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Found 25 results

  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    , California - US

  2. ChrisHenderson

    Wondering About This Metal Sheaffer Pen

    Hi. This is my first post . I'd love to identify this pen and it's age - and then see if I can replace the cap which has broken. The pen is all stainless steel. Overall length with cap on is approx 128mm (5 inches). The pen nib says SheafferS 341. I recall it had a rubber bladder that perished and I've replaced with a plastic piston converter. The metal and rings design seems a little unusual however searching online I haven't noticed anything that seems similar. (Thank you! I'm quite excited to finally be close to learning about it!) The cap has a hard plastic insert that grips the pen bo
  3. Background: Went to Itoya to pick up a grail before we left Japan then saw this during the wait: They had the Lamy Anniversary Bauhaus Blue edition but we went for Japan Blue instead. That terrible refrain, "I don't need another pen" follow by the follow-up analysis and sleep over/can't sleep over decision making oscillation worked its way to purchase this fine souvenir. Wanted a remembrance of our 1st time in Japan and this fit the bill: Made in JapanLove of local/regional companies, handcraftedTraditional craft of indigo and hammering metal techniqueIt's a metal Sailor to Oita Made
  4. Anyone know when "Metal" showed up on the underside of the Montblanc Meisterstuck LeGrand 146 clip? I just bought a 146 and was surprised to see "metal" and "Made in Germany" on the underside of the clip, and no pix on the center band.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm talking about the pen, not the plane. Has anyone used one of these?? I handled one in a local shop the other day and have been thinking about it ever since. It has a nice tactile surface, seems well balanced, and looks pretty cool. At least here in China they cost a lot more than the average Hero pens, retail is around US$27 but that can be had for half that. Before taking the plunge I thought I'd ask around to get some opinions. Thanks!
  6. InkPartout

    Identify This Waterman Model ?

    Reposted from an old topic: Maybe this entry deserves a new topic (if I don't get an answer, I'm going to do that: or would someone do that for me or move it to a better place if they think it would be better), but I'm just to use the same title, "Help Identifying Waterman Pens"... I don't have, but want acquire, a particular model of Waterman fountain pen, well, technically it was a cartridge pen becauase it didn't come with bottle filler. This model was extant in the very late seventies or early eighties, although it could have been made outside that period as well. The one I had was a si
  7. ManofKent

    Namisu Nova - Brass

    Namisu Nova - Brass Whilst I don’t mind using plastic/resin pens, my preference is for a well-balanced metal bodied pen. I like my tools to feel solid – give me a metal-bodied camera over a plastic one, give me a metal watch etc. I don’t mind weightier pens and find a badly balanced pen will be tiring to use even if lighter than a well-balanced pen, but I don’t write at great length anyway – generally it’s short letters, and at most a couple of hours of intermittent note taking. I had tried a Tactile-Turn Gist in Stainless Steel and liked it apart from its unposted length, and posted balance
  8. Hello again to all my FPN friends, Here is just a quick write up I did of my impressions on this lovely pen that I've been enjoying for the past few weeks. I found out about it from the hot tips here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/295491-chinese-pens-show-and-tell/page-50?do=findComment&comment=3957350 and here: https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/304037-hero-haifu-186-any-one-might-tell-me-how-is-the-pen/?hl=huafu&do=findComment&comment=3565597 Dimensions: - Capped = 137mm - Capless = 122mm - Posted = 152mm - Weight = 23g Photos
  9. Hi everyone! I usually carry something like 5 spare cartridges in their orginal packaging in my backpack wherever I go. Problem is, after a while of being in there, the cardboard packaging more or less gets destroyed. Does anyone know of a company that makes a hard carry case for international long (or short for that matter) cartridges? Has somebody thought of a clever solution to this? I can't believe I would be the only one with this problem! Thank you all very much in advance! - 3nding
  10. I am currently hesitating between two pens: a Karas Kustoms Ink with a fine gold Buck nib, black anodised section and tumbled raw aluminium or polished aluminium barrel or Sheaffer Targa silver or black with a gold nib also. Both are metal c/c pens and both come in the same price range (unless you look at the really expensive Targas). One is more classic, the other is more modern. One is slimmer and lighter the other is chunky and heavy without being Jinhao 159-kind of heavy. What I am looking for is a pen that I will love to carry around without fear of dropping it and destroying the finish
  11. Title pretty self explanatory. I have heard that threads made of differing materials tend to have the softer threads wear out over time. I know that many pen companies do this with pretty much their entire line (such as Sailor with there metal section threads screwing into their resin/ebonite barrels). Others do it with particular models (like Visconti & OMAS with certain metal sectioned pens that screw into resin caps). Does this cause the softer material to wear out over time? Is this a poor design choice?
  12. The Lamy Safari is 17 grams and 37 years of design excellence that’s been the beginner’s fountain pen of choice for almost all those years. Its design is one of the most strikingly simple yet modern in the pen world, yet it has proven to be as timeless as any of the classics. The Al-Star is its big brother. Made from aluminum instead of ABS plastic, the Al-Star weighs more and feels more solid in the hand, but is nearly identical to the Safari in every other way. They share the same nib, design, and internal functions. The Al-Star is a way to own the classic yet modern design in a sturdie
  13. Good afternoon, I have some Ballpoints, Rollerballs and Pencils that have slippery metal grip sections. Until recently they have been frustrating to use for lengthy periods. Last week I came up with a solution. First I removed the offending grip sections then cut and pushed appropriately sized pieces of heat shrink tubing over the shafts of the grips. Next I used a clean burning lighter to heat and shrink the tubing. Voilá . . . instant non-slip grip. Note - on writing instruments with tapered grips the tubing can be slid on or off as desired. Just a word of caution, ensure the grip s
  14. I recently sanded all of the paint off of my Nemosine Fission pen ( it was a white colour that was getting obnoxiously dirty and scratched up). The metal underneath is a lovely bronze colour, and has started to oxidize nicely, but I have noticed that it is so soft that it will leave a line on paper and that I can write with it. It may seem foolish, but seeing as that the pen body is made in Taiwan, I have a some questions about the toxicity of the metal of this pen. I am a student so I write and just hold my pen a fair amount of the day, and I would hate to be absorbing some trace amounts of
  15. Hello, I bought the pen shown here at the Sharper Image in 1993, and it has been in my pocket ever since. I know it is not a true high-end pen, but I enjoy using it and nobody can mistakenly claim it’s theirs. Now, 23 years after throwing away the packaging, I'm curious about it and am wondering if anyone can give me any clues about its maker. I've been looking for old Sharper Image catalogs to see if I can find it listed and have been searching with all types of keywords, but I have never seen a reference to anything like it. This morning I came across the following forum thread and, ev
  16. About three years ago I went to Leeds to meet a friend I hadn't seen in a while, and we went shopping. In a shop called Pylones (which I believe is a French chain) I found a shelf of various fountain pens and since they were only about £5 each, I bought one. This pen became my favourite pen of all the pens I've used since. Only problem is, I dropped it a while ago, and the plastic piece inside the lid that seals it so the ink doesn't dry out cracked. The body of the pen is metal, so all I really need is a new lid, but as the bit you stick the cartridge on has started to detach from the grip, I
  17. Here’s an overdue review of my most expensive fountain pen to date and my very first customised pen. I first came across C.E. Levi pens at my very first pen meet 2 years ago (when I was such a newb and ‘ebonite’ itself was a foreign language), the Nox had such a nice finish, so sleek and unassuming and I was sold (emotionally only then). I am not that keen on his modern wood grains or ripples (no offence, I love my Waterman 52 ripple but only because it came from that period in time right?) and despite the lovely Colossus, the high-gloss finish? I can imagine the pen slipping right through m
  18. Greetings to all you pen pals, I hope this is an appropriate place to ask my question. For me a pen can have the magic of a wand and the power of the sword. I have designed and developed my own feather quill pens that I call LightScribes. I am very happy with the final outcome, they are gorgeous and make me very proud. I am just working on the nib attachment a little more and am considering using a magnet to make it nice and click click slick. I know that stainless steel, copper and aluminium does not stick to magnets. in your knowledge, what metals are nibs mostly made from? I w
  19. WOW! I ordered this Jinhao from Amazon on April 25th and the delivery was suppose to be around June 9th. It arrived yesterday. Pretty fast IMO from China. I can't find pics of this exact non threaded FP Jinhao anywhere except the Amazon page where I ordered it. There are Jinhaos much like it called the M2, but they have threads. This is a snap on cap. My first impression after tearing open the envelope was, "Wow, much nicer case that I anticipated! Very TWSBI like." Once I open it from the plastic case My second thought was, " WOW!, it's so much heavier than I thought it would be." The item
  20. faf

    Rare Montblanc Model ?

    Hi everyone ! I just bought this Montblanc fountain pen. It was described as a silver plated classic... But I can't find any information about it on the internet. Can someone help me ? Is it a 221, a classic ? Is it a rare pen ? In that condition with the box and the papers what was the good price to pay ? I really need your help because I've never seen a pen like this before.
  21. Being an engineering student, I am normally a mechanical pencil guy. I am not a pen collector (yet ). However, I am in the market for a good, solid, metal pen that will last. So I decided to come to the pen experts to see if they had a recommendation for me. What I want: I will be needing a pen for more permanent work in my field (commercial construction) for signatures, proposals, and bids. I probably won't be using it for lengthy writing. I was going to get a Lamy Safari or even Al-Star. However, I had the opportunity to hold a Lamy Safari and was not happy with the weight or the fact that
  22. Guest

    Heat Guns And Metal Overlays

    Tried deleting this post. I solved my own problem However, this subject may be useful for others. In general is it ok to use heat guns on pens with metal overlays such as silver or gold or any other metal? Would advice can you give for doing so. Especially since the metal can be so close to the area you need to heat.
  23. Call me weird but we all have our little OCD secrets, after all we're pen fanatics. I absolutely hate people touching my Lamy Safari because they always leave it feeling warm. It's a different warm feeling from leaving it in the car or picking it up right after putting it down. And it's even worst when I use my Parker Urban Ballpoint (because I can flick this pen without the fear of ink going splat). When I let other people use it, instead of telling them that I'm OCD over pens, I end up having a warm pen (sometimes even oily GRR). The warm and oiliness is worsened by the fact that it is a
  24. Hello Everybody Like I say in the title I’m looking to buy a new fountain pen, but I have a profile for what I’m looking for. I’m not in the rush; maybe I’ll but it in the next 2 months. I have a list with some pens that I like how look like is and I’m waiting for expert’s opinion. So let’s start, in the order that I prefer: Pilot MR , price £19, online UK Sheaffer 100, price £27 DeGruchy Store Parker Frontier flighter, price £9, shipped from India Jinhao X750, price £6, shipped from China Sheaffer Targa, vintage, Ebay from £25Now the features for my likes: All brushed metal, S. SteelGood ba
  25. I was considering purchasing a Namiki (resin) or Pilot (metal) Falcon fountain pen. There are no specialty pen shops in the area, so I will not be able to try one out before buying. My question is if either one is top heavy (posted and unposted). I would assume the resin one is balanced, but I am not sure about the metal one. For example, a Lamy Safari is balanced, and I like it, but the Al-Star is top heavy when posted, which I dislike. I would rather purchase the metal one for durability and the fact that I like the black/silver coloring better than the black/gold but not if it is top heavy.

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