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Found 9 results

  1. I came to know about this pen on the Inked Happiness website as the new model of Click called the president. When I saw it, I immediately thought, "Well, I liked the FPR Jaipur V2, But I'm not going to pay that much for a pen. At least not just yet. But this looks very similar, I suppose let's give this a shot...". I contacted one of my most frequently contacted Pentailers, Mr. Suresh ji and sure enough, he had gotten stock of this pen. I immediately fell in love with the Dark blue pen with the chrome trims, and decided to pull the trigger on that one, and after a Google pay transaction of Rs.800/-(plus an additional Rs.65/- for shipping) Here we are. For those who don't want to spend the next 5-10 minutes reading this whole thread and want a quick TL;DR, well, here it is. "For the money, this is a very compelling package, the Ultraflex nib is smooth and wet and the included rollerball unit is also a nice touch. A good value for money pen indeed" Now, those who want t get a somewhat detailed walkthrough, let's crack on. Appearance and Build The pen arrived in a good looking cardboard box. it has a cardboard sleeve and a small cutout showing the Click logo foil stamped in gold. Removing the sleeve, you'll find the pen nicely nestled in a die cut foam insert and the included rollerball unit. Overall a good unboxing experience for a relatively premium looking pen. Taking the pen out of the box, and my immediate thought was, "Wow... It's smaller than I expected it to be..." I mean, with a name like president and looking at the pictures Suresh Ji sent me, I thought it'd be a big pen. But I was surprised in seeing that it's size was, well... normal. To put it in perspective, here it is with some other pens that I have: 1. Click President 2. Airmail/Wality 71 JB(RCC/Duos) 3. Kanwrite Desire 4. Parker Vector 5. Airmail/Wality 69 T Coming to the pen itself, well, it's a classic design, reminds me of the aristocrat but with a different design. The pen is available in 5 colors all in a somewhat demonstrator looks in either gold or chrome trims. Nibs are also available in Fine, Medium, Broad and UltraFlex. I chose the Dark Blue with the chrome trims coupled with the UltraFlex nib. And It's and overall handsome looking fella. The chrome trims around the cap, clip and the part just beneath the blind cap at the back are tastefully done and the overall size and feel is just right for me. Coming to what's inside the cap, the nib, it's a screw on Nib unit carrying a No.35 (No.6) size steel flex nib sitting on an ebonite feed. which is a nice touch. the nib seems to be thinner than the standard No.6 nibs I have from Kanwrite and Consolidated. I guess that along with the scalloped shoulders aid in the flex of the nib. The real surprise for me was the included rollerball unit though. It's the first time, I'm seeing a fountain pen coming with a rollerball unit. I mean, the closest I've got to a rollerball fountain pen, is eyedroppering my pilot V7 cartridge pen (Which does work and writes like a dream BTW). Coming to the tail end, here you'll find a blind cap enclosing the piston mechanism. Personally, I'm not very fond of this design as I tend to lose the blind cap, but that might be me refusing to act up on my clumsiness. the piston action is smooth and the whole thing disassembles with ease. The overall build is good but for the price, could've been better. issues like the minor molding flashes on the blind cap threads and requiring a plier to remove the nib unit all of which detracts from the overall quality of the product. In the hand, the pen feels quite good. the grip section could've been an bit longer, but ergonomically, the pen feels good, the girth is just right for my size of hand (slender, long hands). it's a very comfortable writer. Both posted and unposted. But you do need to push the cap with a little force to post securely but the balance still feels a ok. Overall, a very comfortable writer indeed. Writing and Final Verdict The nib I got, was the fine Ultraflex. And surprise to say, it is the smoothest out of the box fine nib I have ever used. the pen just glides and the ebonite feed makes sure that you get a juicy ink supply no matter how much you flex it. The nib while writing normally gets a decent fine line and when you want it, coax the line into a nice double broad line. Though to be fair, I'm not the kind of person capable of exploiting the full potential of this flexible masterpiece. However here's a set of writing samples that shows the flex of the nib to the best of my capability, along with a normal writing sample. The rollerball attachment is also a very good addition, the ball is smooth and provides a light, fatigue free writing experience. So much so, that I'm considering to use the rollerball attachment permanently. Don't get me wrong, I love writing on a iridium nib as much as anyone else in this forum, but for daily use this makes more sense to me. Overall for the final verdict, for the price, this is a good value pen. I'd say, while this might not compete with the build quality of the Kanwrite heritage, I'd still cross shop this with the heritage, for around Rs.700 less, you're getting a similar filling mechanism, Almost the same ink capacity and a variety of nib options. I won't be surprised if click released this to compete directly with the pen from Kanpur. For around Rs.900, it's a damn good pen for an everyday carry. If you've tolerated my loooong (and rather boring) lecture, then congrats!!! Here's a 🥇 . You certainly deserve this. Anyway, dry jokes aside, do sound your opinions below, and I'll see you soon .
  2. How good is an for normal flex nib vs a click flex nib vs a Noodler's ahab
  3. 5thhistorian

    Click Aristocrat Review

    I recently ordered a Click "Aristocrat" fountain pen from a seller on Ebay. I have purchased and used many different Indian fountain pens in the past few years, both from overseas Ebay sellers and from Fountain Pen Revolution, and am usually impressed by the value they deliver at their price point. With a Leuchtturm pocket notebook for comparison. The Click Aristocrat (for some reason, the packaging I received calls it a "Tulip", but since I'm familiar with that model from FPR's house version (the "Indus" piston-filler, I don't think this is really the Click Tulip) is a plastic cartridge-converter pen, designed very closely along the lines of the earliest Parker Duofolds. There are a number of colors available, and I chose the orange with black finial and section, since it reminded me a lot of the Parker Big Red. The build quality is of course pretty basic, but I did not see any defects. The cost, with international shipping was 10 USD. Posted. It is a lightweight pen, 16g altogether and 11g unposted. The cap posts readily on the barrel, and being plastic, has a good grip on the material of the barrel. It has no heavy metal components to throw the whole pen off balance. The nib is a fine-medium, somewhat toothy but I found it wrote well out of the box and did not need any polishing. The length is 5.25 inches capped, 6.5 inches posted, and about 5 inches unposted. The filling mechanism is a standard international cartridge converter system. Note the number of threads securing the section to the barrel. The filling mechanism was nothing much to note, as the pen has a standard no. 6 nib (I think) and plastic feed, with a nipple that accepts a standard international cartridge or converter. The manufacturer provided two long intl. cartridges of blue ink, and a basic slide-plunger converter. After trying the generic ink and finding it a bit washed out, I filled the converter with Chesterfield Zircon and got better results. The nib would be easy to upgrade but is good enough that I will probably continue writing with it for the foreseeable future. The number of threads connecting the section to the barrel invites eyedropper filling, but I'm not sure that the barrel would be insulated enough to keep ink from expanding and burping out the feed. The feed has not yet given me hard-start issues, such as I have had with other no. 6 nibs. The imprint and detail of the finish gives some idea of the material texture of this pen. It isn't hard rubber or acrylic but the plastic used feels fairly good despite its light weight. I would compare it to the Nemosine Singularity or the FPR Indus in terms of the feel of the material. In conclusion: a very distinctive workhorse pen for the price, which I intend to keep in regular rotation.
  4. I ordered a Ledos Glare Diplomate, which was advertised as a cheap Flex Pen on Amazon, but the pen itself and the pouch was engraved with "Click". Is this a Click pen? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ I also have a review with the writing sample on my blog: https://fountainpensandstationery.home.blog/2019/01/25/ledos-glare-diplomate/
  5. I've been looking for ballpoint refill alternatives for cross click. Is there any refill made by any other brand that fits cross click without any modifications or spacers?
  6. I like piston-fillers. I like greens. I enjoy experimenting. When I saw cheap green piston-filler on eBay, I didn’t hesitate. I pulled the trigger and g got one of indian Click fountain pens. On photos it looked decently. In person it looks worse than that. Some of indian producers look for inspiration in Europe. When you take a look at Click glare you won’t have to think hard to guess what pen inspired it. Click Glare is a Pelikan wannabe. In this case good intentions aren’t enough. Impressions Green transparent body doesn’t look bad. This particular shade of green looks well to my eyes. While I’m not really golden trim enthusiast, I think this combination works well. Golden plating is average. Basically the pen could be considered as shapely if only the clip would look better and – most of all – if this hideous CLICK font wasn’t on the barrel. Yes, I know, branding matters but please, have some mercy. This looks really bad. Construction Click Glare is decently made pen. Plastic barrel is pleasant to touch and feels solid. Piston-filling mechanism works smoothly. The clip is rigid but as I don’t use clip at all it bears no importance to me. Nib This nib writes very well. It’s smooth and gives little feedback. I would describe it as european fine. From what I\ve heard quality control may be an issue in this pens but it seems I was lucky. Filling System Piston-filling mechanism works well. Summary I bought this pen out of curiosity. It’s not bad pen, especially for those who consider getting their first piston-filling pen. Sure, you may look for vintage Reform, Senator, Tropen or Geha pens and they’ll be much better but, probably, more expensive. Given that this pen can be bought for approximately 10 $ (shipment included – if you’re lucky) it’s fairly good deal. It will never shine in the collection but can be considered as aesthetically challenged work-horse pen.
  7. As I am looking at what Unique Pen - who uses the Click brand name - has to offer now, I noticed their website to be offline, I hope they are not in trouble: http://www.uniquepen.in/ That said, currently I have a Click Bamboo Ebonite with blue-and-black ripple ebonite barrel, and with the same black cap shared with other Bamboo models. Now I have noticed that this model has been revised with green- or brown-and-black ripple for both cap and barrel, and also a new model called Century; they both seem quite decent too.
  8. I got my Click Neo Tulip last week, and filled it about halfway with Private Reserve Spearmint. I haven't been using it a lot--I have four other pens inked--but every time I use it it seems emptier. I cleaned a lot of ink out of the cap on Friday, and today when I opened it ink poured out of the cap. The ink cavity seems totally empty, but it looks like there's some ink behind the piston. And when I hold the pen upside down ink drips straight out. I guess I'm going to try to disassemble it as far as I can, and clean it out, but does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix it?
  9. atc729

    Cross Click Ink Leak!

    Hey everyone. I have a Cross click and recently put a new refill in it. I used to always keep it in my shirt pocket and never had any problems with it leaking. I put a new refill in it aoubt 2 days ago and now when I pull it out, there is ink all around the tip and when I first write, I get a glob of ink on the paper. I pulled it out of my pocket just now and the tip was black because there was so much ink. It made the pen a mess! (sorry no pictures, I cleaned it up before I thought to post on here). Do any of you have any idea what might be causing this and why this refill seems to be so much differently behaved than the refill that came in the pen?

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