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  1. The other brand sections have this kind of thread, and I couldn't believe we don't have one for Parker. So here we go. What Parkers have you added to your collection lately? We have 100 years worth of pens with the Parker name, and some of us are addicted to gathering them up. I have a number of items on order, both vintage and modern, and I will mention those as they arrive over the next few weeks. But to get us started, here's the ebay photo of a P45 I just scored: Burgundy Parker 45, 14k Medium - described as NOS. In fact, that's how I found it. I was searching for gold P45 nibs. I had to grab this one because: 1. I don't have this color yet. (I am hoping it's not the same color as my red one.) 2. A gold Medium nib is my P45 sweet spot. (I do have a 14k broad nib unit on the way, too, to upgrade one of my two steel Fines.) 3. That squeeze converter alone could cost half of what I just paid for this pen, and I only have one of those. My other P45s use carts or one of the modern twist converters. So, now it's your turn. Let's keep this one going, shall we?
  2. Hi, I hope someone can help please. I have a Parker Duofold Greenwich Millennium fp which I want to change the nib from a medium to a fine. Can I do this myself and, if so, where can I buy a fine nib or headpiece please? Many thanks!
  3. velox brunneis vulpes

    Help with Parker Duofold blind cap please

    Hello FPNers, I recently bought an ebonite flattop Duofold Senior (see attached photo). The blind cap is a bit darker than the rest of the pen, indicating that it probably isn't the one that originally came with the pen. Is it possible that the blind cap is made of Permanite rather than ebonite? How can I tell the difference? If it is made of ebonite, what's the best way to make it fade so that it matches the rest of the pen? I look forward to your feedback. Thanks. Best, John
  4. Hello FPNers, I recently bought an ebonite flattop Duofold Senior (see attached photo). The blind cap is a bit darker than the rest of the pen, indicating that it probably isn't the one that originally came with the pen. Is it possible that the blind cap is made of Permanite rather than ebonite? How can I tell the difference? If it is made of ebonite, what's the best way to make it fade so that it matches the rest of the pen? I look forward to your feedback. Thanks. Best, John
  5. 5thhistorian

    Click Aristocrat Review

    I recently ordered a Click "Aristocrat" fountain pen from a seller on Ebay. I have purchased and used many different Indian fountain pens in the past few years, both from overseas Ebay sellers and from Fountain Pen Revolution, and am usually impressed by the value they deliver at their price point. With a Leuchtturm pocket notebook for comparison. The Click Aristocrat (for some reason, the packaging I received calls it a "Tulip", but since I'm familiar with that model from FPR's house version (the "Indus" piston-filler, I don't think this is really the Click Tulip) is a plastic cartridge-converter pen, designed very closely along the lines of the earliest Parker Duofolds. There are a number of colors available, and I chose the orange with black finial and section, since it reminded me a lot of the Parker Big Red. The build quality is of course pretty basic, but I did not see any defects. The cost, with international shipping was 10 USD. Posted. It is a lightweight pen, 16g altogether and 11g unposted. The cap posts readily on the barrel, and being plastic, has a good grip on the material of the barrel. It has no heavy metal components to throw the whole pen off balance. The nib is a fine-medium, somewhat toothy but I found it wrote well out of the box and did not need any polishing. The length is 5.25 inches capped, 6.5 inches posted, and about 5 inches unposted. The filling mechanism is a standard international cartridge converter system. Note the number of threads securing the section to the barrel. The filling mechanism was nothing much to note, as the pen has a standard no. 6 nib (I think) and plastic feed, with a nipple that accepts a standard international cartridge or converter. The manufacturer provided two long intl. cartridges of blue ink, and a basic slide-plunger converter. After trying the generic ink and finding it a bit washed out, I filled the converter with Chesterfield Zircon and got better results. The nib would be easy to upgrade but is good enough that I will probably continue writing with it for the foreseeable future. The number of threads connecting the section to the barrel invites eyedropper filling, but I'm not sure that the barrel would be insulated enough to keep ink from expanding and burping out the feed. The feed has not yet given me hard-start issues, such as I have had with other no. 6 nibs. The imprint and detail of the finish gives some idea of the material texture of this pen. It isn't hard rubber or acrylic but the plastic used feels fairly good despite its light weight. I would compare it to the Nemosine Singularity or the FPR Indus in terms of the feel of the material. In conclusion: a very distinctive workhorse pen for the price, which I intend to keep in regular rotation.
  6. I purchased a vintage Parker Duofold Fountain Pen which is black today at a local pen show. It works perfectly well. However I noticed that since I’ve gotten it home and been handling it the black color of the barrel has been discoloring from when I purchased it earlier in the day. It is visibly lighter than the cap and has a greenish hue to it. The cap is still dark black. It wasn’t discolored when I bought it and seems to have started discoloring with handling. The part of the barrel covered by the cap when screwed on is still a deep black when I take off the cap. Can someone tell me what is happening with it and if there is a way to bring the dark black color back? Thanks, Rob
  7. I’ll start with a disclaimer that this isn’t a review. There are a plenty of reviews of the Ranga Model 3 and when they say that it’s amazing, it’s always true. In fact, one doesn’t need a review of any Ranga pen as they are known to deliver the best a writing instrument has to offer. What this is, is an appreciation letter, a pouring out one’s heart, if you will. From the first time that I held an ebonite pen, I knew it spelled trouble. It does feel warm to touch! (Word of advice is to not say this to any of your pen-muggle friends, as they’ll cast you as a someone who’s compensating for lack of human touch.) Indians my age are unlucky to have grown up with cheap plastic fountain pens, dare I say Chinese, OR heavy metal pens which feel premium only in terms of its weight; and never have experienced an ebonite pen. How lucky would I have to be, to be able to easily get my hands on spectacular ebonite pens turned by extremely skilled artisans, when there are only handful of such artisans in existence in the world today. By ease, I mean accessibility and affordability. Someone who hasn’t bought a Ranga might feel that it is expensive or not easily accessible. I also once had the same misconception. As an introvert, I avoid talking like the plague. But your fears will be allayed once you interact with Mr. M P Kandan; he’ll resolve all your doubts and you’ll soon realise that this aspect is vital for the entire operation. I tried to dip my toe in the pool of many unique designs Ranga pens had to offer by purchasing their Model 4CS. It took the detailed and compelling video from Doug Rathbun (InkquiringMinds) whose persuasion provided me with the threshold encouragement to contact Mr. Kandan on WhatsApp. I was thoroughly impressed by the pen, its feel in my hand, its finish, the detailing of the threads which are crisp and I’ll elaborate on its importance later. Anyway I was so smitten by my 4CS that when Ranga came out with a group buy for Model 4C, I immediately pounced on the opportunity and purchased that one too, this time with Jowo nib. I found ordering on the Google doc form easier and convenient. Both 4CS and 4C have a seamless rounded cylindrical design which is interesting, unique and attractive. It is futuristic and I’ve caught myself admiring them for hours. Like any one getting onboard the ebonite wagon, I too started with ASA, Gama and Click before reaching Ranga. For those on the wagon, the rubber like smell of ebonite is almost a fragrance compared to the horrific odour of the Indian plastic. Don’t get me wrong they are all excellent pens, and it may be just me, but I feel a marked difference when I hold a Ranga. All my other pens dry out or have some issue with the threading, not the Ranga despite it’s one turn execution. So anyway several pens later, I found myself awaiting a Model 3 group buy mainly for a Ranga reminiscent of a classic Duofold design. Alas all my pens had a lip of some sort at the grip section. This December 2022 when Mr. Kandan came out with a group buy for Model 3, I requested him for a grip section without a lip at the end. Mind you, I’d have purchased the Model 3 either way. But Mr. Kandan wrote back to me saying that he’ll make me a custom Model 3 with an hour glass section. This wouldn’t have been possible without a cordial two way communication and interaction between us and believe me I haven’t had such experience with any other pen manufacturer / retailer. Oh boy was I thrilled. I was exhilarated by the time I got the pen in my hand. It fits perfectly in my hands. Fountain pen enthusiasts are always looking out for a grail pen, but I think that they are looking for that ONE PEN to rule them all. And this is it folks, what people mean by Goldilocks fit, at least for me. The pictures don’t do justice to it - polished black looks very premium, but perhaps my camera isn’t able to capture its complete majesty. Please support Mr. Kandan and share my experience on other social media platforms, since I’m not on any. Hope everyone has a happy and colourful year. PS: I got a Ranga nib this time around and was pleasantly surprised that it has standard threading of a Jowo #6 nib unit. I didn’t know of it beforehand. So for anyone who’s baffled by the choices offered, this may be of some help.
  8. 2 weeks ago i got a parker duofold centennial stearling silver barrel. i have spare centennial grip part so i need only stearling sliver cap. i tried to find it at google, ebay, japan auctions and several fountain pen stores. anyone know which store is selling a centennial silver cap???
  9. Big Red Danny Boy

    Pen Flush Safe for Parker Hard Rubber Duofold

    Title basically sums it up! I have just finished repairing a hard rubber Duofold, but in my excitement to get it writing again, I forgot to disassemble and clean the nib and feed before I glued the ink sac on. Because of this I'd rather not have to cut the sack off to clean the feed and nib. I do not plan of course to soak anything in pen flush; just rinse. With that being said, are pen flushes containing ammonia safe for the hard rubber and the sack?
  10. I recently ordered a Jinhao 100 Centennial from China, which should be arriving imminently. I realised - too late! - that the EF nib I have specified is not an original Jinhao nib. So, assuming I am not happy with it: - anyone know what make/style of nib I am likely to get? - can it easily be replaced with a “better” EF nib? - if, so what would you recommend? I recall reading that there was a switch from #5 to #6 nibs recently for this design, but I don’t normally mess with my pens these days, so any detailed advice would be welcome. A fine line is always my clear preference.
  11. My Parker Duofold is almost 10 years old and the rhodium (palladium ?) cover on the cap rings has been damaged. I have contacted to a jeweler about this issue and he suggested me to detach these rings from the cap. So I have 2 questions: is it possible to disassemble the cap (without any damage) and which metal should a jeweler use to restore the cover? Or maybe it is better to order new rings made of white gold for example? Any help is highly appreciated. Love and peace to everyone! No to war!
  12. I acquired this pencil a couple of years ago with a group of mainly Parker fountain pens. I understand it's a Duofold Pastel, Apple Green Moiré from around 1929. I have some of the correct lead from another vintage Parker. I can insert some lead and wind it out but it does not wind back in. I don't believe the mechanism is working correctly. I can never wind it far enough to see the metal part that pushes out the lead. At that point, the pencil 'clicks over' on each turn. Can I safely get it apart to repair it?
  13. dicks390

    Parker Duofold Age and material

    Hello pen experts: I recently acquired three Parker Duofolds. Two are identified as a Junior and a Lady. I am only showing the barrel and section on the third one as it did not come with a cap. Here are my questions: Is the imprint shown on each the medium imprint or the giant imprint? What is the approximate age of each? Are these pens hard rubber or permanite? I guess it depends on their age. I tried the rubbing and smell test, and it was inconclusive to me. Is the barrel shown from a Senior or a Special? It is .52 inches wide, and came with a Parker arrow nib, not shown which could have been a replacement. The feed was not ribbed. Thank you.
  14. ParkerBeta

    Who made this replica Duofold?

    I'm hoping someone can identify the maker of this replica Duofold that I recently bought used from FPH. FPH said the nib was from a 1940s Vacumatic. The clip looks to be from a vintage Parker too. The button-filler may be modern. The top and bottom black pieces may or may not be vintage as well. I know that Chris Thompson's replicas had the imprint on the barrel with the added word "Replica" but this pen has no imprint on the barrel. I have attached a few pictures of different parts of the pen. Can anyone also tell me which vintage Duofold this is a replica of? Thanks for any help.
  15. I had a problem getting the refill out of a new style Duofold ballpoint today. The cap pulled off of the back, but I couldn't untwist the back end to get to the refill. I looked for resources on how to get it out. I saw many old topics where people asked the same question, but no answers. Well, I figured it out, and thought I'd share in case someone searches for it in the future. Here's what the problem looks like when the gold cap comes off but the mechanism and refill don't come with it. I fit a 5mm deep-well socket into the rear end of the pen, and turned it counter clockwise to remove the mechanism. The black part is the part that comes out with the socket. Then you press the gold cap and the black part together very firmly Then, drop your new ballpoint refill in the barrel, and screw the rear assembly into the barrel, continuing a few turns past what seems necessary. Then check your extend/retract function. If that works smoothly, you should be able to unscrew the rear assembly as one piece out of the back of the barrel to replace the refill in the future.
  16. I recently bought a used Parker Centennial Duofold in Blue Marbled pattern. Upon receiving, I noticed that it looks a bit different than my Parker Duofold Centennial Big Red in several ways. As I am no modern Parker expert, and own a few bought from trusted source, this is the first time I bought a Parker from a local auction. The notable differences of the blue marbled Parker vs. my Big Red: 1. The clip and cap rings on Blue Marbled are rather flat, vs. Big Red raised/rounded; 2. Imprint on Blue Marble: position is just below clip and above cap rings on the cap, rather faint. (Date code IF) Vs. Big Red imprint on black blind cap at end of barrel (date code IIIL) Note/Edit: Date code could be an IE, very faint, hard to read. 3. The silver part of the nib, namely the “feathers” of the “arrow” on Blue Marble is more of a sort of gun metal finish, rather similar to ruthenium finish. Vs. Big Red rhodium plated, I assume. First I thought is this a fake Parker? But the nib looks rather good, does not attach to magnet and writes like a typical Parker Centennial nib. I also looked up on the internet and found there are several versions like this sold on Peyton Street and Chatterley etc. Indeed I now have seen a raised version and a flat version of this Blue Marble finish on the internet. So my worry is a little less. But then again, it does look different in detail than my Big Red. Are both raised and flat versions legitimate? Any additional information? I would much appreciate knowledge and opinion on this pen. Many thanks as alway. Kind regards, como
  17. Hello all, I recently acquired a wonderful Parker Duofold International with a personalized cap as shown below. This was disclosed in the listing, so I new this was something I would have to address. In reading previous posts, mostly dealing with lost medallions, I understand that the top portion of the cap is not easily removable. Does anyone have more recent experience with replacing such a part, or with obtaining a medallion to adhere over it? There are a few listings on ebay, but all are military or college branded. I'm hoping to find some alternatives, or a source to replace the part. Thank you in advance. Gump Photo Link: http://imgur.com/a/pE8QH Apologies for not embedding, I was unable to attached the file nor embed using the traditional tags.
  18. JamesEdward

    Could you help identify this pen?

    Dear readers, I have some trouble identifying this pen, mainly because of the cap. Could you possibly help out? Many thanks in advance for your effort. Best wishes!
  19. Ferocity


    Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming. At 82 dollars, this was the most expensive pen I've ever bought in my whole life. I have never had any pen write as well as this one either. Today was a super special day for me. it was my first day of school at this new place. Well i clipped it onto the little loop on the back of my tie. Of course it somehow became unscrewed, and fell... I'm convinced that if I try to fix it on my own, I WILL get it to write again. I might even get it back to normal, but I really doubt it. If I go that route, it probably won't write anywhere near as well as it used to... I've "repaired," nibs before, but it was minor misalignment on "crappy pens,"buy NOTHING LIKE THIS(by the way they were not crappy pens at all but they were definitely what most people would consider them to be). furthermore this is an extremely special pen to me... I think it is the nicest pen I have ever had in my whole life BY A LOT. I'm never going to get rid of it, so I'd like to fix the nib it came with and not simply go and replace it with a spare one. I'm not particularly excited to fix it on my own, because I understand that this exercise of repairing my nib is going to exceed my level of skill end expertise by several orders of magnitude. my questions are: am I correct in assuming that this is repairable? how much do you think this is going to cost if I don't do it myself? Do you know anybody who strives for excellence that also happens to repair nibs? I hope you're having a great day so far! as it turns out my day was fantastic except for the part where I ruined my beloved pen' nib. Thank you very much for your time and for your input = ) I am going to be a genuine idiot if I ever use my tie to hold another fountain pen again for the rest of my life.
  20. Waltz For Zizi

    Duofold Roller To Fountain Pen

    Does anyone know if you can convert a Parker Duofold rollerball into a fountainpen, by replacing it's front section with one of a fountainpen? I found a rollerball mosaic red for sale, but since I don't use rollerballs I wanted to know if it is posible to convert it into a fountainpen if I have a modern duofold fountain pen and exchange the sections between them. Thanks in advance!
  21. Something, perhaps glue (no idea how), has interfered with the threads and made it impossible to use this Parker Duofold fountain pen cap and I understand that it cannot be repaired. Can you help me describe it accurately so that I can search for a replacement? Also, if you know where I might find a replacement that would be helpful. You may contact me directly <rad2556@gmail.com>. Thank you.
  22. Hello all! I recently won a Parker Duofold Senior (the Big Red) online and I just received it in the mail. The pen is in wonderful condition, but the imprint is so strange. There is no Parker imprint, but rather just COMPLIMENTS OF FALLS GARAGE INC. and an offset D to the right of it. I have no idea what to make of it, and I can find nothing online. The rest of the pen looks great, so Im stumped. Is it a gift? Loaner pen? Maybe a bootleg Duofold? Ive attached pictures, so let me know if you know anything about this pen! Maybe we can figure something out.
  23. CarrotBasket

    Gold Duofold Pocket Pen?

    Hello fine folk of the forum! I found this at the flea market, it apears to be a vest pocket duofold, it is only slightly longer than my kaweco sport but I haven´t been able to find pictures of this pattern anywhere. I have seen some jack-knife models with these gold waves but this one has breather holes, an inner cap and the christmas tree feed. It came with a "Warranted 14k USA" nib which seems to be too small for the pen thouh it fits the feed nicely. The green section and brown tail cap would sugest they aren´t from the original pen buit they fit perfectly. Have you seen these before? Any aditional info is apreciated
  24. Parker Duofold Prestige Centennial - Ruthenium plated Medium nib, C/C Recently, I hope to get a decent flagship pen and I keep choosing from a few big-name models. Definitely a hard fight, and tie-break all the time. M1000/5, 149, big red, Urushi, GvFB, Aurora, Homo S, sterling stuff, etc. Few months passed and I can’t make up my mind. I treat heavy pens to be more serious, so I decided to give the resin stuff on the next try, and I finally choose the Prestige Duofold. Well, the last battle falls on the black chevron and the ruthenium... Until I read from the web that ruthenium is a very hard and rare metal from the platinum group and it does not tarnish over time, (it will only be oxidized in the air at the temperature of 800c…) even does not attack by many acids, OMG wowwowow… a pen won't tarnish..., obviously it knocks out the chevron then. Packaging: I'm not a fancy packaging guy, so I won't be moved by luxury packaging. Anyway, the fabric wrapped cardboard box is good looking, rigid, protective, and the pen comes with 2 cartridges, a converter, and a handbook. Weight: I assume the pen is real heavy that could not be an EDC. "Nope, I’m wrong." The first second on hand is not heavy but really comfortable. I can't tell exactly by words, maybe it's just personal, I love the weight and feels that writing with. Compare to the Lamy 2000 stainless steel, it won by a landslide (although both uncapped weights are 35g). I don’t have many heavy pens, here are some figures: (surely this pen cannot be capped on writing, it would be too long and the center of weight goes up significantly...) Capless Kasuri (carbonesque): 33g Kaweco Brass Sports: 44g Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel: 55g (uncapped 35g) Ruthenium Duofold: 51g (uncapped 35g) Finishing: Breathtakingly well made, sturdy, reliable feeling, low profile. For the name “Duofold Prestige”, I treat it as "just normal", so not a surprise. Barrel: ruthenium plated; trim: palladium (not chrome). Nib design: I love it. I searched for some previous duofold nibs, and I like the latest one, you know, something made with a heart can't go wrong! (I like 3776 also, same reason) Dual tone - 18k - Ruthenium finish. Overall size: I thought the Prestige Centennial would be huge (imagining the size of M1000 or 149), I’m wrong again. Check the comparison below. with Lamy 2K ss / Lamy AL / Capless / Duofold Centennial Nib feeling: I’m glad that Parker tested the pen before putting it into the sales counter. When I washed the pen before inking, there is some blue ink residue being flushed in the water jar. I appreciate it, truly. A decent nib may not come from a decent pen, so I am very very worried. Firstly I put too hard for the nib, and it writes with too much feedback. And I start to write with no pressure, oh then it writes with pleasure. The more I write, the more I like. Comfortable, effortless, no hard start, and no skipping. This medium nib is not a hard nib, quite smooth when not pushing hard, but a bit on the fine side I may say, (glad I didn't take the fine nib) and you could get some line variation when pushing a little. The ink is my favorite blue-black, Pilot iroshizuku's Shin-Kai. ( Ummm, the best nib I owned before this duofold is the Sailor's 21k M from a Pro Gear. And still, it is. This duofold nib is good, effortless, but I still love the Sailor's. ) Something I'm expecting, but nope: [1] The nib size, as the flagship model, I thought the nib should be very big, I imagine the 149, M1000…etc. But nope, the nib is NOT that huge. with 3776 & ECO [2] The barrel and cap surface I search from the web I quite sure the pen is in matt or brush surface. Yet turn up it is shiny, I accept that the shiny surface is also cool, but if it is in matt, I surely like it more. I go check the Parker shop nearby, and it’s the same. Only the section is brushed. But it is strange that the shiny surface doesn’t magnet fingerprints, another characteristic of ruthenium maybe? [3] Nib option If I could choose an Italic or a stub nib, that’d be a perfect score. I love this pen, like a paladin's sword. I can’t find a review on this ruthenium duofold, that’s really strange, or, is it a model that no one wants to own? LOL. No matter what, France made, running duofold’s blood, top of the line, ruthenium plated, 18k duo-toned nib… to me, all these are exciting and appealing. Thanks for watching... (sorry for the big photos...)

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