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    • Wanted - WTB
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    Hey FPN! I am looking to purchase a Sheaffer PFM - preferably a II or IV model, but I won't turn down a decent deal, with a F or EF nib. I would prefer something in a user or average grade - I'd like something to use regularly. Would prefer restored, but won't turn down an unrestored example. I have excellent eBay buyer feedback, and have purchased pens on r/pen_swap, FPN, FPGeeks forum, and elsewhere. Would prefer to deal in PayPal, and I am located in the United States.


  2. I have a previously owned PFM III arriving in a couple days proported to be in good working condition. It is not being claimed to be newly restored. Should I just start using it if it appears the filler has good compression or should I send it in for service to be safe?
  3. silverlifter

    Pfm Snorkel Not Fully Extending

    I've had a PFM II for a while now and recently, say the last two fills so around a month or so, when I rotate the blind cap, the snorkel does not fully extend. It stops around halfway out. There is sufficient snorkel protruding to gently pull it out to full extension and fill the pen. Winding it back in, it retracts fully. The mechanism seems otherwise quite sound: no sense of tension or hesitancy when turning the blind cap in either direction, it feels quite smooth. Just for the last turn or so, the snorkel sits halfway out. Is this indicative of imminent failure of a seal? Something el
  4. L-B-Hart

    Sheaffer Pfm Iii Writing Problems

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Fountain Pen Network Not too long ago I bought a marvelous black Sheaffer PFM III. The pen came with an architect nib but was advertised as an extra-fine. Well I bought a new old stock nib unit in extra-fine. Unfortunately my pen writes only for about two pages of normal DIN A4 coppy paper before running dry. I had cleaned it two times which increased the range of my pen from about half a page to two pages. Maybe the change from Pelikan 4001 blue black to Montblanc Mystery Black helped as well. I also used a thinn wire and ran it through the snorkel tube as
  5. Dear friends. I'm trying to remove the inner cap of my on-going restoration Sheaffer PFM gold cap. First at all, I don't want to buy any special-task tool like the Inner cap extractor in http://www.penpractice.com/page3.html What I tried so far: I heated the inner cap with boiled water and ther I tried to use the DIY tool suggested by antonio ilmonaco in the post https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/93139-removing-inner-cap-from-sheaffer-tuckaway/ , with no results so far. Would you please give me some suggest about this? Any trick or tip? Regards, Jose
  6. fullfederhalter

    Sheaffer Pfm Question

    I have a black PFM set with plastic caps and stainless steel trim. A PFM I, right? Except my set has a 14kt nib instead of a palladium-silver nib. Yes, I know that the nib could have been swapped out at some point, but I am wondering if anyone knows if this combination could be special ordered from Sheaffer?
  7. I currently have two pens I use very consistently: a Pelikan M800 with cursive ital. nib that I ground and a PFM III, also with a cursive italic that I ground. Both pens are very smooth, wonderful writers. This is the perfect size for me, and I tend to like the M800 better in terms of weight. OK, so what might be a 3rd large pen to add to these two? I have a modern, very slightly used Aurora 88 that I plan to sell—can't go with the play of the nib on the paper. I can, of course, get another Pelikan, and I am open to a vintage pen. So what might be next? Thanks in advance for the help.
  8. Omaslover

    Pfm Feel

    For those of you who own multiple PFMs: Is the general feel of the pen similar across the board or do you distinguish distinctive writing characteristic in each one of them? In other words, can you close your eyes and know which PFM you are using?
  9. sarangm

    Pfm With Replacement Cap?

    Hello PFM Experts, Need some help identifying the model here http://www.ebay.com/itm/232229046206?_trksid=p2057872.m2750.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Looks like I (or II?) with cap of V. Please share your thoughts. Can't wait to try out that nib :-)
  10. Good morning all, Some days I think my brain is way older than the rest of me... The difference between the PFM-IV and V is that the IV has the two-tone cap and the V has the gold tone cap, right? Both pens are the same from nib to metal base plate aren't they? Thanks! greg
  11. bob1123

    Pfm Repair Question

    I've recently started repairing a PFM I purchased a while back and I've come across something interesting. The sack was completely ossified and required replacement. Somehow, the snorkel tube had been pushed pretty far inside the sac bushing. There was even a small indention where it seems someone tried to pull it out with some pliers. I noticed when I got the snorkel tube and sac bushing out of the sac protector the end of the snorkel tube looked as if part of the plastic might be broken off??? I'm unsure if the end part is supposed to be round or not. I compared the end to some pictures I've
  12. Like many of you I see pens on auction websites. To me it's very hard to tell the difference between a PFM and an Imperial. Any advice?? PFM: http://0101.nccdn.net/1_5/15e/0a8/179/1260137681290949.JPG Imperial: http://0101.nccdn.net/1_5/37d/330/12d/skgi_4021232_5421.JPG
  13. noj321

    Wanted - Pfm Sac Protectors

    I hope someone can help! I have repaired/serviced quite a few PFMs with success, and for some unknown reason I have managed to break 3 sac protectors one after the other! Does anyone know of anyone who sells them - are they even made by anyone? Or maybe there's a cleaver alternative that some cleaver person has thought of? Many thanks,
  14. arpitbajpai

    In Search For A Blue Pfm V Nib Section

    Hi Guys, I have been usin my grandfather's PVM V for the last 7 years and it has always been a trusted pen. Unfortunately, a few days ago I dropped it and it became scratchy, while trying to fix it, I broke one of the tines. Do any of you have a Blue nib section which you would be willing to part with ans ship to India. This pen is a legacy for me and I wish to continue using it... help would be much appriciated.
  15. Arkanabar

    Lightfast Purple Ink For Pfm-Ii

    I'm looking for a well-behaved, lightfast purple for my PFM II. I'm the sort of person who'll ink a pen, and take as much as a couple of weeks to write it dry before cleaning it. I've been known to leave my M200 inked with red-black without cleaning for months, just so I can always have the combination ready. If I find a "forever" color for the PFM-II, it could easily get treated the same way. I had been considering Diamine Bilberry, but there have been rumors which now make me hesitant to use it. I am also considering Diamine Grape. The PFM was the last of the Snorkels, and the first of
  16. Just getting back to writing with fountain pens. My favorite of two is the PFM I. My Vintage pen guy here i Columbus, OH installed the new bladder and it writes just ok. The nib his worn and flat and thus is prone to catching if i do not write my cursive very carefully. My question is how to shape the nib that is worn and flat to at least minimize the catching. Perhaps I should just opt for a similar pen of the era? I love the shape and look of this pen which i used in college and grad school in the 60's. My other pen is a Parker 45 with a fine nib which also has issues with catching but oth
  17. Cryptos

    Sheaffer Id - Pfm Possibility

    Ebay No. #400732882445 So, this is a PFM, or a poorly photographed Imperial? And what's going on with that nib?
  18. Hello All I have picked up a mint condition PFM II (Burgundy) which is boxed togther with a Sheaffer ballpen. Both the FP and pencil have a faint white overprint PFM II on the barrels and both are still wrapped in the original cellophane wrapping. The ball pen is the anomaly - no white overprint and no Sheaffer White dot which leads me to believe that it is not part of the original set. Can anyone shed light on this? Also any idea of value? Thanks David
  19. Hi all, Wondering if someone can help out with a PFM II issue. I'm Not experienced in repair but eager to get this sorted. Got what looks to be a leak that's caused the plastic inner cap to degrade, unusual as I've only been using diamine inks but anyways. After washing the cap out thoroughly there seems to be no end of brown crud emanating from the spring loaded clip. Got a feeling its from a rusting spring thats up there. On to the question; is it possible to remove and replace the inner cap (on a PFM II) so I can find out what's going on? Many thanks for your help in advance, Ba
  20. sihumchai

    Sheaffer Pfm V Not Filling.

    Hey everyone, I know this has been asked many of times over the years, and I do not really suspect my issue is much more different than what others have come across, but I need some advice. I purchased a PFM V awhile back, and have been gathering the tools and parts for renewing all the old seals/sacs. I have replaced the barrel O-ring without issue, I've also changed the point gasket holder. I also had to purchase an entirely new Snorkel Tube because the old one had been disfigured by the previous restorer (broken, and missing the inner feed). Sac had petrified into the sac protector, and

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