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  1. JustWrite Pen Company

    Diplomat Clearance

    Out they go... We are clearing our Diplomat stock with most items at half price. Stocks are limited and once they are sold we will not be restocking them. https://justwrite.com.au/Clearance
  2. A little over a month ago I finally managed to get my hands on a small bottle of Blackstone Barrister Blue Black - an ink I'd been wanting ever since I first saw it come on the market. The new formulation of Barrister Blue (for which I've just posted a review, see https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/346668-blackstone-barrister-blue-permanent-ink-new-formulation/) is a lovely ink, but almost leans turquoise. I really liked the old Blue formulation (and still have a nearly full bottle of it), so was sad to see it discontinued / replaced - and wondered whether this might make for a
  3. Nearly 3 years ago I wrote a review for the newly-produced Blackstone Barrister Blue Ink - part of a new line of permanent inks made in Australia (you can find that review at https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/311074-blackstone-barrister-blue-permanent-ink/). It was (and remains) a favourite of mine: a dark, strong blue that wrote well and stayed written no matter how much water you threw at the page! My recollection is that Kevin (the proprietor of Blackstone Inks and Just Write Pens) was not entirely happy with the ink, though - because whereas his black ink relied on a nano-p
  4. A bit over a month ago now (I think) I placed an order with Kevin from Just Write Pens (www.justwrite.com.au), and with my order received a sample vial of his latest 'Blackstone' branded ink. I've held off on publishing a review until now, because it didn't appear to be have been released yet - but I understand it's now available through Anderson Pens (and others?) in the US. Due to supply issues (of nalgene bottles) the ink is not yet available in Australia, but I'm hoping that will be rectified soon - I'm keen to order a bottle! Like Barrister Black, Barrister Blue is a 'permanent' ink -
  5. JustWrite Pen Company

    Are Blackstone Inks Vegan Friendly ?

    I've been asked this question so many times and at first it had me scratching my head until I did a bit of research. I assumed Vegans were simply vegetarians and wondered why the question was being asked since fountain pen ink isn't a foodstuff. Vegans aren't just vegetarians, they are opposed to the exploitation of animals and avoid all animal based products. So, the question finally made sense. It seems important to a lot of people so I decided to check whether Blackstone Inks do meet the Vegan Friendly criteria. I wasn't all that surprised to find they did they did but I was surpris
  6. JustWrite Pen Company

    Blackstone Clipless Brass Fountain Pen

    New at Justwrite: Blackstone Clipless Brass Fountain Pen From $AUD89.00 OEM or JoWo nibs Click here for full details.
  7. JustWrite Pen Company

    New Australian Made Fountain Pen Ink At Justwrite

    I'm delighted to announce we have a new locally made fountain pen ink available at JustWrite. Toucan Fountain Pen Ink comes in 14 colours and is made right here in Brisbane by Dye Manufacturers of Australia, a company that has been around since 1918. Toucan fountain pen ink is formulated with water soluble dyes, with absolutely no pigments, no harmful additives and is pH neutral (7). Toucan Fountain Pen Inks can be freely mixed with each other to make your own custom coloured inks. All 14 colours can be blended together in varying ratios and can be diluted with distilled water to create an a
  8. JustWrite Pen Company

    New Blackstone Cmyk Ink Mixing Set

    Blackstone CMYK Ink Mixing Sets are now available at Justwrite. Set comprises 1 x 30ml bottle of each - cyan, magenta, yellow and black. $AUD36.00 Blackstone's CMYK inks are made from pure cyan, magenta, yellow and black dyes. These pure dyes create the pure, base CMYK colours that are essential to create the full colour spectrum. They have been specifically developed to be mixed with each other to create the full CMYK colour spectrum. See Nick Stewart's review HERE.
  9. We're pretty excited to have been able to secure two (2) of these Limited Edition Omas Arte Italiana Calligraphy Sets. This set is a Limited, Numbered Edition of only 331 released worldwide as part of Omas' 90th birthday celebrations and we have managed to secure the only two that have been allocated to Australia. Includes: One Omas Arte Italiana pen in Omas "Colour of the Year" blue. Four easily interchangable complete nib assemblies: 1 x 14K Gold Broad Nib 1 x 18K Gold Italic Nib 1 x 18K Gold Fine Nib 1 x 14K Gold Extra Fine Flexible Nib An always "ready to write" leather travel carry
  10. Just realised I'd posted this in the 'Th-INKing Outside the Bottle' forum instead of the Ink Review forum (original review https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/321154-blackstone-australian-bush/) - so am putting it up here as well. This ink looks set to be available on the market soon - so here's a preview! ========================== A couple of weeks ago I received some ink samples from Kevin at JustWrite Pen Co, from a new line of inks he was developing - with a request for feedback on what I thought. At the time, Kevin asked me to hold off on publishing any reviews -
  11. JustWrite Pen Company

    New Blackstone Scented Inks

    Coming May 2017 The fountain pen experience is much more than simply putting a pen to paper. The right pen, the right paper, the right ink and the right environment can all combine to create an incredibly enjoyable and uplifting experience. Sometimes the unpleasant smell of some fountain pen inks can detract from this experience so we've created a range of scented inks to add a new dimension to the fountain pen experience. We've chosen a selection of uniquely Australian scents and tested them thoroughly to ensure the scents do not interfere with the free flowing and well behaved charact
  12. Coming soon to JustWrite ... Platinum Classic Iron Gall Fountain Pen Inks. 60ml bottle: $AUD35.00 ($USD26.60) Complete Set of 6 colours: $AUD200.00 ($USD152.00) Click the NOTIFY ME button on JustWrite and we'll email you the instant they arrive. http://justwrite.com.au/image/cache/catalog/products/Platinum/platinum-classic-fountain-pen-ink-all-700x393.jpg
  13. A couple of weeks ago I received some ink samples from Kevin at JustWrite Pen Co, from a new line of inks he was developing - with a request for feedback on what I thought. At the time, Kevin asked me to hold off on publishing any reviews - but as of 1 April, the word is out: the Blackstone 'Scents of Australia' line will soon be available for purchase (see the announcement at https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/321002-new-blackstone-scented-inks/). Kevin has given me permission to publish a review (an advance preview?) of one of the inks I received - Blackstone Australian Bush
  14. JustWrite Pen Company

    Blackstone Ink In Plastic Pouches

    We've had a lot of requests to 'bring back the pouches' and package Blackstone Ink in them. We received a lot of feedback and comments when we first introduced ink in plastic pouches and we've taken a lot of this into account this time. We received a lot of positive comments about the environmentally friendly aspects of the pouches but the major criticism we received was that the cost savings did not override the extra time and effort involved in decanting the pouches and that the pouches were difficult to decant with the spout in the centre. We've addressed both these issues this time. Ou
  15. We're very excited to release our first waterproof Blackstone ink. Barrister Black is a well behaved, pure black, nano carbon ink that is 100% waterproof, fade proof and is highly resistant to bleach, alcohol and acid. Barrister Black comes packaged in in 30ml HDPE Nalgene bottles. If any Australian FPN members would like a free sample for review please email me at kevin@justwrite.com.au You can see a review by dcwaites HERE Barrister Black is now available at JustWrite in Australia and will soon be available at Anderson Pens in the US and at Appelboom in Europe. http://justwri
  16. Blackstone Axiom Fountain Pen Hello, a few months ago, Kevin from JustWrite was looking for pen testers to test/review Australian new Fountain Pen offerings… Blackstone brand. I jumped at the offer, I have been a huge fan of Blackstone inks for years now and I was seriously excited at the opportunity to try a Blackstone Pen. The Blackstone AXIOM model comes in Carbon Fibre and PU Leather finish. I went for the leather finish because I don’t have any other pen in leather finish and I was interested in experiencing that. I received the pen just before the Holidays, timing was
  17. Sorry - duplicate post. Other post has pictures. Our latest Blackstone pen - the Maxim Midnight carbon fibre with black chrome trim and Jowo ruthenium nib. $AUD97 with Jowo Nib. Full details HERE.
  18. Like a number of other FPN members, I was given a Blackstone Axiom Model fountain pen (prototype) by Kevin Watson of the JustWrite Pen Company, Australia in exchange for agreeing to review and comment on the pen in accordance with FPN guidelines. The particular pen that I was given had a black carbon fibre finish with titanium trim with a medium and 1.1 stub nib assemblies. In addition to using the pen myself, I brought the pen and nibs to my Saturday morning pen club meeting to see what others thought. I also found that some of my comments overlap the FPN categories for such reviews and tha
  19. JustWrite Pen Company

    Blackstone Inks Now Available At Justwrite

    Blackstone Inks are very much a product of the FPN. They have their genesis back in 2013 in a thread discussing powdered inks. The original SuSeMai powdered inks evolved into Blackstone ink concentrates and the Colours of Australia are based on those concentrates. The evolution of these inks has been directly influenced by the feedback and advice of FPN members who tested this ink in its different forms. I've always believed that the people who use fountain pens on a regular basis know best how a fountain pen ink should appear and how it should behave. We will continue to invite and encour
  20. Just arrived at JustWrite Platinum Maki-e fountain pens, Platinum ink cartridges and Platinum Mix Free bottled ink. As far as I know this is the first time these pens have been made available in Australia and I'm very pleased to be able to offer them at prices almost comparable to the US. $AUD260 (Approximately $USD200.00) $AUD2.95 (Approximately $USD2.06) Platinum Mix free 60ml bottled ink $AUD27.00. Approximately $USD20.00
  21. JustWrite Pen Company

    Nalgene Ink Bottles Now Available At Justwrite

    These superb quality bottles don't need any introduction to FPN members and we're delighted to be stocking them. We'll have 30ml and 60ml sizes in stock very soon. http://www.justwrite.com.au/nalgene-15ml-ink-carry-bottle-amber/ I should add that is $AUD2.20 ... about $USD1.73 and the Amber are more expensive than the regular translucent.
  22. JustWrite Pen Company

    Scratch And Dent Sale - Justwrite

    We're very careful how we handle pens at JustWrite, but as careful as we are, from time to time a few pens get slightly damaged. Minor cosmetic damage that does not affect the pens functionality but makes it impossible to sell as a brand new pen. So, we decided to have our very first Scratch and Dent Sale. Most of the damage is very slight and they would be ideal knockabout pens and ideal for people who like to experiment with inks without risking valuable pens. They are all guaranteed to be in full worknig order and are covered by our normal warranty with the exception, of course, of cosmet
  23. Our Tomoe River Notebooks are now available. Made in Australia in collaboration between JustWrite and Olive and the Volcano Letterpress featuring 120 blank, white pages of famous Tomoe River Paper, a soft cover made of 450GSM black cardstock, machine stitching, rounded corners and blind embossing on the front and back covers. A5 $AUD19.00 A6 $AUD11.00 Flat Rate $6.50 delivery per order within Australia. Shipping to the US, UK and New Zealand. International Delivery Charges A5 Notebooks: US and UK: 1-3 books - $20.10 4-8 books - $35.70 9-12 books - $48.55 12 + books - $71.75 New Zeal
  24. JustWrite Pen Company

    Toucan Inks Now Available In The Us At Anderson Pens

    We're delighted to announce that Toucan inks are now available in the US at Anderson Pens. Toucan fountain pen ink is a high quality, Australian made fountain pen ink that comes in 15 brilliant colours but unlike most fountain pen inks they can be mixed with each other to make your own custom coloured inks. All 14 colours can be blended together in varying ratios and can be diluted with distilled water to create an almost infinite range of unique coloured inks. Toucan fountain pen ink is formulated from water soluble dyes with no harmful additives and is pH neutral (7). Toucan ink can also
  25. JustWrite Pen Company

    Toucan Ink - Group Buy - Us Members

    Sinistral1 and amberleadavis have arranged a Group Buy so FPN members in the US can buy Toucan Ink. We only sell this ink in Australia at the moment and this is a great opportunity to get hold of some and only pay the normal price for the ink and packing/postage within the US. How the Group Buys Works: Go to the JustWrite website. www.justwrite.com.au Click on the FPN Toucan Fountain Pen Ink Group Buy link at the top left.. Order whatever ink you would like in this section of the website - No minimum purchase is required. Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged when you place th

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