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  1. The other brand sections have this kind of thread, and I couldn't believe we don't have one for Parker. So here we go. What Parkers have you added to your collection lately? We have 100 years worth of pens with the Parker name, and some of us are addicted to gathering them up. I have a number of items on order, both vintage and modern, and I will mention those as they arrive over the next few weeks. But to get us started, here's the ebay photo of a P45 I just scored: Burgundy Parker 45, 14k Medium - described as NOS. In fact, that's how I found it. I was searching for gold P45 nibs. I had to grab this one because: 1. I don't have this color yet. (I am hoping it's not the same color as my red one.) 2. A gold Medium nib is my P45 sweet spot. (I do have a 14k broad nib unit on the way, too, to upgrade one of my two steel Fines.) 3. That squeeze converter alone could cost half of what I just paid for this pen, and I only have one of those. My other P45s use carts or one of the modern twist converters. So, now it's your turn. Let's keep this one going, shall we?
  2. Shyahi

    Parker's pathetic state in India

    Off late parker has been having quality control issues. Some in our local groups have had issues with parker fountain pen inks claiming Brill to be far better than Parker in terms of ink bottles. The gell refill breaking off halfway So it all starts with me buying their Parker Jotter in my favourite orange colour with a separate Parker Quink Black Refill The moment I start writing it starts to go thin and thick with no consistency at all so with this i complaint to the Parker India distributor Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt Ltd over their email on 7Feb 23 With no response over email i approach them on social media reminding them since 2 weeks my complaint is lying dormant in your inbox what have you done? They reply on 21Feb 23 "We are in receipt of the detail complaint from you. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and delayed reply from our end. We would like to thank you for your valuable feedback about the Parker Pens it helps us to improve the product quality and services to the customers. Kindly arrange to share your postal address we will arrange a reverse pick up for your defective writing instrument for repair/ replacement purpose for your continuous pleasure of writing with Parker Pens. Ensuring you best of our services at all times." Then i reply my details next day and since then they start ignoring. Then I approach consumer forum on 2 March 23 seeing this they reply the replacement refill will be dispatched in todays mail. On 13March 23 today i got a parcel just having 2 parker quink Blue refills not even an apology letter. When i checked the tracking number on the parcel it shows parcel booked on 10th March 23.Which shows they literally lied on 02 March 23. Now my complaint was for Parker quink black but the kind folks at Luxor sent me Blue which is not my issue and i wont accept this. When i contact Waterman they don't reply. -Why are customers treated differently based on the geographical locations when brands are taking the major share from the sale then aren't they equally or more responsible as is the distributor who takes some commission -The brands that never take responsibility passing on the blame on distributor isn't ethical. When it's registered under your brand and you are taking major profits then where are you when there's an issue of quality arises? ---- Update ---- Instead of asking 2 weeks time and sending black they send whatever they feel like and later when asked about they say We would like to confirm you that we were not having the Parker Ball Pen refill in packing for black colour, that is the reason dispatch team dispatched you blue Packed refill to you, if you allow we will dispatch you Black Ball Pen refill in loose packing Pls confirm ,we will dispatch the refill in today’s dispatch .
  3. From the album: Mercian’s pens

    L-R: 2004 Parker Jotter made in UK: 2019 Parker Vector made in India by Luxor; 1970s Parker 45 made in England; 1979 Parker 25 made in England 2015; Parker Frontier made in India by Luxor; 2015 Parker Urban made in France. The converter that is above all the pens in the photo is of the type that came with the original 45 - and you need to know that it will fit in to ONLY the 45! It is too girthy/‘fat’ to fit in to any of these other pens, or any Parker pens that were designed after 1980.

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  4. MoonJuice777

    Which Pen to Get

    I’m relatively new to fountain pens, so my budget isn’t that big yet. That being said, I have bought a Waterman Allure, Lamy Safari and Wordsworth and Black Primori. They’re all very nice to use, smooth ink flow, not much scratch etc., but I’m looking to expand my collection. The pens I’m considering right now are the Parker Jotter, Vector and Urban, as they’re all quite cheap and in my price range. What are your opinions on these pens? Which one should I get? (For reference, my budget is around $50 AUD)
  5. While searching through my father's old stationary box I found 3 parker ballpoint pens and while all of them look like jotters, they have some interesting deifferences. The first one is all metal, with a medium refill, made in France and does'nt have the logo on the push button, the second one is half plastic-half metal with a medium refill and made in the USA and has the arrow logo on the push button. The third one is all metal, is slimmer than the other 2, has a fine refill, is made in the UK and has the P logo on the push button. All of them come from the same 3-pen case. Any ideas about these models?
  6. Hi all, after I posted only yesterday about how I use my Parker Jotter pencil as an ‘out of office’/‘site visit’ tool because it is robust, it has today developed a problem. It is ‘jammed’ The lead that is currently in its mouth/tip/jaws has worn down. No surprises there. The surprise/problem is that, while there are several new/spare leads inside the pencil’s body, no more lead is coming out of the pencil. I have pressed the button on top of the pencil a huge number of times, holding its mouth/tip/jaws downwards, but no new lead is feeding through its actuator mechanism The actuator mechanism is making the same sound that it always has done, so I don’t think that the mechanism has broken. Having had no success using the conventional means of feeding the next lead, I removed them all except for one and repeatedly pushed the pencil’s actuator button again. That didn’t work either. I then tried to feed a new lead in to the mouth/tip/jaws directly (i.e. backwards, from the outside towards the inside) but have not been able to push the remnants of the previous lead back up in to the body of the pencil. Although I am male, I even resorted to digging out the instruction leaflet that came with the pencil and actually read it The leaflet only shows how to load new leads in to the top of the pencil. I do not have any pins or needles that are fine enough that I could push them up through the pencil’s mouth/tip/jaws to force the old lead out. So, do any of you out in FPN-land have any suggestions for how I can get the next lead to feed in to the pencil? If so, my thanks in advance for your answers. Cheers, M.
  7. I just got hold of a couple of NOS Parker 15 pens from the Newhaven-era. One is a Matte Black GT and the other a Energy Yellow Demostrator. I want to create a frankenpen out of the two by using the clear section of the Demo on the Matte Black cap and barrel, but I want the gold nib on this clear section. Anyone knows how to safely remove the nibs out of these pens? Thanks beforehand!
  8. I just bought this 1985 vintage UK-made Parker Jotter ballpoint. I bought it on a whim just because I happen to really like its color. But the minute I arrived home, I noticed that the clip has an unusual feature that so far I haven't seen on any other pen: the clip arrow has no feather up top! Anyone has a pen like this? Has any one seen one before? Really intrigued as to why it is missing such a feature.
  9. Hey! I was tinkering today with a couple of 15's to figure out what the issue is with the loose cap they seem to be known for. As I was screwing the thing, I noticed that if I didn't screw the section all the way into the barrel the cap would snap nicely. This is a pen for which I tried the hot water trick (filling the cap 2 or 3 times with boiling water and leaving for 30 seconds to nudge the inner cap's plastic back into shape). While that helped quite a bit, it was still too loose to trust that if I clip the pen it won't fall off. So I took a piece of 22 ga silver wire (22 Gauge, 1/10 sterling silver filled wire purchased from Amazon, to be exact) and made me a spacer ring. The cap snaps nicely in place and it looks well enough not to be a noticeable hack. Have fun... alex
  10. Mob Mentality

    First Year Jotter Mystery

    Hello all, I recently got a first year Parker Jotter in grey. I've noticed that this pen seems to only work with Parker branded refills. I have tried other refills such as the Schmidt Easy Flow and it seems when I click the pen it sort of gets stuck in the out position. This doesn't happen at all with Parker branded refills even after clicking the pen 20-30 times in a row. I was wondering if others has experienced this phenomenon. Also I was wondering which refills have worked well in first year jotters besides Parker Branded refills. Thanks
  11. I recently got an email from Jetpens announcing the reintroduction of the Vector line, now manufactured in France and while browsing Parker's website, I saw a banner listing a new Jotter FP being launched! Is this the beginning of something?
  12. I use a fountain pen for pretty much all the hand writing I do. The only exception is when I go in the lab. In that situation I usually carry a Parker Jotter Flighter with a Fisher Space Pen refill inside. One thing that as annoyed me ever since I started using that combo to remplace the Space Zebra (see https://penthusiast.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/the-space-zebra-f-7401/) I lost and was to lazy to make another copy of is that the tip of the Space Pen insert wiggles around when I write because the Space Pen refill has a slightly smaller diameter at the tip than the standard Quink refill. This has been a problem with multiple different Flighter Jotters. This makes writing with this ballpoint much more annoying than it should be, so I was wondering if anybody had come up with a practical solution to that problem (I've thought of putting a bit of tape around the end to make it bigger, but it seems like it will create other inconveniences as byproducts). Thank you all very much in advance, 3nding
  13. I have a nice little Parker Jotter fountain pen that works nicely, but I just don't use it anymore. So instead of having it collect dust in my drawer, I decided to PIF it away to somebody who wants to use it. After all, it's christmas and why not bring a smile to someone who would like it. I will ship it anywhere, but ask the recipient to cover the shipping cost if it's too expensive. If you are interested, please write a few words about yourself (nothing uncomfortable, though) and what you will use the pen for. That's all! The winner will be selected this weekend, so it's gonna be a true christmas present. (Although it might take a few weeks to actually ship.) If I can find a Parker cartridge, I will ship that together with the pen.
  14. Hello to everyone. Could this Parker mechanical pencil on the photos be a Parker 45 or what could the number 45 indicate? Or yes it could be fourth quarter of any years ending with 5 before 1980, but it says Made in UK, so it must be from after 1987. Also, there is a little "Y" above Made in UK, don't know why (not directly above it, a "line" further). For some reason there is no Parker logo on the top, I hope that doesn't mean it's fake. Also, might be not best seen on the photo, but the number 45 is like outlines only. It has the original Parker logo before Made in UK, not the around 1998 one (P ending in arrow) but the arrow and elipse. I searched for Parker 45 pencil on Google image search, but it shows pencils with bigger metal bottoms at the lead part than mine has. In fact mine has the exact same little metal ending that most of the Jotter PENS have, then continuing in a little metal pipe for the lead. The whole upper part moves up and down when clicking it. So, considering all of these, do you have any ideas about it? Thank you in advance. (Note: I also found an other one, on which there is a Q.I, meaning being made in 2000 and you have to press the "cap" only).
  15. KylePiira

    Is This A Fake Parker Jotter?

    I've just purchased this Parker Jotter from Amazon and I'm a bit suspicious because none of my other Jotters have markings like this one on the arrow bit. In the picture I've attached the pen on the left is the one I've purchased, and the one on the right is a Parker Jotter that I've owned for a few months.
  16. Hi Everyone. I condensed a video from my You Tube channel in hopes you would find it interesting. The original video was created to be a relaxation video so hence the soft talking. This from the video's description: This is a condensed version of a much longer video from my You Tube channel featuring the two Parker Jotters that were created by my grandfather, who worked as a tool and die maker at Parker Pen in Janesville Wisconsin from the early 1920s to his retirement in the 60s. The projects he worked on were for research and development and for that reason his work area was restricted to only those involved. He envisioned and fabricated these pens himself, as prototypes for a revolutionary design of the Parker Jotter ballpoint pen. I'm not exactly sure what year this occurred but I my guess would be 1953 -1956. Based on conversations with family members, it is my firm belief that these are the only two Jotters ever produced with the unique triangular barrel. Although Parker Pen decided not put into production such a radical design of a Jotter, these two prototype pens ended up being his voice when he developed throat cancer after his retirement and had to have a Laryngectomy. After the surgery, writing was how he communicated and these Jotters were with him at all times for the last dozen or so years of his life. I hope you enjoy "seeing" my grandfather's voice. Fans of my ASMR videos have already enjoyed the longer version of this video, but I posted this condensed version for the benefit of pen enthusiast that perhaps wouldn't want to view a 25 minute ASMR video. As a pen guy, I felt these pens would be of interest to fans of the Parker Jotter ball pens and perhaps to pen fans in general. As a private person, I'll apologize now that I will not be able to identify my grandfather or answer any questions beyond what is portrayed in the video. Thanks for understanding. I would however welcome any additional information concerning the material of the barrels. And, if I've been wrong in my assertions, please feel free to let me know. https://youtu.be/l-CWpu8k990
  17. Here's a couple of images of the 'Jotter' with some close ups of the new features. The barrel is all metal, and the 'feather' detail on the clip is the new design. The refill is QuinkFlow, but with a modification to the top edge of the blue rotator part. This Jotter is in 'Kensington red' which is part of the new range of colours, shown on the Parker website. This one has the cap stamped with 'France IIIY' and total weight is 15gms.
  18. unigami

    Jotter Cap Repair

    Is it possible to remove and replace the brass threads and spring/plunger mechanism from vintage Jotters?
  19. mislav

    Parker Jotter Spring

    At local fairs I always buy Parker Jotter pens if I find them for $1 or less. They are all used and often had refills made by third part companies. What I noticed they also have different springs. Researching on internet I found that Parker today use type of spring as one on the photo. Most of my Jotter pens have it, but some have totally different shapes of springs. Can someone who has old original Jotter springs put here photos of them? Did Parker used always same shape of spring or it was changed during the time? Thank you!
  20. Just bought this on the eBay and it appears to be a larger Jotter. I can't find much info on these other than in the Wikipedia article on Jotters. Anyone have any info?
  21. coyot51

    Jotter Identification, Please!

    Hi, there. Jotter fan here. Please, may you help me indentifying those 3 ones? Like name of the edition, the year(s) and maybe price if I want to buy/sell it on eBay Should be very nice of you, fellaz. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Twgug_wJFVbmdnWUlsWnkyVFU/edit?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Twgug_wJFVT0RjWWR2U055VkE/edit?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Twgug_wJFVYWRVd3ZkeHkxejQ/edit?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Twgug_wJFVQlJRcnFyZkx3bTg/edit?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Twgug_wJFVdkFXc2lQRGRRXzA/edit?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Twgug_wJFVdmdYYk9DOVpwY28/edit?usp=sharing Thank you very much for your help!
  22. Hello! Please, I need your expertise to identify those 2 patterns. Need name of the edition (or pattern), maybe year and estimated price of sale (I may sell on eBay, not here). Thanks you very much for your concern (and sorry for my bad English).
  23. My understanding was that the barrel diameter for jotters was made smaller sometime between 1958 and 1973 - which is why the original jotter refill won't fit into later jotters. I have a pre '73 jotter whose barrel is too narrow to take the original refill. But I just noticed that the Royal wedding jotters, from 1981 because it says so on the barrel, can take the original refill - they have bigger diameter barrels. Did Parker keep changing barrel sizes?
  24. rpparker

    Need Help Identifying This Pen

    My first post here. I have a parker jotter, presumably Imperial. It has 1. Millerias-like lined pattern 2. Brass threads 3. Wider barrel that takes the original T-ball jotter 4. Cap Band has "Parker" and Made in USA" 5. Parker logo above the cap band in the lined aread of the cap It is gold plated (I'm assuming it's plated, not filled, because there's no GF inscription) but it looks more like rose gold, not yellow - even the threads on the barrel look more like bronze than brass. I'll appreciate any help in identifying this pen.
  25. Hi all, I am hoping you can help me out. I am looking for a fine point (0.5mm) point blue gel/rollerball refill that will fit in a Parker Jotter. So far, I can only find black Parker fine point and they generally have poor reviews (short lasting). Any suggestions? It would be nice if it didn't cost as much as a whole new Jotter pen... Thanks.

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