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  1. From the album: European pens

    Calypso Mother-of-Pearl piston-filler by Santini Italia, numbered 28/98. Most Santini pen models and colourways are expressly ‘limited edition’, presumably on account of not intending to produce or source more of a particular pattern of acrylic or ebonite for their pen bodies. There are other Santini pen models, for example the Atene, with the same core design; but the Calypso is the only one using mother-of-pearl for the panels on the faceted barrel, bracketed by muted blue ebonite parts of the body.

    © A Smug Dill

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  2. From the album: Mercian’s pens

    This Parker 75 was ‘Made in USA’. I think it dates to the late 1970s, but it may be early-1970s (like me). It has a 14k gold ‘F’ nib that was also ‘Made in USA’.

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  3. I am a big fan of Waldmann's Precieux pens. I have two now and soon will have four. What is special with two of them is that they are custom orders. On the basis of a Sterling silver pen, I custom-ordered a yellow-gold vermeil and a rose-gold vermeil. I have already received the yellow-gold one - see photo below. This pen has become my favorite pen for everyday writing. So, I was dreaming about getting more of them. When Waldmann brought out a new catalogue, I had to realize that my favorite pen is now out-of-production. The danger of not getting what I dreamt off sped up my decision that I needed them now and I quickly ordered another vermeil and the corresponding base-pen (Sterling silver only). I was very lucky and got the last two examples on stock, one will be changed to rose-gold vermeil. As you can imagine, I am counting the days until they arrive. I will then show you that three-color set (silver, yellow-gold and rose-gold). Since I got that FP in 2020, I wished I had ordered a full set of FP/MP/BP and RB in that design. Now, knowing about the production end, I ordered the missing members mechanical pencil, ball-pen and rollerball. My present to me for my retirement which lurks around the corner. In the photo below, you also see another non-catalogue Waldmann Precieux, the P2000. It is made from stainless steel and black-coated. It is a limited edition which is out-of-stock at Waldmann too. The base design is the same as the metal pens which I ordered or have. You can find more about these pens on my blog, about the vermeil pens or the P2000. I like very much the attitude of Waldmann to accept custom orders and do remodeling of their catalogue pens.
  4. I managed to acquire this very peculiar design sketch pencil, which had been accidentally labeled as a pen when sold. Someone had put a D1 refill inside it... which actually worked. But clearly, the clutch is of the pencil variety. It was badly tarnished, but cleaned up nicely. It could use a good buffing to take out some light surface scratches. The "bullet" shape is magnificent. What's really quite interesting is the clip. It's spring loaded and you pull down on it to release the clutch. Very heavy! I'm guessing it's not completely solid silver and that it must have a metal alloy core. But there's no apparent way to disassemble it. There's a seam, showing that there's two "halves" but it's bonded together. The other curiosity is that this pencil is branded for a pharmaceutical product by Bristol Myers Squibb--PLAVIX. It's engraved in precisely the font and design for that product, which even includes the 3 rows of dots to the left of the "I". Now obviously BMS didn't make this pencil. I'm guessing it was purchased from a luxury gift house that made a provision for engraving. But this is obviously not your typical kind of engraving (like an employee name), given the complexity. Photo before the pencil was cleaned up: If anyone here is familiar with this particular pencil or may have an idea of what company gift supplier may have produced it, please let me know. Thanks!
  5. KingsCountyWriter

    Pilot Custom Sterling Silver Won't Write

    The pen arrived with a dried out cartridge that first signaled bad news. I waited for 2 months for this pen from Japan, and it won't write. I have soaked it for 3 evenings and run it under warm water. It's soaking as I write this now. When water is in the section, it will drain out through the nib. A fresh cartridge or a converter doesn't allow the ink to flow past a few scribbles. If this were a cheaper pen, I'd attempt to open it up, but I'm not well versed in repair and this was over $100 to acquire. Can someone make a recommendation as to who might be able to solve this issue? I'm in the NYC area but I don't mind shipping it.
  6. FigliodiunCollezionista

    Montegrappa Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

    Hello All! I am new to this site, but my father was a frequent visitor to any site devoted to pens, especially fountain pens. Unfortunately, he passed away a couple of months ago and left behind his collection. I am not completely ignorant on the subject, I have a few myself that were given to me (by him, of course) as gifts. His collection consists of Montegrappas, Sailors, Namikis, Lamys, Mont Blancs, Pilots, Watermans and more. My family has given me the responsibility of researching his collection, including the value of the ones that we are willing to part with. The first of which is a .925 Sterling Silver Montegrappa Fountain Pen. I can't seem to find a model name or model number, so I'm hoping that my limited description and the pictures I've attached to this post will be enough for you to identify the model and hopefully, its approximate worth. I want to thank you in advance for your help, and I'm even more thankful for giving my father a place to share his passion with like-minded people.
  7. Just wanted to share images of my new Pilot namiki Silvern Ishidatami Lattice Sterling Silver fountain pen
  8. Hi today I got a new pen. I found it unique. Don't know about its previous user. Got it from a local dealer for reasonable price. It is a sterling silver pen with 14k gold nib. It shows a "made in" ENGLAND in cap and 925 embossed in the Body. The clip shows the brand name Raja. Are these pens known?
  9. Our close-out sale of Aurora Archivi Storici is going to end. They're modern pens, but made with old original mechanisms from the '50s, available in sterling silver or chromed or golden versions. Their nib is 14Kt gold, original of that time; unique size (M) which writes a medium/fine line. Filling system is trik-trak converter (not included) or cartridge. They were already proposed at amazing prices, after I bought all the left stock; but now they're even more reduced, so you really can't leave them here! Still available: Sterling silver fountain pen http://www.giardino.it/pens/aurora/IMMAGINI/archivi010ap.jpg Golden fountain pen http://www.giardino.it/pens/aurora/IMMAGINI/archivi018ap.jpg Until stock lasts. Good luck!
  10. Billman

    Please Help!

    Can some please help me ID this pen. It's a sterling silver Mont blanc from 1995. The box says it's a 149 but haven't found anything online about them. It's never been used so how much could it be worth?
  11. Hello!, I have a Conway Stewart duro Sterling Silver - Button fill that needs the sac replaced, anyone knows how to loosen the section so I can get to where the sac is and replace it? also what sac size should I use? Many thanks Jack
  12. It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon here and the rains have finally arrived. I had reviewed the HS Bronze on a similar afternoon. If you are looking for the HS Bronze review, here it is: HS Bronze Review The Blogger view runs below for the HS Florentine Hills review: The Visconti Homo Sapiens Florentine Hills Review So here goes the review. THE HOMO SAPIENS In late 2009, Florence-based luxury pen maker Visconti announced in a press-release covering a nib made of 95% Palladium (23k) alloy. Commonly available nibs are 14k/18k/21k Gold alloy (Sailor), with a few exceptions (Danitrio & the Japanese karat warriors), and this was the first of its kind perhaps after the Esterbrook or Sheaffer PdAg nibs. The other side of the snippet showcased a pen christened with a name of HomoSapiens(HS), which was forged from an equal mix of basaltic lava and resin, adorned with bronze and protected from competitors by a patent. The lava came from Mt. Etna (one of the active volcanoes) on the east coast of Sicily, Italy. I came to know of the HS a few years later. Visconti (estd. 1988) promised the HS lava to be unbreakable, flameproof (upto 100°C), albeit with a slightly hygroscopic body, oxidation prone bronze trims, but with a corrosion-resistant titanium power filler. The available designs now range from lava plus bronze/steel/black PVD to a 388-limited edition (bronze LE) or some 1000-LEs Crystal Swirls or Florentine Hills or 888-limited-London Fog (made up of Acroloid/Sterling Silver). Besides, fountain pens there are also roller-balls and ball-point pens in the HS range, but those, of course do not concern our primary interest. Initially after getting a HS in bronze, I was always on the lookout for one of these beauties in silver trims. DESIGN (6/6) AN ITALIAN JOB Visconti started the Homo Sapiens in Bronze & Lava as an homage to the evolution of mankind. Bronze Ages predates us by around five thousand years is the period, when humans began smelting and mixing of metals like copper and tin, to produce alloys like bronze. Also during that particular period, a system of writing/recording had evolved, mostly through the use of symbols. The trim-fittings including the HS Bronze clip are all made of bronze. The Florentine Hills carries the same design but is an acrylicdemonstrator fused with ribbons of coloured celluloid suspended within - thereby the nomenclature acryloid. The ribbons range from light green to vivid tinges of yellow and reddish brown. These colours remind of meanderings through vineyards and olive groves, from the beechwood forests to the grassy groves of the countryside. The splendid works of Tuscany art and those picturesque landscapes somehow seem to share quite a common inspiration in spirit. A large silver centre-band at the start of the grip section with a HOMO SAPIENS imprint is followed by the particular LE number of the piece. So it’s typicallyXXX/1000 unless you ended up with the thousandth piece. The overall shape tapers towards the ends where you can enjoy the translucency of vivid green. Looks almost photosynthetic! The cap & blind cap might carry some of those celluloid ribbons, in a more subtle manner. The taper is more pronounced at the plunger end/blind cap rather than in the cap itself. A sterling silver loop embellishes the design at the start of the blind cap. It’s actually the filler collar. You can perhaps see a drop of Yama Budo The unique locking system of the cap is nothing new if you have tried a HS. The quick hook safe lock threads (six) enable disengaging the cap, with a quarter of counter-clockwise twist. That little twist will of course reveal the dazzle of 23 karat Palladium nib and another photosynthetic grip section! A click is heard, once you correctly twist-lock the cap. A view of the inner cap locks..The cap has a spring inside to assist the locking mechanism. The section starts with the upraised locking threads with a faint resemblance to the Greek Key, and then tapers comfortably before ending up with a slightly raised stop. The finial mentions VISCONTI with the company trademark of the mirrored V. As always, the medal is customizable via Visconti's My Pen System with your initials or zodiac sign or gemstone (available from $15 onwards). You can pull out the visconti medallion from the finial by using any magnet and replace it with a gemstone of your choice. VISCONTI is embossed within a dark enamel background on both sides of the Ponte Vecchio clip which is made of sterling silver. The cap itself has a subtle taper towards the finial. Two spaced silver rings adorn the middle of the cap, dazzling within the greener pastures. The clip is spring loaded and you have to lift it to put it in your shirt pocket. The HS Bronze cap seems to have its own allure. FILLING SYSTEM (5/6) A silver loop logically separates the blind-cap, from rest of the barrel. On rotating the blind cap till its end-stop, you will be able to pull out a plunger, much like a tethered sword pulled from its sheath. The inside of the blind cap carries a silver insert to run the threads and so that the acrylic is protected from any damage. The plunger rod is made of Titanium, a metal which has proved to be phenomenally resistant to most corrosive of fluids. Titanium rods are often placed as support inserts by dentists, in order to rebuild broken tooth structures! However, the shining filler collar made of sterling silver shines down condescendingly on the rather dull rod. The filler collar in the HS bronze is made of titanium with a graphite like dull lustre. Once you push in the knob with the nib dipped inside an ink bottle, you can feel a surge of ink inside the pen. An ink capacity of around 2.2 mL doesn't allow your favourite ink to last that long, given a generous flow of even for a fine nib! Here you can observe the secondary ink chamber (double walled), which can be loaded/drained into the main chamber, once you pull back the piston seal. My flight experience has been pleasant with a fully filled secondary chamber. So unless one is taking the HS FH to Mars/ISS, one doesn't have to worry about it. The small chamber lasts quite a few pages with the Fine nib and can be filled once the wetness reflects a paucity of fuel! During longer writing sessions or broad nibs, I keep the piston seal open. NIB - ALL THAT MATTERS (3/6) The giant two-tone nib with an usual iridium tip comes in four main sizes – EF, F, M & B along two special widths – BB (double-broad) & Stub (S). The nib has an leverage of around 2.6 cm and it is a #6 Visconti nib. These dreamtouch nibs are manufactured by Bock. Half of them are probably out of touch due to a tine issue or the other! At the tail end of the nib, lies the nib width, above which embossed are the specifications of 23k Pd 950 and a word FIRENZE. Firenze refers to Florence in Italy which is the birthplace of both Italian Renaissance and Visconti Pens, thereby its borrowed tagline - The Writing Renaissance. Palladium is the dazzling silvery and matches well with the overall trims. Personally though, I prefer the two-tone gold adornment. The silvery finish diverges from the lunar-eclipse breather hole across the inside of the tines and over to the tail. The name VISCONTI lies below the moony breather hole, with splashes of shapes of diamonds, droplets and half-moons to ornament the nib. This one is a fine nib and came with misaligned tines. Now it writes smoothly after adjusting the tines, thankfully I didn't have to send it to Visconti again. The feed is a standard visconti feed with closely spaced fins, carrying the V logo at the delta region. The nib is screw-fit onto the grip section and can be swapped with ease, provided you take care of the tines. It has a bit of flex (which increases with use), although there is not much difference for an EF & F nib, when it comes to line variation with mild pressure. Be careful with over-flexing the palladium nib, it might result in a permanent damage. This nib initially ran wet, though it gave a strong feedback at certain angles due to the right tine, which was misaligned. The right tine stood lower than the left. And the width it lay was close to a true EF. That’s was what bewildered me, how come a Visconti Fine write so thin! I bet it was still better than some of my bad sailor nibs! Post alignment of the tines, the width of the lines increased to a true European fine or a Japanese medium and it now runs with heavy juice. PHYSICS OF IT (6/6) – RELATIVELY SPEAKING With a cylindrical body forged out of acrylic and celluloid & adorned with silver rings, it does give an earthly greenish repose. The overall weight has got a significant contribution from the cap due to the silver clip. A girth of around 1 cm is quite comfortable and it’s one of the most comfortable pens for me. As an analogy, the cap itself could be as heavy as a Pelikan m400 fountain pen. The HS bronze is heavier compared to the FH. Capped Length ~ 14.4 cm Non-posted Length ~ 13.2 cm Non-posted Weight ~ g Nib Leverage ~ 2.6 cm Overall Weight ~ 37.8 g (HS Bronze ~ 43.7 g) Overall Weight (inked) ~ 40.1 g Weight Without Cap ~ 22.8 g (HS Bronze ~ 26.6 g) Comparing capped lengths, the HS (Since HS LEs are Oversize/Maxi) does seem similar to a Pilot Custom 823 (which is not as hefty), a m1000 is there to reference a comparison with the Size#8 nib (its heft is on the higher of HS). ECONOMIC VALUE (4/6) Though the Homo Sapiens Florentine Hills sells around USD 800, it is available for lower street prices. I was able to get the pen at a pretty good price, and I don't want your decision to be coloured by this price, apart from discussing it. Still, I do fail to find a great economic value for a piece of acrylic with some silver(@50 cents/gram), even though it does feel great to hold, write and a pleasure to see. I feel the bronze edition is a rather memorable pen to keep. OVERALL (4.8/6) One thing regarding the misaligned tines, it was an easy fix for me and did not require specialised services. It’s the most common problem across many luxury brands and sometimes it does run worse. Had it been something worse where I would have had to send the nib back, my rating would have been 1/6 on the nib, 1-for the design. I am used to a few large pens, I like the balance and do not find any problem with either the heft or balance of HS. Personally I like the Lava model more, since the materials and workmanship seem much more elegant. There is some line variation as the #6 nib does render springy softness to cushion mild writing pressures. No hard starts, no skips! The Fine nib lays a line which runs true to its European standards and for a cross-reference it runs more like a Japanese Medium nib. The pen feels well balanced for my hands though it does seem to have a short section for gripping. The hook-safe threads might interfere with your grip, if you tend to hold a pen higher. I have used multiple fills of Iroshizuku Yama Budo & GvFC Moss Green inks, and the pen runs rather nicely with Iro. Which pen doesn't Being a wet writer out of the box, the Fine nib lays a nice juice but thinner line, which takes around 35 seconds to dry a GvFC Moss Green (I find Moss Green to dry quicker) on MD Paper. The flex is evident due to the springy nib, which with a gentle pressure delivers thicker strokes, though the range of strokes run broader with increasing nib-width. Personally, I would have saved up for a Conid in acrylic, but the lure or Palladium/Silver/Acryloid vs a Titanium/Acrylic marched right ahead in my head. Perhaps some day else, since titan is already there. REFERENCES HS Bronze ReviewPress Release - 23kt Pd nibTine Adjustment Video (8:00 onwards)- Brian Goulet Thank you for going through the review. You can find some more pen and paraphernalia reviews here. Comments are welcome
  13. It seems like I used the pen just yesterday but it says it has been over four years since it last got to play. That couldn't be right, it has to be wrong, yet there was evidence. http://www.fototime.com/5C37A2E007E3F1C/medium800.jpg So even though it means I have four fountain pens filled at the same time, I let the Ferrari da Varese Yesterday come out to play. It decided it wanted a bright blue so I filled it with Pilot Iroshizuku Kon Peki and will let it strut its stuff for awhile. Just please don't let the other pens know. http://www.fototime.com/AEF1508B941BAE2/large.jpg The Ferrari da Varese Yesterday is all Sterling silver covered with a high temperature enamel that is then cut away using a diamond bit to show the silver and provide guilloche. The nib is 18K medium width, soft but not flexy. The cap is a slip on that seals well and has a positive snap when seated. http://www.fototime.com/4704E8AC72BF890/standard.jpg
  14. American West lovers, these pieces have been made just for you! Visconti launches a new Limited Edition bringing the Wild West back. The writing instruments' ivory coloured barrel feature a scrimshaw engraved cowboy. Trims in antique sterling silver are adorned with six shooters and the clip displays Visconti's name in the style of an old saloon sign. The cap is covered in hand-crafted leather giving the finishing touch to these pens full of history and dreams! Both Limited Edition bring a special packaging in hand-crafted leather and walnut. Available in fountain pen or rollerball the edition is limited to 388 pieces. The fountain pen's nib is in 23K palladium and is available in EF-F-M. Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/visconti-wild-west-fountain-pen-925-silver-limited-ed-vi754st52m Rollerball: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/visconti-wild-west-rollerball-pen-leather-925-silver-limited-ed-754rl52 For further information do not hesitate to contact us via info@iguanasell.com Enjoy some pictures of the wildest Limited Edition below!
  15. The new Montegrappa Hemingway Limited Edition is out! Montegrappa plays tribute to the American author and journalist Ernest Hemingway. The collection is composed by three different editions that reflect the novelist's life and journey. The first of the editions "The Soldier" is already available at Iguana Sell. Its green celluloid body creates the perfect contrast with sterling silver trims. The 18K nib shows Hemingway's signature while cap and clip are decorated with engraved details of the author's life. This edition is available in fountain pen, F-M-B, limited to only 100 pieces! Fountain pen: https://www.iguanasell.com/products/montegrappa-hemingway-the-soldier-fountain-pen-925-silver Should you need additional information please do not hesitate but contact us through info@iguanasell.com Enjoy more pictures of this piece, which is perfect for collectors and novel lovers, in our site.
  16. Relative newby here, apologies if this is posted in the wrong spot. I've read a lot about detecting fraudulent Mont Blanc postings and pens on this site, but I think as more of such postings are available the smarter the counterfeiters become! I'm looking at a few pens right now from online sellers (mostly eBay and some antique sites) and am really concerned that nearly every one is a fake. These are not cheap pens, with asking prices in the high hundreds to low thousands for some of them, but every one has some suspicious elements... However, I've not been able to find postings here that address some of the details I'm curious to get some group input on. Apologies for the volume of questions but I'm hoping to start piecing this information together before I make some purchases. Attached are a couple of photos of things I believe are questionable. The pens I'm looking at are 1) the 75th Anniversary sterling silver 144 & 146 Barley with rose gold, 2) the Meisterstuck 146 Legrand sterling silver barley AND pin stripe Solitaire, 3) Meisterstuck sterling silver Solitaire 144 in barley. All pens are sterling silver on both cap and body. Can anybody help with the following?: 1. Is the number 925 always stamped on all of these models rather than engraved? I've seen pictures of what appears to be both on various sites. 2. Is the "Ag" insignia always associated with the presence of the number 925? I'm seeing inconsistencies across the lines, and even between pens in a line - is it only the 75th Anniversary that has "Ag 925"? 3. Should the number font - specifically the "9" in the "1924" stamped on the body of the 75th Anniversary addition - be identical to the font on the "Ag 925" stamp? (this is not the case on one I'm looking at) 4. Is a serial number universally included on all these pens from MB, or have SNs ever been "optional" for some lines based on "dealer preference" (I'm being told this by one seller) 5. Have you ever seen a serial number or "W. Germany" stamp on the clip band that was NOT perfectly centered in the band, but instead riding just above the bottom line of the band (but still straight)? This is the case with one of the Legrand 146 pin stripes I'm looking at 6. I've read here that every MB pen in precious metal has "METAL" stamped on the clip band, does this also apply to every pen line I'm looking at? Thank you so much for any help!!
  17. chrissyjm

    Help With This Waterman 42 1/2

    I hope somebody on here will be able to help me. My mother left me this pen many years ago and it has just sat wrapped up in a box since then. I am now keen to find out a little bit more about it... can anyone shine any light on this for me? All I know is that I can't find any pictures of another one anywhere online. Thanks in advance!
  18. I hope somebody on here will be able to help me. My mother left me this pen many years ago and it has just sat wrapped up in a box since then. I am now keen to find out a little bit more about it... can anyone shine any light on this for me? All I know is that I can't find any pictures of another one anywhere online. Thanks in advance!
  19. Looking for Esterbrook pens made in Mexico (see https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/269966-trying-to-enliven-an-esterbrook-pen/) in La Lagunilla market in Mexico City last Sunday, I found this pen in one of the stalls full of small antique objects and/or second-hand stuff of every kind imaginable. The nib was a sort of extra-fine, and this convinced me to give it a serious thought. Because in fact I have never liked a lot this kind of engraved silver pens, and it had this touchdown system that I have never used. But I knew it was an Imperial, and therefore there was a chance it could write like the Sheaffer nib I lost last January (see https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/267147-why-i-am-here-or-just-another-tragic-story/). Well, I charged it with water, and everything seemed in order, so I payed the 800 mexican pesos (+/- 62 US) that the seller accepted to receive after he initially voiced 1,000 (+/- 76). Now, the pen needs some polish, and the mouth if the cap is not perfectly round, so it does not close in every angle with the same ease. A close look at the nib reveals that it has a lot of use, and also that it was submitted to some manipulation (like an attempt to polish it with a hard abrasive). The main issue is that the nib is too wet, so wet that it is hard to appreciate the thinness of the line it produces, and it also skips a little. The touchdown system charges well, but I don't know if it is normal that it takes only about .5ml of ink. I don't notice any variation when I do two or more "pumps". I am very happy with this purchase, even though the pen might need a little help from my friends...
  20. A few weeks ago, I made a post here (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/267085-silver-fountain-pen-recommendations/), that I was looking for a sterling silver fountain pen. And yes, I have finally found one. I present to you, the Waterman 100 year Sterling Silver , serial number #02676. I was informed it was a limited run, but not how many were made. It was initially very dull when I first picked it up, which was a part of the reason why I bought it, as I had no interest in the new pens which are plated with other materials that prevents the silver from ever tarnishing/patina developing etc. Hence, I eventually gave up the Montblanc 146 Barleycorn Solitaire for this The grip section, belonged to a different series of Waterman 100 year Sterling Silvers as well, evidenced by the stamp to show its 925 credentials. The seller was honest enough to mention this before selling the pen, as its clearly noted that the body/ grip section has a different serial number. The original matching section would have been of a similar pattern with the body/cap. As it was my first time seeing the pen, the impression was that the pen looked it should from the start. This model was made in France, unfortunately my camera isnt good enough to show macro shots of the 'France' words on the gold trimmings and nib section. It uses a Waterman Ideal nib, medium, perfect for daily writing, though I would have preferred a broad as I do with most of my better pens. I would not bore you with my samples, but suffice to say its a very smooth writer. Looking at the rear end, youd think it was a piston filler, but it is actually a cartridge filler. I know most people would expect, ah a silver pen, might have cost you a fair bit, would expect something more, but I've gotten used to cartridge fillers, and ink capacity is an issue which no longer troubles me. What it does, is allow the cap to be posted securely. Most of the pens is centered around back half of the pen actually, which actually makes posting it quite heavy and may throw off the balance for some people, but I've found no issue with it to date,. This is likely something that is very user dependant, I would like it, but some may prefer the balance to be more centered or towards the nib. No measuring tools at hand, but here are some comparisons capped and uncapped vs a Pelikan Souveran M600, and a 20 cent Malaysian coin ( this is roughly the same size as a 2 Euro coin ) Overall, I'm extremely satisfied, the feeling you get when you look at the pen that makes you go, "'Ah, that's the one !'' I'd like to hear your thoughts or if you know any further information about this pen, or places selling nib sections ! Would love a broad, or even double broad
  21. Hello! I recently obtained three different Omas fountain pens from my grandfather after he passed. I've been able to find some information on the Old Style Celluloid pens, but I have not been able to find any information on the sterling silver Omas fountain pen I have as well. It's in brilliant shape, perfectly clean and free of scratches (essentially looks unused), and bears the "sterling" markings and "Italy" on the cap. Both the body of the pen and the cap are in silver and I believe the nib is either platinum or white gold. There is also a "honeycomb-like" pattern on the pen. If anyone has any information on this pen (name, date made, history, etc.) it would be greatly appreciated as I'd like to use it as my grandfather once had. I've also attached photos of the celluloid pens in case anyone has additional information on them as well. Thank you in advance!! Husker
  22. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Sheaffer-Imperial-Sterling-Silver-Fountain-Pen-Mint-CL034-/201058900190?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 I looked around a bit at other sterling Imperials. Seemed like a decent price with the broad nib and all. Did I make a mistake?
  23. Hello I have made my pens. I used Mahogany for wood and 14ct/kt gold vintage nib and sections and Sterling Silver for clips and band. I got my 14 ct/kt nibs, sections and bits to make nib and sections work from a vintage pen parts supplier in the north of England. I ordered my Sterling Silver clips and bands from a Silver pen parts manufacturer in America. I got 1 pen band engraved with my name from a Central London engraver. I had help from a London wood turner who helped when I got stuck. The London based wood turner had a wood workshop in his shed, and gave advice and guidance and the use of his workshop. The London wood turner helped finish my pens off as I am novice. I had a problem as band diameter was slightly smaller than nib section so we decided to put the band at the bottom. The total cost was $200.38 (£123.01) including use of the workshop excluding the $24.43 (£15) for engraving for both pens. I look forward for comments of aesthetics of my two fountain pens. Yours Farhan
  24. http://www.iguanasell-pics.com/photos/logos/fpn_logo_45_45.png See all our items @ FPN Montegrappa Emblema Black & .925 Silver Fountain PenBrand New in Box - Warranty by authorised Dealer - Free Shipping CHARACTERISTICS: Brand Montegrappa Description Montegrappa fountain pen Nib - Finish Celluloid & sterling silver details Closure System Screw-on Filling System Converter/cartridge filling system Dimensions (capped/uncapped) 13,1cm (5.15in) / 12,2cm (4.8in) Warranty (years) 2 Line Emblema Reference ISEBT-CC Special features: Typical Montegrappa octagonal shape.Made of precious celluloid and sterling silver details.1912 silver disk on the top of the cap sorrounded by a matching celluloid ring. CONDITIONS:The item is brand new in original box and comes with all papers and warranty stamped at the moment of the purchase by authorised dealer.List price: $650 - Contact us for a personalized offer Payment Methods: PayPalCredit cardGoogle CheckoutMoney Order (We have Bank accounts in the US as well as in Europe)Cash on Delivery (Euro Countries) Free Expedited Shipping (UPS or Fedex) to the US, Canada and European Union. Other countries, $18 (shared shipping costs) ABOUT US: We are an international company with more than three (3) years of experience in e-commerce, duly registered in the US and Europe. We are present on the most important Marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, ecommerce sites: shopping.com, yahoo shopping... and our own website You can take a look at our eBay feedback here or read the opinions of other forum members: 1 , 2, or 3 CONTACT:To contact us, just write us a pm, orsend us an email to info@iguanasell.com http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/C459/Montegrappa-Emblema-Celluloid-&-Silver-Fountain-Pen-ISEBT-CC-1.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/C459/Montegrappa-Emblema-Celluloid-&-Silver-Fountain-Pen-ISEBT-CC-2.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/C459/Montegrappa-Emblema-Celluloid-&-Silver-Fountain-Pen-ISEBT-CC-3.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/C459/Montegrappa-Emblema-Celluloid-&-Silver-Fountain-Pen-ISEBT-CC-4.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/C459/Montegrappa-Emblema-Celluloid-&-Silver-Fountain-Pen-ISEBT-CC-5.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/C459/Montegrappa-Emblema-Celluloid-&-Silver-Fountain-Pen-ISEBT-CC-6.jpg http://iguanasell-pics.com/photos/C459/Montegrappa-Emblema-Celluloid-&-Silver-Fountain-Pen-ISEBT-CC-7.jpg Don't miss the video!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M82nBwy29Fg CONDITIONS:The item is brand new in original box and comes with all papers and warranty stamped at the moment of the purchase by authorised dealerList price: $650 - Contact us for a personalized offer Payment Methods: PayPalCredit cardGoogle CheckoutMoney Order (We have Bank accounts in the US as well as in Europe)Cash on Delivery (Euro Countries) Free Expedited Shipping (UPS or Fedex) to the US, Canada and European Union. Other countries, $18 (shared shipping costs) ABOUT US: We are an international company with more than three (3) years of experience in e-commerce, duly registered in the US and Europe. We are present on the most important Marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, ecommerce sites: shopping.com, yahoo shopping... and our own website You can take a look at our eBay feedback here or read the opinions of other forum members: 1 , 2, or 3 CONTACT:To contact us, just write us a pm, orsend us an email to info@iguanasell.com More Montegrappa pens on our website Thanks for looking!----------------------------- Website: www.iguanasell.comJoin our newsletter for special promotions and news http://static.anuncios.ebay.es/images/dailydeals/dm/icon_facebook_24.png Follow us on Facebookhttp://static.anuncios.ebay.es/images/dailydeals/dm/icon_twitter_24.png Follow us on Twitter: @Iguana_sell

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