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  1. I am a big fan of Waldmann's Precieux pens. I have two now and soon will have four. What is special with two of them is that they are custom orders. On the basis of a Sterling silver pen, I custom-ordered a yellow-gold vermeil and a rose-gold vermeil. I have already received the yellow-gold one - see photo below. This pen has become my favorite pen for everyday writing. So, I was dreaming about getting more of them. When Waldmann brought out a new catalogue, I had to realize that my favorite pen is now out-of-production. The danger of not getting what I dreamt off

    • For Sale
    • New

    Several perfect smooth Cross "old school" with solid build quality made in Ireland 1996-2000yrs (not modern China!!!!!!) - Cross Townsend Black Lacquered with 10K Gilded cap (made in Ireland) 566-FA 10BL (Pilot F-nib soft stainless steel gold plated) - 100$ (Retail: 378$ but modern made in China) - HOLD (My review: http://lenskiy.org/2021/04/modern-cross-townsend-566/) - Cross Townsend Tuxedo Sterling Silver cap (made in Ireland) L556 (Pilot F-nib soft stainless steel silver color) - 110$ (Discontinued from 2005) - HOLD - Cross Century II 10KT Gold Filled/Rolled (made in Ireland) 4509-FD (18K F nib solid gold soft/flexible nib) - 160$ (Retail: 378$ but made in China) (My review: http://lenskiy.org/2021/04/modern-cross-century-ii/) - Cross Century II Red Wood (made in Ireland) 419-2F (18K F nib solid gold soft/flexible nib) - 125$ (Retail: 137$ made in China with steel rigid nib) - Cross Century II Blue Wood (made in Ireland) 419-4M (18K M nib solid gold soft/flexible nib) -125$ (Retail: 137$ made in China with steel rigid nib) The fountain pens are completely new(New Old Stock), not used, newer inked, the Tuxedo model was even sealed in a bag. The pens were left over from the liquidation of the local store. Two pens, which in the review, were only tested for review (one filling), but the same new ones are being sold. Payment by any cards through the Payoneer system(personal invoice) or through Moneygram if it is more convenient ( unfortunately PayPal in Ukraine does not work to accept money:( ). If you have any questions or need additional photos - ask please. The fountain pen is in Ukraine, shipping by avia priority recommended package with tracking. On average, delivery to Europe and USA is about 2 weeks. - Cross Townsend Black Lacquered with 10K Gilded cap (made in Ireland) 566-FA 10BL - 100$ - Cross Townsend Tuxedo Sterling Silver cap (made in Ireland) L556 (Pilot F-nib stainless steel silver color) - 110$ Didn't even open, the sleeve was sealed - Cross Century II 10KT Gold Filled/Rolled (made in Ireland) 4509-FD (18K F nib solid gold soft/flexible nib) - 160$ - Cross Century II Red Wood (made in Ireland) 419-2F (18K F nib solid gold soft/flexible nib) - 125$ - Cross Century II Blue Wood (made in Ireland) 419-4M (18K M nib solid gold soft/flexible nib) -125$


    - UA

  3. I managed to acquire this very peculiar design sketch pencil, which had been accidentally labeled as a pen when sold. Someone had put a D1 refill inside it... which actually worked. But clearly, the clutch is of the pencil variety. It was badly tarnished, but cleaned up nicely. It could use a good buffing to take out some light surface scratches. The "bullet" shape is magnificent. What's really quite interesting is the clip. It's spring loaded and you pull down on it to release the clutch. Very heavy! I'm guessing it's not completely solid silver and that it must have a metal alloy
  4. KingsCountyWriter

    Pilot Custom Sterling Silver Won't Write

    The pen arrived with a dried out cartridge that first signaled bad news. I waited for 2 months for this pen from Japan, and it won't write. I have soaked it for 3 evenings and run it under warm water. It's soaking as I write this now. When water is in the section, it will drain out through the nib. A fresh cartridge or a converter doesn't allow the ink to flow past a few scribbles. If this were a cheaper pen, I'd attempt to open it up, but I'm not well versed in repair and this was over $100 to acquire. Can someone make a recommendation as to who might be able to solve this issue? I'm in
  5. FigliodiunCollezionista

    Montegrappa Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

    Hello All! I am new to this site, but my father was a frequent visitor to any site devoted to pens, especially fountain pens. Unfortunately, he passed away a couple of months ago and left behind his collection. I am not completely ignorant on the subject, I have a few myself that were given to me (by him, of course) as gifts. His collection consists of Montegrappas, Sailors, Namikis, Lamys, Mont Blancs, Pilots, Watermans and more. My family has given me the responsibility of researching his collection, including the value of the ones that we are willing to part with. The first of which is a
  6. Just wanted to share images of my new Pilot namiki Silvern Ishidatami Lattice Sterling Silver fountain pen
  7. Hi today I got a new pen. I found it unique. Don't know about its previous user. Got it from a local dealer for reasonable price. It is a sterling silver pen with 14k gold nib. It shows a "made in" ENGLAND in cap and 925 embossed in the Body. The clip shows the brand name Raja. Are these pens known?
  8. Our close-out sale of Aurora Archivi Storici is going to end. They're modern pens, but made with old original mechanisms from the '50s, available in sterling silver or chromed or golden versions. Their nib is 14Kt gold, original of that time; unique size (M) which writes a medium/fine line. Filling system is trik-trak converter (not included) or cartridge. They were already proposed at amazing prices, after I bought all the left stock; but now they're even more reduced, so you really can't leave them here! Still available: Sterling silver fountain pen http://www.giardino.it/pens/aurora/IMM
  9. Billman

    Please Help!

    Can some please help me ID this pen. It's a sterling silver Mont blanc from 1995. The box says it's a 149 but haven't found anything online about them. It's never been used so how much could it be worth?
  10. Hello!, I have a Conway Stewart duro Sterling Silver - Button fill that needs the sac replaced, anyone knows how to loosen the section so I can get to where the sac is and replace it? also what sac size should I use? Many thanks Jack
  11. It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon here and the rains have finally arrived. I had reviewed the HS Bronze on a similar afternoon. If you are looking for the HS Bronze review, here it is: HS Bronze Review The Blogger view runs below for the HS Florentine Hills review: The Visconti Homo Sapiens Florentine Hills Review So here goes the review. THE HOMO SAPIENS In late 2009, Florence-based luxury pen maker Visconti announced in a press-release covering a nib made of 95% Palladium (23k) alloy. Commonly available nibs are 14k/18k/21k Gold alloy (Sailor), with a few exceptions (Danitrio & the Jap
  12. It seems like I used the pen just yesterday but it says it has been over four years since it last got to play. That couldn't be right, it has to be wrong, yet there was evidence. http://www.fototime.com/5C37A2E007E3F1C/medium800.jpg So even though it means I have four fountain pens filled at the same time, I let the Ferrari da Varese Yesterday come out to play. It decided it wanted a bright blue so I filled it with Pilot Iroshizuku Kon Peki and will let it strut its stuff for awhile. Just please don't let the other pens know. http://www.fototime.com/AEF1508B941BAE2/large.jpg The Ferrari d
  13. American West lovers, these pieces have been made just for you! Visconti launches a new Limited Edition bringing the Wild West back. The writing instruments' ivory coloured barrel feature a scrimshaw engraved cowboy. Trims in antique sterling silver are adorned with six shooters and the clip displays Visconti's name in the style of an old saloon sign. The cap is covered in hand-crafted leather giving the finishing touch to these pens full of history and dreams! Both Limited Edition bring a special packaging in hand-crafted leather and walnut. Available in fountain pen or rollerball the e
  14. The new Montegrappa Hemingway Limited Edition is out! Montegrappa plays tribute to the American author and journalist Ernest Hemingway. The collection is composed by three different editions that reflect the novelist's life and journey. The first of the editions "The Soldier" is already available at Iguana Sell. Its green celluloid body creates the perfect contrast with sterling silver trims. The 18K nib shows Hemingway's signature while cap and clip are decorated with engraved details of the author's life. This edition is available in fountain pen, F-M-B, limited to only 100 pieces!
  15. Relative newby here, apologies if this is posted in the wrong spot. I've read a lot about detecting fraudulent Mont Blanc postings and pens on this site, but I think as more of such postings are available the smarter the counterfeiters become! I'm looking at a few pens right now from online sellers (mostly eBay and some antique sites) and am really concerned that nearly every one is a fake. These are not cheap pens, with asking prices in the high hundreds to low thousands for some of them, but every one has some suspicious elements... However, I've not been able to find postings here that addr
  16. chrissyjm

    Help With This Waterman 42 1/2

    I hope somebody on here will be able to help me. My mother left me this pen many years ago and it has just sat wrapped up in a box since then. I am now keen to find out a little bit more about it... can anyone shine any light on this for me? All I know is that I can't find any pictures of another one anywhere online. Thanks in advance!
  17. I hope somebody on here will be able to help me. My mother left me this pen many years ago and it has just sat wrapped up in a box since then. I am now keen to find out a little bit more about it... can anyone shine any light on this for me? All I know is that I can't find any pictures of another one anywhere online. Thanks in advance!
  18. Looking for Esterbrook pens made in Mexico (see https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/269966-trying-to-enliven-an-esterbrook-pen/) in La Lagunilla market in Mexico City last Sunday, I found this pen in one of the stalls full of small antique objects and/or second-hand stuff of every kind imaginable. The nib was a sort of extra-fine, and this convinced me to give it a serious thought. Because in fact I have never liked a lot this kind of engraved silver pens, and it had this touchdown system that I have never used. But I knew it was an Imperial, and therefore there was a chan
  19. A few weeks ago, I made a post here (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/267085-silver-fountain-pen-recommendations/), that I was looking for a sterling silver fountain pen. And yes, I have finally found one. I present to you, the Waterman 100 year Sterling Silver , serial number #02676. I was informed it was a limited run, but not how many were made. It was initially very dull when I first picked it up, which was a part of the reason why I bought it, as I had no interest in the new pens which are plated with other materials that prevents the silver from ever tarnishi
  20. Hello! I recently obtained three different Omas fountain pens from my grandfather after he passed. I've been able to find some information on the Old Style Celluloid pens, but I have not been able to find any information on the sterling silver Omas fountain pen I have as well. It's in brilliant shape, perfectly clean and free of scratches (essentially looks unused), and bears the "sterling" markings and "Italy" on the cap. Both the body of the pen and the cap are in silver and I believe the nib is either platinum or white gold. There is also a "honeycomb-like" pattern on the pen. If anyone
  21. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Sheaffer-Imperial-Sterling-Silver-Fountain-Pen-Mint-CL034-/201058900190?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 I looked around a bit at other sterling Imperials. Seemed like a decent price with the broad nib and all. Did I make a mistake?
  22. Hello I have made my pens. I used Mahogany for wood and 14ct/kt gold vintage nib and sections and Sterling Silver for clips and band. I got my 14 ct/kt nibs, sections and bits to make nib and sections work from a vintage pen parts supplier in the north of England. I ordered my Sterling Silver clips and bands from a Silver pen parts manufacturer in America. I got 1 pen band engraved with my name from a Central London engraver. I had help from a London wood turner who helped when I got stuck. The London based wood turner had a wood workshop in his shed, and gave advice and guidance an
  23. http://www.iguanasell-pics.com/photos/logos/fpn_logo_45_45.png See all our items @ FPN Montegrappa Emblema Black & .925 Silver Fountain PenBrand New in Box - Warranty by authorised Dealer - Free Shipping CHARACTERISTICS: Brand Montegrappa Description Montegrappa fountain pen Nib - Finish Celluloid & sterling silver details Closure System Screw-on Filling System Converter/cartridge filling system Dimensions (capped/uncapped) 13,1cm (5.15in) / 12,2cm (4.8in) Warranty (years) 2 Line Emblema Reference ISEBT-CC Special features: Typical Montegrappa octagonal shape.Made
  24. wacko1128

    Silver Bug

    Thanks to some members of this forum, I've been quite bitten by the sterling silver bug. Yard-o-Led has found a special place in my collection as you can see, but I've tried to branch out to other manufacturers. Most everything was bought second hand and I've been cycling through using each one (even the ballpoints sometimes). Anyone else found that silver writing instruments are a real joy to use? I didn't think I would like the pencils as much as I do. I'm sure part of that is the unique and novel YOL system of lead storage and replacement. Enough of my rambling and onto a picture.

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