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Found 13 results

  1. Hmmm.. so I got my order of the new Hero 616Plus delivered almost for a week and of course instantly I tear off the packaging and get to the pen and was keen on trying to see how it goes, but even a single eyeball give me suspicions .. hard to say but I sense something really different here .. call it a hunch whatever and well ... my engineering spirit just had to prop up .. so out come all the current retro hooded models and my calipar, well even without the calipar I can see something there and some measurements proved that am on the right track . OK let's hack these open then so I gather in the lot Wing Sung 601, Wing Sung 613, Hero 616Plus and a current production Hero 616 ( std / mid / jumbo ) First the barrels, caps, and sections; well look like we should give Hero 616 credit where credits due ( all these models simply show that they were all based on the old 616 in general layout / size / profile ) ... guess what ............ they are all the same bar the finishing and colours, I can use any of the hood on any of the 4 pens without issues , Caps likewise, but well .... barrels ... well actually their external dimension is the same but they have different threading machined / molded .. the 601 of course had its own barrel / ink container, the 616Plus barrel actually now spotted 4 re-enforcement rib inside barrel end and thus will not fit the other models. The current 616 and the 613 barrel interchange but they will not fit the 616Plus having too short a threaded part making them screwed in short Now here's the interesting part , the innards of all 4 pen ( sort of ) From top, Wing Sung 601 , Hero 616 , Wing Sung 613 & finally Hero 616PLus ...................... first thing first notice the different ink collector ; the 601 and 616 use ABS while the 613 use plastic ( polycarbonite likely , transparent clearly for the Demo ), and the 616Plus, well there's no ink collector at all .. Then the nib ... except for the old 616 .. all of them now use the 18.5X3.3mm hooded nib, yes the new 616Plus do not re use the old 616 nib but now use the same as Wing Sung so you are welcomed to put onto it all those nice fat calligraphy options; Now carefully check the ink collector nib end ... all of them had a rounded straight tubular part at this end which usually hold the nib and also engage the hood inside ( which had a like shaped indent to mate to that ) sealing the whole assembly .. this is molded in with the ink collector but its a separate silicone composite part on the new 616PLus. As you can see there is a black part inside the outer transparent coupler part on the 616Plus and this is actually the locking sleeve which also hold the ink nipple for the converter, this is machine push fitted into the transparent coupler and sealed in there is the integral single piece ink collector feed which then are sealed shut barrel end by another piece which sit the ink nipple / converter acceptance part. The mentioned front piece of silicone sealing plug on the front just go onto the feed from the front and can be pulled off, it will snugly fit into the hood / section's inner indent ( and sometime stuck there when that unscrewed ). Except for the 616Plus, all of the ink collector can be simply pulled off from the coupler straight. Which of course give us all the misery of trying to match the nib position to the hood. The 616Plus simply is all fixed and you screw in the hood and it either fit right or its not ( and all 4 fit right ) Guess Hero does not just went out and put C/C onto the 616, they rework the whole mechanism but retain the general profile / size / styling .. not a bad job , and nicely done indeed, and now I am going to figure how I want to put them back together .. you know there's literally loads and loads of color combo to be had , and finally there's one single model I did not put here, the Wing Sung 3006 which, even without a calipar; I can clearly see that its based on a different sized pen ( its size actually the same as the Hero 329-2 )
  2. What is the best way to clean a Hero 616? I would like to clean out the Parker Quink black and re-ink it with Lamy Blue-Black.
  3. In my quest for a Parker "51," I decided to go the budget route and originally bought a Hero 616 and later a Hero 100. Both pens gave me issues with hard starts. I took the Hero 616 cap and filled it with water and immediately saw water dripping out of the cap around the top of the clip. I unscrewed the end and covered the whole area in silicone grease and screwed the finial back on. This made the hard starts on the Hero 616 completely go away. The Hero 100 cap also leaks when I fill it with water, right where the clip enters the cap. The clip on the Hero 100 is hinged, so I didn't think I'd be able to use this same method to get an airtight seal with the cap. Is there a known issue with the Hero 100 having hard starts? Is there another way I can use to get the cap air tight? And the last question... Is the Hero 616 and 100 nib interchangeable? I prefer the nib on the 100, but the hard starts make the pen hard to use. If I could put the 100 nib on the 616, I'd have a more pleasant writing experience with an airtight cap.
  4. Hello guys, I am here to share a problem that has been troubling me from past week. The thing is that small amount of ink is seeping out from the area where the metal ring is there. If I don't use my hero 616 and the 221 for a day, then a small amount of ink leaks. I get ink stains on my fingers when I write with them.The leaking is more in case of the 616, but I want to fix the problem for both of them. Tell me what to do as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
  5. Caeruleum

    Pen Similar To Parker 51 Or 21?

    Hello, I'm relatively new to fountain pens, I've used Lamy Safaris for years when I was in school, but didn't know that much about fountain pens. Recently I've become more interested in them. Several months ago I was gifted a Waterman Hemisphere and am quite happy with it. Of course it's not the best Pen out there and it's somewhat small for me. Enough introduction for now. I like the design of Parker 51, 21 and those pens which look very similar. The hooded nib, the relatively unpretentious design. I would like to get a similar pen. It doesn't need to have a gold nib, actually a steel nib is what I would prefer die to the affordability. Of course you can get vintage Parker pens on eBay but I'm not really experienced with buying vintage pens. I can't assess how well their conditions is. Another option are pens like the Hero 616, which design-wise are copies but many people complain about their quality. Caps that cratch the barrel each time you use the cap, leaking bladders and so on. To get to the point: I' like to have a Pen like the Parker 21. Could you more experienced fountain pen users give me some advice? Is it possible to get a Parker 21 on eBay for a reasonable price? I mean I don't want to pay as much as I would pay for a really decent new pen. Are there copies of the Parker 21 or 51 whose quality is good enough to be used for some time without having ink all over your desk? Or are there maybe other modern pens with a hooded nib (not the Lamy 2000, Vanishing Point or something in this price range)? I'm looking forward for some tips. Thank you!
  6. Hi all. I am wondering if anyone out there knows of a source for Hero 616 nibs or a nib that will fit the 616. I would like to get something other than the fine nib that is on all of these pens. Ideally, I would like to have a medium-fine stub... if I could find one. I have seen a "lot of 5 nibs" listed on Ebay but, of course, they are the standard fine nib. I suppose I could just grind down the standard nib and do without the tipping material but before I do that, I thought it a good idea to toss out the question to this worldwide forum. Thanks, Cliff
  7. Hey All, Could anyone advise on how well the "gold" caped version of the Hero 616 holds up? Particularly, is the cap plated in such a way that it 'rubs-off' over time? I have a Parker IM which lasted about two months before the majority of the gold plate had come off, so even though the Heros are cheap, I'm still feeling cautious. I got some Jumbos the other day and rather like the look of the gold caped ones. Cheers, Rewpert.
  8. Ink Stained Wretch

    Anyone Know Anything About These Two Sellers?

    On Amazon there's a seller called "YIFAN TOYS CO,.LTD" that's selling a 10 pack of Hero 616s for a quite low price. Some commentators say they're selling counterfeits, others say they're selling authentic Hero 616s. There's no feedback rating on Amazon, so all I have to go on are the comments. And then there's "yespen" on E-Bay who's selling 10 packs of Hero 616s for about three times what the guy on Amazon i selling them for. The E-Bay guy has some negative feedback too. I would much prefer to try the lower priced amazon seller, but neither seller is looking great. I'll note for perspective on this that I once bought three Hero 616s from a U.S. vendor for $5 each, and I appear to have gotten three counterfeits there. All three pens leaked and two literally fell apart. Does anyone have any experience with either of these sellers? Yeah, I know, for some folks these are such low prices that it doesn't matter, but for me it matters. Thanks for any information that may help me on this.
  9. Beware fake Hero 616s on auction and sale sites. I bought one for $2.99 and it is clearly a fake. I took comparison pics so you can see the difference between the real deal and the fake. Check out my blog post: http://thefrugalfountainpen.blogspot.com/2015/10/fake-hero-doctor-616s.html
  10. I was combing through Amazon today and saw that they have the Hero 616 10-pack from multiple sellers (Fulfilled by Amazon) for $8.97 shipped with Prime. Here: http://www.amazon.com/pcs-Classic-Fountain-Hero-colors/dp/B00D9FBDQS/ref=sr_1_1?s=office-products&srs=2593469011&ie=UTF8&qid=1439516490&sr=1-1 According to CamelCamelCamel, it's the third lowest price for this item in a year, with the lowest being $7.28 just a few days ago, but with overseas shipping. That's even cheaper than prices on the 'Bay, plus you can bypass the overseas shipping wait. I hope they're not fakes! I'll be getting mine in a couple days, so we'll see. I've been out of the FP loop for a while now, but these bring back great memories and it's always a pleasure when I do ink mine up. Can't wait to have more in my hands! Cheers!
  11. A few days ago I was in the market to buy some new Hero 616s since I was on my last one from many years ago. I ended up finding some through Amazon for $8.97 shipped with Prime - I jumped on it hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. I got them simply because it beats the ship time from overseas for just about the same price... so I got them hoping that they're real, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were not. They came and lo and behold, they are what I suspect to be counterfeit. I brought this up with Amazon and they did right by me. The packaging was unsuspecting enough. I didn't realize they were "different" until I took a closer look. Here are some comparison photos: (the Burgundy ones are the HQ, the green one is Hero) The HQ are just barely slimmer than the Hero. The caps are not interchangeable. Both slip just snugly on their respective bodies. This was the biggest clue. There's even inconsistencies within the package. The sac shield either has ridges like the Hero's or is smooth with or without the "Hong Qiang" embossing. Ink windows are at different positions and slightly slimmer than the Hero's It's hard to make out, but the stamps the same. Both sport the same characters and 616, with the Hero's being more prominent. Some of the stamps on the HQ didn't even make it. Also, the caps on the HQ are smooth while the Hero's have the little stripes. The arrows look the same, though proportionately smaller on the HQ. The clips to clip pretty well though - just enough springiness. The cap dome on the Hero (right) is larger than the HQ (left). The only one that I'd inked up writes well enough though. We'll see how well it holds up. I would like to note here that the Hero shown in the photo was from the "Doctor" line. I'm not sure how those compare to the regular 10-pack Heros... so I'm unsure of how they would compare to this 10-pack. Just sharing this since there seems to be no other info on the Hong Qiang brand.
  12. My preorder finally arrived today, review soon! Has anyone else got their Hero 616 flighter yet? What do you think? I love the looks! http://i773.photobucket.com/albums/yy19/flounder2009/Hero%20616%20Flighter/Hero616Flighter005.jpg Few more photos here
  13. Which one of these sets are real and which are counterfeit (or are they all the same)? What are your experiences with them if you have bought them in the past? Anyone here who can read Chinese? What do the packs say on the front?

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