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Found 20 results

  1. A few months ago, I purchased on eBay a Parker Duofold look-alike that is branded as “Lemon,” is made of titanium, but has a vintage, flexible Waterman Hundred-Year Pen nib. Here are photos I took, including my writing sample using the pen with Montblanc Irish Green ink: I really like this pen, particularly the way it writes with the Waterman nib. It is heavy, and I don’t post it, but it feels good in the hand when writing. The cap is a screw-type, and it takes about 5 turns to get it completely on or off. It always writes immediately and smoothly with nice flex. Has anyone else seen another pen with this “Lemon” branding? Does anyone know anything about the folks who made this?
  2. Hi all, I just used the well-known auction site to purchase a Blue Marble Centennial, which I'm pleased to say is broadly in good condition for the price. The cap and nib are in very good condition, while there is some light scratches on the blind cap, and a bit of corrosion around the section rings (might replace the section) and then most noticeably at the rear gold rings (which almost look silvery now). I've yet to clean or ink it. I wanted to ask two things: Is it usual for a Mk1 Centennial to be missing a date code on the blind cap? This pen doesn't have one and part of me wondered if there was quite a large step-down between the gold rings and the blind cap, i.e. could it have been replaced explaining the gold ring wear? Perhaps unlikely, but I have a Mk1 green marble International that has "Parker", "Made in the UK" and a date code. Is this the original box? I thought clamshell boxes came later in the 90s/early 2000s (the catalogue includes references to the Parker 100, which I don't think was ever produced alongside the blue/green/maroon marbled Centennials). As an aside, I'm shocked at how nice/weighty these cases are compared to the cheap cardboard ones Parker now makes for Duofolds. Welcome your thoughts, Thanks, Michael
  3. I recently bought a used Parker Centennial Duofold in Blue Marbled pattern. Upon receiving, I noticed that it looks a bit different than my Parker Duofold Centennial Big Red in several ways. As I am no modern Parker expert, and own a few bought from trusted source, this is the first time I bought a Parker from a local auction. The notable differences of the blue marbled Parker vs. my Big Red: 1. The clip and cap rings on Blue Marbled are rather flat, vs. Big Red raised/rounded; 2. Imprint on Blue Marble: position is just below clip and above cap rings on the cap, rather faint. (Date code IF) Vs. Big Red imprint on black blind cap at end of barrel (date code IIIL) Note/Edit: Date code could be an IE, very faint, hard to read. 3. The silver part of the nib, namely the “feathers” of the “arrow” on Blue Marble is more of a sort of gun metal finish, rather similar to ruthenium finish. Vs. Big Red rhodium plated, I assume. First I thought is this a fake Parker? But the nib looks rather good, does not attach to magnet and writes like a typical Parker Centennial nib. I also looked up on the internet and found there are several versions like this sold on Peyton Street and Chatterley etc. Indeed I now have seen a raised version and a flat version of this Blue Marble finish on the internet. So my worry is a little less. But then again, it does look different in detail than my Big Red. Are both raised and flat versions legitimate? Any additional information? I would much appreciate knowledge and opinion on this pen. Many thanks as alway. Kind regards, como
  4. Hello, Could anyone tell me the difference between the Parker Duofold Prestige/Classic and International/Centennial lines. From what I can guess, The Prestige is made from brass whereas the classic is made of resin (plastic), and both come in international (short) and Centennial (long) versions. Can somebody help me clarify that?
  5. http://www.platinum-pen.co.jp/fountainpen_century_the_prime.html Wow, Platinum edition and silver edition.... Very hefty price tag. Release date is February 5.
  6. Hello Parker forum. I was recently sold a what was described as a Broad Italic Duofold Centennial nib, but I have some doubts as to that. The packet it came in indicated "BI" so that was that I thought and it certainly wrote a little broader than the M nib my duofold came with, but it just didn't seem right. Finally did what I should have done from the start and took a loupe to the thing and the nib certainly doesn't look italic to me. It looks distinctly oblique. The feed number code is 87. From my scattered researches since then I think I've pinned this down to a "Fine Oblique". Can anyone here please confirm this for me? The Broad italic feed code I'm not so sure about, but I think it might be 95 (but that might just be for the smaller International nibs..?) I've reached out to Parker themselves (twice) but am still awaiting a reply. The retailer (theonlinepencompany / pilotfish) just packages and sends these things so they have no clue either. Any assistance in identifying what exactly I've been sent would be most appreciated! The "broad italic": The feed:
  7. Hello there! For connoisseurs only..... Any idea of the fountain pen used by Sir Ian Richardson in House of Cards BBC? I think is a Parker Duofold Godron gold lined..., centennial, international....
  8. In Japanese: http://www.pilot.co.jp/100th/ I guess any possible centennial commemoration pens will pop up here....
  9. This Orange Parker Duofold Centennial Special Edition is what I would call a reasonably priced collectors pen. Somewhere between sane & insane. If you take a close look, it's a lot, but it's not much. Is it plain? -yes. Is it simple? -yes. Are there any other pens like it? -yes. Are there any other pens exactly like it? -no. Would I buy a pen if it was a homage? -no. Would I get a MacArthur Limited Edition for 4 times more? -no. Does it compliment my Japanese Pilot Maki-e theme? -no, yes & maybe. But if I close my eyes & think Parker, I imagine Orange Vulcanite or Orange Permanite. How would I picture the most perfect Parker? Pilot Custom 845 Ebonite Urushi, from Parker, in Orange, with 3 thin rings; 1 medium & 1 thin ring; or 1 medium ring. A 2 tone nib, in a maple wood box. The only thing I know that is worse than fountain pens are leather pen cases. Probably my lack of knowledge, but the only one I've seen that I liked was Maxwell Scott, The Pienza in Chestnut Tan or Dark Chocolate Brown. -so if you know better, please tell me. We don't have fountain pen shops or a fountain pen culture where I live. The only place I know where they can seriously markup fountain pens, only sell Montblanc in their physical shop & their shop is older than me. So what about Parker Maki-e? -if you can't get away with more than Pilot could get away with in 1979, I'm still unsure about getting a Pilot Taka (although, they're SUPER NICE), so anything beyond what a Montblanc 149 costs, is like getting a Painting. As I said before, my theme is supposed to be Pilot Maki-e & I already have too many non-Pilot Maki-e. If this hobby is to last me a lifetime & I can't get a decent price, or be bothered with the risks involved in selling used pens. I better choose carefully the pens that I want to collect, for the sole purpose of admiring them, every now & then. I wanted to do this with watches, but servicing an expensive watch every 3 to 5 years, feels like punishment. If I start from the bottom & slowly work myself up, I might enjoy & understand the value & workmanship. It's only expensive because we believe that it has value. Otherwise it's Supply & Demand. A Rich, Dead, Artist, who can't Authenticate his own work. Or a Poor, Unappreciated, Artist, who can't get paid or sell anything.
  10. Introduction I recently had an opportunity to act as an enabler by helping a colleague and friend of mine acquire a special custom fountain pen. This particular gentlemen has a very fine collection of writing equipments including models from almost all premier brands and certainly a few Parkers. But his heart was set on acquiring a classic all ebonite Duofold in glorious orange hues but with a contemporary filling system. Since such a chimera doesn't exist in the real world, we set about creating a pen that looks and behaves like a modern Duofold Centennial but with an orange ebonite cap and barrel with black finials. We approached Mr. Manoj Deshmukh of Fosforpens who was willing to take up the challenge. Since this pen was meant for someone else. I didn't dip it or ink it to test the nib. Hence I wont call it a full review in the true sense of the term. Instead, let us consider this a pictorial essay of the pen that was finally created. Design The Duofold is a classic design and has spawned innumerable variants and knock-offs for over ninety years ever since it first appeared in the scene circa 1921. Any fountain pen enthusiast is well aware of the design and words cannot express its simplistic but sophisticated elegance. So instead of subjecting my limited vocabulary to unnecessary stress, I will let the pictures do the talking. http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g346/prithwijitchakiPrithwijit/Fountain%20Pen%20Reviews/Fosfor%20Duofold/IMGP5199_zps2pvd355h.jpg http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g346/prithwijitchakiPrithwijit/Fountain%20Pen%20Reviews/Fosfor%20Duofold/IMGP5200_zpscyiraq2a.jpg Size and Balance At 137mm capped, the Duofold would be considered a mid-sized pen by contemporary standards. Being made of ebonite makes the delightfully light and easy to handle. It is superbly balanced and comfortable to write for extended periods. Even with the cap posted, the pen retains its balance and is a breeze to write with. For those of you who may seek a size reference, here is a side by side image with the Kaigelu 316 which is a clone of the Duofold Centennial. http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g346/prithwijitchakiPrithwijit/Fountain%20Pen%20Reviews/Fosfor%20Duofold/IMGP5210_zps6kjouwpd.jpg Nib Since the gentleman in question already had access to other Duofolds, we didn't bother about getting an original nib for the pen. Instead he opted for a 18K Jowo #6 pen in rose gold finish with his initials engraved on the nib. This technique is different from the laser engraving I had done on my Rajendran and arguably better if the limited typeface options available do not bother you. http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g346/prithwijitchakiPrithwijit/Fountain%20Pen%20Reviews/Fosfor%20Duofold/IMGP5201_zpsazxbejmk.jpg Filling Mechanism The pen uses the standard international cartridge converter mechanism with a Schmidt converter paired with the WIN/Jowo nib unit. The section itself was custom made by Manoj. The pen can accept any bottled ink as well as cartridges from a host of brands. http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g346/prithwijitchakiPrithwijit/Fountain%20Pen%20Reviews/Fosfor%20Duofold/IMGP5205_zpsltn81ktm.jpg Build Quality Manoj is synonymous with quality and he amply demonstrated that in this pen as well. All critical aspects of the pen such as the shape, fit, threading, buffing/polishing and the finish are impeccable and gives the overall impression of a high quality product. Specifications The measurements have not been taken with any precision instrument or laboratory techniques and should be considered as indicative only . Length (capped) – 137 mm Length (uncapped) – 130 mm Length (cap) – 63 mm Length (section) – 20 mm Maximum width – 13.5 mm Maximum section width – 10.5 mm Minimum section width – 9 mm Conclusion I found the idea of this pen pretty intriguing. In one broad brush we have covered 96 years of Duofold legacy from its ebonite origins, big red lineage to contemporary evolution and amenities. The final product has certainly been able to fulfil its design brief. It is a classic mid-sized comfortable and well balanced writing instrument. The SEM ebonite and silver trims are wonderful thing to have and Fosfor quality and finishing comes through. Useful Links Very good orange ebonite blanks can be sourced from http://www.ebonite-arts.de/en/index.php Jowo nibs of your choice can be sourced from www.asapens.in Pen is made by www.fosforpens.com
  11. Hello all, I am asking some advise as I just came in possession of some PARKER Pens after my uncle passed away. He had a specialised shop and the pens I have were meant for selling, they are MINT in BOX and never been inked. I am totally new to this and I am trying to understand if they do have any particular value, as after researching online I found out the might be pretty rare. I might be interested in selling them, but I am not really sure which might be a realistic evaluation. I do have the following: Parker DUOFOLD CENTENNIAL Memorial Fund for disaster relief ITALIAN Version (n. 1284/2000)Parker Duofold Orange Centennial (Fine)Parker Duofold Orange International (Fine) I have posted some pictures to give an idea if needed. Thanks in advance to anyone who will be able to advise!
  12. Hi I wish to share with you a prized possession of mine, one of the only 19 Limited Edition Parker Duofold Black Centennial Fountain Pens, launched on the occasion of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 held in New Delhi (India)! This special pen received a fair share of media attention at the time launch, as the first of this limited edition was presented to His Royal Highness Prince Charles in an event organized in Delhi before the XIX Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. As per an article I read, of the 19 pens, apart from Prince Charles, 1 each was gifted to the Queen of England, Shri D K Jain (Chairman & Managing Director of Luxor group) Smt Sonia Gandh (Congress President) and Dr. Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister of India). And the remaining 14 were sold to collectors across India at a retail price of approx USD 2K at the time. It was quite a fortunate chance that I was able to purchase one directly at the time of launch in Oct-2010. I got the low numbered edition #3 pen (each pen has the unique serial no, 1-19, and the edition limit engraved on the barrel). I have this pen in mint, unused condition with original box, packing material, receipt and COA. I was curious to know what my pen could be worth in today's market, and also appreciate any advice from senior members of the forum on whether this pen is worth selling or keeping as my son's inheritance. regards Abhinav
  13. Dear all, I am about to request a nib-exchange for my Parker Centennial and was wondering if someone among the parker usergroup could share their experience or writing sample comparing the the Broad Italic, Broad Oblique, Extra extra broad . I tend to prefer the broadest oblique Italic or stub nibs, but not at the cost of broad... given that Parker do not have an OBB or O3B on offer , I'll have to settle for one of the IB,OB or 3B which puts me in a quandry. would be fantastic if one of you experienced folks could share a writing sample comparing the any/all of the 3 nibs or share your experience in words (Line width, smoothness, Line-variation, spring, flex etc). Note : I dont have the quid for a custom grid by a nibmeister (but I might dare to do it myself at a later date...) . Note-2 : Parker team replied to my query with the following options : extra fine, broad, Needle Point, Fine Italic, Medium Italic, Broad Italic, Fine Oblique, Medium Oblique, Broad Oblique, Medium Reverse Oblique (left hander), Extra Broad, *Extra extra broad Thanks a ton
  14. baldonia

    Parker Duofold Centennial

    Will a modern Parker Duofold Centennial nib unit & converter fit into any other manufacturer's barrel & cap? I have an extra, and would like to set it up to use regularly, but it's just impossible to buy spare barrels and caps.
  15. of all my recent ebay finds, this is the one that i've been using the most, very much a keeper and a user: the bexley-made woodgrain duofold centennial. i love the warmth of the ebonite, and the faceting is exquisite: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5335/9310981903_89e416eeb4_z.jpg of all the modern parker nibs ever made, i consider the "banner" nib the most beautiful of them all, and it was used on this bexley: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7309/9310982625_e0de33a4a5_z.jpg i've seen this pen offered on the pentooling.com site for $450, and i was lucky to get it for considerably lower than that.
  16. My summer job is almost over and the pay check is soon to be cashed. I have decided to treat myself to a new pen having not acquired a new one for a while. I have narrowed down the options to two, the Parker Duofold Centennial in marble acrylic or the Visconti Homo Sapiens Oversize Steel Age. I already own a MB 146, an M800 and a Waterman Carene. I can get the two pens for similar prices and would be using them daily, taking notes etc at university. I'm drawn to the Visconti because of the superior nib and ink capacity but the Parker is more of a classic and, I think, the better looking. To those who own one or both which would you recommend?
  17. Hello! I was wondering if anyone of you has a Parker Duofold (or maybe another pen) with an Oblique Fine nib? I was looking everywhere for some writing/drawing OF samples ....in vain I would like to know if an oblique nib would help me create some more line variation while drawing or would it skip all the time while not holding to a certain angle? I always tend to turn the nib towards me when I write and draw... actually when I draw I twist the pen all the time in all directions and use all the sides of the nib. I did not realise that until I watched a video of my hands while I draw... And if I turn an oblique upside down, does it produce a thinner line like the rounded nibs? I have some dip pens with reverse oblique nibs. They are totally flat, sharp as hell and a bit too broad for detailed drawing so they don't really help me imagine how an OF would work. The thing is I finally ordered my new Duofold. It comes with an F nib...but I could exchange the nib within 4 weeks. I'm really interested in the OF but I'm not sure if I can test it anywhere in Berlin... In all the stores I've been to I've been told I will probably have to send my pen to Parker (in Hamburg I think) if I'm not happy with the F nib. Sorry for writing a novel Here is one of my sketches...I'm interested in a nib that would create long, organic lines and give me lots of line variation.... Thank you for any help! Ewa http://ewaludwi.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/smoke.jpg?w=500&h=836
  18. graveoflowers

    Sheaffer Centennial Limited Edition

    Hey there! I'm new to this site, but I wanted some people's opinion on the Sheaffer Centennial Limited Edition SS Fountain Pen and the Heritage Limited Edition Pen. I've never bought a fountain pen in my life, and I do plan to when I save up enough, but for now I'm just observing and looking around. I tried looking for comments on these and found very limited resources. I just want to understand whether or not these prices seem too high, too low, the opinion of aesthetics, the value of it, or just any commentary you have on it in general. I personally find the Centennial one more aesthetically pleasing although in my opinion the price is relatively high. I would love to hear comments and just information in general! Many Thanks!
  19. I have a Orange Parker Centennial Pen that has a cracked case. Does anyone have the part available to replace the case or would know of a place that may have it. The nib is in good working order and does not need

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