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  1. The cap is German from Imperial Pen company. But they never made lever fillers. The barrel labeled Rikkers and Eton is most likely Dutch made by one of those companies. I have no details as to the association of Rikkers or Eton. Anyone that knows something about these companies would love to hear more. I am reposting this in the European forum. So Myk Daigle sent this to me as a practice repair pen. The plating on the clip was gone, covered in verdigris as was the lever. It used to have a metal band on the cap lip, but that is long gone. It looked like it had gone
  2. Further research and consulting have let me know this is a Frankenpen. The cap is German from Imperial Pen company. But they never made lever fillers. The barrel labeled Rikkers and Eton is most likely Dutch made by one of those companies. I have no details as to the association of Rikkers or Eton. Anyone that knows something about these companies would love to hear more. I am reposting this in the European forum. So Myk Daigle sent this to me as a practice repair pen. The plating on the clip was gone, covered in verdigris as was the lever. It used to have a metal
  3. Just gifted myself this beautiful set of Imperial VIII fountain pen and pencil, complete with original box. Found them for sale in an old Mom & Pop stationary store that also happens to sell old ballpoints, pencils and fountain pens in varying states of conservation. Both are in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition, but the pen needs a new sac. Not sure about the nib width, but looks like a Medium. The best, I got them for just $35! I always thought these Imperials were a bit thicker than all the other Sheaffer pens I own, but this pen seems to be the exact same width and length
  4. A friend of mine has a nice Parker Duofold mechanical pencil, made around 1950. He is about to run out of leads. My calipers measure the existing leads at 1/20 inch, 0.05 inch. Does anyone know where Imperial leads are available? The 1.18 mm metrical gauge will work at a pinch, but the real thing would be preferable. Thanks! Peter
  5. I am relatively new to sheaffers and pen restoration in general. I have restored my friend's Sheaffer Imperial, but somehow when I got one for myself, the screw was either sealed in and rusted or just rusted in, but i could not even get a grip on it with a screwdriver as the screw had corroded and was stripped. I have limited tools and I don't plan on buying any online. I have also searched online but the suggestions require tools I don't posses or are too risky and I don't want to try. Any suggestions? Sorry I could not get a clear photo of the screw.
  6. I just received this pen via an online auction and I'm trying to pin down the identity. It's a Sheaffer, cartridge/squeeze converter, "Gold Electroplated", "Sheaffer Made in U.S.A.", nib is inlaid 585 14K gold. I think I have it narrowed down to either an Imperial 727 or 777. The differences between the two models isn't clear to me. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. EdwardSouthgate

    Imperial Pelletier 227

    Just won this and was wondering if anyone knows their history . Have read that they were Dutch made but the nib is marked Brussels .
  8. kayne

    White Colored Imperial?

    I saw a review in korean community and saw a really beautiful imperial. White colored cap, barrel. Inlaid nib. Is there anyone who has information about it?
  9. Hi, I picked this up recently in amongst a load of other pens - having difficulty in tying down the model/date. In style (nib, barrel and cap) it appears a good match with the Imperial II Touchdowns of ca.1962. However its a cartridge filler and i haven't found any reference to Sheaffer marketing such a pen. Is there anyone out there who can enlighten me? With the conical nib it makes for a fine writer (even finer with the nib reversed). Thanks PS. I did find a reference to the Imperial models being reintroduced in 1969 with a cartridge filler option, but these had a new style cap with
  10. modaresi

    What Model Is This Sheaffer

    I have a pen which looks like a Sheaffer Imperial Triumph, however as you can see in the pictures, the pen is tagged VIII. I've always thought that VIII was a top of the line of the plastic barrel Imperials which came in different colors; But this one is gold plated. So does anyone know what model is this and when it was manufactured?
  11. Hi all, Recently I've been looking into getting myself a vintage Sheaffer imperial IV with a fine or XF nib, but the prices seem rather high on some products and I'm not sure if they are worth it / reasonable, it seems I could invest that money elsewhere, but I am rather new to Sheaffer vintage pens so I'm not sure what boundaries I'm working with. This is purely so I can decide to wait on a better offer to come up or to get something relatively soon with existing offers. These are what I found so far: NOS with fine nib, guaranteed working $95USD (+$15 Intl' shipping)Used with fine nib, "s
  12. Hi guys, I need a little help with choosing which vintage Sheaffer Imperial to buy! Recently I've been looking on eBay and am quite intrigued by the vintage Sheaffer pens with the inlaid nibs, they're absolutely gorgeous! Anyway, I've spotted three good deals and am having trouble deciding which is more worth it. I would like to hear your opinions! 1) Sheaffer Imperial 330 NOS, Black, Fine steel nib. £59 (Also comes with ballpoint pen) The price is attractive to me especially as there is both a fountain pen and ballpoint included, and they are both new old stock.However I have been told th
  13. TimCasey13

    Imperial Caps Compatibility

    Hi Sheaffer Fans! I've got a pretty simple question here: Are the earlier Imperial (IV,VI,VIII, etc) caps compatible with the later style (440,550,777,etc) pens? Are the metal caps the same as the plastic ones internally? Thanks!
  14. Anthony95

    In Search Of A Purple

    I have a large collection of ink, but only one purple must be remedied! . The purple I have is waterman, can anyone recommend something with a touch more red? Has anyone used diamine imperial or MB violet? If so do you think these might fit the bill. Any suggestions welcome I'm in the UK so noodlers and PR are harder to procure. Thank ye all
  15. When I was very young, I remember being in a flea market with my crazy aunt and seeing an old Sheaffer advertisement, touting the latest, greatest pen- the PFM. Well, I still don't own a PFM. But that moment sort of defined when I started thinking fountain pens were cool, particularly fountain pens with inlaid nibs. Fast forward to this past Monday night, and that idea was confirmed in a big way. After some random trolling around, I discovered Peyton Street Pens through this site, though I forget where in particular I saw the link. No affiliation, but I can now say I'm an incredibly pleased cu
  16. Due to the placement of the white dot on the clip, I'm sure that's it's a post PFM pen at the very least. It seems thin enough to be an imperial, either I or II by my guess due to the nib style. What really throws me is the gold embellished band. I would really appreciate any assistance I could get in finding the model of the pen.
  17. Ranga Ebonites and Acrylics Update We've got some new models and colors to tell you about. Model 4CS Imperials -- Now in Acrylic These are the pens which can be fitted with a new old stock Sheaffer Imperial nib, such as the ones found on Sheaffer 330/440/444 pens. We just had a batch made in colorful acrylics for those of you who want brighter colors, and/or who are inexplicably not attracted to the scent of hard rubber. Below are our new acrylic colors. Both acrylic and ebonite models are priced at $68 with steel nibs, or $113 for 14k inlaid nibs. We only have a few of each acrylic color,
  18. Hi, i have a stuck Sheaffer Imperial Touchdown nib unit. The reason why I want to take apart the section is because I have found ink to be leaking through the threads that hold the nib unit to the whole pen. I have tried to remove it with some heat but it wouldn't budge (maybe due to my hairdryer not being able to reach the release temperature of the sealant). I have managed to remove my friend's one but mine wouldn't move at all. I also can't find any rubber sheets nearby which maybe why I can't unscrew it. Any suggestions? I have posted 2 photos below.
  19. gammada

    Imperial 727 Buying Advice

    I want to start my vintage pen collection and I've been eyeing several Sheaffer Imperial 727 pens that are within my budget. However, I would like your advice on what will be best to get, what should I look for and if these particular pen is worth going after. I've got 3 different offerings: First one is for a gold plated pen with matching 14k nib and it's "suction" converter for about $25 in working order, with no apparent dents but seems to have been in use frequently; The second is for the full set of ballpoint, mechanical pencil and fountain pen (gold plated) in the original box for abou
  20. Like many of you I see pens on auction websites. To me it's very hard to tell the difference between a PFM and an Imperial. Any advice?? PFM: http://0101.nccdn.net/1_5/15e/0a8/179/1260137681290949.JPG Imperial: http://0101.nccdn.net/1_5/37d/330/12d/skgi_4021232_5421.JPG
  21. Hey everyone, I have the Sheaffer Imperial touchdown in sterling silver. I've noticed that there's very little discussion or information about this pen online, so I was hoping we could start our own discussion about this pen and perhaps help answer some questions I have along the way. Some questions: -Is the 14k gold inlaid nib and clip plated? In certain lights and angles, it looks almost silver, but I don't know whether to attribute it to age. -Was it made exclusively in 1970-71? -Which model of Imperial is this pen? Am I incorrect to believe it's the Imperial IV? -How many of you have/
  22. Smothier

    Sheaffer Snorkel Barrel Crack

    Hi Everyone, I've recently got a hold of a Sheaffer Snorkel from the bay. Upon receiving it, I noticed a crack at the plunger end, usually a far too common and unfortunately fatal issue in snorkels. As it's in the UK, parts are notoriously difficult to find, let alone for a justifiable price. I actually noticed the issue after winning, but having already paid, the seller just played dumb and completely denied it, even though it was blatantly obvious. Since I got it for a good price, however, it isn't worth much in returning. The crack itself is perhaps about 3/8 of an inch, roughly the sam
  23. I recently got a NOS Sheaffer Imperial Touchdown, gold plated. It has a superb wet nib and fills just fine, but the metal blind cap has come loose from the black plastic underneath it. What's the best way to reattach the cap? There's still barely enough friction to turn the filling mechanism.
  24. SmoutKa

    Quest For A Schoolpen

    My son has some problems with his handwriting. Wonder where he got that from... Anyhow, it is a nice excuse to take a look at the school writing tools he's given here in the Netherlands. So I made a handfull of writing examples with his schoolpen and some others laying around. Ample reason to share the result here. And to beg you all for proper advise. First on the line is my daily writer: Sheaffer Imperial IV TD. It is of sentimental value to me, but apart from that: nothing I have touched comes even close to its performance. Never dry, easy filler, no hassle nibcleaning, smooth, balanc
  25. ink-syringe

    Mystery Imperial

    What the heck is this thing? My word. I have tried to figure out precisely what this pen is and you can go by the nib shape, cap and placement of the imprint and the type of filling system and usually get to a precise model. But I can not for the life of me find another pen with this exact same set of characteristics. It is an Imperial with a regular long V inlaid nib (not the short V or dolphin) but the nib (not the clip) actually says Sheaffer’s LIFETIME on it. It is a 14k nib and one of the ones with the USA on the lower part of V at the bottom of the section. It has the three prong cap g

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