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  1. Is it a lot of trouble to replace the clip on a Sheaffer Targa? Do I need to send it to someone with awesome technical skills, or is this something a relatively novice and not particularly "handy" person could do?
  2. So I was searching over the classifieds on an online site looking for vintage Sheaffer pens, when up pops a listing for a Sheaffer Imperial II TD that was on sale for less than $10 USD. According to the publication the pen was functional, so I decided to meet the vendor and check over the pen. The vendor arrived with a bunch of pen stuff for sale, including a Sheaffer Targa, a Sheaffer pen box, some Parker ballpoints, and pencils. So after looking over the Imperial and deciding on its purchase, I went over the Targa. A Matte Black early edition pen that had been on my wish list for quite sometime. He was selling it for around $4USD -too good to be real, right? But just before I was handed the pen, the guy confessed that it didn't have a nib. At this point, I thought the pen didn't have a section, since the nib is not exactly removable. Well, horror of horrors, turns out the guy did indeed tore off almost the entire nib to sell it as gold! I don't know about you out there, but it really got me to see a pen in such a sad state of abuse. It was dirty, neglected, and seeing the section with just a tiny bit of nib remaining, made me quite sad. So even if the pen was just junk, I decided to take it home and give it a proper burial! So I got home and decided to work on the pen. After many, many hours of rinsing, cleaning, polishing and repairing (the top black ring above the clip came out loose), I managed to get it up to its former glory. Another Targa momentarily donated its nib for the pen, and right now is inked and writing beautifully! I still have to resac its converter, and find an orphan nib for it, but am glad I got it back home with me.
  3. Earlier today, I've written: "I guess, later today, I shall start a thread "Id Help Please: That Is A Sheaffer FP, But What Exactly?" ..." Here we go: According to the seller, it's a "Sheaffer Triumph Imperial 797 (...) Model 2797, year of manufacture 1990, 14 carat gold nib medium," which I can't really understand; can you enlighten me, please? Thank you (Again: I do not think it's a Targa -- but the tag shall help to find this thread again )
  4. Can you enlighten me, please? Thank you (This time: I do think among the ballpoints could be a Targa -- anyways, the tag shall help to find this thread again )
  5. Can you enlighten me, please? Thank you (This time: I'm really really sure this item is *not* a Targa -- anyways, the tag shall help to find this thread again )
  6. #1: according to the seller ("j"), a SHEAFFER ballpoint: #2: according to the seller ("k1"), another SHEAFFER ballpoint: #3: according to the seller ("d"), the golden one is a SHEAFFER mechanical pencil: #4: according to the seller ("k2"), another SHEAFFER ballpoint, plus a fountain pen: Can you enlighten me, please? Thank you (This time: I do think #1 could be a Targa -- anyways, the tag shall help to find this thread again )
  7. Just this afternoon I've ordered this combo SHEAFFER Targa Slim (according to the seller) ... apparently previously owned by an IBM person? I know, the seller's pictures are suboptimal, but I think, it does look like "23ct Gold plated, fluted, slim model", and hence I guess it's a "1005s" (http://www.sheaffertarga.com/fountainpenlist.htm). Can someone who perhaps is in possession of that pen confirm, please? Thank you
  8. (Uhm, I do not think it's a Targa -- but the tag shall help to find this thread again )
  9. Hi there, Can anyone tell me if my Sheaffer Targa 1005 can be combined with a converter. If so, which will work/fit best? Thanks, Sigrid
  10. I am currently hesitating between two pens: a Karas Kustoms Ink with a fine gold Buck nib, black anodised section and tumbled raw aluminium or polished aluminium barrel or Sheaffer Targa silver or black with a gold nib also. Both are metal c/c pens and both come in the same price range (unless you look at the really expensive Targas). One is more classic, the other is more modern. One is slimmer and lighter the other is chunky and heavy without being Jinhao 159-kind of heavy. What I am looking for is a pen that I will love to carry around without fear of dropping it and destroying the finish, that will be fun to write with for extended periods of time without getting cramps (I would say I have basketball-grabbing sized hands), that will be fun to look at, even in 5 years time, and that will, obviously be rugged. To give you an idea of the size of pens I like, I really enjoy writing with my MB 146. It feels just perfect in my hand in terms of weight and size, whereas my Sheaffer Balance (500), as much as I like it, sometimes feels a bit on the small side of things. Strangely enough, considering what I just said, my Estie J feels perfectly adequate in terms of size and weight. On the opposite hand of the spectrum, my Jinhao 159 is nice but just too heavy to be fun to use for any extended period of time. Given all of this, which pen would you guys choose? What is your take on this?
  11. Toraaki

    Thoughts On The 1005 Targa?

    I recently bought a Mint 1005 Targa and although it's quite beautiful, I would like to know your opinion about it. Thank you!
  12. I just gave myself two lovely Targa pens as a birthday gift. One is the Black Laque model, the other is a gold-plated pen with a striped pattern that I've been unable to identify on the sheaffertarga.com site (looks like a Regency sans the black contrasting paint). Both pens came in pretty good condition, with lovely 14k inlaid nibs that were properly treated and taken care of, but unfortunately, both came with cartridge units rather than converters. Upon returning home and doing the cleaning and the flushing, I tried fitting the aerometric converters from both my Blue Ronce Targa and my Triumph 550 (late 70's, early 80's) into the Black Laque pen which I was planning to use on a daily basis on my desk, but much to my surprise, the converters just won't fit! They are lose and don't seat properly on the newer pens. I was able to fit the entire section of the Blue Ronce into the Black Laque, thou. I would have expected these pens to be the same as those previously issued, but this seems not to be the case. Are there special or modern converters for these pens? BTW the writing behind the pens was made with the nib from the older one. It gives a lot of line variation within pretty little pressure. A joy!
  13. gammada

    Triumph 550 Or Targa Lacque?

    Hello, I recently purchased my first Sheaffer ever, a lovely Triumph 550 GT (I believe, please correct me if the model is wrong) in black with gold trim and matching ballpoint pen (the clip acts as the pen button). I've been dreaming of owning a vintage Sheaffer gold in-laid nib for quite a while but it was only a few days ago that I finally found this set that really pleased my eye. However, after getting home from meeting with the seller, I found to my dismay that the converter was stuck into the section. The pen appears to have been not properly taken care of and I suspect that either, it never really got a flush, or the owner left ink to dry inside the pen. I left the it in a water/ammonia solution for around a day, and the converter it's starting to turn, but you'll get inky fingers wherever you touch it, meaning there was a lot of ink solidified in there. To add insult to injury, I also found a crack on the barrel from where barrel and section meet going up to the blind cap for about an inch lengthwise. I didn't pay that much for the pen (roughly $35) but am feeling a bit disappointed by it. As such, I contacted the seller, and he's offering a swap for another Sheaffer pen he has on sale. It is a Targa Lacque with gold in-laid nib in Blue Ronce trim. It is much better looking that the pen I bought and it still has the original box it came in. It's slightly more expensive ($70) but I guess it will be better to invest in restoration or repairs with this pen, rather than to stay with the Triumph. What do you think Sheaffer experts?
  14. ppdiaporama

    Help Me Identify 3X Sheaffer Targa Nibs

    Hi I need help identifying some Targa nibs that I have . The ones on the left and right came from an incomplete Targa set that I purcahsed through Ebay. I'm pretty sure the smallest one is the file but I'm not sure if the other one (the one on the left) is the medium or the borad. The nib in the centre was purchased NOS from a local pen dealer. He wasn't sure which it was. I also included a writing sample of each and one from a Targa medium and a Targa fine for reference. I greatly appreciate anyone's help!
  15. Watermonkey314

    Vintage Market Targa Finds!

    I got quite lucky on a trip to a local vintage market and found two good condition Targas - I got the two together for $30! One is matte black, and the other is chrome with vertical lines. Both are steel-nibbed and essentially unblemished (aside from dried ink in the feeds). But how do you flush a Targa section/feed? The syringe I normally use doesn't fit too well (water comes out to the side). It seems fine by now with simple soaking, but touching the nib to a paper towel still wicks away quite a lot of inky water. I know the inlaid nib doesn't come off, but does the section disassemble any further? Can it be safely put in an ultrasonic? Also, once it's cleaned, is there a way I can tell what size nib it is? (I may post pictures if I can convince my portable all-in-one telecommunications device to behave.)
  16. Dear all, I happened to obtain a few Targa 1004 FPs [i have propensity for Ag-925 ] but 2 of them have the following barrel defects. , with your help I'd love to restore them to their former glory. FP-A : The plastic-sleeve is broken in half, the half that has the threads, comes out of the barrel. The other half is stubbornly sticking inside the barrel FP-B : The jewel (?) / the flat black circular button at the end of the barrel is cracked and I can also see that the barrel top around the jewel is slightly dented. Would any of us here who are experienced in this help me and let me know - the steps to remove the plastic-barrel-sleeve from FP-A and replace it with either a new plastic-barrel-Sleeve or maybe a metal thread substitute that Sheaffer bestoed on later Targa's. - the steps to remove the cracked end jewel from the FP-B - Where could I find the spare parts if I do manage to remove the sleeve and jewel - any special tools that are required to achieve my objective I do have experience in servicing simple mechanical watches and do have some tools that are associated with it, but this is going to be my first attempt at repairing a fountain pen [Not counting grinding/tuning nibs that is...] Thanks in advance and looking forward to your advise -DOL
  17. Sailor Kenshin

    Did Targas Come With Italic Nibs?

    I got this Targa (not even sure of the model, but it takes the standard Sheaffer cart/con, not slim) off fleabay for what I think's a good price. The seller really knew nothing about fountain pens and listed it as a M nib. That's okay, I just wanted a Targa. But... http://extras.ourpatioparty.com/files/8614/4682/4490/Targa_w__Writing-640p.jpg http://extras.ourpatioparty.com/files/7214/4682/4489/Targa_Closeup-640p.jpg Biiig huge italic nib. Odd thing is, on the section's underside, you can see the letter M. I soaked it, cleaned it, filled it with Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku, and it writes like a charm. Can anyone tell me what I've got?
  18. I have a Targa with a 14k gold medium nib. It has absolutely zero ink flow. What's the deal with that? Do I need to send it to someone to fix, and who would that person be?
  19. swisspens

    Are All Targa's Sections Black?

    To all Sheaffer Targa experts around here, I have a tricky question for you. Are all Targa's sections made of black resin? I know they are all interchangeable. But what about limited editions? The section of the 1083 laqué ivoire for Harrods in 1989 (100pces) is black. Is the 1067 also black for instance? Just asking, because it appears I have in my possession a section that is not black. I'm not talking about the slimlines, as red sections are known to exist. Thanks for your answers! :-) Cheers from Switzerland. William
  20. Purchased this pen from eBay for $29 with shipping. Its my first vintage/older Schaeffer (except for my school pen which I still have from 1950s). It was sold as a working Targa without any other information. The nib says Schaeffer USA 585 14K. The barrel and cap are metal. My questions are these: Is it a Slimline or a Classic? Is it a 1000? Or other? What year or years was this in production? The barrel has some dark marks? Dirt? around the screw threadsis it safe to clean? With what? It came with a Schaeffer converter. I cleaned the nib and converter in homemade pen flush i.e. ammonia, water, and a few drops of Dawn. Then loaded it with iroshizuku ink and was so very happy to find that it wrote just wonderfully right from the time it hit the paper! Although the nib is a little stiffer than I anticipated (maybe because it's a fine nib)...I rather like this pen as a writer and as a looker. I think I did well for $29. What do you folks think? Any other tidbits I should know about this pen? Schaeffer Group, Thank You So Much For The Knowledge & Expertise That Comes With Experience!
  21. I have three Sheaffer Targa Classic 1003 later model fountain pens that were purchased in three different places. The pens have 14 K nibs, two have M nib and one has F nib. I noticed a few differences between the pens. Two pens, which I would call "style 1" have the words "Sheaffer USA" engraved on the crown on the top of the cap, while the other pen ("style 2") has "Sheaffer USA" printed in black on the bottom of the cap. The nibs are also marked slightly different. Style 1nibs have the gold standard stamp on the middle left side of the nib, while style 2 has "USA" instead of the gold standard stamp. Other than that, both nibs seem the same, and I haven't noticed any other external or internal visible differences. Here are some pictures. Does anyone know the reason for these differences? Different production locations or production dates? One of the style 1 pens was bought new (or NOS) at a store Israel in 2004. The two others were bought on eBay from different sellers in the US (style 1) and in Australia (style 2) in 2014. This picture shows part of the "Sheaffer USA" printed in black at the bottom of the cap This picture shows both types of nibs. The left one has "USA" above the 585 (style 2), the right one has the gold standard stamp (style 1). Here you can see the two nibs, and the engraved "Sheaffer USA" on the top of the cap in style 1.
  22. ink-syringe

    Targa Mystery

    I dig the Targa. I love the nibs but have a hard time with the gaudy and dated 70s jewelry fishes and not in love with the swirly stuff either but other than the cosmetics I really like the pen. I love the cap, thought the clips is useless. I quite like the size and shape and balance as well. In hard times I let go of all my Targas but one: an old Barleycorn number with an F nib. Nothing special but a great everyday writer and one of my most used pens. But this pen has a mystery: It is VERY CLEARLY GOLD PLATED. The worst plating in pen history, perhaps one atom thick haha but it is gold colored and you can see there are places where the plating is still quite visible. You know a lot of these pens were gold plated and say so on the barrel of the pen. Here is the odd part: Mine does not say Electroplated Gold or whatever it is they usually say. It says Silver Plated Casing on the cap band. Huh? Nothing about this pen suggests silver and it is very plainly gold plated, or at least it was till most of the plating rubbed off. What could be meant by “Silver Plated Casing”? I have always wanted to know this.
  23. It leaks from where the converter and feed meet and it causes a mess in the barrel. I changed the converter so I know it isn't that. Answers? Here's a picture of the feed needle thing and I can't see what's wrong.
  24. Recently my grandfather gave me a Sheaffer Targa that had never been used before to me. I inked it up once before, but only to test then flushed out the pen. Now when I actually want to use it, it doesn't quite work, even after "priming" the feed. I would start writing then it would just trail off, as if the ink was only from the dipped feed. Please help, I love this pen and I want it to work. Attached is a picture of the trailing off. I am still a bit of a newb, so try not to be harsh if it's blatantly obvious. EDIT: Right after I posted this it now suddenly works, but I still want opinions.
  25. Hi I have acquired what appears to be a Sheaffer Targa 1965 fluted pen with opal end cap. how do I find out its value and if there would be any interest? Regards Claire

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