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  1. Hello again to all my FPN friends, When the original Moonman 80 came out, I resisted buying one because I already have more Parker 45s than I can remember. However, when the 80mini came out I knew it was worth a try, if only to be a recepticle for my favorite Parker 45 gold nibs. Although the quality isn't nearly as good as that of a real Parker 45, these pens still hold their own and nib swappability opens up endless possibilities. How cool is it that I can put a soft 14k UK Parker 45 OBB stub in a tiny pen that will fit in my pocketbook or even directly in my pocket?? Here are some of my
  2. I was looking at getting another Japanese fountain pen. I found the Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini which looks like something my brother would enjoy, he loves small pens with very fine nibs, so I thought I'd get one for him as a present. He is studying Japanese and currently uses a Pilot Elite 95S EF that I gave him when he was accepted to university. However, I was disappointed to see that the Slim Mini is only available with a MF nib. So I wonder, is it possible to find it anywhere with an EF nib? Or if not, is it compatible with any other Sailor pen, so that I could just swap the nibs? Also, h
  3. AHoppy

    Twsbi Mini Removing Nib/feed

    The lip around the feed holder cracked on my fine nib for my TWSBI mini. Fortunately, I contacted TWSBI and they were able to send me a brand new feed holder, free of charge. Wonderful, exactly what I wanted. When I asked for how to then replace the feed holder, I was told you just had to pull and wiggle it out (so friction fit). Well, after probably an hour of trying that and sore fingers, it hasn't budged. And i'm starting to bend some of the fins on the feed. So, anyone had to do this and if so, any advice? I know earlier I did a cursory search of FPN and couldn't find anything on th
  4. Hello guys so yesterday i was checking some antique shops and i found this cute cherry red Ta Tung 361 Mini fountain pen, it was in perfect condition i just gave it a soak and cleaned it and wow this pen is really nice its a very small pen ''you will see it near a Sheaffer VFM in the pictures'' and i was surprised that the nib is accualy a flex nib! as i know till now these pens are made in the 1960's in china but i dont know anything else about them so any help would be appreciated. http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n187/hfarmawi/IMG111_zps7ee9e96c.jpghttp://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n187/
  5. Hello Forum, I am in need of a replacement part for my Lalex 1938 pen. I have attached a photo of the pen parts, it is a small pocket pen. The feed and section are one piece. The feed has a crack in it, so it leaks. I have tried sealing it to no avail. Montegrappa no longer owns Lalex so I cannot contact them for assistance. Can anyone recommend a feed/section that will fit this mini pen? Tip of nib to bottom of feed measures 1.7 inches/4.4 centimeters in lengthThe silver tube that screws into the barrel and the feed slips into measures .8 centimeters in circumferenceThe pen in total
  6. Hi there, I have some unusually small fountain pens, which were kept in my drawers for some time and now started using them. Here is the first one - Progress Bullet. It is a very small eyedropper fountain pen from a discontinued Indian brand called Progress. It has a semi-hooded nib and gold plated fittings (clip and cap band) with a GP nib. The pen writes very smooth with its folded/butterfly nib (no iridium point tipping). The nib is engraved “Platinum Easy Flow Point (BOSS) Specifications: Weight - Capped : 7.00 gm Weight - Uncapped : 5.00 gm Length – Capped : 94.50 mm Length – Uncapp
  7. Inferno2Inferno

    Twsbi Vac Mini - Smoke Leak/crack?

    So I recently purchased a TWSBI Vac Mini in Smoke from my local fountain pen store. I must say the filling mechanism is super cool and it writes really well, however, I am having an issue with it and I am seeking FPN community input. Today when I was writing, I noticed some ink drops on my thumb and the side of my middle finger where the grip section/cap threads would normally rest on my hand. My immediate thought was that there was a crack in the pen and that it was leaking onto my fingers. However, when I ran that section of the pen across some paper, there was no ink left behind nor was the
  8. So I just got this itty bitty Stylomine 303 in the mail today. I didn't realize it was going to be this tiny when I purchased it but I think I'm in love. It's so cute next to my big 303. It has a fine gold nib. Unlike my big one, both nib and feed are completely undamaged. But the real draw is the accordian sac. It works beautifully! I am curious if anyone can identify the specific 303 models of these two. I haven't been able to find an exact visual match online. The closest I've found to the big one is the 303D but it still looks a little different. I haven't even seen any pictures of a mini
  9. I need a highlighter pen. Tried the Lamy Safari with 1.1 nib route, but the converter is too small so I run empty very quickly. Now I am leaning towards a TWSBI Diamond Mini with a 1.5 stub. Is anyone using the TWSBI as a highlighter pen? How is the 1.5 nib out of the box? Having read about breakage, cracking plastic, and finnicky nibs in the TWSBI forum, I'd like to hear your experience with the Diamond Mini, particularly the 1.5 stub nib. Also, if your experience steered you away from TWSBI, please share if you found a better alternative. The highlighter ink will be Diamine, probabl
  10. pacyhdermprincess

    Mini Or Vac Mini

    I just got a TWSBI 580. I love everything about it except the length when posted. I do not love it unposted as its too short for me. I'm looking at a Mini or Vac Mini to replace the 580. Which do you prefer? The Vac Mini is a bit longer posted so right now that's leading the race.
  11. DaveT

    Twsbi Mini Al Blue

    We just got our shipment of the TWSBI Mini AL Blue at A&D Penworx. See it at http://adpenworx.com/store/index.php/fountain-pens.html?cat=48&twsbi_pen_model=93 Orders placed tonight will be shipped Saturday morning,
  12. Oldtimer

    Twsbi Mini Problem With O-Ring: Help!

    I had cleaned my TWSBI mini but when the water was clear after a few flushings, I still saw some black specs and threads hanging from the piston. So I disassembled it completely and made sure everything was out. The piston looked good, perfect. On the next water flushing after assembling there was still some of this debris. I removed the nib and the section and looked into the empty barrel from the side of the nib and found this. The small o-ring is dissolving, kaput. The ink was Black Swan in Australian Roses. Since the nib is EF I guess I think it was too long on the barrel? Was it anothe
  13. farmkiti

    Ruby-Red Pelikan M320

    I just bought a brand-new Ruby Red M320 and I couldn't be happier with a pen. Now, I must preface my totally subjective remarks by saying I have very small hands and I love miniature anything, especially mini fountain pens. But when I ordered it, I had no idea it was such a teeny-tiny, adorable slip of a pen! I opened the box and was totally floored by how cute it looked, lying there in its full-size Pelikan container. At the same time, the classic beauty of this pen took my breath away. The finish on this pen is GORGEOUS. (I'm trying to attach photos to this review.) When I hold the p
  14. Jgalfano

    Twsbi Mini O-Rings

    Hello all, I have a TWSBI Mini with a Medium nib and, some time ago, lost the o-ring on the piston knob that prevents over-tightening of the cap upon posting. Does anybody know where I can buy a replacement o-ring, or am I just SOL? On the attached image, I marked where the o-ring is normally located in red. - J
  15. Hi all! Just got this cute little converter in the mail, and I thought it could be interesting to a lot of folks looking for converters for their smaller pens. This model does fit the liliput, so I think quite a few smaller pens will fit it. It is a push and pull (no twisting), and feels very well made. The opening was a little too small; I had to stick a toothpick in there and wiggle it a little bit for it to fit. But after the first time you plug it onto a pen for the first time, it's a nice fit. I carefully measured the ink capacity and it's about .58mL. So yep, not a whole lot... You p
  16. I must admit that I haven't been on for close to a year after I purchased my Nakaya Mini Decapod in Kuro-tamenuri since it's been in rotation ever since...yes, I'm that satisfied with it So imagine my surprise as I was looking to see if I could purchase another one but in the Ao-tamenuri on nibs.com that Nakaya has discontinued both the mini decapod and the Ao-tamenuri finish . Does anybody know how long ago they stopped making the mini-decapod and the Ao-tamenuri finish? Does anybody know possibly the reason why? I may just have to purchase a Dorsal Fin they have left at nibs...
  17. Newly listed to our eBay store! The Lalex Animali Collection offers unique designs with bright colored resin barrels and cold enamels applied by hand on the .925 sterling silver caps. The range comprises of fountain pens with iridium-tipped stainless steel nibs and capped rollerballs, with the following models: Phoenix, Lion, Eagle, and Snake. The Lalex Animali Mini Fountain Pens come with steel nibs for $225 - currently available in the following models; (uses cartridges only.) Phoenix with Pink barrel - Medium nib Lion with Orange barrel - Medium nib Lion with Brown barrel - Broa
  18. northstar

    Sheffer Taranis Original Colors

    http://s5.postimg.org/mmhaugug7/Taranis_Orig.jpg Finally completed all five Sheaffer Taranis original colors 😉
  19. PenBoutique

    3 Bottle Mini Iroshizuku Ink Gift Set!

    The Iroshizuku ink gift set is here. They are limited to only 850 sets! Comes with 3 colors Kon-peki, Yama-budo,Tsukushi The bottles are 15ml and it comes in a white gift box. Perfect for the holidays or even your own collection!! If you have any other questions please let us know. Phone: 1800-263-2736 or 410-992-3272 Email: Support@penboutique.com
  20. I am pretty new to the fountain pen scene, 7 months or so. After I tried the TWSBI 1.1mm for the 580AL, I decided to try the Pendleton Brown's Butter Line Stub nib. I want to share my experience with everyone here.
  21. stoof2010

    Twsbi Mini Question!

    So I think I broke some fins, and still can't get the nib and feed out of the nib unit!!! It still functions perfectly, but wanted to know if anyone has had any success with removing the nib and feed from the unit. Thanks!!
  22. Timbo999

    Lamy Mini?

    Hey all, has anyone ever heard of or seen a mini Lamy? Like a short version of a Safari or Al-Star? Has anyone ever wanted one? I think a pocket length Safari would be pretty sweet! Similar in size and use to a Kaweco. What do YOU think? Tim
  23. dragos.mocanu

    580 Al Or Mini

    Hello beautiful people, I've been looking to get a TWSBI pen for a long time, but one problem has always kept me away: which model I should buy! I have small-medium hands and my biggest pen is Lamy 2000 (which is my favorite pen model ever!); my other daily users include a couple of P"51"s and a vintage Duofold Jr., which although short, fits my hand neatly even unposted (I NEVER post my pens). The Vac 700 is clearly out of question (it's really way too bulky), but I'm wondering if the 580 is also too big for me. I've tried comparing the Lamy 2000 with the 580 (pictures on the Internet), and
  24. TWSBI Mini in Rose Gold Review First Impression (10/10) So, there are two reasons why I got this pen. First is that I really wanted a piston filler, the second being that I wanted a shiny white pen. The pen is nicely packaged as any other TWSBI pen, with the cardboard box and plastic shell, completed with wrench and silicon grease. This pen looked beautiful out of the box, it is a little smaller than I expected, but I do like smaller pens so it’s a plus for me. Appearance and Design (8/10) Again, the Mini is a really beautiful pen when empty. However, it does look somewhat worse when it is
  25. I got a couple of pens at the Brimfield Antique Market that are almost certainly cheapos, but they looked cool/interesting. One appears to be an older demonstrator, and the other is a mini that converts in an unusual way. Here's the two capped: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7370/9697208128_40b48ab571_z.jpg Uncapped: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2840/9697208530_fe61191de4_z.jpg The short one posted: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3778/9697208420_86dc5ef543_z.jpg The demonstrator nib: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3808/9697208368_45a7cf9540_z.jpg The short one's nib: http://farm6.stat

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