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  1. I have been collecting writing instruments for a few decades and currently have about 300 of them in my collection. They are mostly vintage, and a few new ones. I try to follow technical evolution as themes of my collection such as filling mechanisms, nib characteristics, materials, etc. I recently became interested in pocket fountain pens and I really don`t have much knowledge about them, so I propose to start with what I know and perhaps members of the community can contribute. There are examples of writing instruments of the Victorian Era, that were meant to carry in pockets
  2. In just few minutes www.rotringmuseum.com will be open. Welcome!
  3. JPS_Rotring

    Rotring 600 Visual Guide

    visual guide to the Rotring 600 http://i.imgur.com/WezqgwI.jpg From left to right: 2nd Gen Rollerball, 2nd Gen 18k Gold Nib, 1st Gen Steel Nib. As most of you already have seen plenty of images of the Rotring itself I'm going to concentrate on the differences between the three basic generations. Getting written information about these pens is really difficult because the company got bought by Sanford 1998 and most information of former times was lost or destroyed. Because of those somewhat murky waters I'm gonna refrain from trying to exactly date the generations http://i.imgur.com/gnT
  4. Hi. just wondering if anyone can assist in determining if this rotring 600 mechanical pencil shown attached is german manufactured or japanese made?? thanks
  5. Hello. I need some help in identifying a Rotring 600 pen that I acquired recently. It is in near mint condition with a wet bold nib. I think I got a great deal. I am curious about the model year and the following attributes: 1. The pen does not have the "Rotring 600" logo in red color on the cap. 2. It does have knurls and the section "bumps" to lock the cap. 3. Has a "Germany" mark on the side of the clip and "Rotring" signature on the side of the nib. Calling out Rotring 600 experts for some more info. Thank you.
  6. The next set of pens in this series come from Tombow and Rotring. They are what seems to be an early Tombow Zoom 101 and a non-telescoping Rotring Espirit. The Epirit predates the absorption of Rotring by Sanford. Both pens are no longer in production. I purchased the Espirit in 2009 and the Zoom 101 in 2007. https://imgchr.com/i/1jszYd">src="https://s2.ax1x.com/2020/02/14/1jszYd.md.jpg" alt="1jszYd.jpg" border="0" /> The pens share little in external appearance although both are thin compared to many pens on the market. The Rotring is made from anodized aluminum and consistent wi
  7. Hello, new member here. Although I do use fountain pens regularly, mainly a Lamy 2000 with a Fine nib, I'm more fond of mechanical pencils, specially the ones with interesting mechanisms and "quirks and features" as Doug DeMuro would say. I'll start uploading here if anyone's interested, and, if you'd like to see more photos, I post regularly on my Instagram focused on stationery (@mchpncl). Here's my beat up 800. I've been using it on a daily basis for around 4 years now, and I'm always carrying it in my pocket. I hope you guys enjoy the macro photos!
  8. Just a couple of days ago, I missed out on a very good deal. It's a fountain pen version of the Rotring 600, that in itself is something to look out for, but this one seems particularly interesting. The pictures aren't really clear, and the lighting could be much better, but this seems to be a silver version with black trim? A silver barrel with black ends and section. Something I've never seen before. Upon closer inspection, the Rotring logo is colored black as well, and it's missing it's characteristic red ring? My best guess is that it's a very worn down black one, or perhaps intentiona
  9. I recently purchased set of Variant(discontinued), Isograph and Rapidograph pens. All still working It got me thinking, how many people are still using these and which do you prefer the Isograph or Rapidograph?
  10. I have just seen the review of the Rotring Surf pen on Youtube. It looks like a basic pen, with a smooth nib. Does anyone have this pen? If yes, then how cool is it? Here, have a look at the full review first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEM_gAsrMm4
  11. tjt7a

    Repairing A Rotring Core

    Dear Forums, I own a Rotring Core, seen as the top-most pen in this photograph. Unfortunately, the section is cracked! The thin plastic wall with the threads has a crack that is making its way around it, and I don't know what to do. Has anyone fixed anything like this? Here's an image of it completely disassembled. Thanks, Tom
  12. I finally purchased a Rotring 600, it is a levenger branded model that falls into the transition between series 1 and 2. It has knurling and cap retention springs. It is currently fitted with a Fine nib and I would like to swap in an Extra Fine nib. I've found other posts describing models that fit each revision but I haven't come across anything specifically about he transitional model. Will the nib from the Artpen EF sketching model fit (is this a normal EF nib)? I've also seen Esprit nibs listed on Ebay German, would those work? Thanks for your time.
  13. I just bought a Lamy 2000 with medium nib in an old book/stationary store that has a few vintage pens with very old prices and probably have been stored for decades. Got the lamy for 45€ because the old owner had no clue about today's value ... lucky me! He also had a few Rotring fountain pens that I've never seen and can´t find any picture of them on the internet. They are all black and looks like plastic, The cap has a diagonal cut and no clip and the bottom of the barrel is pointed and has a normal size (not long like a deskpen). Between the barrel and the section the pen narrows in a curve
  14. Hi, I have an old but hardly used (and excellent) condition Rotring 600 Newton LAVA edition Rollerball and 0.7mm pencil. These pens were made by Rotring in the 90s, and seem to have been discontinued since then. I am using FPs now, so I am open to selling/trading them. Is there any interest in this group for this pen? I don't want to deal with eBay, if possible. I wanted to check with the non-FP enthusiasts/members. Please PM/reply if you have questions Thanks
  15. RedRinger

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello to all! So glad to finally have a profile here. I've read threads on this site so many times to help answer my questions, and I figured it was finally time to engage actively and make connections. I have always been a fountain pen lover, but have only recently started collecting, first with Rotring and more recently Sheaffer'S. I have some oddities I would love to post photos of to get advice with dating or just answer general "why does my pen look like this!?" kinds of questions. I'll also post photos of my "Follow the Dot" Sheaffer'S collection at some point, still not complete (
  16. pszabi87

    Rotring Artpen Nib Exchange

    Hi Everyone, I have been reading this forum for awhile. I can find great reviews here for what I am really grateful. This time however I have an issue I need help with. My 1st ever fountain pen was a Rotring ArtPen EF nib. Recently the cap falls off & due to its "outfit" I cannot use at everyday's work - on the other hand I really-really love its nib (no wonder - I used it 8+ years only! for writing). Could you please support me what is the size of the nib, or with which pens I could exchange the nib? I tried several EF pens to substitute this nib (Pilot, Hero, Parker) but no luck ye
  17. Does anyone know anything about this multi-pencils existence? http://davesmechanicalpencils.blogspot.com/2007/04/rotring-trio-pencil.html Been scouring the internet and decided to stop here. If anyone has one that they would part with that would be immensely appreciated
  18. hello - I have a mid-1990s vintage Rotring 600 fountain pen with F nib that I love. The cap on this pen has always required a bit of a twist to get it to "lock" after capping it. Over the years, the cap has become looser, and today I noticed that when I cap it (after the twist), it pops back open again (and shoots the cap across the desk, in fact). It no longer stays capped. It appears the brass in either the cap has loosened, or the nubs on the barrel that lock into the receivers on the cap have worn down. I don't see anything up in the cap. Is there any repair for this? Thanks - MM
  19. Hello, I'm am new to this forum. I bought a Tintenkuli and would like some information on it. I have read a post from this website about the history of the pen, but would like to find some instructions. So far I have seen some pictures of the original instructions on eBay but they are in German. I am sure it is a piston driven pen becaus there is a twist knob at the end of the pen. How does that work? Where the ink go in through? The tip or just behind the tip? Any info would help. Please point me in the rite direction. I would appreciate it. Thank you
  20. It's time for another Ink Giveaway PIF! I am giving away most of a bottle of Rotring Persian Red ink. Rotring no longer makes bottled fountain pen ink, so this ink has been out of production for some time. The ink was originally packaged in a bottle with a fill spout, that could fill a converter directly from the bottle (I will attempt to attach a photo). The cap has cracked, so I was forced to transfer the ink to some small jars, which is the way you will receive it. Each jar holds 15ml, and there are about one and a half jars of ink. Here are the rules: 1) United S
  21. stuck-in-time

    Hello From Jakarta!

    Hi! I'm a student from Jakarta, Indonesia I love pens and any kind of stationary, for that matter. I like fountain pens, and do own and use many of them, but what I'm really into are drafting stationaries (pencils, technicals pens, and such) and other stuff of a technical nature. I just love admiring the technical looks and straight lines of the pens and pecils like the Rotring 600. Aside from pens and pencils, I like cutters too, I wonder if there is a site like this too for that? Unfortunately, Indonesia is not really a good country for this hobby. Available brands of fountain pens are very
  22. hi folks! I just found my mom's rOtring Newton lying around, but on inspection, neither I nor my parents could open it. any thoughts? I'd like to be able to use this thing. I'm just hoping it hasn't rusted to hell in the past ~10 years...thanks in advance!
  23. Hi, I don't know if anyone here can help, but I am trying to track down any information I can about Rotring ArtPens SF and EF that I purchased it in Australia at least twenty years ago. They are identical in form but unlike other pens in the ArtPen series they have technical pen nibs (similar to isograph or rapidograph pens) . I have been unable to locate any references or pictures of them on the web so I am hoping someone may be able to help. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
  24. Dear FPNers, This is a review of two mechanical pencils - rotring 800 and the lesser known pilot s20. Both are very different in both design and make and I have not compared them in anything apart from their dimensions. In case you face any problem with the pictures, please feel free to read the same in the below link: http://iwonder-thecartographer.blogspot.in/2014/12/review-of-pilot-s20-rotring-800.html A mechanical pencil was a totally utilitarian thing during my engineering days, be it for drafting engineering drawings or making graphs. Shortly after, their utility started diminishing whe
  25. Can somebody ID this rOtring mechanical pencil? Found it when I was going through some old stuff. Don't remember where or when I got it. Markings are : "rOtring", "Germany" and "0.7". When you click it lightly, the pencil lead advances. When you click it harder, the lead sleeve retracts/extends. Does anybody know how it was(is) called? And from when to when it was made? Can't seem to find it on the timelinethingy on the rOtring website. http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb269/Blastmaster1972/Tijdelijk/IMG_1200-rotr-ed_zpsbqmf3lvn.jpg http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb269/Blastmaste

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