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  1. Long time ago I got this Soennecken fountain pen from my father. I am not shure if the pen was from my father or grandfather. I assume the pen is made in the period 1950 - 1960. Does anybody know this pen and what the value might be?
  2. strelnikoff

    Need Help To Identify This Model

    Hello Wahl Eversharp experts! I have acquired one vintage Wahl Eversharp pen, and hadn't had a chance to ask seller which model is this (see photos). It is probably 1930's or 1940's... maybe even later. I've tried to find some information online with no luck so far. I have another older pen, from 1910 or 1912, but it was easy to identify Tempoint pen with Penrite visible on the cap. But this one - except it is obviously a Gold Seal - no clue which model it is. So - if anyone recognizes it - by all means please share the info. Thanks!
  3. Thy

    Nib Identification?

    Hello! I was scouring the internet today, until I happen upon this pen; I have absolutely no idea what it is. I know it's a Sheaffer, but I have never seen this type of nib. Does anyone else know?
  4. TonyFycus

    What Is My Pen?

    Hello! I don't know what this fountain pen is. Could I please get some help? I don't expect it to be something special. My friend just found this and it says on the nib "IRIDIUM POINT". Thanks in advance! http://imgur.com/60PzwEX http://imgur.com/xuNB9RC
  5. Long time ago I've got a fountain pen from my grandfather. I think it is from after the second world war. The nib is from Bock. Does anybody know who the vendor is of this pen and what the value might be?
  6. Heres an interesting little thing which I snagged on eBay, a Brevetto 599/600, possibly an OMAS pen although I cant be sure. Perhaps it looks familiar? I doubt its a coincidence, whomever designed it seems to have drawn their inspiration from the iconic Parker 51, if it were an OMAS, it wouldnt be the first time theyve looked to a Parker pen for inspiration. There are subtle differences, such as the extent to which the feed protrudes beneath the nib, and less subtle ones, such as the section of transparent bands in the hood. Another notable difference is that the clutch ring has been reduced
  7. Hello! This is my first post so I figured it might as well be a cry for help. I picked this up at the flea market and have been fixing it up. I can't figure out what it is, though. Any help identifying this pen would be greatly appreciated! The clip is missing and the nib is unbranded. The only marking is an A on the spoon lever... All I can figure is the era, late 20's early 30's... The nib it came with was missing the tipping material so I've swapped in a flexible Wahl nib for the time being (fun). Thanks for the help! Daniel
  8. NGiducos

    Possible Parker 51 With Franken Body

    So i bought this parker (and a pilot short pen 2) on a whim because it was so inexpensive about $17 for the both of them. Now when i got the pen i was puzzled with the parker because in the cap it stated that it was a parker 21 but when i unscrewed the body i was shocked to see that it came with the standard 51 aerometric sac. The body didnt have any indication that it was a 51... I havent been able to take it apart since i left it at my dorm and im currently out of town, can anyone help me identify it?
  9. Forrester

    Nib Identification

    Hi everyone! I have a nib unit that I found in a box of random bits and pieces. Other parts in the box were from Pelikan pens. I'm wondering if this nib unit is also Pelikan and if so, from what era or what pen would it be part of? Any information on identifying this nib might let me get it into a pen! I don't own any Pelikans yet so I am unfamiliar with them. Thank you everyone!
  10. Hello I bought a group of vintage pens few days ago from an antique shop, one of them is unknown to me, it's heavy ballpoint pen, when I removed the body to see what inside, I found this...!!?
  11. When I read "Jean Pierre"I thought Lepin! But that is not the case... Is something decent, just o generic Chinese, or an imitation ? what do you think? http://i.imgur.com/T8NscRs.jpg http://i.imgur.com/aBl6dL5.jpg http://i.imgur.com/dEBS6md.jpg http://i.imgur.com/VSy2Kj5.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xNJarEp.jpg http://i.imgur.com/CiGLQbf.jpg For a fraction of a second i "saw" a Hilbert curve too... but this is not a mental health forum..
  12. antichresis

    Should I Get This..thing?

    I found something in China. It may be trying to replicate what we use a brass sheet for, but the instructions are in Chinese and my HS Chinese is failing me. Pics:
  13. JC.Oxford

    Recognising A Gift

    I was discussing pens with a fellow pen collector and I was handed these two Mont Blanc ballpoints as a gift, because he doesn't collect ball points. But I have no knowledge of Mont Blanc's and I know there's tons of fakes in circulation. So what do you amazing people think?
  14. Hey everyone, I have really enjoyed perusing the forums on here for the past year or so. I finally have a -hopefully- interesting question or topic. Bought this pen off of ebay & cannot find any information about it. The seller described it as "...a LE set made for Fahrney's Pen shop. Listed here is the Proto-type set in beautiful swirl acrylic. Fountain pen has a wonderful 18k medium nib with ebonite feed. Each pen will come in an OMAS pen sleeve and you will receive an OMAS 90th anniversary journal." It seems at least real- everything else is a mystery to me . I'm just hoping its a p
  15. Hi, just rediscovering fountain pens - after 10 years not writing with them (but used them all through school) - I came across this pen - can anyone tell me what it is? it has a brushed steel body, gold tone clip, and gold tone nib with "M" with scrolling ornamentation either side of it:
  16. I got into the pen habit a few years ago, buying my first one off of eBay for around $15. I'd really like to know more about it, although I've hit a lot of dead ends in my searches. I'll include some pictures, hopefully someone else knows a little more than I. What I know about it: It's Pilot, with a fine 14k gold nib. It's possibly from the mid 60's though I'm not sure. I can't locate a manufacturing date on either the tail or nib. Also, it looks like it takes a Con-W converter. Thank you!
  17. Someone lended me a thin Pilot cartridge/converter pen for today. It's thin (exactly 10mm at the thickest point of the barrel) and short (~123.5 mm long, or 5.15 inches long). I can't find anything like it online, even when I search "pilot fountain pen white" on Google Images. I included some pictures too. I know this isn't the repair section, but for some reason the pen writes very dry and is quite scratchy. I included a picture of the nib where the tines seem to be misaligned. I'm using Noodler's X-Feather with this pen if it matters. My friend doesn't know what kind of pen it is either. H
  18. Hello everyone I always used fountain pens mostly for sketching or take quick notes from my classes. But I never took it as something serious (I mean, smoothness, tip of the nib, etc...) I´m an architect, who, since a long time, admires a spanish architect called Enric Miralles. I don´t want to bore you, but since I saw that he use FP´s, I started writing almost everyday with them. In fact , I think I started to collect them , having about 15 pens. This collection starts, trying to figuring out what pen did he use. It's funny how an image, can make you start collecting something. But , fri
  19. This pen is coming up at the local auctions, and is listed in the catalogue as a "Dash Pen 14 Carat Nib", but I can't find anything about it. Might anyone be able to tell me what it is? http://www.scammellauctions.com.au/catalogue/shop_image/product/199/1e43fac74f16c8abf0b4d6e4270f1090.jpg
  20. Sailor Kenshin

    What Have I Got? How Do I Fix?

    What do I have here? And how do I fix them? The one in the middle is what I bought for its conical nib. It's a lever-filler and appears to be a wonderfully smooth Medium or perhaps even Broad, but the gold part of the cone has had all the lettering worn off. The seller threw in this pen on the left, which he thought was a Sheaffer, but I can now see is a Frankenpen. The body is Sheaffer's, but the section is loose and seems to be a clear amber color. There's an ossified sac in there, and the nib reads Southern Pen Company, and below that is an 'A' inside a diamond, bracketed by the l
  21. Nillermon

    Wat Sheaffer Pen Is Theis?

    I got this old Sheaffer from my mom. I cant find this pen anywhere om the webs. It is gold plated, the lower part is gold plated silver and top is gold plated brass. The ring says: SHEAFFER "Crown" U.S.A. D.L. My mom got about 40 years ago.
  22. Hello, Can anyone help in identifying the following pens? http://i58.tinypic.com/20kvcl3.jpg http://i57.tinypic.com/261hjyp.jpg http://i57.tinypic.com/j67joo.jpg Best regards.
  23. Matt Cleverdon

    Unknown Senator Pens

    Ok, so I'm not going to the effort of typing this whole thing twice (my page closed on me), so I'll be brief. I've been using this Senator pen for a while now and I've come to really appreciate it, however, no matter how extensive my searching, I cannot find information on the pen. I've found pens similar to my one, from Senator, however there are still distinctive differences so I've ruled them out. The pen is good for a lefty (I am one of those) as the nib is fine, or even extra-fine (brass?), meaning it's very conservative and I don't get any smudging, however it can be kind of scratch
  24. Hi, I posted this on the general forum and was advised to go local! It's probably quite a lost hope but I was hoping some kind folk might help me to identify a lovely celluloid fountain pen I bought recently very cheaply. I suspect it's just a 'junk' pen but it's very attractive and blessed with a 14k warranted nib no. 6 which writes like a dream with flex xf - bb. It has no identifying marks at all except on the clip which offers me "pat no. 83573", which I suspect refers only to the clip type. It's a shortie at only 4.5" capped but it's such a sweetie it would be lovely to put a name to it
  25. Can someone help me to identify the fountain pen in the photo? The hands are from Edmund Husserl, the founder of Phenomenology. I don't know exactly the year of the photo, but it could be from 1920 - 1938 (the year of his death). The friend who posted it in Facebook works in the Husserl Archives (Leuven), and says it is a pen with an ink reservoir (not a dip pen). Curiously, he appears to be using it with the nib upside down, surely to get a finer stroke.

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