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  1. Just saw this on Instagram, posted by Visconti_Italy: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEUQ8P_KwLg/ "We are proud to present Visconti's new creation: the Homo Sapiens Lava Color pen. This vibrant and colourful writing instrument is a re-interpretation of our iconic Homo Sapiens collection. An absolute must-have for colour and nature lovers. The Homo Sapiens Lava Color is the first 2020 Visconti collection fitted with an entirely in-house produced 14kt gold nib." The things I gathered from the comments so far: - New magnetic closure for the cap, a departure from the previous Homo Sapiens m
  2. I ordered an Visconti Homo Sapiens Elegance today from Cult pens off clearance. They only have it in B but for $246 shipped I could not pass it up. They did not say if it was midi or maxi but from the few measurements they list I am expecting midi. I am fine with the midi. It seems like that should be about the size of my Pelikan M600 and I am happy with that. Actually with my hands even if it was Pelikan M400 size I could use it fine but would rather it be m600. If it for some reason turns out to be maxi I am also fine. It should not be too big for me. I was a little worried about bin QC but
  3. Following the discussion if someone's best pens are also their favourite pens I decided to compare my highest-pricepoint* pens: -Montblanc 146 EF ('90s pen and feed with a much earlier 14C EF nib); retails for appr. 550 euros -Pelikan M800 F ('80s pen with 18C nib); retails for appr. 500 euros -Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Steel Midi F (23k Pd dreamtouch nib); retails for appr. 450 euros -Pilot Justus 95 M (14k nib); retails for appr. 300 euros I bought the MB146 from a local collector at a very attractive price. The M800 was a gracious gift from a friend who bought it new in the '80s and who st
  4. Why now? I'm several years late to the party, because until now I did not dare to join the party. I've been in love with the design of the HS Lava pens since I first laid eyes on them, but there were too many horror stories about overpolished nibs, overly wet pens, ink seeping through the pen, parts coming off of pens and a plethora of other faults. And the ones that I tried thus far were too smooth, too wet and too devoid of control for me. Based on helpful comments in this discussion, I felt like giving them another shot so I walked over to Appelboom today and tried three pens: a Midi F, a
  5. Hi all, I received my Visconti Midnight in Florence yesterday and I am facing some difficulties with the flow. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Attached a writing sample for reference, as you can see the flow is very low and also irregular. I have tried flushing the pen atleast 20-30 times and also with multiple inks. Appreciate any inputs! Cheers, Sidd
  6. It is not that strange for me to find myself to be irrationally attracted by what I tried firstly, even after recognized that the first choice actually does not fit perfectly to my taste. My first serious fountain pen was Visconti Opera Master Black Guilloche with 14k gold fine nib. I thought it was a great pen, but it did not took so much time to feel that the pen was a bit heavy for me. So I tried Montblanc, Aurora, etc., but.. I kept attracted by Visconti, irrationally. I tried Visconti Black Divina almost without any investigation, And.. that irrationality gave me a huge chance to find a p
  7. I am debating between the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age and Dark Age. I won't lie, the Dark Age has always caught my eye but as my collections have flourished the bronze has become a more an interest for me. I'm not usually a lover of the black on gold look. I much prefer the black out or silver trim but the aged patina I've seen on random pictures of the bronze is something thats been slowly growing on me. Does anyone have any pics of their patina'd bronze ages they could share with me? Pros and cons of the patina? Does anyone with a dark age have issues with the black wearing off th
  8. Dear all, I have a question about fully disassembling a Homo Sapiens pens. I am specifically interested in removing the packing unit of their power filler mechanism. I have not found one that has attempted it yet, and there seems to be no resource for any potential complications online. The pen is made so that the only thing you can take off is the nib unit. Even the blind cap has no notches to help you unthread it, should you need to. They like their pens sealed. Nevertheless, this can be problematic and challenging for us fountain pen folks, and we love a challenge. So I have some qu
  9. I've found (and bought) the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age Oversize for 400€ on the german Ebay (the same seller also has the Dark Age for 429€). Link: https://www.ebay.de/itm/VISCONTI-Homo-Sapiens-F%C3%BCllhalter-Bronze-OVERSIZE/ Within Germany, it arrived within 24 hours after ordering it - and you are able to return it within 30 days (if Viscontis QA failed on the pen you received for example).
  10. PRELUDE I was looking to gift my dad with a Montblanc pen for a long time. And it had to be a new one. Personally, I had bought a pre-owned MB 146 (the only pre-owned in my small collection), and I am more or less happy with it. It’s kind of ineffable but the right shape with the right balance, encompassed within a classical look seemed missing in some luxury pens, which I own. Personally, I feel that any pen above $ 100 is never a VFM and it’s rather a self-indulgence in fooling myself when I order one more expensive pen. May be it’s just applying theory of brand relativity when I try to co
  11. My Homo Sapiens Bronze Age has always been a little problematic - prone to hard starts, skipping, and also ironically gushing and burping into the cap - but now it's developed a new problem that renders it all but unusable: It's got a slow leak at the center band on the body. Ink seeps from the bottom of the band, under the letter H in Homo Sapiens, spreads all the way around the bottom of the band, and then starts to spread slowly down the body of the pen. I can clean the body and the band thoroughly, but holding any kind of absorbent material to the band shows new ink seeping from under the
  12. Hello Everyone, I recently purchased a Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel (Midi) Fountain pen in Broad. The Homo Sapiens (Steel) fountain pens come in two sizes: Midi and Maxi. I chose midi, because it fits my hands better, and there's no reason to hold a heavier pen if I don't need it. I chose the Broad nib because I tend to write in a larger font, and I love wet pens. This pen delivers on all fronts, and then some! I highly recommend it. Below I will support my enthusiasm. Unboxing I'm going to give a quick review of my thoughts concerning the pen. Before I do, I'd like to share my unboxi
  13. Review of the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze 1.3mm stub Note: Higher-res photos available here This week I finally gave in and purchased a Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze with a 1.3mm stub nib. Ever since I first saw photos of this stunning pen, I've been wanting to own one. Lava, bronze, palladium and titanium? Yes, please! This is my second fountain pen. This January I got myself a Waterman Carène with a fine nib, followed by a stub nib about two months later. While it is a very nice pen, I just couldn't resist the even wider nib, the unusual look and materials, and the supposedly very smooth
  14. Apart from being vacuum filled pens, these two are quite different pens. I feel like the Homo Sapiens, though a very cool and unique pen, has more drawbacks than the Custom 823. Here's what I currently like and don't like about each of them: Visconti Homo Sapiens Like Cool design with the unique basaltic lava composite materialPalladium nib that many rave about. I like soft nibs like the OMAS 18K nibs. No, I don't plan on even semi-flexing the nib, I just want to enjoy the cushioning these nibs provide.Vacuum fillerLarge size and heftyThere's nothing currently out there that compares directl
  15. So. I have had the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age Oversize with EF nib (Yes, I checked the forums here before deciding on the nib size, as the consensus seems to run that the HS is generous in its ink flow) for a while - actually a few years, but haven't used it much. Beautiful piece of work, by the way. But. Now that I decided to start using it again, it writes really poorly (out of box it wrote rather fine, but nowhere near what I would expect with all the hullabaloo around the DreamTouch nib). Before starting to use it again I emptied the pen and thoroughly rinsed the nib. Carefully a
  16. It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon here and the rains have finally arrived. I had reviewed the HS Bronze on a similar afternoon. If you are looking for the HS Bronze review, here it is: HS Bronze Review The Blogger view runs below for the HS Florentine Hills review: The Visconti Homo Sapiens Florentine Hills Review So here goes the review. THE HOMO SAPIENS In late 2009, Florence-based luxury pen maker Visconti announced in a press-release covering a nib made of 95% Palladium (23k) alloy. Commonly available nibs are 14k/18k/21k Gold alloy (Sailor), with a few exceptions (Danitrio & the Jap
  17. Was at my favorite brick and mortar pen store this Friday looking for candy for the weekend, and what did I spy? The new Visconti Homo Sapiens Elegance! They also had the Brunelleschi, which I have to say, was very underwhelmed by the material. I understand the approach to the material science, but it looked like the really cheap brick red plastic material they used to make temporary pots with at the plant nursery. Did not feel like parting with the vast sum of money Visconti wanted. The Elegance on the other hand looked absolutely stunning in this new get up. Looks like it took some lesso
  18. http://kephost.com/images/2016/07/02/999018175359fb2c6f0fb295d1bf095a.jpg Visconti came out with the Homo Sapiens back in 2009, when I was starting to get into this hobby. The lava-resin with the bronze accessories was haunting me ever since, but things were not going in that direction what could lead me to get one. With the new editions coming out, the temptation got stronger. The Crystal Swirls came out in 2014 which was limited to 1000 pieces and it’s still a favorite for many! Lovely deep blue patterns and rhodium trim! Then came the Florentine Hills. Even though I’m not a huge fan of th
  19. Hello Everyone, I know this is not a fountian pen but I have seen other visconti questions on here and cant seem to find any other resources. I recently bought a Visconti Homo Saipan through eBay and have a suspicion that it is a fake. The pen felt lighter than I remembered my friends being and the logo on the cap is a version I have never seen.(the logo makes me the most supicious) It did however come in what seems to be real Visconti packaging. Thank you for any help you can provide. The copy on the crest ready "Visconti Made in Italy"
  20. Leon_Extint

    Question About The Visconti Hs

    Hello people =) this is my first post and sadly a not pleasant one, and here it comes, i just bought my visconti homo sapiens dark age, last week, first day worked (or it seem to) properly, afterwards when i uncaped it i got ink leak, cleaned the nib, cleaned the pen, the feed and everything and tried to use it again, but it again got some leak, ive read post about people getting leak issues with this fountain pen, however most of them (not to say all ive read) have leak from the union of the nib unit to the pen, my leakage is from the feed.. i clean the feed again and i get more leak just aft
  21. Visconti Homo Sapiens Corsani 90 limited edition, broad nib Stylograph Corsani is an Italian shop selling pens, watches, leather goods and accessories since 1924. For their 90th anniversary in 2014, they commissioned Visconti to make a limited edition of 79 fountain pens (corresponding to the shop's street number) and 11 rollerballs (to make 90 pens in total). These pens are based on the Homo Sapiens, using the grey stacked celluloid as used in the Wall Street (and others). The Visconti Homo Sapiens probably needs no introduction for many people here, and if it does there are many reviews in
  22. I was vacationing in the Caribbean and came across a Visconti dealer. The Homo Sapiens has always been one of my "grail pens." I didn't get a "screaming deal" but decided to get the Steel Age in Maxi size. Shame on me for not doing my research but I just assumed that the pen was a vac filler. I got it home and realized that it was a piston fill. I should have realized since the Bronze Age had a $695 MSRP and the Steel Age was $621 MSRP, Researching FPN, I found posts from 2013 indicating that the Steel Age is only available as a piston fill. Can someone tell me if this is still the case?
  23. Dear FPNers, Here is my take on a Visconti Homo Sapiens maxi with an 23k Pd EF nib. I hope you find the review fun and enjoyable. Wish you a prosperous and fun-filled new year with loads of new pens and paraphernalia. In case there are any problems with pictures you can also view the same review in my blog: http://iwonder-thecartographer.blogspot.in/2015/01/visconti-homo-sapiens-bronze-maxi-review.html Main Motivation Somewhere in late 2009, Florence-based luxury pen maker Visconti announced a nib made out of a 95% Palladium (23k) alloy, in a press-release. Most of the nibs that were common
  24. First things first: mods, if this is in the wrong place, please pardon the mistake and move it as necessary. I'm writing to gush some praise at Dan Smith (of FP Geeks fame) and his nib services. About six months ago, I bought a Visconti Homo Sapiens 25th Anniversary (variant on the steel age oversize), with the 1.3mm stub nib, from somebody here on the forums. I got a great deal on one of my grails, and the pen was in beautiful condition when it arrived. This was a huge investment for me as a new hobbyist, far and away my most high-end pen. I was nervous about it given the legendarily un
  25. Hello all, I'm relatively new to fountain pens and have been browsing the forums for some time. I recently acquired a Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystals which at first look appeared in perfect condition. However, when looking closer, it appears as though one of the tines is slightly bent. The pen seems to have no problem writing smoothly, but if there is indeed a defect with the nib, I would prefer to have it fixed (especially while still under warranty), rather than let it go. Could anyone chime in to let me know whether it appears as though the nib needs work, or if this is just me being p

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