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Found 20 results

  1. white_lotus

    Parker 21 Aerometric Filler Removal

    I'm sorry if this is a common almost silly question. I used the google search and found lots of entries about removing the nibs on a Parker 21, some things on disassembly of of the actual aerometric filling mechanism. Question #1: But I didn't see anything on the removal of the filling mechanism from the body of the pen. In looking around at pictures, I think it is threaded, so should unscrew. Is this correct? Question #2: Also, again just to make sure, does it follow the "lefty loosy" rule? If if the nib points to my left, and the top of the pen to my right, I'd turn the filling mechanism
  2. cabbie

    Parker 21 Sac Replacement

    I recently acquired a Parker 21 that is missing its sac. The metal aerometric shell is in place, just no sac. I would like to replace it myself but can't find any info here or on YouTube about putting in a replacement sac for a Parker 21. My experience level-I have extensive knowledge of 45s but little on older pens with sacs. I have replaced the cracked hood on another 21 I bought. I have watched Danny Fudge replace several sacs on Esterbrook Js. My questions: 1) Are there any videos or guides for replacing the sac on a Parker 21? 2) Will I need to remove the hood to remove the aeromet
  3. NGiducos

    Possible Parker 51 With Franken Body

    So i bought this parker (and a pilot short pen 2) on a whim because it was so inexpensive about $17 for the both of them. Now when i got the pen i was puzzled with the parker because in the cap it stated that it was a parker 21 but when i unscrewed the body i was shocked to see that it came with the standard 51 aerometric sac. The body didnt have any indication that it was a 51... I havent been able to take it apart since i left it at my dorm and im currently out of town, can anyone help me identify it?
  4. smithno

    What Inks For Parker 51/21?

    What inks do you use in your Parker 51 or 21? I recently had my P51 re-sac'ed and they recommended Parker, Waterman, and Sheaffer inks only. I agree these are appropriate. But what about Pelikan or Lamy or Noodler's inks? What do inks do you guys use?
  5. Titomake

    Inherited Parker 21

    Hello everyone, This is the pen I'm using today. It's a very special pen for me, because it belonged to my grandfather. It has an aerometric filler system and works perfectly. The only shortcoming is that the iridium point is extremely worn out. The consequences of many years of handwriting. Here you have some pics. http://fotos.miarroba.es/fo/b29c/1F5969DBCB2758EBFE7D3258EBFD17.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.es/fo/ddfd/1C5969DBFE2E58EBFEB12658EBFD4A.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.es/fo/be59/215969DC272258EBFEDB2B58EBFD73.jpg A close up of the iri
  6. cherylmarie

    Parker 21 With Corporate Logo?

    I recently bought a lot of pens on ebay that includes a nice never-inked Parker 21 pen/pencil set. What I find unusual is that the clip has a big (1/2 inch diameter), round logo where the feathers should be. The clip does end in an arrow point. The emblem is marked "birks ster" on the reverse side. I've seen many Cross pens with an emblem on the clip, but this is the only time I've seen it on a Parker. I browsed ebay and can't find any P21's with an emblem. It looks authentic otherwise. Is this unusual? I'm not a big Parker person, but my google skills are usually good, and I can't find
  7. beardedpens

    Parker 21 - Pen Cap Question - Repair

    Hello, I am new to the forum, and am hoping this is the right section to post this in. I found this Parker 21 for $40.00 at a local antique shop. I noticed that the pen cap can rotate around the metal band of the mid section freely. The cap stays on securely, but this rotating situation makes the over all feel of the pen... I hate to say it...cheap? Otherwise I love this pen dearly. Is the cap suppose to do this? I let it soak for a few days in water, and a bit soap. This has gotten the pen to a poor working condition. I still can't remove the filler from the rest of the body to gain
  8. Caeruleum

    Pen Similar To Parker 51 Or 21?

    Hello, I'm relatively new to fountain pens, I've used Lamy Safaris for years when I was in school, but didn't know that much about fountain pens. Recently I've become more interested in them. Several months ago I was gifted a Waterman Hemisphere and am quite happy with it. Of course it's not the best Pen out there and it's somewhat small for me. Enough introduction for now. I like the design of Parker 51, 21 and those pens which look very similar. The hooded nib, the relatively unpretentious design. I would like to get a similar pen. It doesn't need to have a gold nib, actually a steel nib
  9. teryg93

    Box Labeled Parker 51 -- Super 21

    I've seen a couple of pens on ebay in a box labeled "Parker "51" -- Super "21". They're advertised as 21s. Does anyone know if that's what's likely to be in the box? Thanks!
  10. I have just found my grandfather's blue Parker 21 with its "domed" (?) chrome cap and concave (trough) clip. His first initials and last name are engraved in this pen, and I remember this and/or a similar fountain pen always being clipped in his left shirt pocket. Grandpa was one of the very finest men I ever knew, a true gentleman. When I found this pen while going through a box that had been stored since his death, I found a wonderful treasure. The lagniappe is that it's been at least 4 decades since its last use, and with only a dip in a glass of warm water and a squeeze of the aerometric f
  11. Mob Mentality

    Parker 51?

    Hello all. I recently purchased what I thought to be a NOS Parker 21 on eBay for $20. After receiving it I believe that it may be an areometric Parker 51 demi. The pen came with a Parker 21 cap and a barrel that seems a bit to big for the pen. The picture below shows a Parker 51 at the bottom, a Parker 21 Mark II in the middle, and the pen in question at the top. As a side note the barrel that came with the pen does not fit on the Parker 21 Mark II. It it definitely smaller than both the full sized Parker 51 and the Parker 21 and has the same clutch ring as the Parker 51. On the filler it is j
  12. jody_fpn

    Will Not Write - Parker 21

    Greeting y'all. I purchased a Parker 21 yesterday - and I cannot get it to write. If I write R--E--A--L--L--Y slow, a faint line goes down. If I lightly tap the point on paper, puddles of ink slop onto the paper. The pen looks pretty much like new - but does not write. I am thinking to let the ink set in the pen, and maybe the ink will start dissolving blockage. Is this likely to work? What should be my next step? Thanks - Jody
  13. johnsi02

    Dried Ink In A Parker 21

    A friend of mine gave me her Parker 21 to try and revive. Someone else gave it to her, all clogged up, and she thinks that person might have used india ink in it. However, I started soaking it first in water (because I have some, and I don't have any pen cleaner), and there is black ink coming out. I am thinking that indicates it is Not india ink, but rather something more conventional, as I wouldn't think water would affect dried india ink. Is that correct? Second question about this. The feed is currently so clogged that it is impossible to draw water up into the sac, which is happily in goo
  14. Hi guys, I have a Parker 21 I want to replace the sac in and have some questions. First off is which sac? My searching online has yeilded only results suggesting that sac replacement might be similar the aerometric Parker 51. However when ever such a thing is referenced there is always mention of a pliglass sac which, clearly, my pen does not have. As might be visible in the picture the filler is a three push aerometric with a, broken, latex(?) sac. Secondly there is the issue of removing the sac guard where I can't seem to find consistent information. From what I have gathered, it
  15. mqasim13

    Need Info On Parker 21 Desk Set

    So I found this parker 21 desk set at an antique shop, and picked it up for $12. It had a lot of dried up blue ink (guessing it's parker superchrome) which I have been cleaning. I am wondering if there is any information about the desk set itself. The lady at the antique store dated it back to the 1940s which seems plausible. The rotary drum clock has a us patent no of 2335863. After looking that up it shows that the clock was invented by Edward Kottle in 1943, but there is no mention of it being licensed to be used for a desk pen set. If anyone has any information about this please share. An
  16. I'd been cleaning out a Parker 21 Super and noticed the hood started to unscrew. I'm thinking "Oh, I didn't know that". Seeing inky gunk I run some water over the threads. "Let's unscrew it all the way". OK, so it comes off easily. The collector unit with feed and nib seem relatively clean, so I rinse off the rest of any old inky residue from the threads. Of course now when I screw the hood back on, to get it snug up against the clutch ring it turns too far so the hood tip overshoots the nib so they're not aligned. If I leave them aligned, the hood isn't on tight enough to not turn when you
  17. Inga

    Parker Super 21 Disassembly

    I've tried everything from the hairdryer to warm water to get this pen apart, but it still somehow stays together. So, now I'm pretty sure it's NOT shellac holding it together... could it be glue??? If so, how should I proceed?
  18. trdsf

    New (To Me) Parker "21"

    eBay has been kind to me; I picked up a lovely desk set, a Parker Model 110 which came with a Parker "21", thusly: Let me start with these impressions: I really like this desk set. I like the size of it, the weight of it, and the look of it. I like the magnetic holder, the color of the stone, everything -- the camera doesn't pick up the subtle greens and browns in the base. And this is before writing with the pen! I suspect that this piece lived in a smoker's house, because there was a light brown film on both the pen and the base, but it wiped off without having to resort to anythin
  19. Which one of these sets are real and which are counterfeit (or are they all the same)? What are your experiences with them if you have bought them in the past? Anyone here who can read Chinese? What do the packs say on the front?
  20. Hello denizens of Parker-world! I recently developed an acute form of Parker fever and went on a bidding spree on the E-nabler-bay. Rather than blow all my money on a single new (Pilot) pen, I decided to try my hand at buying vintage and fixing up pens myself. No pics yet but here are the 5 pens slowly winging their way to my door: Parker 45 Flighter, Parker 51 x 2, Parker 21 Super x 2, and Parker 21 Non-Super. I'll have to be careful with the 21's since I already cracked the section of my Parker 45, which I only received this month! I plan to carry the 45 and 51's around as part of my fountai

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