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Found 24 results

  1. Waltz For Zizi

    Fake/ Counterfeit Lamy's Dialog 3 Have Arrived

    WATCH OUT, I just bought a fake Lamy Dialog 3. It was the white version.I have another one white and I can compare them. The fake one is a matte white, the seal that is supposed to be rubber is plastic, the nib is stiff (and probably not gold), the lines on the cap and barrel don't match up either between them, or with the clip, the twist mechanism is horrendous. And the cap has a notch where the real one doesn't. I'll try to post some pics. I hope I can get my money back, since it wasn't on ebay and I do not have any "protection". I'll try and contact the seller. Wish me luck. Link for pictu
  2. I recently purchased what the Ebay seller claimed was an authentic Montblanc Rouge et Noir pen that I found to be counterfeit. I then purchased the real thing directly from my local Montblanc store and compared the two (see photo collage ®=the real thing). I though you guys might enjoy seeing the difference even though it was not a fountain pen (it was a rollerball) since I know there are counterfeit versions of the fountain pen out there as well. Here are my notes on the differences that I submitted to ebay in an attempt to shut the seller down. He used photos directly from the Montblanc w
  3. caleb

    Fake Lamy Al-Star Concerns

    Hello all, I purchased a Lamy Al-Star ocean blue earlier this week, and received it today. A number of things about the pen and it's box were quite concerning. The photos are available here:http://imgur.com/fpngallery/8MQqM/ Anyway, my major concerns are The pen came with blue ink residue in the feed and under the nibThe nib appeared to be slightly scratchedThe box it came in was a small, silver box unlike the normal black with holesThe pen came with zero documentation It came with five black cartridges and one blue cartridge — all without the silver Lamy stamp—only an imprintI was wonderi
  4. Greetings. There's such a wealth of information on this site that I decided this would be the best place to seek advise on this matter. The TL;DR (ie. "too long, didn't read" version) of it is: how can I reliably differentiate a real S.T. Dupont pen from a fake, based on studying the pictures alone in an online listing (particularly of the box and paperwork)? When exactly did S.T. Dupont eschew the red presentation box in favor of the black box? And here's the "mindless drivel" version (any photos below are "borrowed" for the purpose of this discussion, they are not my own): As a kid I'v
  5. If the subject has been done to death, sorry. How does one ensure that you are getting the best version? That's weird: A knock-off of a knock-off. The worst are like dragging a finger nail on a emery board, not surprising given that the nib is very fine.
  6. Hello! I am new on the fountain pen hobby. Recently I purchased from a web store called lulustar.office, on ebay, a Lamy Safari Charcoal, fine nib, for a very good price (USD 14 + shipping). However, when it arrived, the pen came with no box, no cardboard, no cartridges, no instructions manual, just the pen itself with a converter inside of it, packaged in a cheap plastic bag that only fitted the pen at all, nothing else. I was really suspicious that I actually bought a conterfeit Lamy. However, the pen puts down a really fine line, much finer than my Parker Frontier made in India, which
  7. Hello all. I'm pretty new to FPN, and I'm wondering if you can help me with a question about the authenticity of my Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo. I received the pen today, and when I opened it up to put in some ink I noticed that the nib is unlike any other Pilot VP nib I have ever seen. I have been looking online for hours, but I can't find a single image of a Pilot VP nib that looks like what I have in front of me. I'm thinking that I might have received a counterfeit. Has anybody ever seen or even heard of a Pilot VP nib that looks like this one does? Image Link (because the site i
  8. RayCornett

    Serial Number Engraving And Font

    I am used to seeing a more digital looking fond with serifs and more angular font. Is this good? EDIT- I forgot to mention previously that the owner did have this 149 serviced by Montblanc and has that paperwork.
  9. I recently purchased a supposedly new and unopened Visconti 3 Pen Case, however, I fear that I may have received a used counterfeit. The case does not have a metal V on the front of it nor does it have the Visconti logo on the back. In addition, the case was stated as new and unopened however the inside of the case had damaged felt. I just wanted some second opinions on this. I searched through FPN, google, and reddit, but I could not find anything. I can provide more pictures if necessary. Thank you,
  10. Hello everyone: Im a fountain pen newbie who arrived late to the Lamy Safari party; I only discovered them a couple of years ago. Ive really been lusting after the beautiful aquamarine 2011 special edition which sold out way before I had even heard of Lamy. I have seen a few of the aquamarine Safaris advertised on eBay, but Ive also been reading about all the fakes that are on the market. As a brand new buyer of Safaris, I dont want to get duped right out of the gate. Ive watched videos on how to spot a fake, but I dont know any way Id be able to spot fakes on an online auction site since
  11. 1inkypaw

    Lamy Ink Window Question

    Hello all. I just picked up a Lamy Vista 1.5mm italic from a pen store, and I noticed the ink window is partially blocked by the grip section. I tried to unscrew it and put it back on again, but the window is still blocked. I've read a couple of posts about counterfeit Lamys, and how the window does not align properly. Any chance this is a counterfeit? Or do genuine Lamys come with this defect as well? Thanks.
  12. JorgeLpzLmg

    Parker Vacumatic Poversize Faceted (?)

    Hi!! Some days ago I bougth at Mexico city (where I live) a faceted fountain pen, wich looks as a Parker Vacumatic oversize. I was searching in the web in orden to confirm if it is an authentic Parker, but I didn't get any information or images about faceted Parkers. The pen description is: Barrel engraved: "Parker Vacumatic USA" (the "V" is engraved on the "R") Long with cap: 13.5 centimeters (5 1/4") Barrel diameter: 1.6 centimeters (5/8") Color: Borgoña Faceted barrel and cap Apparently, the original nib was replaced with a "Harley Davidson" nib (!!!).
  13. fizzybugster

    Counterfeit Lamy?

    About a year ago, I bought a Lamy Safari off of Amazon. It was the only second pen I ever bought, so I didn't realize that Amazon is notorious for selling fake pens. I wrote with it pretty regularly, had no problems, but on a whim I checked the same Amazon page that I purchased from. The seller was LAMY, but over half of the reviews complained that they were sent fakes. That got me worried that mine was counterfeit, too. Looking at all the known indicators, my pens seems to pass the rest, but my worry comes when I compare it to my AL Star. I know they are different in width, but is the Safa
  14. atriya

    Is My Mb Starwalker A Fake?

    I was gifted a used MB Starwalker fountain pen by my girlfriend yesterday, which I suspect is a fake (unknown to her). I have never used or even held a MB before, but I think this one feels relatively light and plasticky. It uses cartridges. I couldn't find a serial number anywhere on the cap, but maybe I'm not looking in the right place - do I need to take off the cap and clip? The nib doesn't have 14 Kt or 18 Kt on it, but has the MB logo, 'Au585' on the next line, a strange logo with what appears to be 'StOd' on the next, and 'MONTBLANC' on the fourth line. I've attached quite a few images,
  15. Relative newby here, apologies if this is posted in the wrong spot. I've read a lot about detecting fraudulent Mont Blanc postings and pens on this site, but I think as more of such postings are available the smarter the counterfeiters become! I'm looking at a few pens right now from online sellers (mostly eBay and some antique sites) and am really concerned that nearly every one is a fake. These are not cheap pens, with asking prices in the high hundreds to low thousands for some of them, but every one has some suspicious elements... However, I've not been able to find postings here that addr
  16. lunarfp

    Mb Fakes

    Who bids on these pens? $290 for a fake roller. Wow. Whomever bought it, my heart goes out for him. Unfortunately this seller has been going at it for awhile now - A garbo roller, a boxed 163 Bordeaux (serial IW1666858) etc. Buyers, please beware of kobip25 (who also goes by shir_elias123).
  17. readmore77

    Counterfeit Parker Premier On Ebay?

    I was starting to bid on this Parker Premier fountain pen: Parker Premier Black Lacquer Silver Trim Fountain Pen But as I took a closer look at the photo that shows a close-up of the nib--I noticed that it has the little plus symbol inside the diamond--something that you look for on fake Sonnet nibs. Is this always a dead give-away of a fake Parker, or did they ever legitimately produce a nib with this symbol on it? Or are there any other indicators on this Premier that give it away as a fake or as genuine?
  18. Inferno2Inferno

    Fake Al-Star Concerns

    So I decided to climb further up the price notch in the Lamy brand and I decided to purchase an Al-Star from amazon.ca for 49, 95$ CDN which seems to be a regular rate for these pens in Canada. I am just concerned that it may be a fake as there is a lot of stories out there of fake Safaris and Al-Stars going around. My question is does anyone have any experience with fake Al-stars from amazon where amazon itself is the seller? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Alexcat

    Writing On Cap

    Are there any models which have "Mont Blanc" written(as in engraved) along the side of the cap? Alex
  20. So, unfortunately, I have confirmed that my Lamy Safari in Charcoal with an EF nib is, in fact, a counterfeit :-( it's not a total loss since the eBay seller apparently didn't know he has counterfeit goods and quickly issued me a full refund and did not require me to ship the fake pen back. My question is: What do I do with it now?? The build quality isn't terrible, but obviously not true Lamy quality. The nib is terrible, very thick and scratchy and practically pours ink onto the page, but at least it does write. Any ideas or suggestions?
  21. william2001

    Fake Parker Sonnet?

    I bought a Parker Sonnet from Staples about a week ago. I read that the sonnet is one of the most counterfeited pens. So, I compared my sonnet's nib to many photos in Google, and I realized that it's was different. The photos in google had the word "18K" below the word "Parker." But my nib doesn't have the word "18K" anywhere in the nib. Instead it had the letter "F" on both sides of the nib. Possibly fake?
  22. Smurf

    Fake Jules Verne?

    Noticed a strange looking pen in my *bay feed this afternoon - 171164399891. Seems to have Jules Verne furniture, but is advertised with a "resin" body. This is the first time I've noticed an attempt at a WE - have there been others?
  23. Which one of these sets are real and which are counterfeit (or are they all the same)? What are your experiences with them if you have bought them in the past? Anyone here who can read Chinese? What do the packs say on the front?
  24. TwelveDrawings

    Spotting When A "new" Pen Is Really Used

    Time to win against the bad guys....or at least fight a faker. Picture yourself in a department store, fine writing shop, collectibles show, or swap meet. Someone hands you a fountain pen and tells you it is brand new. Under the brilliant halogen lights, the pen shimmers like a glossy new car. But something starts to bother you. A little voice starts to nag you, "Is this pen REALLY new?" Okay, put on your detective's hat. What are the telltale signs that a pen has been used? • Ink residue anywhere -- OK, that's pretty basic • Scratches visible on the body or cap -- I can spot those

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