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Found 8 results

  1. Can anyone tell me what plastic the sections of Waterman's Kultur and Phileas fountain pens are made of? I have cracked sections in each of those fountain pens and I was advised to solvent-weld them. The problem is that I need to know what the plastic is in order to use the right solvent. I'd posted about this is the Repair forum but no one there seems to know. I'm hoping that someone here may know. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi, I purchased a Waterman Fountain Pen Phileas Kultur Iridescent Blue Fountain Pen last September on eBay, and bought a waterman converter on Amazon. It has always been a bit of a tough starter to get the ink flowing, but recently, when I thought it just was being stubborn, I opened up the barrel to find it full of ink and the converter empty. I cleaned it out and reseated the converter, and it happened again. I do carry the pen around in a case with my sailor pen in my backpack, but the sailor is fine, and the waterman will not hold its ink, suddenly. (It doesn't get as much use as the Sailor does.) I'm wondering if it's the pen or the converter. Can I tell if it's a real Waterman? I suppose if it seems to be I should just try another converter? Is Amazon generally trustworthy on that sort of thing or are there inferior products out there too? I only used both sources as my usual pen shops didn't have the pen at the time, and lower Manhattan & NJ were in the midst of an apparent converter drought.... Anyone have similar experience with this particular pen? Thanks!
  3. esteroids

    Kultur Colors, 62 Of Them

    It's been a couple of years since I've found a Kultur color I didn't already have. So I figure I have almost all, if not all. I don't include post production advertising or printing. And I didn't include the Eiffel Tower because I've only ever seen a ballpoint. I did include the Croft, Harley, and 2000 pens because they were Waterman Kultur models. So below are pictures of the 62 distinct colors. If you know of more feel free to comment. But I might just cover my eyes to avoid the knowledge. 4 Croft and 6 Harley: 7 Solid Color: 9 Marbled Opaque: 11 Metallic Solids: 2 Fluorescent and 3 Reflectis: 3 Glitter and 7 Matte Color Demos: 8 Clear Color and 2 Marble Demos
  4. Gurutiro

    Waterman Kultur - Lara Croft Set

    Ever since I owned a Playstation 1, my father bought me the game Tomb Raider in order to quench my thirst of adventures. When I saw that Waterman had made a special collection with the video game franchise, it became necessary for me to own them. These were manufactured in 1999, but most of the original brochures depicting this information has been lost (or the owners do not wish to communicate this information.) Completing the set was a search of 9 months, it all came about to 80e. Some came in boxes, others not. I do not care much for that since I do not plan on selling them again. I'm sharing the photos here, because it was hard for me to find a photo of the complete set when I was looking for them. There are 4 colours: green, blue, brown and red. All the pens in my set are F nibs, I do not know if they came in another size. All write very smoothly and lay down a wet line depending on the ink. http://i.imgur.com/jhva8qJ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/1s3C05F.jpg http://i.imgur.com/vpIjCOB.jpg http://i.imgur.com/iM2FMVe.jpg
  5. antichresis

    Waterman Kultur Cartridge Compatibility

    Hi guys, would you know if international long cartridges can fit the Kultur? Particularly Pelikan Giant cartridges? Only short Waterman cartridges are available where I live.
  6. twigletzone

    Leakproofing A Maestro?

    Can anyone help me identify these for my stepdad? They were bought at Staples in the late 80s or 90s. Top is plastic bodied, cartridge fill, bottom is gunmetal plated over steel, piston fill. I've managed to identify these as a Kultur (top) and a Maestro with a piston fill converter (bottom). I'm posting this on behalf of my stepfather, who would like to be able to use the Maestro but complains that it leaks when stored horizontally - from cleaning it out he seems to mean leaking into the cap. Does anyone have any experience with Maestros which might suggest why he's finding that? I've seen other threads speaking of internal cracks, but I can't find any info on how to (or indeed if I can) remove the nib and feed to examine its innards. Also the piston converter seems to be a friction fit thing, does it need a bit of brute force and ignorance to get it to seal well? Many thanks all.
  7. In my hunt for Phileas fountain pen bargains, I naturally glance through eBay occasionally. The number of $199 price tags on black Phileas pens tell me that the sellers are feeling bullish (optimistic) about the price of that model. FP experts might call this irrational overpricing, but the buyers have the final vote on what the pen is really worth. Phileas "Kultur" pens are an inexpensive version of the more costly Phileas. They lack the gold-plating and have no hefty brass tube inside the handle. The Kultur models have a slightly different tip on their cap, but appear to be cast from the same mold as a conventional Phileas. Every Kultur I have seen is made of transparent—and often colorfully tinted—plastic instead of the Phileas' signature opaque colors. I prefer Phileas, but I notice the Kultur have been selling for $20-40 lately. This morning, I came across this listing on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/WATERMAN-PHILEAS-TRANS-BLUE-DEMONSTRATOR-FOUNT-PEN-MED-/130484388789?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e6179c3b5 See anything missing? The photo shows a transparent blue pen with no gold plating and no brass tube inside. Look at the name. It is called a Phileas "demonstrator"; the word "Kultur" is nowhere in sight. I myself bought a crystal clear Phileas "demonstrator" last year, thinking it would be an interesting novelty. Only later did I realize it is the same pen as the more colorful Kultur. I paid about $35 last year and today's pen has a "buy now" price of $67.....about what a classic used Phileas sells for. I don't know this particular seller and they would probably say I am making much ado over a simple omission. I'll grant that. But as the true Phileas pens become increasingly rare, will we see more Kulturs being presented as a full-fledge Phileas? And is that truth or truth-stretching? So what do you think? Is it fair to label such a pen as a "Phileas" without adding "Kultur"? BTW, what does "demonstrator" really mean? Is that a designation that Phileas uses? Or is it the seller's way of saying the pen has been extensively handled and perhaps used in a store?
  8. Hello I am trying to get a cheap waterman pen. And I have narrowed it down to those two. But I do not know the difference between those two so I want FPN's advice. As I heard both those pens resemble Philea,right? And that means the nibs are compatible, am I right? I have a laureat so I want to try different nibs than laureat but if there is a difference in those two pens (except some minor apperance) please give me advices , thanks.

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