eyes of beholders around. Rather than discussing the papers to sign- the topic always came to the FP. 3. With the pretty decent cardboard box, neat presentation can be a gift. 4. For daily use its a beautiful, quality FP and pleasure to write with. 5. Many would want to change the nib. I am satisfied with the nib it has, been smooth so far. 6. For extreme VFM for a student who would want a ED pen- Trinity is lot better as it costs 100/- as compared to 350/- for Airmail. Anyone who has been using it, would like to hear your experience. Thank you
  4. Hi has anyone tried to make an eye dropper from a Bic Xpen? The barrel looks really tough. This does also beg the question, why would you want to! Come to think of it, a Rotring Rivette could work well. K
  5. fullfederhalter

    Early Parker Dilemma

    I set out nearly every weekend to visit flea markets, tag sales, and antiques shops in search of vintage pens to add to my collection. Most of the time I have little to show for my efforts. Competition is keen with dealers and other collectors vying for the same increasingly difficult to find vintage pens. But occasionally I get lucky, and last weekend was one of those times. I found a beautiful #16 Parker eye dropper fountain pen with a gold filigree overlay. The black hard rubber shows almost no signs of oxidation, and the filigree has no brassing. So, what's my dilemma you ask? The pen is missing the section, nib and feed. I would love to be able to find the missing parts and make it usable again. Internet searches have provided little to help me identify the proper parts. The few I have seen listed for sale seem to have a #3 Parker nib, although there seems to be several different imprints from around the time when the pen was made. A couple of listings show a Christmas tree feed with the Lucky Curve, but another shows a straight flat feed. And, of course, there is the problem of finding these parts at all, especially at an affordable price. Obviously, the best scenario for me would be to find an intact section, feed and nib. Does anyone know if there are other Parker models of the period which would have the same section, etc. that I could look for? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  6. Mohi pens are hand made by Abhey Pen Agencies, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. They make ebonite and acrylic pens but use nibs from some other manufacturer whose name was not divulged to me. I bought one Mohi Acrylic Tanishq in cracked ice colour. Design Tanishq is an acrylic hand-made fountain pen with chrome trim in cracked ice resin. It is a small sized pen. It has a cylindrical shape with straight cut ends and a the tear drop clip. The cap has a 2mm chrome cap ring and clip has a crisp Mohi inscribed on it. It is an eye-dropper filler and the translucent acrylic resin is very attractive with swirls of mother of pearl luminescence. The pen cap opens in 2 1/2 turns, which is a very welcome feature. The straight stepped section is of a very correct thickness and length making good for tireless writing. The stainless steel nib is small for the size of pen and looks disproportionate, taking some thing away from a beautiful pen. 4/5 Dimensions Weight: 18 gms Length: 126 mm (5.2”) Length of uncapped pen: 113 mm (4.5”) Posted length: 149 mm (5.9”) Diameter of section: 12 mm (0.5”) Barrel diameter: 14 mm (0.6”) It is a small sized pen with nice dimensions, weight and balance when posted. The nib is disproportionately small effecting the overall beauty of an attractive pen. 3/5 Nib & Performance The nib is marked “Mohi” Tipped fine. It is a firm steel nib with a 5mm feed. The nib is wet but scratchy. Yet a quick grind and smoothing on #12000 micro mesh resulted in a buttery smooth performance. The pen is now a smooth, wet writer, much to my liking. 3/5 Filling system The pen is an eye dropper filler and holds about 3 ml of ink due to small size of barrel. The section threads are long and the pen did not leak. Eye dropper fillers are not my choice of filling systems because as the level of ink falls, they tend to burp, Tanishq being no exception. There is also an inconstant ink flow. The full pen was nice and wet but kind of dried up little as the ink level fell below half. It did not end here, as the level headed towards 1/3 the nib became wetter and then burped. 3/5 Value for Money The pen is priced at INRs 300/- plus postage (US$ 4.5 approximately plus postage). The pen looks beautiful and after smoothening, writes very well. At this price, despite its draw backs, it is a must buy pen for the facts that it is hand turned and made out of beautiful acrylic resin. 5/5 End Note No Indian fountain pen collection would be complete with out this pen as there are very few hand made fountain pen available. Most of the manufacturers have closed shop due to “ball pen” onslaught. Some brave hearts Like Abhey Pens are still turning out these beauties and must be helped along in their venture. Total Score: 18/25
  7. The Wality/Airmail 69 EB is a very good candidate if you are considering a simple, economical (mind you, not cheap) Indian ebonite fountain pen. I got this pen from ASA Pens in April this year and had been meaning to review it for quite sometime now. I always ended up writing with the pen rather than reviewing the pen because of unassuming charm it has when it writes. The pen isn't an attention seeker. Its job is to write and it does that perfectly. While many pens have come and gone in the last 8-10 months in my collection, this has remained as my stock pen. Hence, this is more of an ode than a review of the pen. The pen is made of ebonite and I think this (Mottled Brown) was the only color available when I bought it. It was available only as an eye-dropper and I bought it with the stock Wality fine nib. The pen is medium in size and is comparable to the Guider Acrylic. It is slightly bigger than the Plantinum Preppy. There are a lot of imperfections on the barrel as well as the cap. There are a couple of lathe marks as well. The clip is tight and I would have preferred some flex. However, it is not as dangerous as the Deccan Bullet (more about it here). Here is a size comparison with these pens. (From the left: Platinum Preppy, Guider Acrylic, Wality 69EB, Deccan Bullet) The pen is quite sturdy and has withstood rough usage, since it is my daily pen. The stock Wality nib was initially a little scratchy but after about 2 days of writing, it became quite smooth. There is a slight feed back which I prefer and it writes a fine but wet line. There is no flex with the nib, and its not a concern for me because I wouldn't know what to do with it. The threads on the barrel are smooth and don't irritate the hand while writing. I have been writing with this pen for about 8 months now and haven't found any problem with the nib or the way it writes. I also feel its getting smoother and smoother progressively. I have used it for long writing sessions without any fatigue. It is dependable, light and well balanced. The pen being an eye-dropper has minimum eye-dropper issues like leakages during travel and when the ink levels are low. These are all expected glitches of an eye-dropper fountain pen, and need to be handled with care. Here is the writing sample All in all, I am very satisfied with this pen. It is economical, it is a delight to write with and makes you want to write more. Thanks to Wality for making them and for ASA Pens to sell them online.
  8. Hi, had a little spare time and made a short 1 min video how to use an eye dropper bottle to refill the ink cartridge of a pilot petit1 / vanishing point etc . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ1VQ-d0Uko with a little practice, there's no need to wash up or clean up anything. enjoy kenneth
  9. Looking for a student, newbie, adventurer in the fountain pen world that would love to try this eyedropper. As you will see, it was used with a prple ink and I couldn't get the stain out of the cap and around the clip, but I am sure that with the proper solution you may be able to clean it properly. All other parts have been cleaned thoroughly. I will someone that: 1-lives in the mainland USA 2- can pay for shipping ($6.75) through PayPal I may decide promptly since I just want to give it away. As a matter of thanks for previous PIFs, i am looking for the pens I no longer use to give away. It's difficult, but here is one. It has its tricks and was fun to use , but it is not a keeper for me. http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i82/anangeli/PENS/INDIAN/IMG_0270_zpsgzngze50.jpg
  10. So with the ink purchase I recently got there was a Noodler's eye dropper pen included. Before I try it out I will want to thoroughly clean this pen of the usual oils and manufacturing debris we find in our favorite writing instruments. For most pens this means a nice soak in a dish detergent solution. But of course this eye dropper has silicone grease on the threads. I'm wondering how to clean it thoroughly without the silicone grease, or the "O" ring, getting compromised. I could just put it in the small shot glass I use to soak pen parts and only fill the glass up part way, but I'm concerned that this will form a dam or some sort of clog right at the point in the ink channel where the dish detergent solution ends and the air in the ink channel begins. Also, I like to flush pens, when possible, by blasting water through them with an ear syringe, and then putting the pen in the ultrasonic cleaner. I'm not sure if I can do this with the Noodler's eye dropper. I am not sure if this is a "Charlie pen," but the clear barrel has "NOODLER'S INK" engraved on it. Does anyone know if it's pretty easy, or not to be recommend, to try pulling the nib and feed out of the section of one of these pens? In that case I'd just clean the nib and feed and separately without endangering the silicone grease and "O" ring. If you have experience with these pens please let me know about it. I am possibly not the only one with this question, although I have looked through FPN as much as I can and have not found this exact topic anywhere.
  11. The t2mr guys have posted one more review on their youtube channel, this time of the mighty Pilot's most underrated pen - The Pilot ED or as they call it the Non Self Filling Fountain Pen. Here is the video review: Even i have this pen with me. My medium nib is also very fine, finer than the Metropolitan (like the reviewer said). Anyways, i simply adore it. Even though, Metropolitan is a better looking pen, but this one's pretty light and reminds me of my old Hero Pens. I got it an year ago for Rs.400 from a local store. Now, the rates have increased (a lot), but i still think this pen is worth 600-700. Its a Pilot afterall
  12. Hello, I just acquired and restored a safety pen. Although I now know what it is made of, important questions still remain, so I was wondering if anybody knows more about the pen. I am not even sure I know how to fill it correctly, although I did manage to fill it. It fills through the end that the nib is also coming out from. Can I turn it upside down when the nib is in or I'll have all the ink on my hands? Is there a certain technique to fill it? There is a hollow screw that is supposed to keep it in place, which is now loose inside the pen as I can't figure out how to screw it with the insides of the pen in... (Don't worry, the grommet is holding everything in place!) Please help, if you can. I absolutely love the pen, and the nib is the most incredible flex I have ever seen! It is an EF, according to the inscription, but it is much thinner than that, and I can flex it at least eight times the size of the fine line, without ever seeing any railroading.
  13. Hello fellow FPN members! This is a documentation as well as "questionnaire" post on one of the pens in my collection. The Mebsons Arfa. I have not heard of this fountain pen brand and also my internet search did not yield any credible results as well. I have two of mebsons pens of which i am sure about one that it is an ebonite pen, but the other, that is the one i am talking about right now; i am confused whether if it is an ebonite or a plastic pen. I purchased both the pens from an old shop back in vadodara, Gujarat, India. Here are the pictures of the Mebsons Arfa, i will post the pictures of the other one in a follow-up post. I will be really pleased if i could get some help in identifiying the company as well as the pen itself.
  14. There so many Chinese pens available in the market, but not any Eye Dropper pens. I wonder why they are not making any ED pens. Any thoughts ?
  15. KBeezie

    Had One Sheaffer... Now Four :d

    Got three more Sheaffer pens today. 1951 Touchdown Admiral in Evergreen Green with a Feather Touch Nib (14K Gold + Platinum Plating) 1947-1949 Craftman in Persian Blue with a Sheafer #33 14K Nib Late 60s/Early 70s Student Pen with a "F" Steel Nib, using it eye-dropper style with Noodler's Upper Ganges Blue 1953 Snorkel Admiral in Black with a Medium 14K Gold Nib. The Touchdown and Snorkel were completely restored by Sean Nicholson (The Touchdown was sold to me by him). The Craftman I won off ebay has been polished and replaced with a new sac (and Talc'd... not sure why that's needed). The Student Pen came along for the ride with the Touchdown. (It's actually much smoother than I expected, though not quite "fine" on the line width, the craftsman writes finer, with the touchdown being the finest. ). http://static.karlblessing.com/pens/sheaffer/group.jpg

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