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  1. The other brand sections have this kind of thread, and I couldn't believe we don't have one for Parker. So here we go. What Parkers have you added to your collection lately? We have 100 years worth of pens with the Parker name, and some of us are addicted to gathering them up. I have a number of items on order, both vintage and modern, and I will mention those as they arrive over the next few weeks. But to get us started, here's the ebay photo of a P45 I just scored: Burgundy Parker 45, 14k Medium - described as NOS. In fact, that's how I found it. I was searching for gold P45 nibs
  2. Ferocity


    Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming. At 82 dollars, this was the most expensive pen I've ever bought in my whole life. I have never had any pen write as well as this one either. Today was a super special day for me. it was my first day of school at this new place. Well i clipped it onto the little loop on the back of my tie. Of course it somehow became unscrewed, and fell... I'm convinced that if I try to fix it on my own, I WILL get it to write again. I might even get it back to normal, but I really doubt it. If I go that route, it probably won't write anywhere near as wel
  3. Waltz For Zizi

    Duofold Roller To Fountain Pen

    Does anyone know if you can convert a Parker Duofold rollerball into a fountainpen, by replacing it's front section with one of a fountainpen? I found a rollerball mosaic red for sale, but since I don't use rollerballs I wanted to know if it is posible to convert it into a fountainpen if I have a modern duofold fountain pen and exchange the sections between them. Thanks in advance!
  4. Something, perhaps glue (no idea how), has interfered with the threads and made it impossible to use this Parker Duofold fountain pen cap and I understand that it cannot be repaired. Can you help me describe it accurately so that I can search for a replacement? Also, if you know where I might find a replacement that would be helpful. You may contact me directly <rad2556@gmail.com>. Thank you.
  5. I recently bought a used Parker Centennial Duofold in Blue Marbled pattern. Upon receiving, I noticed that it looks a bit different than my Parker Duofold Centennial Big Red in several ways. As I am no modern Parker expert, and own a few bought from trusted source, this is the first time I bought a Parker from a local auction. The notable differences of the blue marbled Parker vs. my Big Red: 1. The clip and cap rings on Blue Marbled are rather flat, vs. Big Red raised/rounded; 2. Imprint on Blue Marble: position is just below clip and above cap rings on the cap, rather faint. (Date code IF)
  6. Hello all! I recently won a Parker Duofold Senior (the Big Red) online and I just received it in the mail. The pen is in wonderful condition, but the imprint is so strange. There is no Parker imprint, but rather just COMPLIMENTS OF FALLS GARAGE INC. and an offset D to the right of it. I have no idea what to make of it, and I can find nothing online. The rest of the pen looks great, so Im stumped. Is it a gift? Loaner pen? Maybe a bootleg Duofold? Ive attached pictures, so let me know if you know anything about this pen! Maybe we can figure something out.
  7. CarrotBasket

    Gold Duofold Pocket Pen?

    Hello fine folk of the forum! I found this at the flea market, it apears to be a vest pocket duofold, it is only slightly longer than my kaweco sport but I haven´t been able to find pictures of this pattern anywhere. I have seen some jack-knife models with these gold waves but this one has breather holes, an inner cap and the christmas tree feed. It came with a "Warranted 14k USA" nib which seems to be too small for the pen thouh it fits the feed nicely. The green section and brown tail cap would sugest they aren´t from the original pen buit they fit perfectly. Have you seen these before? Any
  8. Parker Duofold Prestige Centennial - Ruthenium plated Medium nib, C/C Recently, I hope to get a decent flagship pen and I keep choosing from a few big-name models. Definitely a hard fight, and tie-break all the time. M1000/5, 149, big red, Urushi, GvFB, Aurora, Homo S, sterling stuff, etc. Few months passed and I can’t make up my mind. I treat heavy pens to be more serious, so I decided to give the resin stuff on the next try, and I finally choose the Prestige Duofold. Well, the last battle falls on the black chevron and the ruthenium... Until I read from the web that ruthenium is a very
  9. Hello, Could anyone tell me the difference between the Parker Duofold Prestige/Classic and International/Centennial lines. From what I can guess, The Prestige is made from brass whereas the classic is made of resin (plastic), and both come in international (short) and Centennial (long) versions. Can somebody help me clarify that?
  10. SaintPat

    Need Help With A Parker Duofold

    I just bought my first vintage fountain pen, a Parker Duofold. Until now, I've only written with new pens. But after picking up this Duofold, I couldn't resist. I have a question I'd like to ask your help with: What is its approximate year of manufacture?
  11. 5thhistorian

    Click Aristocrat Review

    I recently ordered a Click "Aristocrat" fountain pen from a seller on Ebay. I have purchased and used many different Indian fountain pens in the past few years, both from overseas Ebay sellers and from Fountain Pen Revolution, and am usually impressed by the value they deliver at their price point. With a Leuchtturm pocket notebook for comparison. The Click Aristocrat (for some reason, the packaging I received calls it a "Tulip", but since I'm familiar with that model from FPR's house version (the "Indus" piston-filler, I don't think this is really the Click Tulip) is a plastic cartridge-c
  12. Jolltax

    What Kind Of Duofold Is This?

    Can anyone help me correctly identify this pen which was given to me by a friend? I have offered to give him some money for a charity donation in return. My usual pens are Japanese modern FP's so I am a bit out of my depth, although this one does write rather nicely. The set is in a wooden box with Parker Duofold stamped on the top and is a white-marble resin patterned fountain pen and matching biro. The FP is a cartridge filler (unfortunately and 13.6 cm long including cap, M nib is labelled PARKER 18 750, the black cap has PARKER MADE IN UK in small writing. My guess from conversation was
  13. Recently one of my colleagues in workplace found this pen. It seems to me that this one is a Parker Duofold Senior from 1926. The nib is in excellent condition and writes smoothly. However, the sac inside has dried and crumbled. I was wondering if it would be possible to find a new sac in India. If such is not possible I would like to know whether there's any website where I can order for parts. The pen body seems to be made of ebonite whereas the blind cap at the back (which covers the button) seems to be plastic. Note: I could send the pen to Pen Hospital in Kolkata, but I had a prior exper
  14. barriep

    Vintage Duofold Identification

    I have been trying to place this black Permanite Duofold, going over again the Duofold book. It has the same Lucky Curve imprint as the 1926 first year Jade Permanite pen. And the same Lucky Curve nib imprint. But it is longer then either the Jade pen or the previous Duofold I have checked, 14.1cm. There are similarities to the model DQ shown in the Duofold book, launched in 1924; the pattern seems the same, as does the imprint, but the nib does not have the DQ imprint and this pen is Permanite. I know this is not an exact science but help would be very welcome.
  15. I have just acquired a rather strange Parker Duofold. It bears no resemblance to anything on the Parker Collector.com. Perhaps someone here has an idea? The pen in green marbled material is relatively small - 115mm long , capped. A button filler, it is fitted with a Televisor type compound pressure bar. The section is some sort of plastics, translucent at the barrel end like some Waterman's pens that I have had. The nib, not identified as gold (though I am pretty sure it is) is stamped Parker Pen Made in USA; there is a very small 4 stamped also and on the bottom LH corner, R. Here are
  16. Hello Parker forum. I was recently sold a what was described as a Broad Italic Duofold Centennial nib, but I have some doubts as to that. The packet it came in indicated "BI" so that was that I thought and it certainly wrote a little broader than the M nib my duofold came with, but it just didn't seem right. Finally did what I should have done from the start and took a loupe to the thing and the nib certainly doesn't look italic to me. It looks distinctly oblique. The feed number code is 87. From my scattered researches since then I think I've pinned this down to a "Fine Oblique". Can anyo
  17. Hi, I found a new pretty pen to admire Parker Duofold Centennial MK1 (PDFCMK1) circa late 1980s owners: Which of the modern Parker converter definitely work for your old pen? My research shows various versions of Parker or Aurora depending on the nipple collar: Metal - current versionPlasticAurora metalAurora metal with plasticor does the modern cartridges work as well? I'm interested in knowing what actually fits to feed the pen Thank you
  18. Brianm_14

    Help In Buying A Pen!

    Can I get some advice? Trying to decide between three pens on eBay. Both sellers have good repuations, and I have had very good experinces with the person offering the second two pens. -Buy it now: Vintage Parker Vacumatic Azure blue, fountain pen 14 KT Parker nib. $85 plus $5 shipping -Buy it now or make an offer: Parker English Duofold Red AE, restored bladder, GFT 14 KT Parker nib. $64 plus $7.25 shipping. Have had very satisfactory purchases with this seller. I do have several English Duofolds, am partial to them, but have none in red. -Buy it now or make an offer: Sheaffer
  19. Hello Everyone, This is my first post on the FPN forums. I've been referencing them a lot; and I am happy to finally be posting something. I recently acquired a Parker Duofold in an online auction. I purchased a pen lot because one of the pens looked an awful lot like a Duofold. I am a novice when it comes to pen collecting, but I knew enough to take a chance for 22$. First I will give you the imprints - although they are shown in the attached pictures (I am sorry for the poor lighting) The Nib is imprinted with the following lines, across the its width: Parker Duofold Pen Canada A
  20. Hello there! For connoisseurs only..... Any idea of the fountain pen used by Sir Ian Richardson in House of Cards BBC? I think is a Parker Duofold Godron gold lined..., centennial, international....
  21. Samrat

    Gama Forever Review

    Hello everyone, Last time I reviewed the Gama Kuyil in detail, which is in the mid-price range for Gama products. Today I'll review one of their entry level fountain pens, the Gama Forever, which cost about half of Gama Kuyil, but functionally have similar usefulness and appeal. The history of Gem and Co., the producer of Gama brand of fountain pens is discussed in the review of Kuyil. The Forever is a smaller model from Gama, with minimal design elements. Why I like this pen- It’s a small but effective pen for everyday use. The price is very much affordable, even for a student. The bu
  22. Dear all, I've found some time to wonder about flair in writing, usually called flex, which I concur with others here that is to be distinguished from the gargantuan difference in stroke width some people are after, and which I follow Bo Bo Olson in calling superflex. I got a 1929-1930 Lady Duofold serviced in mid-June and at approximately the same time I found a cheap pre-2016 Parker IM which I got. Both pens have seen regular use since then and now I am confident that they have adjusted to me, or I to them more likely, or probably both with more of the latter. Both pens now are wetter than
  23. barriep

    English Wartime Duofolds

    Looking through my English Duofolds I came across three pens from Newhaven production during the second world war. All three had one thing in common, the gold plated cap bands were seriously brassed, much more so than on US and later Newhaven Duofolds. (The ball of the clips were also brassed but this is much more common.) I wondered if wartime limitations meant that the gold plating used was thinner quality than normal on Duofolds?
  24. Fascinated as I am by Parker Duofolds, though can't bring myself to break the psychological $300+ FP barrier, I was drawn to a world of Duofold Look-Alikes, such as the Pilot Lucina. However, on receipt of the Lucina, I realized it is a SMALL pen. NIb is great (Steel, but very nice) but the body length just barely adequate when posted. However, due to a large inventory of pens, I'm prone to experimenting. So, I tried threading the section of a Lucina into a 1970's Parker Big Red ballpoint/felt tip shell. And who'd have thunk...it actually worked out kind of nice! The extra length of the
  25. rabernathy

    Duofold Id Help

    Greetings Guys, Below is a link to a full set of pictures and I have downloaded overview shots to this post for general reference. Detailed photos are here https://imgur.com/a/eTGOAEG Looking for some ID help, specifically dating with regards to these pens. I believe the big duo fold and the jr are both from the early to mid twenties based upon what I see on Tony's site. I believe the Vacumatic is a 3rd Gen Laminated Golden Brown with a Maxima nib from sometime between '42 and '48, and the new one is a 1998 Centennial. Am I on the right track or am I missing important clues? I am a
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