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Found 17 results

  1. Naqq

    Montblanc 144 genuinity

    Hi everyone, so I ended up purchasing the Montblanc 144 edition on ebay. The pen looks very genuine, writes smoothly (I get a similar feeling to Montblanc 220 when I write with it) and is surprisingly lightweight. I tried putting a magnet near the nib to find out if it reacts but it did not do anything (as golden nibs should). I also used a direct light and the body is slightly translucent (it glows red). But there’s no PIX sign under the clip. And I am still not very experienced to state whether the pen is a fake or not. I’m posting some of the pictures and would be very happy if you helped me. Please note that the pen is very small (only 13 cm) and it is very hard to focus on the details. Also, the pen does not have any serial number, only word „Germany“ engraved on the top ring (I read that MBs from ’80s did not have any serial numbers). Thank you!
  2. I am rather new to FPs and found this sonnet on eBay for a good price, it said 1998 model made in 2000. I expected the Cisele to be deeper and more pronounced, but being an older model maybe not... Any held is greatly appreciated.
  3. aliflee

    Montblanc 149 Real Or Fake

    Hi Guys, Just having a look on eBay, an online retail shop selling the Meisterstuck 149 Red Gold. They have two of these and many other various Montblanc pens, wonder if you could let me know if it is legitimate or not. Here is the link below: http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/381255645201?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 Kind Regards,
  4. Hello guys, ive got this montblanc card holder and i dont know if its authentic. The card holder feels like high quality product, it has hologram tag inside and stitching is almots perfect in my opinion. Unfortunately i dont have a receipt or box. Thanks in advance. Pics below
  5. How confident can you be that the Montblanc's sold on Amazon are "real"? The prices from Amazon sellers are generally less than the same product available from Montblanc boutiques.Why? How?
  6. ThePenCollector1

    Is This A Fake ?

    My cousin purchased this Waterman fountain pen, which from the style looks like a hemisphere. On further inspection, it appears to me to be a really good replica. I've come to this decision as there were a few differences to my hemisphere. I would really like to establish if this is a replica, or an older style of the hemisphere. Muavia
  7. Hello FPN, I have several Japanese Fountain Pens including 2 Sailor Realos, Pilot Custom 74, etc. So I wanted to add a Platinum President since I'm a big fan of the Preppys. I got my pen today and cleaned it thoroughly since it was preowned. When I inked it up, it felt scratchy. I know Japanese pens provide some feedbacks but this was scratchy. Also, the fine was too fine even for a Japanese Medium. I did a bit of research online and found that Presidents have a heart shape breather hole. The pen I got has a round breather hole. Everything else looks fine. The pen has a good build quality that looks too real to be a fake. So I'm posting a few pictures here and hope someone can help me determine if it's authentic. If you need closeup, please let me know. I have some micro-mesh to smooth out the scratchiness if needed but I paid a good amount and hope I didn't get a good replica. Thanks for the help, Ken
  8. ProfessorB

    Real Or Fake?

    Hello MB collectors, I am not very well versed in Monblanc pens. I own a 146 and two 144's, but I have a question about another pen I was about to buy...but it smells funny (not literally. I mean I have an uneducated hunch.) For starters, I have never seen a Starwalker in red, but as I said, I know little about MB's. Is this a real Montblanc? Is it so obviously Fraudulent that you can tell from these pictures? Would love to hear anything anyone can tell me. Many Thanks,Professor B
  9. I found this one for a suspiciously good price... it looks like a Burgundy Cruise Collection but the trim is gold, none of the Cruise Collection have gold trim. And yet... here's what looks like a genuine (but vintage) Montblanc burgundy with gold trim that has a similar shape: http://www.ebay.com/itm/EUC-BOX-Montblanc-Classic-Burgundy-Bordeaux-Gold-Ballpoint-Pen-VINTAGE-RARE-/172121724109 So -- what are your thoughts. Is the 'mystery' pen real or fake?
  10. Hello, My grandfather was a fountain pen person, so there are many fountain pens rolling around in random places in our house (One day, I found a Parker behind a toilet...). Anyway, I found this Montblanc 149 in my grandfather's old room. Is this pen real or fake? When was this pen made? Is that rust in the nib, or is the color supposed to be red? Thank you. William S. Park
  11. Alexcat

    Is This A Montblanc?

    Pictures following.....have done my best to show as much detail as I can. I'm wondering if this is a genuine Montblanc: it was listen simply as "fountain pen, nice looking, good condition" The words Montblanc Meisterstuck are etched into the silver coloured ring at the base of the cap; it has the six pointed star on top. It's fitted with a converter( have not flushed it yet, so it's exactly as I got it) Leather case, also with six pointed star on the catch, and MONT BLANC Hamburg At the bottom of the back. Pictures....
  12. Hi I recently bought this pen from ebay. It cost 400GBP at an auction! Initially I thought this was a bargain. Now I have doubts, whether this is real or fake. 3 things basically that concern me: 1) Feels extremely light. What is the weight of this pen? 2) The tip of the barrel is "very black" slightly different to the remaining of the barrel. reminds me some of the cheap counterfeits you see of metal starwalker pens you see on eBay. I have tried to capture that on the photos. 3) The Instructions booklet has a lot of Chinese instructions and certificate is right at the end. Now having said that I tried to compare this pen with the few available images on the net and it is not far off the nib barrel cap and so on. It has a serial number next to clip and the words Germany metal and Pix under the clip (but nowadays many fake do so). Also when you put it in bright light you can see the red tinge of the resin. Also like my rest of the MB FP when you place a magnet next to the nib it repels it. Can someone help me solve my dilemma. Ideally someone who knows or has this pen. What's the length of this pen with and without the cap. Also what was the original price of this pen? Cheers in advance.
  13. Hi everyone! I am new here and just acquired my first Montblanc. It is a Montblanc 144. I bought this pen on ebay and I was wondering if you guys thought it was real or not. The box shows made in West Germany and the gold sticker on the pen shows M W-Germany. However the clip shows Germany on it and the serial number is two letters followed by six numbers. The nib passes the magnet test. The threads on the barrel are brass, but the converter that came with the pen appears to be the old style push in type. I am attaching pictures for you guys to see. Does anyone know what year this pen may be from? Thanks for your help!
  14. Hi everybody ! I recently bought a montblanc 144 on ebay and I wanted to be sure It is a real one. The seller have a few positive reviews but not for selling pens. I paid 120 $ for it. I think it is genuine but I would like the confirmstion of you community experts ! -The nib passes the magnet test ( so it is likely solid gold but not 100% sure ) - THERE IS NO PIX ENGRAVEMENTS. -There is a serial number - it writes OK. - Came with a threaded converter - BROAD nib ( supposed to be ) - Two tone nib Here are the pictures :
  15. I recently bought a rOtring 800 mechanical pencil off of amazon. It was from them and not a third party seller. After several days of use and research, I've noticed that the cap has a hole in it and you can see through to the eraser. On all the pictures of rOtring 600 and 800's, I've never seen that. Is this an old model? New model? A fake? Any help on whether this is normal or not would be appreciated, thanks! Drew
  16. Which one of these sets are real and which are counterfeit (or are they all the same)? What are your experiences with them if you have bought them in the past? Anyone here who can read Chinese? What do the packs say on the front?
  17. sorry about the poor photo quality, it is an ebay listing from cambridge uk http://i.ebayimg.com/t/mont-blanc-fountain-pen-/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/-58AAMXQlrxRdDQO/$T2eC16NHJIIE9qTYI1gCBRdDQN8CRg~~60_12.JPG

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