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Found 23 results

  1. Hello Everybody, Just wanted to make a quick announcement for a show coming up. The official Dallas Pen Show 2020 was cancelled, but we have decided the show must go on! The show will not be quite like the normal show due to Covid. We are taking many precautions in relation to this. The show will be in the same location as normal at the Doubletree by Hilton near the galleria in Dallas. It is in the same two ballrooms. Due to Covid the number of tables are greatly reduced, and meet all CDC guidelines and social distancing procedures. Hand sanitizer will be placed all around the show in addit
  2. Thought I'd create a reference thread on ST Dupont Montparnasse & Chairman model fountain pens. Think these unique design and high quality pens deserve a post about them. Hopefully, most will agree...... Like with some other similar threads (example, see Delta pen reference threads...), would like this to be a 'reference thread'. By that I mean to keep the thread less of a conversational or 'pen review' thread and mostly a listing of descriptive information about the pens. So, would ask to avoid posting subjective or judgmental info that would be in a typical discussion post or
  3. I am one of the DuPont fans. My pens to date have been D-line, Orpheo, Fidelio, neo-classique. I have just acquired my first Montparnasse, a new old stock LE Rendez-vous Sun. A truly stunning piece of art! I would now like to add another and have been looking at ebay. The size issue confuses me. I know that these pens came in a large size and smaller. On ebay, some pens are designated M1, M2, large, or XL. Is it possible to tell the large size from a photo without having dimension data? I have looked at the reference pages on this site but I could find no information about the various M1, M2,
  4. Babangita

    St Dupont Nib Sections

    I have several St Dupont pens and they all write perfectly. As it often happens, some are more favorites than others. On one of my favorite ones, I accidentally damaged the metal section. It is more of a visual thing than a functionality problem, the nib is still good. Is there any way possible to dismantle an Olympio/D-Line metal nib section for nib swapping and cleaning? It might seem difficult, but being a person that doesn't surrender easily, I find it difficult to accept that it is impossible. Sorry if this topic has been discussed here before... Thank you all in advance!
  5. Dear forum members, I would like to introduce my new book to you. It shows in word and picture over 550 pens, all in connection to the animal kingdom. You will find pens from 80 companies. The book weighs over 1.5 kilo, has more than 200 pages. The attached pages show how the book is structured. Described is also a number of pens that are not shown. Also 100 pens that were sold by well-known auction houses. The book price is USD 150; (euro 124) including shipping. Many thanks for your interest. We do accept paypal (regina.martini@t-online.de). best regards Regina Martini
  6. Greetings. There's such a wealth of information on this site that I decided this would be the best place to seek advise on this matter. The TL;DR (ie. "too long, didn't read" version) of it is: how can I reliably differentiate a real S.T. Dupont pen from a fake, based on studying the pictures alone in an online listing (particularly of the box and paperwork)? When exactly did S.T. Dupont eschew the red presentation box in favor of the black box? And here's the "mindless drivel" version (any photos below are "borrowed" for the purpose of this discussion, they are not my own): As a kid I'v
  7. northstar

    St Dupont Fidelio Sterling Cap

    Hello everyone, I just bought this St Dupont Fidelio Sterling Silver cap FP BP set
  8. hpk90

    Dupont D Initial

    Anybody have any thoughts or experience with the Dupont D Initial fountain pen?
  9. Hello everyone, I just bout this St Dupont fountain pen and needed help to identify it, thank you in advance
  10. Hello! I am interested in this pen but I can't identify which model actually is. I'm not sure wether it is a Classique or a Gatsby or another of the thin type. Thank you.
  11. Hello! I am interested in this pen but I can't identify which model actually is. Thank you. Sorry, I forgot to attach the pictures
  12. Hello! I am interested in this pen but I can't identify which model actually is. I'm not sure wether it is a Classique or a Gatsby or another of the thin type. Thank you.
  13. I recently bought St Dupont Elysee that came with ink cartridge .... however I tried to use an international converter but it did not fit ....are there special converters for St Dupont FP ?
  14. If pens were merely instruments with which we write, FPN would not be as extensive as it is. The truth is that our pens are not only the means of recording our thoughts and everyday tasks; they also say much about our passions, what makes us tick, our aesthetic sense. They are works of art, they give us an object on which to meditate as we are stuck in thought, they tease us with their bemusing patterns and jog our memories of simpler times. This review is about a pen maker who came to the game of making fountain pens relatively late in life, when he had already established his name and
  15. hi, can anybody help me with this dupont pen set? i inherited it from my aunt and searched on google but i didn't find this model! thanks a lot for your support. best kai
  16. Pedro_Mozzy

    Help Id

    Hello everybody. I inherited a collection of pens of various brands of my family and I'm thinking of selling some. I'm not a person who collects pens, and the truth is that probably there are some that are worth a lot of money.It turns out that there is one that is giving me headaches to find. During the last two days I have searched the internet looking for any information on the model of the pen and found nothing.I wonder if there is someone who knows this model and, if you know can please tell me what model is?The pink rocks that the pen has are rubies?What websites do you recomend to sel
  17. PenBoutique

    007 Spectre

    JAMES BOND SAGA -23 MOVIES NOT INCLUDING #24 007 SPECTRE -#2 BEHIND HARRY POTTER IN WORLDWIDE BOX OFFICE -$6.2 BILLION : TOTAL FRANCHISE REVENUE -SPECTRE : A NEW SUCCESS TO COME , $1.1 BILLION IS PREDICTED. COMING TO US THEATERS NOVEMBER 6th 2015 SKU# Description DUP_C3JBBLACK S.T. Dupont Spectre Black Collector Set DUP_C3JBWHITE S.T. Dupont Spectre White Collector Set SKU# DescriptionDUP_141034 S.T. Dupont D-Line Spectre Black Fountain Pen - MediumDUP_142034 S.T. Dupont D-Line Spectre Black Rollerball PenDUP_145034 S.T. Dupont D-Line Spectre Blac
  18. While I am familiar with the S.T. Dupont Olympio/Orpheo line of twist-action pens being ballpoint-/mechanical pencil-exchangeable, I am wondering if this functionality extended to the Classique 1 and 2 ballpoint pens. I have recently received a rather battered Classique, which I think is one of the first-generation 1970s or early-1980s Classique ballpoint pens, into which I can insert a Dupont mechanical pencil insert; however, twisting the barrel does not propel the lead itself, merely extending and retracting the entire refill like on the ballpoint. On the Olympio, the first twist to an
  19. While at an antiques market in London I came across this pen: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wa4i34axw0nry4b/AACBkDUld8pGJWlX82ku961sa?dl=0 Not knowing anything about pens I wasn't sure what to look for but having held, examined, unscrewed, capping and uncapping it several times, the build and finish felt very nice. It cost me about 100$. The man had a lot of old pens unboxed and two Duponts - one in black and my one you see, the navy one. Both boxed and both he claimed were NOS. I became concerned that it might be a fake when I got back and started to research exactly what I had bought a
  20. I got this several years ago as a gift from people who also had received it as a gift. It's a Dupont, but that's all I know. The top of the pen barrel has a lip, which pops up. You turn it and that unscrews the barrel. Thanks.
  21. Hello fellow FPNers, I am taking the excuse of perfect natural light conditions to write a short overview of S.T. Dupont's top range, the Néoclassique line. (I am willingly forgetting about the Tournaire pieces, that are, in my opinion, just expensive sculpture which mistakenly got given a nib for unknown reasons). This line is available in two sizes: the normal, Néoclassique size, and the oversize Néoclassique Président size. http://i.imgur.com/qeMVbZt.jpg From Left to right: Néoclassique Président : Magnétisme, Samouraï, Second Empire, and Shanghaï. Néoclassique : Dragon and Samouraï
  22. Hi all, I have had this blue lacquer S.T. Dupont fountain pen for many years - more than 30! - it has two Chinese characters that I understand are the phonetic equivalent of "Du Pont". I understand that there was only one Dupont artisan that inscribed these characters by hand on each and every product, lighters as well as pens. One day he died and the tradition ended. Has anyone ever heard of this story. Can details or parts thereof be verified? Would love to know that I'm not completely off my rocker... Thanks!

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