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Found 9 results

  1. Aravind_A_2310

    A Modified Woodex

    I won't recommend you do this, but for what it's worth, I managed to shoehorn in a Kanwrite no.8 nib on my Woodex Model 33. The pen came with a Kanwrite 5.5 nib unit threaded for JoWo, but the no.8 Kanwrite nib got in without much hassle, I don't notice any cracks in the housing, and IMO, this looks more proportioned to the grip. The pen writes flawlessly with a wet fine line, as you can see from the writings on the notebook on the backdrop. The ink for those wondering is Skylark coffee brown...👍 Have a nice day🙏
  2. Magna Carta Elements (Earth) This pen is an entry level offering from Magna cart pens from India. Me, being from India and with an eye for new innovation came across this pen and the company during one of my searches on Facebook. It was instant Bollywood style love at first sight with this instrument. The price quoted on the webpage was around INR 10,000/-. So with a few bucks to spare for the month and making up my mind with self justification of the purchase, i took the leap through the Rabbit hole. I contacted Mr. Hardik Kanakarra of Magna Carta through mobile and the order was placed with no hassle. The pen was shipped and delivered in pristine condition. First Impressions The pen is made with Resin and the variant i chose was the earth, the black cap with the green barrel. The build was sturdy with an apt weight and size for my medium sized hands (Glove size 7.5). A screw type cap and the bottom of the pen comes with a blind cap which leads to the pneumatic filler. A long brass plunger with a hole in the top enclosing a silicone sac (Claimed Capacity - 2ML) within the barrel connected to the nipple of the nib section reminds the Sheaffers of the pre touchdown era. The pen is equipped with a size 6 in-house Magna Carta gold plated steel nib with ebonite feed, enclosed within a Bock threaded ebonite housing. Over all a posh looking and definitely an eye catcher pen. First Write After the initial admiration of this exotic beauty, it was time to put into test. The ink is fed into the pen via the pneumatic mechanism i.e negative pressure caused by pushing the plunger with the top hole closed and opening the hole after the plunger is totally inside the barrel. One can hear a satisfying POP on the removal of the filler suggesting the opening of the sac and ink gushing into the silicon sac. Little tricky but an interesting and fun way to fill ink. The initial stroke of the pen on the paper was flawless. The fine tip nib that i ordered did justice to the word "fine tip". First Problem The first problem encountered was the in-house nib. The tipping of the nib was amazing, however the skips by the nib was unbearable not to mention the drying up of ink even on short storage. Every time the pen had a troubled start. After running out of ink and when trying to refill, There was no POP and to make things worse the ink gushing out of the rear hole of the plunger. A messy outcome on the second fill. A search on the web revealed the problem to be an alleged ruptured sac. The problem was confirmed on opening the nib section after soaking the pen in lukewarm water for a few hours. Another minor issue being the cross threading of the cap during closing of the pen. Final Word No doubts a great looking pen. Hats off to MAGNA CARTA for taking the step towards making the fountain pen interesting and offering a premium product from India. However the problem arises with the performance of the pen. A pen is judged by the way it writes and the major flaw with this pen is the skips during writing. I've swapped with a compatible Bock nib and the writing is flawless. Magna Carta elements is good but far from perfection. Rating Looks - 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Build - 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐ Nib - 2/5 ⭐⭐ Value for Money - 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐ As an EDC - 👍 (After the nib swap).
  3. I came to know about this pen on the Inked Happiness website as the new model of Click called the president. When I saw it, I immediately thought, "Well, I liked the FPR Jaipur V2, But I'm not going to pay that much for a pen. At least not just yet. But this looks very similar, I suppose let's give this a shot...". I contacted one of my most frequently contacted Pentailers, Mr. Suresh ji and sure enough, he had gotten stock of this pen. I immediately fell in love with the Dark blue pen with the chrome trims, and decided to pull the trigger on that one, and after a Google pay transaction of Rs.800/-(plus an additional Rs.65/- for shipping) Here we are. For those who don't want to spend the next 5-10 minutes reading this whole thread and want a quick TL;DR, well, here it is. "For the money, this is a very compelling package, the Ultraflex nib is smooth and wet and the included rollerball unit is also a nice touch. A good value for money pen indeed" Now, those who want t get a somewhat detailed walkthrough, let's crack on. Appearance and Build The pen arrived in a good looking cardboard box. it has a cardboard sleeve and a small cutout showing the Click logo foil stamped in gold. Removing the sleeve, you'll find the pen nicely nestled in a die cut foam insert and the included rollerball unit. Overall a good unboxing experience for a relatively premium looking pen. Taking the pen out of the box, and my immediate thought was, "Wow... It's smaller than I expected it to be..." I mean, with a name like president and looking at the pictures Suresh Ji sent me, I thought it'd be a big pen. But I was surprised in seeing that it's size was, well... normal. To put it in perspective, here it is with some other pens that I have: 1. Click President 2. Airmail/Wality 71 JB(RCC/Duos) 3. Kanwrite Desire 4. Parker Vector 5. Airmail/Wality 69 T Coming to the pen itself, well, it's a classic design, reminds me of the aristocrat but with a different design. The pen is available in 5 colors all in a somewhat demonstrator looks in either gold or chrome trims. Nibs are also available in Fine, Medium, Broad and UltraFlex. I chose the Dark Blue with the chrome trims coupled with the UltraFlex nib. And It's and overall handsome looking fella. The chrome trims around the cap, clip and the part just beneath the blind cap at the back are tastefully done and the overall size and feel is just right for me. Coming to what's inside the cap, the nib, it's a screw on Nib unit carrying a No.35 (No.6) size steel flex nib sitting on an ebonite feed. which is a nice touch. the nib seems to be thinner than the standard No.6 nibs I have from Kanwrite and Consolidated. I guess that along with the scalloped shoulders aid in the flex of the nib. The real surprise for me was the included rollerball unit though. It's the first time, I'm seeing a fountain pen coming with a rollerball unit. I mean, the closest I've got to a rollerball fountain pen, is eyedroppering my pilot V7 cartridge pen (Which does work and writes like a dream BTW). Coming to the tail end, here you'll find a blind cap enclosing the piston mechanism. Personally, I'm not very fond of this design as I tend to lose the blind cap, but that might be me refusing to act up on my clumsiness. the piston action is smooth and the whole thing disassembles with ease. The overall build is good but for the price, could've been better. issues like the minor molding flashes on the blind cap threads and requiring a plier to remove the nib unit all of which detracts from the overall quality of the product. In the hand, the pen feels quite good. the grip section could've been an bit longer, but ergonomically, the pen feels good, the girth is just right for my size of hand (slender, long hands). it's a very comfortable writer. Both posted and unposted. But you do need to push the cap with a little force to post securely but the balance still feels a ok. Overall, a very comfortable writer indeed. Writing and Final Verdict The nib I got, was the fine Ultraflex. And surprise to say, it is the smoothest out of the box fine nib I have ever used. the pen just glides and the ebonite feed makes sure that you get a juicy ink supply no matter how much you flex it. The nib while writing normally gets a decent fine line and when you want it, coax the line into a nice double broad line. Though to be fair, I'm not the kind of person capable of exploiting the full potential of this flexible masterpiece. However here's a set of writing samples that shows the flex of the nib to the best of my capability, along with a normal writing sample. The rollerball attachment is also a very good addition, the ball is smooth and provides a light, fatigue free writing experience. So much so, that I'm considering to use the rollerball attachment permanently. Don't get me wrong, I love writing on a iridium nib as much as anyone else in this forum, but for daily use this makes more sense to me. Overall for the final verdict, for the price, this is a good value pen. I'd say, while this might not compete with the build quality of the Kanwrite heritage, I'd still cross shop this with the heritage, for around Rs.700 less, you're getting a similar filling mechanism, Almost the same ink capacity and a variety of nib options. I won't be surprised if click released this to compete directly with the pen from Kanpur. For around Rs.900, it's a damn good pen for an everyday carry. If you've tolerated my loooong (and rather boring) lecture, then congrats!!! Here's a 🥇 . You certainly deserve this. Anyway, dry jokes aside, do sound your opinions below, and I'll see you soon .
  4. Kanwrite Heritage Pen Review I bought a Black Kanwrite Heritage Fountain Pen with chrome trim and stainless steel flex nib (SSF). It came in a beautiful black box with a faux suede lining. I also bought a fine stainless steel (F) nail nib as spare and am going to review both the nibs. The nail or normal nibs are also available in medium and broad points. Thus there is a choice of F, M, B and SSF (Stainless steel flex) and are manufactured in-house. Design Heritage is an injection moulded plastic pen with chrome trim. It is a medium sized pen. It has a blimp shape with straight cut ends. The cap has an inverted truncated cone with beveled edges as finial screwed on top of the tear drop clip. The taper of the cap and flair of inverted truncated cone sandwich the clip ring and give the pen a different look. The cap has a 7mm chrome cap ring with Kanwrite imprinted on it but the quality of print is neither good nor clear (-1 for that). The clip has a crisp Kanwrite inscribed on it. The barrel has an end cap and there is a 2 mm chrome ring on the edge of end cap. The end cap covers the knob of twist piston filler giving it an added security against accidental twist and spill. It also emulates high end pens but is a useful feature which adds to the look of the pen. The pen cap opens in 2 1/2 turns, which is a very welcome feature. The removal of cap reveals a straight stepped section and just above the threads is an ink window bordered by two 1 mm chrome rings adding a convenient feature to the pen. The stainless steel nib is #6 (35mm) which is in absolute proportion to the rest of the pen giving it a very balanced look. The SS is of very good quality and compliments the chrome in shine and looks. The section could have been longer as the fingers touch the lower threads and can be bothersome for prolonged periods of writing (-1). 3/5 Dimensions Weight: 22 gms Length: 140 mm (5.5”) Length of uncapped pen: 129 mm (5”) Posted length: 161 mm (6.3”) Diameter of section: 12 mm (0.5”) Barrel diameter: 21 mm (0.8”) Ink window: 5 mm (0.2”) It is a medium sized pen with very good dimensions, weight and balance when posted. The #6 nib is in absolute design harmony and matches the size of pen. 5/5 Nib & Performance The original nib is a SSF (stainless steel flex) nib with an ebonite comb feed. The nib has a long slit with Kanwrite inscribed on it.The nib is a little hard to flex but gives a flex from fine (F) to broad ( which is good for a modern flex nib. It is a wet noodle flex nib and the feed is very well tuned to minimise rail-roading or dry writing. It can not be compared with vintage flex nibs in ease of use or flex but still for the price and performance it is value for money. The nib and feed are fixed in a nib housing which can be unscrewed and replaced with another nib. The nib housing is threaded at the rear end and also has an “O” ring as added safety feature against accidental leakage. The F nail is supplied in another housing and comb feed. I unscrewed the SSF housing and screwed in the F nib. The fine nib is also stainless steel and has a comb feed. The nib is smooth and wet with a little feed back, which is desirable in a fine point. The nib is embellished with a floral design and Kanwrite inscription which adds to the looks of the pen. The nibs are smooth and wet but the flex could be better (-1). 4/5 Filling system The pen has a twist piston filler with an end cap as an additional safety feature. It holds 2 ml of ink which is good for many pages of writing with the fine point but SSF being a wet noodle uses more ink, thus limiting the capacity (-1). Since nib housing can be easily unscrewed, cleaning and flushing becomes very easy and less time consuming. A few hours soak gets rid of all traces of ink from the nib and feed while the pen can be easily flushed once nib housing is removed. For the ease of cleaning, ink capacity and safety I like this pen. 4/5 Value for Money The pen is priced at INRs 1500/- plus postage (US$ 23 approximately plus postage) and I find it slightly over priced (-0.5). The quality of plastic is such that it has a peculiar smell which is offensive and kind of takes some thing away from the pen (-0.5). Other than the price, it is one of the most reasonable options in flex nib. 4/5 End Note It is a must have for any serious fountain pen user and collector for it offers an easy use of multiple types of nibs as well as offers one of the most reasonably priced flex nib options. Total Score: 20/25
  5. Guider Pens are hand turned by Guider Pen Works, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India. The company was started in 1946 by Mr. G Subbarao. At present his son Mr. Lakshmana Rao looks after the business. They still turn the pens by hand and the pen materials are acrylic, ebonite and some celluloid which it is claimed is in stock since 1950s. I bought an Emerald and pearl green swirl acrylic medium pen. It is offered in eye dropper filler but Mr. Lakshamana Rao, the gentleman he is, agreed to do a cartridge/convertor version of the pen for me. So my ‘Guider Acrylic Medium’ is a cartridge/convertor filler with a fine nib. Design and Workmanship The pen is in emerald and pearl green swirl with the pearl green having a mother of pearl sheen and white lines rippling through. This gorgeous acrylic makes it very attractive and the high gloss polish adds to the beauty. The golden clip is Parker like Arrow with Guider embossed on it. There are two golden cap rings and a jewel of same acrylic on the cap. The cap is screw type and opens in very convenient 21/2 turns. The barrel is rounded at the end without any end-cap or rings. The barrel threads are generous so that the ink does not leak as the pen can be used as an eye dropper filler too. The Section is made of the same acrylic. It is straight with a flared edge. The pen uses an ebonite comb feed and #3 nib in a nib housing which is screwed into the section. Size of the nib is in perfect resonance with the pen but it is steel coloured, an absolute no-no with a golden trim. 4/5 Dimensions and Weight Weight 25.7 gms Length capped 144 mm Length uncapped 128 mm Length posted 169 mm Section Diameter 12 mm Barrel Diameter 17 mm Cap Diameter 19 mm It is a medium sized pen but due to acrylic, is light weight. The balance is excellent when posted but feels awkward when un-posted. The size and diameter of section and the balance as well as weight is ideal for long hours of writing. 4/5 Nib The nib is steel while rest of the trim is golden causing a clash which takes a lot away from the looks. The nib is not smooth but toothy with a lot of feed back. However the feed and nib combination is good as it lays a wet and uniform line. I had to change the nib with a FPR 2 tone medium nib to make the glaring design flaw go away. The nib leaves a lot to be desired. 3/5 Filling System The cartridge convertor filling system is very handy as it takes any International size cartridges. The twist convertor, very obviously of Chinese origin, holds 1.1 ml of ink and offers you a choice of any ink of your choice. The pen can be used as an eye dropper filler too. 5/5 Price and Value for Money The cartridge/convertor filler version of the pen was supplied for Rs 1,200/- (approximately US$18) excluding shipping. It is a value for money pen for its design, feed, quality of acrylic and finish. The nib malady can be easily treated by a nib switch. Or you can order the more expensive German nib and cartridge/convertor from the manufacturer. 5/5 In my opinion, there are not many hand turned pen makers left in business and each piece they create is an artefact or let us say a sculpture. Guider make their pens in the old fashioned way by hand on machines imported from Germany more than 70 years ago.For serious collectors and even fp lovers it is a must have. Overall Score: 21/25
  6. Mohi pens are hand made by Abhey Pen Agencies, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. They make ebonite and acrylic pens but use nibs from some other manufacturer whose name was not divulged to me. I bought one Mohi Acrylic Tanishq in cracked ice colour. Design Tanishq is an acrylic hand-made fountain pen with chrome trim in cracked ice resin. It is a small sized pen. It has a cylindrical shape with straight cut ends and a the tear drop clip. The cap has a 2mm chrome cap ring and clip has a crisp Mohi inscribed on it. It is an eye-dropper filler and the translucent acrylic resin is very attractive with swirls of mother of pearl luminescence. The pen cap opens in 2 1/2 turns, which is a very welcome feature. The straight stepped section is of a very correct thickness and length making good for tireless writing. The stainless steel nib is small for the size of pen and looks disproportionate, taking some thing away from a beautiful pen. 4/5 Dimensions Weight: 18 gms Length: 126 mm (5.2”) Length of uncapped pen: 113 mm (4.5”) Posted length: 149 mm (5.9”) Diameter of section: 12 mm (0.5”) Barrel diameter: 14 mm (0.6”) It is a small sized pen with nice dimensions, weight and balance when posted. The nib is disproportionately small effecting the overall beauty of an attractive pen. 3/5 Nib & Performance The nib is marked “Mohi” Tipped fine. It is a firm steel nib with a 5mm feed. The nib is wet but scratchy. Yet a quick grind and smoothing on #12000 micro mesh resulted in a buttery smooth performance. The pen is now a smooth, wet writer, much to my liking. 3/5 Filling system The pen is an eye dropper filler and holds about 3 ml of ink due to small size of barrel. The section threads are long and the pen did not leak. Eye dropper fillers are not my choice of filling systems because as the level of ink falls, they tend to burp, Tanishq being no exception. There is also an inconstant ink flow. The full pen was nice and wet but kind of dried up little as the ink level fell below half. It did not end here, as the level headed towards 1/3 the nib became wetter and then burped. 3/5 Value for Money The pen is priced at INRs 300/- plus postage (US$ 4.5 approximately plus postage). The pen looks beautiful and after smoothening, writes very well. At this price, despite its draw backs, it is a must buy pen for the facts that it is hand turned and made out of beautiful acrylic resin. 5/5 End Note No Indian fountain pen collection would be complete with out this pen as there are very few hand made fountain pen available. Most of the manufacturers have closed shop due to “ball pen” onslaught. Some brave hearts Like Abhey Pens are still turning out these beauties and must be helped along in their venture. Total Score: 18/25
  7. So, it is your first purchase from an Indian company (other than fountain pen revolution which you didn't like very much) and you are looking at the these 4 big names: Ranga, Wality, ASA, and GAMA. Which do you buy to ensure a wonderful writing experience? An experience that will keep you coming back for more. How much is too much for an ebonite pen? If you want a eye dropper that you can carry and won't leak and it seems that ASA's Athlete looks like the best option with its particularly long feeder, but does it really matter? Do you prefer (like me) to grip the pen rather high or rather low? If given the option between nib makers JoWo, Schmidt or and generic, which do you choose? And finally, if you have the option to upgrade the pen (and thus the price) into a converter/cartridge, do you? Thank you to anyone who takes the time to answer these burning questions Ideally, you have had some experience with more than 1 of these companies' pens so as to be able to make a comparison, but if not I am still interested in your experience any of the pens!
  8. I Hope you enjoyed it...
  9. Mohi pens are hand made by Abhey Pen Agencies, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. They make ebonite and acrylic pens but use nibs from some other manufacturer whose name was not divulged to me. I bought an ebonite pen which was described as “Ebonite Large with Back Window” in brown ripple with chrome trim. It is a delightful looking pen which I am going to review. Design It is a hand-made ebonite fountain pen with the last part of barrel made of clear acrylic to act as ink window with chrome trim in brown and black rippled colour. It is a medium sized pen. It has a cylindrical shape with straight cut ends and a the tear drop clip. The cap has a 2mm chrome cap ring and clip has a crisp Mohi inscribed on it. It is an eye-dropper filler. The brown rippled ebonite is of good quality and the clear acrylic ink window at the rear end of the barrel is a very charming feature of this pen and perhaps the reason I bought it. The pen cap opens in 2 1/2 turns, which is a very welcome feature. The straight stepped section is of a very correct thickness and length making good for tireless writing. The stainless steel nib is small for the size of pen and spoils the looks of the pen. 3.5/5 Dimensions Weight: 20 gms Length: 133 mm (5.4”) Length of uncapped pen: 120 mm (4.75”) Posted length: 165 mm (6.5”) Diameter of section: 12 mm (0.5”) Barrel diameter: 14 mm (0.65”) It is a medium sized pen with nice dimensions, weight and balance when posted. The nib is disproportionately small effecting the overall beauty of an attractive pen. 3/5 Nib & Performance The nib is marked “Mohi” Tipped fine. It is a firm steel nib with a 5mm feed. The nib is reasonably wet but very scratchy. 2.5/5 Filling system The pen is an eye dropper filler and holds 5 ml of ink. The clear acrylic “back window” adds to the charm as soon as the pen is inked. Eye dropper fillers are not my choice of filling systems because they tend to have an inconsistent ink flow and do burp. This pen was burping real bad till I adjusted the feed. 3/5 Value for Money The pen is priced at INRs 500/- plus postage (US$ 8 approximately plus postage). The pen looks beautiful and the acrylic window adds a different kind of charm to the pen. The quality of ebonite and polishing is extremely good. 5/5 It is a proud part of my Indian Hand turned fountain pens collection. They can be bought by whatsapp at +919225328858 Total Score: 17/25

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